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"What They Said"
Feedback from . . .

Consulting Clients
When we first talked I did not believe you when you said we could build our membership again. Wow, was I ever wrong! Everything is going so well. Thank you." - CEO
Thank you for your continuing support. It is nice to work with someone who understands and cares about our Chamber and who we can talk to at any time. I didn't think we could turn this thing around." - Board Chair
"Dear Michael.
Before I found you I was ready to quit. Fortunately our board president agreed to let me hire you and we haven't looked back since. It has been so rewarding. Thank you." - E.D.
2017 NCCE Annual Conference (All-day program)
"I wanted to thank you for coming to Broken Bow and speaking to the Nebraska Chamber Commerce Executives (NCCE) for their fall conference. I was in charge of looking for the speaker this year, and I am glad I found you! I feel you gave the group all the information your promotional material said you would. Worth every penny!!"
"Growing the 21st Century Chamber" workshops
“This was an excellent workshop. I got a lot out of it. We're very excited.”

“It met my expectations. All attendees were pleased. They received great value!”

“A very well-put-together event.”

“Great to have the interaction with other chambers. This was a great context for that interaction. It really got me thinking outside the box and opened up some great conversation about how we can do things better.”

“Loved the class.”

“Mike was right on. We need to communicate much better. We do all these great things for our members and the community but we don't tell them! Very stimulating."
“We got some very valuable information and plenty of ideas we can use now.”

“This was very worthwhile. We got a ton of actionable type of information for building membership.”

“Every CEO and Chairperson should go to this.”

“It was helpful for us in putting a game plan together to readjust. We were very impressed and very thankful.”

“I got some great ideas out of this. I have already implemented a couple of things and will implement a lot more. This was good because I was getting lazy!”

“Really useful information.”
Other Consulting & Engagements
“This model gave me new ways to look at what the Chamber is doing and ways to improve.”

“Great ideas.   Rewire the thinking!”

“If sales and retention don't improve after his workshops, then you weren't there.”

“I thought the data and material were great.”

“Your workshop/seminar was very informative and I am so glad that I attended.   I would love to have you be the guest speaker at our mid-year conference.”

“Delightful speaker & person.   All info was lively and useful to me.   Thank you.”

“Definitely thought-provoking.”

“His Scottish humor and blunt style are refreshing and inspiring.”

“Our Board and Executive Director are finally working together.   Thank you.”

“Mike really got me thinking.”
“I am anxious to put into practice some of the ideas on retention and recruitment.   I really want more commitment from the membership and the board.”

“Enjoyed it all.   Very thorough w/o being boring.”

“Really great information that I'm excited to use.”

“Great summary handouts.

“I learned more from Mike in two hours than I did at a three day conference.”

“Lots of great ideas.”

“He helped us cut through the old bull**** and get on track for the future.”

“He's quite remarkable. They told him he couldn't do it.   What did they know!!

“In only one year, Mike helped take us from a $50,000 deficit to a $50,000 surplus!”
If there's any way we can help you grow, just let Mike know.

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