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10:00 AM
How the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impacts Your Small Business
Congress just passed the most comprehensive tax reform in over 30 years. And with that comes more risk and opportunity for small businesses than any time in the last three decades.
In this session, CPA and tax consultant Micah Fraim will explain: ..... Major changes to corporate taxes ..... Adjustments to business deductions and credits ..... The expansion of some individual deductions and elimination of others ..... Little-known changes with major long-term ramifications
Learn how to use all of these changes to your advantage!
10:00 AM
Financing Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow
Most small business owners understand that growth is seldom an option—it takes growth to build a long-term sustainable business.
In this webinar, Ty Kiisel of OnDeck will help you recognize opportunities for growth and the four things you’ll need to have in place before you try to finance that growth.
You’ll discover how to: ..... Recognize growth opportunities ..... Use easy-to-evaluate steps for determining if financing growth makes sense for your business ..... Prepare your business before growth opportunities arise to make financing easier ..... Evaluate your credit situation to determine where you’ll have the best odds of success when applying for a loan.
10:00 AM
3 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line
Do you ever feel like you’re overwhelmed and scared to take a serious look at the numbers side of your business? Making guesses based on unknown numbers makes you feel like you have no control of your cash flow.
In this webinar, Certified Financial Planner Justin Krane will explain a simple system you can use to understand your numbers, control your cash flow and boost your bottom line.
You will learn: ..... The relationship between prosperity thinking and poverty thinking ..... The difference between profits and cash ..... How the timing of inflows and outflows of money affects your business ..... How to have your business money serve your personal life.
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