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For Directors of Chambers of Commerce
In working with Chambers of Commerce in North America and the United Kingdom we invariably encounter Chamber boards whose well-intentioned directors lack an awareness and understanding of the evolving role of the 21st Century Chamber of Commerce.

Naturally, this is understandable given the geographic isolation of each Chamber of Commerce.   In addition, so many board meetings are consumed with fund-raising events and financial matters that there is little time for mission/vision discussions about the Chamber's future.   The opportunity for enhancing the understanding and appreciation of the needs and expectations of members and community stakeholders is missing.

Growing the 21st Century Chamber of Commerce” workshops are designed to improve this situation.   Directors learn about . . .
    [a] the bigger picture that all Chambers of Commerce are facing;
    [b] fresh ideas and strategies for . . .
          - increasing the relevance of the Chamber;
          - growing the Chamber's membership;
          - increasing revenue and profitability.
Better understanding leads to better communication, strategizing and implementation and a healthy and vibrant Chamber of Commerce.

Many Chambers require their board members to attend workshops and conferences during their tenure (think “continuing education”).   Some Chambers will share the cost while some expect the Director to foot the bill.   For that reason we keep the cost low -- $84 (morning); $99 (full day).

Whatever your Chamber's approach, we encourage your directors to attend.   Here's the latest Schedule
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