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Add Value Immediately!
Your Webinars Pages
Almost all surveys of Chamber members place “Education & Training” in the top three requests on their “wish list”.

So . . . Impress them! . . . Give them what they want.

Offer your members a library consisting of well over 400 upcoming and on demand webinars and workshops . . . for FREE.
    - This member-only benefit is turnkey (You can offer it immediately).
    - There is almost no cost to you (All you need is a "Showcase" account).
    - Very little effort is required (We maintain the library).
    - Your webinars pages can be branded for your Chamber of Commerce.

Consider these key points . . .
  1. Every week, you will be offering highly-professional live webinars and workshops.
  2. There are webinars and workshops for businesses and nonprofit organizations.
  3. There are topics of interest to almost all staff positions.
          - Administration, Finance, Legal, etc.
          - Advertising, Promotion, Social Media
          - Customer Service
          - Education & Training
          - Human Resources
          - International Trade
          - Management/Leadership
          - Nonprofit/Community
          - Sales & Marketing
          - Technology

If money was no object, most businesses would probably budget a minimum of $500–1000 per year per employee for education and training.

Offer this membership benefit and you will help satisfy a critical need (and request) for FREE!   Very impressive!
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