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Conferences, Workshops & Retreats
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"Growing the 21st Century Chamber of Commerce" workshops appeal to management and staff who wish to take their Chamber of Commerce to a new level of excellence.

In addition -- think "Continuing Education" -- these workshops are an excellent opportunity for your Board's directors to gain a clear understanding of the evolving role of the 21st Century Chamber of Commerce in its community.
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Attendees will learn how to progress profitably from an aging (directory/mixer/events) business model to one that meets the changing needs and expectations of the business community AND the community at large.
  Some of the Topics
      The Four Critical Things a Chamber MUST DO to Make It!!
  How to ... Improve your Chamber's Relevance in the Community.
... Identify Additional Revenue Sources.
... Avoid the huge Mistakes that Chambers Make.

... Keep your New Members.
... Treat your Most Important Members.
... Improve Membership Retention by 50%+.

... Understand your Members.
... Understand your Community Stakeholders.

... Transform Chamber Membership into an Employee Benefit.
... Help Prospects WANT to Become Members.
... Maximize Membership Sales with "IDEAS".
... Attract Young Professionals.

... Improve Member Participation.
... Increase Board of Directors Participation.
  What They Have Said
“Mike really got me thinking.”

“This model gave me new ways to look at what the Chamber is doing and ways to improve.”

“Great ideas.   Rewire the thinking!”

“If sales and retention don't improve after his workshops, then you weren't there.”

“I thought the data and material were great.”

“Delightful speaker & person.   All info was lively and useful to me.   Thank you.”

“Definitely thought-provoking.”

“His Scottish humor and blunt style are refreshing and inspiring.”

“Our Board and Executive Director are finally working together.   Thank you.”
“In only one year, Mike helped take us from a $50,000 deficit to a $50,000 surplus!”

“I am anxious to put into practice some of the ideas on retention and recruitment.   I really want more commitment from the membership and the board.”

“Enjoyed it all.   Very thorough w/o being boring.”

“Great summary handouts.

“I learned more from Mike in two hours than I did at a three day conference.”

“Lots of great ideas.”

“He helped us cut through the old bull**** and get on track for the future.”

“He's quite remarkable. They told him he couldn't do it.   What did they know!!
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