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White Paper Reports

Published: January 2017

Published: March 2011

Occasionally we publish reports regarding the perception and reality of the Chamber of Commerce and its marketplace.   It gives us an open-source way to share our experiences as well as discuss the challenges and opportunities developing in this specific context.

We encourage you to share these reports with your colleagues.   We don't claim to know everything and we definitely don't have all the answers.   However, we do have our fingers on the collective pulse of the Chamber community.

These reports will, arguably, be of greater value to smaller and medium-sized Chambers of Commerce because the smaller the Chamber, the more life-threatening are the challenges.

Chambers with larger memberships have healthier budgets and cultures that tend to mask any weaknesses in the areas of relevance and ROI value of Chamber membership.

Nevertheless, no matter what the size your Chamber, we hope you will benefit from using these reports as a stimulus to ask some pointed questions and address, with honesty and openness, the answers that arise.

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