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Member Connections Series
When surveyed, Chamber Members ALWAYS ask for more Education, Training & Business Resources for their staff.

We help you fulfill those requests.

The "Member Connections" series provides you with turnkey programs for you to offer your members and their employees -- opportunities to learn, share ideas, and build profitable networking relationships . . .
      - "Sales Connections"
      - "Sales Management Connections"
      - "Customer Service Connections"
      - "HR Connections"
. . . and we make it easy for you.

We charge you . . .
      - NOTHING (It's included with your "Strategies" Account.)

You generate . . .

We provide . . .
      - online video content
      - facilitator guidelines.

You provide . . .
      - meeting room with laptop-to-screen projection capability
      - facilitator.

All you need is a "Strategies" account.
For more information ... Contact us ... and we'll help get you started.
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