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August 13, 2017    
Speak Up ... It's Strategically Beneficial To Do So

Continuing on from last time . . .

According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Americans spent a little over $1 billion online ... every single day in 2016.   According to, it got over a third (34.87%) of that.   According to Wal-Mart, it's 2016 sales were over $1.3 billion every single day!

There are plenty more examples but you get my point.   There's a huge amount of money leaving our communities every single day.

So here's the question ... If we, the Chambers of Commerce, are "The Voice of Business," then what have we been saying and doing over the past few decades while the Big Box stores and then Amazon et al. have sucked all of that local disposable income into far distant bank accounts?

We have been silent as our friends and neighbors have gone under; as jobs have been lost; as local tax revenues have suffered; as our local economies have been impacted; and even our nonprofits have been adversely affected.

The local businesses that sponsor our kids' sports, the school play, the performing arts, fundraisers, etc. are under financial pressure.   As online sales threaten their profitability and existence, the recipients of their charitable support are under threat.

It's time for us to do our homework and speak up.
    1. Make a list of the larger retailers that are not locally-owned.
    2. Fire up some community-minded volunteers or students to find out how much these retailers are contributing to your community.
    3. Contact these businesses and either ...
          [a] thank them profusely for their support and, of course, offer suggestions as to how they can do more, or
          [b] ask them -- politely of course -- to financially demonstrate that they care about the communities that are supporting them.

It's fascinating how a little gentle nudging can help people "do the right thing" and yield beneficial results for all.

YOU, the Chamber of Commerce, are the most important voice in your community and only you are perfectly positioned to lead this effort.

Remember -- think strategically -- it will be beneficial to your Chamber to be highly visible leading this conversation.

Start talking!

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August 5, 2017    
"I Beg Your Pardon ... Did You Say $1 Billion Per Day?"

As we have watched Amazon's incredible sales growth, we have witnessed smaller businesses in our communities closing their doors citing the immense challenges of competing with online discount pricing.

According to a U.S. Dept. of Commerce report, e-commerce sales totaled just shy of $390 billion in 2016.   In other words, Americans spent a little over $1 billion online every single day!!!   Hmmmmm.

It is estimated that, in 2016, there were 125.82 million U.S. households.   Being a mathematical genius, I divided $389,941,000,000 by 125,820,000 households and arrived at approximately $3,100 per household per year!

In my home town of Santa Barbara, CA we had 34,811 households at last count.   Continuing with simple math and rounding up, we learn that approximately $300,000 is being sucked out of our local economy EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!   That's a lot of moolah that is going elsewhere!   You may quibble about the exact number but you don't need a PhD in economics to understand that this isn't looking good for traditional retail.

So ... what's the situation in your community?   How many households do you have?   How much money is being sucked out of your community every single day?   Calculate the number and start talking about it.   Until you tell them, people don't have a clue.   They need to know.

I'm not sure there are any "grand solutions" other than to say that this is a narrative that should be continually told.   Everybody should know this number and everybody with a local voice -- the City, the Chamber of Commerce, the media, the foundations, etc. -- should be encouraging people to spend their money locally whenever they possibly can.   You, the Chamber, are the most important voice in your community and you are perfectly positioned to lead this conversation.

Even though it's so incredibly easy to opt for discounted convenience people will spend more money locally and support their community's merchants when they are regularly reminded and asked to do so.   If you need proof then just look at your local farmers' market.   It's usually packed with happy people paying high prices.

To continue with the trend ... e-commerce sales doubled in the past five years and are projected to double in the next five years.

Start talking!

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