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March 21, 2017    
Make Sure You Gather the "Little Data".

It's all about "Big Data" these days.   Major corporations and the government have learned that without it they are at the mercy of a very competitive marketplace.

However, luckily, thanks to the awesome ability of technology to amass and process incredible amounts of data into meaningful and understandable form -- and at ever-decreasing cost -- organizations of any size, even the "little guys", can be extremely well informed.   It's all about [a] gathering information, [b] processing it, and then [c] using it to your advantage.

With that in mind let's look at the "networking mixer".
    - Why do we have them?
    - What do we get out of it?
    - Does anybody care?
Assuming your answers are positive then ... how do you know?"

The only way to really know those answers is to gather some data such as ...
    1. Who attended and from what company?
    2. Were they a member or non member?
    3. If a member ...
        - How long have they been a member?
        - What is their attendance history?
        - Did their attendance ...
            - generate business for them?
            - generate beneficial relationships for them?
    4. If a non-member ...
        - Why were they there?
Naturally, there are plenty of other things you should know but that's enough for now.

So how do you answer: "How many of your new members
        - [a] attended networking events?
        - [b] how often did they attend?
        - [c] did they generate any business?
        - [d] did they renew their membership?"

If you answers are incomplete or unsatisfactory, then it's time to get serious and ...
Step #1: Decide all the information you might like to know about your event attendees ... and don't hold back, because you're NOT going to be doing the work.
Step #2: Choose an attendance record system that will be the starting point for providing what you decided in step #1.
Step #3: Find, for example, a bright student(s) who understands technology and would love a business database project like this to add to his/her resume.   Have them design and manage the reporting system that will satisfy step #1.   (You win and they win!)
Step #4: Use the attendance record system to record all the people who attend an event.
Step #5: Use your new reporting system to your benefit.

Your data doesn't have to be "big" for it to be important.   It just has to be gathered and it has to be meaningful.   Do this properly and, especially if you're having difficulty with retention, at least you'll know ahead of renewal time and you'll be able to do something about it.

Some comments await authentication.
March 5, 2017    
Make Sure Your "Voice of Business" is Heard

Many Chambers of Commerce proudly trumpet this as their slogan, but what does it really mean?

In most instances it means that they lobby at City Hall (at a minimum) advocating for the interests of their members and the importance of a healthy local economy.

This activity, of course, will vary depending on the size of the local area.   It will be in reaction to current circumstances or may consist of more strategic lobbying for a thriving, growth economy.   Some of this activity will be overt and public and some will be more subtle and relationship-driven.

In your case . . . "Does the membership and the community know what you are doing on their behalf and, if not, why not?"

This should be treated as a critical marketing and messaging issue that helps to positively answer the "relevance" question surrounding your Chamber's state of being.

Whether or not there is much going on at City Hall or at any other political level you need to be seen and heard regularly as the "voice of business".   This is a reporting function that informs your members (at a minimum) and the community about specific issues as well as the "big picture".

You should have a much better idea than your local business reporters about issues affecting your area so make absolutely sure it's YOUR voice that is keeping the community informed ... not somebody else's.

Good refresher!
3/8/2017 -- Pamela Scannell
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