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12:00 PM
How the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impacts Your Small Business   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Congress just passed the most comprehensive tax reform in over 30 years. And with that comes more risk and opportunity for small businesses than any time in the last three decades.
In this session, CPA and tax consultant Micah Fraim will explain: ..... Major changes to corporate taxes ..... Adjustments to business deductions and credits ..... The expansion of some individual deductions and elimination of others ..... Little-known changes with major long-term ramifications
Learn how to use all of these changes to your advantage!
12:00 PM
Financing Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Most small business owners understand that growth is seldom an option—it takes growth to build a long-term sustainable business.
In this webinar, Ty Kiisel of OnDeck will help you recognize opportunities for growth and the four things you’ll need to have in place before you try to finance that growth.
You’ll discover how to: ..... Recognize growth opportunities ..... Use easy-to-evaluate steps for determining if financing growth makes sense for your business ..... Prepare your business before growth opportunities arise to make financing easier ..... Evaluate your credit situation to determine where you’ll have the best odds of success when applying for a loan.
12:00 PM
Fix Your Business   (Entrepreneurship)
Want to get control of your business, while drastically improving your quality of life and bottom line?
Join this SCORE webinar, as Melinda Emerson “SmallBizLady” walks through how to fix your business with her "12 Ps of Running a Successful Business." She will lead you through clarifying your purpose, fixing your people problems, making your business more profitable and what you should be measuring in your business and more. You’ll walk away with a plan to help you build a thriving enterprise.
You will learn how to: ..... Apply her "12 P's of Running a Successful Business" (Preparation, Purpose, People, Profit, Processes, Productivity, Performance, Product, Promotion, Prospects, Planning, and Perseverance) ..... Remove the daily stress and chaos of managing your business ..... Build strong people systems ..... Have better cash flow management ..... Increase your daily productivity ..... Persevere in your business
12:00 PM
3 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Do you ever feel like you’re overwhelmed and scared to take a serious look at the numbers side of your business? Making guesses based on unknown numbers makes you feel like you have no control of your cash flow.
In this webinar, Certified Financial Planner Justin Krane will explain a simple system you can use to understand your numbers, control your cash flow and boost your bottom line.
You will learn: ..... The relationship between prosperity thinking and poverty thinking ..... The difference between profits and cash ..... How the timing of inflows and outflows of money affects your business ..... How to have your business money serve your personal life.
12:00 PM
Start a Successful Business on a Small Budget   (Entrepreneurship)
Are you ready to fulfill your dream of owning a business, but your funds are low? Becoming an entrepreneur on a low budget is possible—if you’re prepared for the journey.
In this webinar, business professor and SCORE mentor Julie Brander Neiman will explain how to start a successful business in easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement exercises.
She will help you determine: ..... Is your business idea feasible? ..... What is your mission statement? ..... Who is your competition? ..... What trends should you follow? ..... What are the best marketing techniques? ..... What are your startup and monthly expenses? ..... How can you negotiate debt and raise your credit score? ..... Should you use alternative financing? ..... And much more.
 On Demand Webinars
FREE Valuing a Business   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
This free online business workshop will: explain reasons to assess your company's fair market value, illustrate the 3 approaches to determining your company's fair market value, and interactive worksheets to help put it all together.
FREE MoodysBiz.com: Credit Insights for Small Businesses   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Join us as MoodysBiz.com provides information on the latest trends in business credit. Hear from the Moody’s management team as they discuss what lenders look at when extending credit, trends in lending to small and medium sized businesses, and a free credit assessment tool you can use to understand your credit risk.
FREE How to Avoid 10 Payroll Mistakes That Cost Businesses Money   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Each year, businesses pay millions of dollars in compliance penalties to government agencies. And those agencies are becoming ever more vigilant about enforcing regulations. This free webinar will help you take the necessary steps to ... Stay on top of changing payroll, employment, and benefits regulations ... Comply with federal and state legislation ... Avoid needless penalties and gain greater peace of mind.
FREE CrowdFunding: An Alternative Source of Financing   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
With crowdfunding, you can borrow as little as $500 or as much as $1,000,000. It is much easier than applying for a bank loan and the typical interest rate you pay is based on your credit worthiness or score. In this informative webinar, you’ll learn about:
•The crowdfunding marketplace
•The JOBS Act and its impact
•The crowdfunding landscape
•Crowdfunding success stories
FREE Disaster Planning & Recovery   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has been making disaster loans since 1953, and has approved more than $50 billion in disaster loans to more than 1.9 million homeowners, renters and businesses.
The webinar includes an overview of the SBA Disaster Loan Program and how SCORE mentors, business owners, homeowners and renters can be better prepared and have greater knowledge of the resources available following a disaster.
