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May 14, 2017    
Membership Benefits are NOT as Important as You Think - #1

For many of your members, joining the Chamber is just like when we buy a new car.   Before parting with our cash . . . we focus on deciding which of the latest "stuff" we want in our new vehicle.   Naturally, the latest technology is a consideration.   The fuel-mileage may be significant, etc.   It can be a complex decision.

However, once we leave the dealership . . . everything becomes much simpler: We want to continually feel good about our decision and we definitely don't want any unscheduled return visits to the dealer.   In the final analysis, it's not the buying decision that counts, but the resulting ongoing experience that truly matters.   AND it's this experience that will directly affect our next car-buying decision.

Chamber membership is no different.   The act of joining is simply a transaction.   It's cold and impersonal.   Promises are made and expectations are set.

What follows is often called the "Membership Experience" -- the developing relationship between your Chamber and each individual member.   Understanding each member and feeding their individual experiences is the only way you will retain your members and grow your Chamber.

I will conclude this topic with 'Part 2' in my next post.

Wishing you continuous and profitable growth.

Some comments await authentication.
Some comments await authentication.
Some comments await authentication.
April 30, 2017    
You Must Tell Your Members What You're Doing For Them

I just returned from putting on a wonderful workshop tour -- "Growing the 21st Century Chamber of Commerce" -- with Chambers in Northern California.   We had super productive sessions working on and sharing fresh ideas and new strategies.

In the Chamber world, they say that when you have seen one Chamber you have seen ... one Chamber!   While uniqueness may be the accepted norm, one thing is common to most: membership is either flat or decreasing.   Why?   Because members don't see the value in what you are providing.

I see Chambers doing a great job in their communities and yet their membership is declining!! Does that make any sense?   Well, it does if their members don't know what their Chamber leadership and staff is up to.   They need to be told ... continually.

I spend a lot of time helping Chambers focus on this.   Those that "get it" ... membership stabilizes and goes up.   Those that don't ... !!

In a couple of weeks I'll be doing a tour of Southern California and then it's off to the UK.   In mid-June I'll be back up north for a quick tour and then it's "have suitcase will travel" across the country to wherever we're invited.

If growing your Chamber is important then why not invite me to your area?   I'd like to work with you.

Wishing you a very successful week.

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