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FREE What Every Business Should Know About 401(k) Plans   (Human Resources)
One of the most important personal benefits for employees is a 401(k) plan, which is a valuable tool to improve their preparation for retirement. However, the Small Business Administration reports that only 29 percent of businesses with less than 25 employees offer some type of retirement savings plan. This offers an opportunity for small businesses to provide a 401(k) plan as a way to have a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining high-quality employees.
In just 45 minutes, we will learn: ..... The basics of a 401(k) plan. ..... The process of setting up an effective plan at your business. ..... How third-party administrators can simplify the process of setting up and managing your plan.
Learn more about how a 401(k) plan can help provide several key advantages for your business while also giving your employees an attractive benefit. Such an offering can help keep your current employees longer and improve your prospect base for future hires.
FREE Mobility Trends in HR   (Human Resources)
Watch as Adam Bates, Paychex senior product manager, shows you the latest mobility trends in human resources, and find out why mobile solutions are becoming popular among HR directors and business owners.
..... The benefits of mobility for HR ..... How HR software is being used by employers, managers, and employees ..... Demographic differences in mobile usage ..... User experience expectations among employers and employees ..... Barriers to adoption of mobile HR.
FREE 8 Critical Areas of HR   (Human Resources)
Learn about human resource topics that are of particular importance to business owners and HR directors and how to make them easier to manage. The HR areas covered in this webinar include payroll, employee communications, benefits, worksite safety and loss prevention, compliance, interviewing and hiring, employee motivation and development, and employee separation.
FREE New Overtime Rule Starts December 1: Is Your Business Ready?   (Human Resources)
Learn about the new overtime regulations in effect as of December 1, 2016, including: ..... How overtime changes may impact you and your business ..... Potential next steps to prepare to comply with the changes ..... Questions and answers.
FREE ESR: Looking Back on the First Reporting Year   (Human Resources)
As the first reporting year draws to an end, take a look back at Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR), and look ahead to what next year holds for your business.
FREE From Wellness to Wellbeing   (Human Resources)
Watch this five-minute Paychex blue cast and see how fostering employees' physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing can have tangible benefits for employers as well.
What You'll Learn ..... The truth about wellness programs ..... Compelling benefits of offering a wellness program ..... Three steps you can take to create a program at your business.
FREE Reducing Employee Turnover   (Human Resources)
In this quick 5-minute webinar we'll look at how changes in the workplace are affecting employee turnover, how you shouldn't accept turnover as a simple cost of doing business, and what you can start doing about it today.
What You'll Learn ..... Costs of employee turnover ..... Warning signs an employee may leave ..... Strategies to help you reduce turnover at your business.
FREE Top HR & Payroll Compliance Issues to Watch in 2017   (Human Resources)
Watch as Tammy Tyler, senior employment law compliance analyst at Paychex, and Andrew Schpak, co-managing partner of Barran Liebman LLP, discuss the top HR and payroll compliance issues for the year, in this Bloomberg BNA webinar.
Here's What You'll Learn About ..... Regulatory reform and executive orders ..... U.S. Department of Labor Final Overtime Rule ..... Social media privacy laws ..... State and local legislative trends ..... Ban the Box laws.
DISCLAIMER:   Chamber Strategies and its Chamber of Commerce partners display these webinars and on-line workshops as a good-faith educational resource for Chamber members.   This does not, in any way whatsoever, constitute an endorsement of these webinars, workshops and/or any associated websites, nor are we responsibile for their content, accuracy, legality, or any other matter so related.   Should you find that a webinar is unavailable, please let us know.   Thank you.
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