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FREE The Hidden Benefits of Going Green
You’re already aware that improving your company’s sustainability performance can help preserve scarce resources like water and energy, but did you know that these initiatives can also lower your costs and help you gain customers?
In this session, Will Teichman, Kimco Realty’s Director of Strategic Operations, will share tips for retailers looking to advance their sustainability efforts, including: ..... Identifying low- or no-cost “low hanging fruit” that will result in near-term savings ..... Special tips for food service establishments ..... How to share your efforts to appeal to your increasingly socially- and environmentally-conscious customers. (Aired on 8/31/17)
FREE Delivering Economic Resilience in the New Energy Paradigm
A rapidly evolving set of technologies for the generation, storage, monitoring, and control of energy is remaking our energy landscape. This new paradigm of distributed energy offers opportunities for consumers, corporations, and cities not just to reduce costs but to lower risks and ensure we are prepared to meet the challenges of the future.
But to tap the power of distributed energy, new forms of innovative thinking about energy — through public and private collaboration — must emerge.
Join Harvard Business Review for an interactive video webinar broadcast from Pittsburgh, where the community is focused on deploying distributed energy technologies and innovations that will support the region’s long-term resilience.
In this interactive session, business, policy, city, and utility leaders will discuss the opportunities in the new distributed energy ecosystem, the challenges in creating an integrated approach to energy distribution, and the policy and regulatory frameworks that are emerging.
The webinar will conclude with an interview with Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto about the region's energy and resilience plan for the future. (Aired on 5/9/17)
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