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1:00 PM
The 7 Steps to a Value Proposition That SELLS
Brainstorming a 1-line value prop rarely results in a message that is extendable across communications platforms, and is buyer-focused. Focusing on just a tag line or elevator pitch short circuits developing a Value Prop Platform that is both complete and flexible enough for marketing content and sales conversations.
9:00 AM
Rethinking Sales Compensation
The goal of sales compensation is to produce optimal sales performance and drive business results. Yet less than 9 percent of U.S. companies believe their sales compensation plan consistently drives precise selling behavior. This results in companies wasting hundreds of billions of dollars and failing to achieve their business objectives.
Harvard Business Schoolís Frank Cespedes has looked closely at sales compensation and has discovered why so many companies have sales compensation plans that donít work. He has found that companies often buy into conventional wisdom, which holds that: ..... Money is the only motivator ..... Comp plans must be simple ..... We pay for results, not process.
However, these assertions are false, can be damaging, and need to be reexamined. Compensation is just one part of strategic sales performance management; without the link to a bigger strategic plan, even the best compensation plans wonít pay off.
On February 23, in a live, interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Cespedes will share insights from his study of sales compensation, describe why so many companies make mistakes with sales compensation, and provide practical advice on linking strategy and sales in a way that produces real business value.
The key is aligning the desired sales behaviors with the organizationís strategy and making your compensation plan drive those behaviors. Join Frank Cespedes and HBR on February 23 to learn how to avoid common sales compensation mistakes and how to create a sales compensation plan that works.
1:00 PM
Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing
We have all seen just how devastating the results can be when sales and marketing teams aren't aligned. In this webinar, Alice and Liz will share their secrets about how aligning sales and marketing will better engage your customers at critical junctures in the buyer journey and will boost sales and marketing results.
10:00 AM
How to Make Engaging Videos at Newscycle Speed
People are almost 10 times more likely to engage with videos than blogs or social posts. And if the video is connected to a trending topic, interest spikes even further.
But it can be a real challenge to produce high quality videos fast enough to take advantage of topics that are here today and gone tomorrow, especially when youíre on a budget.
Join us on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 10:00 AM -10:45 AM PST for our webinar, How to Make Engaging Videos at Newscycle Speed.
Youíll learn how to: ..... Blend your brand and content with trending and topical stories ..... Produce timely videos with smaller budgets ..... Take advantage of footage you already have ..... Put more power to produce in the hands of your brand community ..... Quickly adapt and distribute videos on tight deadlines.
2:00 PM
Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development
LinkedIn is a powerful and underutilized tool for sales professionals.
In this webinar you will learn how to: ..... Convert your profile from a resume to a resource ..... Leverage LinkedIn to get warm introductions ..... Find, share and engage on relevant content to be seen as a thought leader
10:00 AM
How a Systems Approach to Sales Enablement Can Radically Improve Sales Productivity
Everyone wants to improve Sales Productivity or "Revenue Per Rep." It's often a struggle, because the way we approach training and enabling reps is ineffective and doesn't support behavior change.
In this webinar, Mike Kunkle will share how a new systems approach to Sales Enablement will radically improve your results.
11:00 AM
5 Hallmarks of High-Impact Sales Organizations
What do managers at top-performing sales organizations do best? To better understand the correlation between sales management skills and sales team performance, Sales Readiness Group and Selling Power conducted a survey to identify the hallmarks of high-impact sales organizations.
In this complimentary and interactive webinar, you will learn: ..... The state of sales management across different organizations. ..... The most critical skills sales managers need to perform their jobs. ..... How to optimize your organizationís sales management initiatives. ..... How to benchmark annual investment in training for sales managers.
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