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        Relevance     +     Retention     +     Revenue

"Growth Management" Program

Increase your Total Membership in 2018
Thousands of Chamber professionals struggle to improve . . .
- membership
- relevance
- finances
with . . . - lack of resources
- no fresh ideas
- under-funded budgets.
If this resonates with you then consider using our “Growth Management” program -- a proven, step-by-step strategy for achieving sustainable growth.

At minimal cost to your Chamber, Michael Flint, founder of Chamber Strategies, will personally engage with you to help build your membership.
What They Have Said
When we first talked I did not believe you when you said we could build our membership again. Wow, was I ever wrong! Everything is going so well. Thank you." - CEO
Thank you for your continuing support. It is nice to work with someone who understands and cares about our Chamber and who we can talk to at any time. I didn't think we could turn this thing around." - Board Chair
"Dear Michael.
Before I found you I was ready to quit. Fortunately our board president agreed to let me hire you and we haven't looked back since. It has been so rewarding. Thank you." - E.D.
Features & Benefits
This is a one-year engagement with a commitment to implement . . .
    - our proven 4-Part Growth Strategy for your Chamber
    - strategies to double your Membership
    - strategies to triple your Revenue
            -- PLUS --
    - improve Relevance
    - exceed Member Expectations
    - increase Participation by All
            -- PLUS --
    - learn the Four Critical Things a Chamber MUST DO to Make It!!

A Tiny Investment
This program is budget-friendly and results-based.
    - Initial Assessment – FREE. (it costs nothing to talk!)
    - Engagement Fee – a few hundred dollars (only if you proceed). *
    - Small Monthly Royalty based on the increase in your total membership. * **
            * To be quoted as a part of the Initial Assessment.
          ** This is results-based - paid for out of new membership revenue
If you are interested, please contact Michael immediately:

805.201.2881 (off)
805.636.0010 (mob)
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