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10:00 AM
How to Steer Clear of Accidental Discrimination When Hiring
With every new hire, your objective is to select the most qualified person for the job. Yet you’re also responsible for supporting a fair and diverse workforce – and for upholding anti-discrimination laws by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Whether intentional or not, hiring practices that discriminate against protected applicants could lead to serious legal trouble.
Are you aware of the various federal and state laws that prevent discrimination? Just as important, are you confident your hiring process treats every job seeker equally and fairly?
Attend this webinar for a discussion of the oversights that can hurt your hiring efforts – and what you can say, do and ask each step of the way to avoid accidental discrimination.
You will learn: ..... Major anti-discrimination laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ..... Language to avoid when advertising and recruiting ..... Checklist of right and wrong interview questions ..... Precautions with background/criminal checks ..... Dos and don’ts of accessing social media accounts.
12:00 PM
A Recruiter’s Guide to Giving the Right Offer the First Time
In a National Recruitment Sentiment Study conducted earlier this year by MRI Network, 52% of job candidates listed competitive compensation as the most compelling of 12 possible reasons for turning down an offer.
In this competitive talent landscape, it’s more important than ever to find the right candidates and create compelling compensation packages for new hires. As talent acquisition professionals feel the pinch in this job market when it comes to market pricing and time to fill, it’s time to think differently about pay practices and market compensation ranges in order to land the best candidates.
Join us on October 26th for a webinar that will outline how successful HR professionals are leveraging data to make competitive offers, positioning their organizations to succeed with long-lasting top talent. During this presentation, Alys Scott from Salary.com will share the key benefits of utilizing HR-reported data to create complete, accurate, and updated market pay rates instead of relying solely on free, online data from salary and job aggregators to determine your offers. She will walk through why your ability to close the best candidates quickly really matters as companies find ways to speed the recruiting cycle and land candidates. In this environment where speed and accuracy truly matter, getting all the information right the first time really counts.
At this event, attendees will learn: ..... How on-demand access to accurate salary information helps best-in-class recruiters make the right offer every time ..... How you can improve employee retention by leveraging long-term compensation conversations during the hiring process ..... Why building relationships based on transparency and trust with your candidates is crucial to success – especially when it comes to talking about pay.
10:00 AM
Overcoming the Disengagement Dilemma
Did you know nearly 70% of today’s employee are not engaged at work? Disengagement is a serious issue that can close the doors of businesses, if not dealt with. This is because disengagement affects much more than just company moral; it directly impacts your bottom line. In fact, disengaged employees are estimated to cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually.
In this webinar, we’ll review the impact of disengagement in the workplace and the ways in which you can successfully engage your employees. Please join Andrew Sherman, strategic business advisor and author of The Crisis of Disengagement; Cara Capretta, Oracle Vice President of Human Capital Transformation Practice; and Brian Moran, award-winning business advisor and CEO of Brian Moran & Associates.
You Will Learn ..... How today’s disengagement dilemma is affecting companies ..... The ways in which companies can successfully engage employees in order to increase productivity, enhance retention, and improve their bottom line ..... How Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud technology helps to improve engagement rates ..... The path to modern HCM with the cloud.
9:00 AM
Hacking Mental Health through Effective Workplace Wellbeing Programs
There’s an increasing tension in the modern-day workplace: The lines between personal and professional are blurred and employers talk about bringing your whole self to work, but at the same time, more and more employees are struggling with issues like burnout, anxiety, and depression. Many employees struggle to compete in a high-stress corporate environment without compromising their physical and mental wellbeing.
Ignoring your employees’ mental health can lead to chronic absenteeism, presenteeism, and attrition, which majorly affect productivity, engagement, and your bottom line. In order to help employees avoid burnout and sustain high performance over the long term, employers must be willing to address mental health in the workplace.
In this webinar, LifeDojo CEO Chris Cutter will highlight the four major barriers to improving employee mental health and offer practical solutions to help you address stress management head on.
Join this webinar to learn: ..... Why it’s currently so challenging for employers to address mental health ..... How a stress management program will help you address employee burnout, anxiety and depression ..... A step-by-step strategy for gaining broader adoption and utilization of a mental health program.
This session is targeted at forward-thinking HR leaders who want to improve their employee wellbeing and employee experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your mental health program adoption, hoping to decrease absenteeism and attrition, or are looking for ways to prevent burnout before it happens, you’ll find this presentation full of insightful research and actionable tips you can try out at your organization today.
You Will Learn ..... Why it’s currently so challenging for employers to address mental health ..... How a stress management program will help you address employee burnout, anxiety and depression ..... A step-by-step strategy for gaining broader adoption and utilization of a mental health program.
10:30 AM
7 Crucial Moves to Master Everyday Employee Management
There's a point when it becomes obvious that a business needs an HR professional on staff. Until then, managing the required recordkeeping tasks, handling questions from employees, and taking proper steps to protect your business from legal risk can seem like a never-ending burden that distracts from other critical business activities. And yet, you can’t afford to ignore these responsibilities.
Take a deep breath! This webinar will provide practical guidelines for getting HR activities under control, even without an HR specialist on staff. After the presentation, you’ll have solid information to help your business run more smoothly and, most importantly, protect you in the event of an employee lawsuit.
In this insightful webinar, you'll learn: ..... Common mistakes to avoid when hiring ..... How to create an organized recordkeeping system ..... Employee policies every business needs ..... The right way to document performance issues ..... Why accurate labor law postings are critical ..... Steps to prevent a costly harassment claim ..... How to use technology to reduce HR overhead.
This webinar is part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference.
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