FREE Understanding Debt Alternatives in Today's Economy   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
If you've tried all your local banks and are still searching for financing for your business, don't lose hope. Sign up for this live webinar and let expert Ami Kassar of MultiFunding LLC show you what small business financing options are available. Join us to learn the ins and outs of different loan programs - including bank loans, SBA loans, factoring, asset based lending, equipment finance and cash advance lending.
FREE Building Disaster Resiliency: Advice on Disaster Planning & Recovery   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
When disaster strikes, the whole community is affected. Community organizations, individuals, local officials, and the private sector are all impacted and trying to recover as quickly as possible. For businesses, this isn’t just a matter of returning to normalcy, it’s a matter of profitability and in many cases, survival. 40% of businesses affected by disasters never reopen, so the stakes are high.
Having an emergency plan can help businesses survive a disaster and even reopen their doors faster. Representatives from FEMA will explain what an emergency plan is, how you can develop one for your small business, and what resources are available to help.
You’ll get valuable information to help increase your business’s disaster resiliency and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of FEMA staff.
FREE Getting Your Business Ready for Financing   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Hear from Ami Kassar of MultiFunding LLC as he provides an explanation and description of the issues that small business owners have to think through and prepare for as your get your business ready for funding - at all stages.
FREE The Impact of Corporate Preparedness on the Bottom Line   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Most corporations are operating on limited resources these days. Management may not feel that corporate preparedness is a vital activity, even despite the many recent events that prove otherwise. This could be in part due to the physical location of the business or just an “it will never happen to me” attitude. Regardless, this Webinar will review the far-reaching financial impact of corporate preparedness aside from the ability to recover following any interruption.
FREE Why New Businesses Should Incorporate or Form an LLC   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
After developing your idea of what product or service that your business will offer, a critical next step is to decide on how you will structure your business. Join SCORE and John Meyer from The Company Corporation to learn more about this critical next step.
Discussions topics will include:
• Benefits of incorporating?
• What is an LLC? Why has it become such a popular entity?
• Differences between forming a corporation (C-corp or S-Corp) and an LLC
• Preparation of Articles of Incorporation
• Tax implications of each business format
• Business structure for your company
• Compliance issues
FREE Creating Capital Channels with Crowdfunding   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Crowdfunding is the greatest economic opportunity in our lifetime. Economists have predicted the crowdfunding marketplace to grow to $300 billion; some say it can even grow larger. The Jump Start Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, recent legislation dealing with regulations on investors using crowdfunding, was signed just over a year ago by President Obama and is a “game-changer,” as the president said, for investors nationwide. The JOBS Act limits the amounts individuals and businesses can invest through crowdfunding, but also deregulates the process, making it easier for small businesses to offer equity to investors and easier for people to become investors. Completion of this legislation is at the forefront of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agenda this year and a great impact, once the details of the act are finalized, can be expected.
Crowdfunding is becoming a popular way for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses not only to raise capital, but generate online marketing programs, conduct product testing, connect with like-minded people and much more. People that don’t take advantage of these opportunities could be leaving money on the table, or worse, spending it unnecessarily.
In this presentation, Jason Graf will not only share the basics of crowdfunding -- what it is and how to get involved -- but the opportunities for ancillary service providers as well as the future of equity crowdfunding.
FREE Which Business Financing Is Right for You?   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
The ice-age of bank small business lending continues. The New York Fed’s recent survey found that while 58% of small businesses want credit, only 16% received the amount they wanted. Finding small business financing can be a challenge, but there's good news. You have many options!
In this webinar, sponsored by Lending Club, we'll discuss a range of credit options small businesses have. We’ll focus on newer sources of financing, including online credit marketplaces and other online funding, as well as traditional sources like bank lending, credit cards, nonprofit lenders, and more. (Aired on 9/25/14)
FREE Naming and Trademarking Your Brand   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Naming is widely thought to be a purely creative process where people drink coffee and brainstorm. Anyone who has tried this methodology to develop a brand name has probably found it to be rather ineffective. During this webinar, you'll learn how to name your product/company - the right way. Hint: it doesn't start with naming.
Equally as important as establishing a name, is protecting its trademark. Many small businesses overlook these important steps in creating and securing their brand. This webinar is intended to demystify the name development and trademark process for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
FREE Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Insurance   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
As a small business owner, you know every dollar counts. You do everything you can to cut costs, but small business insurance is not something you should go without. Accidents happen, and you have to defend yourself if you’re sued, even if it isn’t your fault. Your small business insurance is there to protect you.
FREE Fashion Protection - Trademark Basics and Fashion Compliance   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Do you have a retail or e-commerce store? Do you sell through sites like Etsy®? If so, do you know what laws your business should be following? Do you want to learn how to protect your brand? Are you concerned about preserving your brand’s reputation after trademark registration?
