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1:00 PM
Improve Your Presentation Skills and Grow Your Business   (Professional Development)
Presenting to a group is an excellent opportunity to show your expertise and generate leads. Afraid of speaking in front of groups? At this webinar, you’ll learn: ..... How to choose the ideal presentation topic. ..... The importance of doing your research and being prepared. ..... How to structure your presentation. ..... What to put into your presentation. ..... How to engage your audience. ..... Presentation tips. ..... How to evaluate your presentations.
Learn to present in public and grow your business with the skills learned in this webinar.
 On Demand Webinars
FREE Cash Flow Management Strategies for Small Business   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Running a profitable business is important to survival, but it's equally important to have a positive cash flow to pay your expenses and to finance your growth. At this webinar you'll learn proven cash management strategies and techniques including: ..... How to understand the sales cycle ..... The main causes of cash flow problems ..... Cash flow management tips that you can apply to your business ..... Strategies to keep cash flowing in your business ..... The importance of developing a cash flow forecast and, ..... Simple suggestions to ease cash crunches and improve your daily cash flow. (Aired on 10/12/17)
FREE Creating a Business Plan That Gets Results   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
A solid business plan doesn’t necessarily guarantee success—but it definitely helps put the odds in your favour. By attending this session, you’ll learn how to write a plan that will become a critical tool to grow your business and achieve your vision.
Material Covered: ..... Why a business plan is so important. ..... Developing a business plan. ..... How to conduct research for your business plan. ..... The right way to structure your business plan. ..... What to include in your business plan. ..... Presenting your business plan.
Create, refine and implement a business plan that will get you the results you are looking for. (Aired on 10/17/17)
FREE How to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Publicity is a low cost way to get your business name out there. Public relations has often far more impact than any paid advertising.
Attend this webinar to learn: ..... The power of no cost publicity and how to get it. ..... What stories the media want to cover. ..... How to target the right media. ..... How to write a media release. ..... Media interview tips. ..... How to use free publicity to grow your small business. (Aired on 10/24/17)
FREE How to Host Your Own Webinars to Educate and Generate Leads   (Education & Training)
Webinars are a great marketing and educational tool. At this webinar, we’ll share with you some best practices that you can use to host or improve your own webinars.
At this webinar, you’ll learn: ..... How to create the ideal topic; ..... What platform you should use; ..... How to determine the best day and time to run your webinars; ..... Low cost webinar marketing ideas; ..... How to interact with your audience; ..... How to follow-up after your event.
Host your own webinars and generate leads to grow your business in 2018. You will get an opportunity to have all your questions answered and learn how to grow your business. (Aired on 1/24/18)
FREE How to Recruit, Train and Motivate Employees   (Human Resources)
One of the biggest challenges business owners face is managing people. Discover what it takes to lead and recruit a great team and keep them motivated.
How to recruit the right people for your business. ..... The importance of the interview process. ..... Questions you should be asking. ..... Ensuring you have the legal details in order. ..... Developing a training and orientation program for new employees. ..... How to keep employees motivated and inspired. ..... How to manage remote employees, contractors and freelancers ..... Understanding Gen Y values, behaviors and expectations regarding workplace collaboration, mobility and technology. ..... Leading and retain good employees.
Attend this webinar to learn how you can find the best employees for your business. (Aired on 2/28/17)
FREE Marketing Your Business with a Strategic One Page Marketing Plan   (Sales & Marketing)
If you are looking to grow your business, then you’ll need to grow your sales. Sales result from more than a wish and a prayer, you need a plan. You know that marketing your products and services is incredibly important. Whether it’s building your brand, raising awareness for your product or service or educating your prospects, you need a specific marketing plan.
Take the time to really make the changes necessary to increase the effectiveness of your marketing as well as your sales. We’ve created a one-page template and we’ll show you how to use it to increase your sales. At the seminar, you’ll learn how to: ..... Identify your ideal target markets ..... Create a unique value proposition ..... Set marketing objectives ..... Learn to test the effectiveness of your marketing plan ..... Identify the ideal marketing tools to grow your business ..... Set a realistic marketing budget ..... Create marketing strategies that result in long term results.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. (Aired on 12/6/17)
FREE Low Cost and No Cost Marketing Tools You Can Use to Grow Your Business   (Sales & Marketing)
Increase your sales with targeted, low cost/no cost marketing tools. You will learn how to develop simple and inexpensive marketing strategies for your business. We will discuss: .... Basic marketing rules you need to know; .... How to identify your ideal target market and ways to engage them; .... How to understand your market and know your customer; .... How to identify your key differentiators; .... How to develop a simple marketing plan; .... Effective online and offline marketing tools you can start using today. (Aired on 1/30/18)
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