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11:00 AM
How to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Publicity is a low cost way to get your business name out there. Public relations has often far more impact than any paid advertising.
Attend this webinar to learn: ..... The power of no cost publicity and how to get it. ..... What stories the media want to cover. ..... How to target the right media. ..... How to write a media release. ..... Media interview tips. ..... How to use free publicity to grow your small business.
 On Demand Webinars
FREE Raising Money for Your Business   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Whether you are a start-up or have been operating your business for years, bank loans, crowdfunding, grants or investors can offer a powerful way to get an infusion of cash to help you expand and grow your business. Attend this interactive session to discover out-of-the-box thinking beyond the traditional business loan and be prepared to apply for the funding that you need.
..... How to prepare yourself to raise financing. ..... How to pitch your idea. ..... What to do before you visit the banks. ..... Business loans you should know about. ..... Non-traditional sources of financing. ..... How to uncover government grants, loans and subsidies. ..... The benefits of crowdfunding as a funding source. ..... Angel investors: who they are, how to find them and how to pitch to them.
Take the mystery out of financing with tools and information to find you the right fit for investment. (Aired on 1/17/17)
FREE How to Recruit, Train and Motivate Employees   (Human Resources)
One of the biggest challenges business owners face is managing people. Discover what it takes to lead and recruit a great team and keep them motivated.
How to recruit the right people for your business. ..... The importance of the interview process. ..... Questions you should be asking. ..... Ensuring you have the legal details in order. ..... Developing a training and orientation program for new employees. ..... How to keep employees motivated and inspired. ..... How to manage remote employees, contractors and freelancers ..... Understanding Gen Y values, behaviors and expectations regarding workplace collaboration, mobility and technology. ..... Leading and retain good employees.
Attend this webinar to learn how you can find the best employees for your business. (Aired on 2/28/17)
FREE Growing Your Business in 2017 - Seven Steps to Success   (Management & Leadership)
Creating a vision of where you want your business to be is the first part of getting there. At this seminar you値l learn how to develop a really effective growth strategy. You値l develop a clear business vision, learn how to strategize carefully and grow your business.
Material Covered: ..... The importance of defining your vision. ..... Developing a marketing and sales strategy. ..... Knowing your numbers and why they matter. ..... How to recruit the right people for your team. ..... Technology and apps you can use to grow your business. ..... Creating an exit plan to exit or sell your business.
With the seven secrets learned at this seminar, you値l be ready to grow your business. (Aired on 1/31/17)
FREE Presentation Skills - Speak with Confidence and Grow Your Business   (Professional Development)
Presenting to a group is an excellent opportunity to show your expertise and generate leads. Learn how to create presentations to help you grow your business.
Material Covered: ..... How to choose the ideal presentation topic. ..... The importance of doing your research and being prepared. ..... How to structure your presentation. ..... What participants want to hear. ..... How to engage your audience. ..... Presentation tips to make things run smoothly. ..... How to evaluate your presentations objectively. (Aired on 5/2/17)
FREE How to Get on The First Page of Google   (Technology)
Getting your website on the first page of Google can be tough. In this webinar you値l learn how to improve your Google ranking and how to get new customers from Google.
We'll discuss: ..... What is SEO and why does it matter? ..... How to find the right keywords for your business ..... How to do actively improve your SEO ..... How to hire the right SEO agency
After attending this webinar you値l better understand SEO and what steps you need to take to improve your Google ranking. (Aired on 5/23/17)
FREE Tools You Can Use to Work How and Where You Want   (Technology)
There are tools you can use to run your business from anywhere. In this webinar we'll discuss some of our favorites and how you can use them to manage your business. You'll learn: ..... How to manage your business remotely ..... How to ensure all your employees have access to the information they need ..... Some of the best available online tools to allow you to collaborate in real time. (Aired on 5/9/17)
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