Join attorneys Laurie Marshall, Esq. and Deanna Clark, Esq. for a fashion law presentation on how to protect your brand’s identity through trademark registration. Learn ways to protect the life of your business through the implementation of a fashion compliance program.
This webinar is ideal for anyone who is interested in getting into the fashion business or needs a refresher on fashion compliance. It is recommended for both experienced and start up retailers, e-commerce sellers, and importers/exporters. (Aired on 4/3/14)
FREE Understanding Intellectual Property: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About IP   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most important and valuable assets of a new and growing business. Startups who invest time and resources to understand their IP opportunities and risks, reach their business goals and excel more rapidly. This course will help entrepreneurs and small businesses better understand the different types of IP and steps to protect IP. We will cover the basics of patents, copyrights and trademarks and will identify common pitfalls and potential solutions. (Aired on 5/1/14) (Aired on 5/1/14)
FREE FAQs from Entrepreneurs   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
The Company Corporation talks to thousands of entrepreneurs a month. Over and over our Customer Service team is asked the same questions: ... Should I be a sole proprietor or form an LLC or corporation? ... Are there advantages to forming my business in Delaware? ... What is a Registered Agent? Join John Graham and Tom Edinger from The Company Corporation to learn the answers to these important questions. (Aired on 7/31/14)
FREE What You Need To Know About Negotiating Your First Commercial Lease   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Are you starting a business and in the process of choosing a location? Are you in business and thinking about moving or opening a new location? Ideal for brick and mortar businesses, this workshop will explain the key terms of a commercial lease and advise entrepreneurs on what to look out for. During the workshop, we will discuss what to expect in a commercial lease and how to respond or negotiate on certain provisions. There will be an emphasis on the importance of the term sheet. (Aired on 8/14/14)
FREE Get Your Business Funded   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
One thing all small businesses share is the need for money. But where do you find that capital? At this webinar!
Join Senior USA TODAY Small business columnist Steve Strauss (and author of The Small Business Bible) and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation to learn about the many different ways there are to get the funding you need for your business or startup, including: ..... Working the NumbersSBA Loans ..... Crowdfunding ..... Angel Investments ..... Microfinance ..... And many more! (Aired on 10/9/14)
FREE How the Right Registered Agent Can Protect Your Business   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Who is your company’s registered agent? Are you currently your own registered agent? ..... Many entrepreneurs miss one of the most important steps in protecting their businesses: picking the right registered agent. Selecting the right registered agent will ensure your business is being handled with the expertise your business deserves.
This webinar reviews the ins and outs of registered agent, including the different services you should look for when selecting the right registered agent for your company. Is your business worth it? (Aired on 10/16/14)
FREE IP Licensing in the Entertainment World and Beyond   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Because the development of Intellectual Property (IP) is commonly one of the most important and valuable assets of a new and emerging businesses, it is important for startups to understand one of the most significant means of monetizing their IP assets -- licensing.
This course will help entrepreneurs and small businesses better understand the different types of IP and how best to exploit IP through licensing. We will cover the business and legal dynamics of IP licensing as it applies to the entertainment business.
While large multi-media and entertainment conglomerates may have been the first to successfully leverage IP assets, now even small businesses can find ways to utilize their trademarks and copyrights to drive their successful brand development. Through licensing deals, companies can maximize exposure of their brand, build brand equity, grow IP market value -- and even generate much-needed revenue.
The first part of the presentation will focus on IP rights, such as trademarks and copyrights, used to leverage a businesses value and worth. Find out what parts of your business are protectable IP. What are your most valuable IP assets? Do you need to protect your IP globally? How can you best protect your IP assets on a limited budget?
The second part of the presentation will focus on the anatomy of a typical IP license in the field of entertainment: what are the key elements of every IP license that are the most significant to both the licensor and licensee? How can the structure of IP licenses affect royalty revenue? What legal provisions are essential with respect to protecting licensors and licensees from infringement claims? And what pitfalls should new businesses be wary of when they contemplate a licensing relationship? (Aired on 11/20/14)
FREE Easy Accounting for Business Owners and Real Estate Investors   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
If you can't report your business finances correctly, you'll never get the information you need to run a successful business.
Join best-selling business author Dominique Molina, CPA to learn the accounting tricks and traps you need to know to keep more of what you make.
You will learn: ..... How to create your own process to easily account for business transactions ..... Three questions you must ask before you hire an accountant ..... How to prepare a financial statement for a lender, to get a loan you want on the best possible terms ..... The 3 most important warning signs detected by your financials. (Aired on 1/15/15)
FREE An Insider's View: Securing Capital to Grow Your Business   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Accessing capital to fuel your business’ growth is a lot tougher today than it used to be—and because of all the different options available, it requires a more savvy borrower than ever before.
