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April 16, 2017    
Workforce Development ... Are You Involved?

As we encounter and work with Chambers that are "doing it" we observe certain themes that are common to almost all of these successful organizations.   One of the really interesting themes is involvement in "Workforce Development".   Not only does it make a huge amount of sense to be involved -- because of the benefits to the membership and the community -- but is also an excellent image-builder and branding opportunity for you.   It elevates you way above the aging 20th-century membership organization to one that is playing a relevant and facilitating role in developing the economic health and vitality of your community.

Workforce development used to be viewed as providing training to produce more and better-skilled workers.   Nowadays, the viewpoint is much broader: to provide education and training to meet the needs of regional employers.   In addition, workplace learning is emphasized and encouraged.   The goal is to ensure that the supply of and demand for prepared/skilled workers is anticipated correctly and matched accordingly.

The beauty of being involved is that it doesn't cost you much ... mostly time and effort.   You have the ability to gain a good understanding of the needs, wants and expectations of your business community from your membership.   You know the relevant education and training institutions and resources that are available in the region.   If you're not involved yet, it's important to build relationships with the appropriate organizations and, whenever possible, facilitate bringing everybody together.

You will really like the results and you will enhance the relevance of your Chamber of Commerce.

April 2, 2017    
An Idea for Learning What Your Members Want.

I hate to admit it but we were a little slow figuring this one out.

The context .....
We have a library of over 500 'live' and 'on-demand' webinars that our Chamber of Commerce partners offer free to their members.   We do all the work, everything is branded for each Chamber -- which they love -- and their members get free education and training resources as a part of their membership.   It's a winning proposition for all concerned.

The aha moment .....
Looking at metrics, we see all the great member activity but -- here's the slow-thinker part -- we weren't paying attention to the subjects and presenters that members were actually viewing ... until now.   When we delved deeper, we realized what an excellent tool these webinars are to help unveil the subjects of importance to members and their staff.

Much to their satisfaction, we have now made this information available to our Chamber partners.

If you are one of those partners, I apologize for being a wee bit slow.   If you are not, then you might consider looking at the "Webinars & Workshops" pages.   They could well provide some valuable insight into what your membership wants.

Wishing you a very successful week.

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