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Michael Flint is a problem-solver, strategist, consultant, and speaker.

Having grown up in Scotland and graduated from St. Andrews University, he emigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1968 where he worked for Coca Cola and then McBee Systems.   In 1974 he was recruited to sell mini-computers for Litton ABS in Grand Rapids, MI and later joined Compugraphic to sell their computerized typesetting systems.

Since the late '70s Flint has launched successful ventures in computer supplies distribution, retail personal computers, leasing, printing and publishing ... in addition to various consulting, coaching and turnaround assignments.

He "semi-retired" to Santa Barbara, CA in 1998 to hike and bike and relax before launching his next venture.   In the meantime he was persuaded to grow and manage Fine Art Santa Barbara, an annual art festival that generated significant funds for the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara.

In 2001, he introduced an integrated network of partners (media, hotels, nonprofits, etc.) utilizing proprietary online events calendar and city guide technology.   The outcome was another successful business: www.BigCityBuzz.com.

Chamber Strategies was quietly launched in 2010 offering proven growth strategies -- both turnkey and la carte -- making it easier for Chambers to focus on their most important challenge ... achieving sustainable and profitable long term growth.

Flint is extremely passionate (see core beliefs) about helping today's Chamber leaders achieve the levels of relevance and excellence demanded of a 21st Century Chamber of Commerce.   In this regard he travels extensively throughout North America and the United Kingdom conducting workshops, speaking at Chamber Executive conferences and consulting with individual Chambers of Commerce.

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