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10:00 AM
5 Shortcuts to Small Business Success
Imagine running a successful local business with time on your hands. Sounds like a dream, right? It doesn’t have to be.
In this webinar, small business author and speaker Barry Moltz will share tips to help you run your business efficiently.
You’ll learn how to: ..... Select a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system ..... Encourage a prospect to respond (when they won’t) ..... Use email marketing effectively ..... Write emails that get opened ..... Create a feasible social media strategy.
10:00 AM
Fix Your Business
Want to get control of your business, while drastically improving your quality of life and bottom line?
Join this SCORE webinar, as Melinda Emerson “SmallBizLady” walks through how to fix your business with her "12 Ps of Running a Successful Business." She will lead you through clarifying your purpose, fixing your people problems, making your business more profitable and what you should be measuring in your business and more. You’ll walk away with a plan to help you build a thriving enterprise.
You will learn how to: ..... Apply her "12 P's of Running a Successful Business" (Preparation, Purpose, People, Profit, Processes, Productivity, Performance, Product, Promotion, Prospects, Planning, and Perseverance) ..... Remove the daily stress and chaos of managing your business ..... Build strong people systems ..... Have better cash flow management ..... Increase your daily productivity ..... Persevere in your business
10:00 AM
Start a Successful Business on a Small Budget
Are you ready to fulfill your dream of owning a business, but your funds are low? Becoming an entrepreneur on a low budget is possible—if you’re prepared for the journey.
In this webinar, business professor and SCORE mentor Julie Brander Neiman will explain how to start a successful business in easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement exercises.
She will help you determine: ..... Is your business idea feasible? ..... What is your mission statement? ..... Who is your competition? ..... What trends should you follow? ..... What are the best marketing techniques? ..... What are your startup and monthly expenses? ..... How can you negotiate debt and raise your credit score? ..... Should you use alternative financing? ..... And much more.
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