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Turn Marketing and Sales From Frenemies to Besties   (Sales & Marketing)
Demand generation is a team sport. It isn't just about coordinated marketing tactics; it also requires alignment between sales and marketing: shared processes, priorities, targets, and goals.
Sadly, roughly 90% of companies say their sales and marketing teams are not aligned and, of those, nearly 40% say that disconnect prevents them from effectively closing deals.
Join us for this free seminar to hear new findings from the Forrester Research report, "B2B Buyers Mandate a New Charter for Marketing and Sales," and to learn how companies can work together to win.
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FREE The Secret to AdWords, Facebook, and Display ROI: Phone Call Conversions   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
We're now in a world where digital ad spending is routinely evaluated and optimized on the basis of online-to-offline impact. And in today's smartphone world, that means phone calls. How well your Adwords, Facebook, and display advertising generates phone calls can make or break your ROI. Marketers must now take the same data-driven approach to calls as they do online conversions—starting with ad and landing page creative, using targeting and audience building, and finally with attribution and optimization.
You will learn: ..... What kinds of call data marketers should capture to prove ROI ..... How to optimize AdWords, Facebook, and display ad campaigns to drive calls ..... Success stories and examples from leading brands.
Join us for this free seminar to learn proven strategies to improve ROI and acquire more customers from AdWords, Facebook, and display ads. (Aired on 7/18/17)
FREE Five Must-Haves for an Effective Email Campaign   (Sales & Marketing)
The research shows it and the industry experts agree: A well-thought-out email marketing campaign can make or break your chance to get in front of a prospect. Competing for attention in a prospect's inbox, however, is no walk in the park. And creating an ongoing dialogue that builds lasting connections is critical.
Join us for this free seminar to learn how to build effective email campaigns that connect with your audience. (Aired on 7/11/17)
FREE Optimizing Your B2B Demand Generation Machine   (Sales & Marketing)
How Experimentation Helps You Do More with Less -- Humans are born scientists: we start out by testing what happens when we jump out of the crib (conclusion: gravity). Our knowledge about the world grows by (flying) leaps and bounds with each experiment we undertake. When we're presented with the goal of walking, we work every angle until we're running.
When you're presented with the goal of generating more traffic and leads, hypothesizing and experimenting are just as impactful. Join us on June 20 for this free seminar to hear real stories, marketing campaign tactics, and optimized outcomes that will inspire you to use your own natural instinct to experiment.
You will learn: ..... How to get the most engagement from every interaction with a visitor along their journey ..... Ways to maximize the ROI of your marketing campaigns ..... How to deliver a best-in-class experience to your customers to turn them into advocates ..... Ways reduce the risk of developing digital campaigns that don't generate leads. (Aired on 6/20/17)
FREE How to Grow Organic Installs With App Store Optimization   (Sales & Marketing)
So you've sunk a chunk of time and money into building your super-nifty app (or are planning to), but don't forget— Merchandising. Is. Everything. Without prime placement in the app store, very few people will find and install it ... no matter how nifty it is.
What's the secret to increasing organic installs for your app, without having to spend even more money?
Join us on June 27 for this free seminar to learn how to create a tailored app store optimization plan that will work for for your app (not those generic hints you find from any ol' Google search). ASO leads to higher visibility and more users for your app, for less money. Now that's nifty.
You will learn: ..... How to improve app store visibility ..... How to master the new Google Play layouts ..... How A/B testing drives conversion rates up ..... How organic installs help paid campaigns. (Aired on 6/27/17)
FREE The Future of Content Experience   (Sales & Marketing)
Your content experience is the environment in which your content lives, but it's also much more than that. It's the place where all the user action takes place. It's where a visitor converts to a lead, and where you can measure your content's effectiveness across the entire buyer journey.
Join us for this free seminar to learn how to build a well-optimized, high-converting content experience. (Aired on 9/12/17)
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