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        Relevance     +     Retention     +     Revenue

    Heads Up!!
      1. Mike is still recovering from having badly fractured his pelvis.
          He plans to resume a high-energy international travel schedule in early 2017.
          We will publish the new conferences, workshops and consultation travel schedule soon.
          Mike and his staff appreciate your patience and look forward to getting "out on the track" again!

      2. A lot of new material will be unveiled in 2017.
          It will focus on advancing the growth and professionalism of the "21st Century" Chamber of Commerce.
          This page will be updated accordingly.

          In the meantime . . . the material below will give you some insight into our offerings.
"It Ain't Getting Any Easier!"
    - Recruiting and retention are more challenging.
    - Consistent revenue sources are elusive.
    - Profitability is under stress.
    - Technology has undermined the “networking” benefit of Chamber membership.
    - Even the relevance of the Chamber of Commerce has come into question!
Every town should have a thriving Chamber of Commerce which means updating an aging and often ineffective Chamber model and implementing 21st-century strategies and solutions.

The Framework2020 conference focuses on improving the relevance, retention, revenue, & long-term profitability of your Chamber.   It teaches a proven growth model complete with 21st-century strategies and turnkey solutions designed to maximize the benefit of your available resources.

This will be a productive and thought-provoking event for . . .
    - Board Directors
    - Chamber Management
    - Membership Sales staff,
    - Member Services staff
Conference Agenda  
9:00 - 11:30 Framework2020 - Chamber Growth Model
This session is jammed with thought-provoking material that encourages Chamber Directors and management to focus on a growth model that improves relevance in the community, strengthens membership retention, increases revenue and profitability, and exceeds member expectations.
For example ... we will share turnkey strategies & resources that help correct ... "The Four Huge Mistakes that Chambers of Commerce Make!"   $84.00
      Suggested Attendees:   Board Directors, Chamber Management, Membership
      Sales staff, Member Services staff.
1:00 - 2:15 IDEAS - Maximizing Membership Sales & Retention
Learn the proven IDEAS process developed specifically for growing your Chamber's membership ... every year.   It's all about helping prospects ... want to join, want to participate, and be proud of being associated with your Chamber.   $45.00
      Suggested Attendees:   Chamber Management, Membership Sales staff, Member
      Services staff, Ambassadors, Volunteers & Board members.
 2:30 - 3:30 Q&A + Brainstorming
Did you ever leave a conference and feel ... “I wish I had asked such-and-such a question”?   Well, this is your opportunity to ask the questions you didn't ask in the morning session.   We will also share ideas and brainstorm for as long as time allows.
      This session is FREE to "Full Day" attendees.
      Full Day Registration = $99.00
Cities & Dates  
 REGISTRATION Early Late    
    Heads Up!!
      Mike fractured his pelvis a few weeks ago and, for obvious reasons, has suspended nation-wide travel.
      If the healing process goes as forecast he plans on resuming travel in September/October.
      Conferences, workshops and consultation travel will resume at that time.
      We hope to publish the new travel schedule soon so keep checking back.
      Mike and his staff greatly appreciate your patience and look forward to getting "out on the track" again!
Special Group Discount -- Register three (3) people from your Chamber and the fourth person is FREE.   Just Email us the name of the 4th person and we'll attach him/her to your registration.
  1. The Early registration deadline is Midnight on the Friday before a conference.
  2. Attendees must be Chamber Staff, Directors, Ambassadors or Volunteers.
Benefits & Takeaways  
Some of what you will learn (takeaways)
- How to correct the 4 Huge Mistakes that Chambers make.
- How to improve your Chamber's relevance in the community.
- How to make your Membership ROI real and believable.
- How to transform Chamber membership into an employee benefit for your members.
- How to help your prospects WANT to be associated with your CHamber.
Additional Benefits (Full Day attendees)
- Free copy of . . . “How to Increase Membership Retention by 50%"
- Free copy of . . . “Meetings & Events Guide”
- Free 1-year upgrade to your Chamber's “Showcase” Account
You Can Be a Host Chamber  
Would you like to host a conference?   All you need is a conference/training room.

As we take Framework2020 "on the road" we have to choose venues . . . either [a] a hotel meeting room or [b] the conference/training room of a local Chamber of Commerce?

Our preference is always the latter.   It's more comfortable and fosters better networking among the Chamber attendees.

So, if fresh ideas on improving relevance and retention are of interest and you have the available facilities, then please consider adding your city to our tour schedule . . . sooner rather than later!   We will attempt to accommodate your request and make it beneficial for all concerned!

Please call (805) 201-2881 or Email your request.
What They Have Said  
“This model gave me new ways to look at what the Chamber is doing and ways to improve.”

“Great ideas.   Rewire the thinking!”

“If sales and retention don't improve after his workshops, then you weren't there.”

“I thought the data and material were great.”

“Delightful speaker & person.   All info was lively and useful to me.   Thank you.”

“Definitely thought-provoking.”

“His Scottish humor and blunt style are refreshing and inspiring.”

“Our Board and Executive Director are finally working together.   Thank you.”

“Mike really got me thinking.”
“I am anxious to put into practice some of the ideas on retention and recruitment.   I really want more commitment from the membership and the board.”

“Enjoyed it all.   Very thorough w/o being boring.”

“Great summary handouts.

“I learned more from Mike in two hours than I did at a three day conference.”

“Lots of great ideas.”

“He helped us cut through the old bull**** and get on track for the future.”

“He's quite remarkable. They told him he couldn't do it.   What did they know!!

“In only one year, Mike helped take us from a $50,000 deficit to a $50,000 surplus!”
Michael Flint (The Presenter)  

Michael Flint, Founder
Chamber Strategies

Mike grew up in Glasgow, Scotland.   After graduating from St. Andrews University he headed west via Toronto, Canada; Grand Rapids, MI; and Santa Barbara, CA.

His early career included ... soft drinks, accounting systems, business forms, minicomputers, and electronic typesetting.   However, a couple of years after arriving in Grand Rapids, he stepped off the corporate ladder opting for the challenges and creativity of entrepreneurship and consulting in ... word processing, staffing, computer supplies, retail computers, sales management training, equipment leasing, publishing, major event management, online city guides, and membership marketing software.

On many nonprofit boards, Mike has been responsible for significant fund-raising and event successes of those organizations.   He helped design, introduce and facilitate the “CEO Roundtable” program – which became a model for many other chambers – for the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.   Since 2010, Chamber Strategies has developed resources, technology, strategies and trainings specifically for Chambers of Commerce.

Mike consults with Chamber executives and boards across the US and is adding Chambers in the UK to the Chamber Strategies client list.
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