Join us for an insider’s view into the new world of online lending. This webinar will feature OnDeck Contributing Editor Ty Kiisel, author of: "Getting a Business Loan: Financing Your Main Street Business".
You’ll leave this webinar understanding: ..... How the different types of financing work and who provides them ..... Which financing options are right for different types of businesses – and how likely you are to get approved ..... How to apply for financing, and what to expect after the application is submitted.
Ty is the author of "Getting a Business Loan: Financing Your Main Street Business" as well as a contributing editor for OnDeck, an online platform where millions of small businesses can obtain affordable loans with a fraction of the time and effort that it takes through traditional channels. (Aired on 5/14/15)
FREE Choosing The Right Financing -- Where to Find Capital to Grow Your Business!   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
You’re ready to grow but where will you find the financing to make it happen? Moreover, where should you start your search?
Today business owners have more options than ever—and may need to explore every one of them. According to a recent Federal Reserve Bank study, more than 65% of business owners who applied for credit were declined or weren't able to get as much as they needed.
In this webinar, sponsored by Lending Club, small business owners will learn about the many sources of financing available to them. Presenter Louis Caditz-Peck will dig in to a range of financing sources from traditional bank loans, to non-profit microloans, online credit marketplaces, lease financing, and more.
Questions addressed will include: ..... What does it take to get traction with the banks? ..... Is crowdfunding right for your business? ..... What pitfalls should I watch out for? ..... What questions should you ask the lender before applying? ..... Where do I turn if my business has no operating history? ..... Bring your own questions and we’ll answer all that we can! (Aired on 6/18/15)
FREE Business Plan Express - Internet Talk Radio With David Albright!   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
In the wake of the enthusiastic audience participation in our inaugural event, the SCORE Association is pleased to present our 2nd installment of "Internet Talk Radio" -- a webinar format that gives you the chance to get advice -- and inspiration -- directly from some of the most accomplished and savvy business leaders in the nation.
This event will feature David Albright, the former president of Pepperidge Farm, Inc., and Godiva Chocolatier Worldwide. Throughout the hour, David will answer questions that audience members will call-in or submit by chat during by the LIVE webinar. Participants may also submit questions when registering for the webinar!
David is a highly active SCORE mentor whose "How to Develop a Business Plan in Six Easy Steps" is among SCORE's most popular workshops. He is also presenting "Setting Goals and Staying On Track - Run Your Business with More Focus, Alignment, and Success!" on June 25.
"Business Plan Express - Internet Talk Radio With David Albright" will complement these workshops, giving audience members an opportunity to ask David questions related to: ..... Creating a pragmatic business plan ..... Identifying market niches ..... Setting sales and earnings targets ..... Developing action plan priorities ..... How to monitor your monthly progress and stay on track. (Aired on 6/30/15)
FREE IP 101: Why Care About Intellectual Property   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
You have a great idea and turned it into a business, but if that intellectual property (IP) isn’t a part of your business strategy, you’re not only putting your ideas at risk, you’re also risking investment opportunities.
In this SCORE LIVE webinar, Mary Juetten, a JD and CPA, and the founder of Traklight.com, will break down what "intellectual property" is and why businesses must safeguard it.IP 101 ..... Startups need to care about their IP from the beginning! Not just for tech startups—100% of businesses have IP. ..... Shed your misconceptions about IP, and start understanding what it is and how it relates to you and the value of your startup. ..... Don’t risk the success of your business to ignorance. Educate yourself, and thrive! ..... Learn how putting your ideas and IP to work for you now will save you time and money in the long run. (Aired on 8/13/15)
FREE Finding the Best Financing Option for Your Small Business (Hint: It's Usually Not A Bank!)   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Due to the growth of online lending, the quickest way to get money in the bank isn’t always by going to the bank!
During this webinar, Lendio's Brock Blake will review alternative sources of financing that may make better sense for your business and are easier to obtain than your traditional bank loan. Brock will present sought-after information and insights that are sure to help you identify the best source of financing for your company – and help you secure it!
Brock will cover: ..... What financing options are available ..... How to identify the best source of financing for your business ..... The documentation and reports that are required for each type of lender ..... What risks or hidden catches you should be aware of when applying for alternative financing ..... And much more! (Aired on 8/27/15)
FREE Business Financials: The Five Make-or-Break Numbers You Must Track   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Your business numbers. You don't need to know every one. Just track these five to grow your business. That will be the focus of this webinar presented by Justin Krane, the founder of Krane Financial Solutions, who will bring his savvy, holistic approach to financial planning to this event.
As you'll learn, it’s difficult to grow your business if you don’t keep an eye on a few key indicators of the financial health of your business. Your numbers don’t have to be obstacles. They can be opportunities if you learn which to track, how to do so, and how to use what you see to grow your business.
Join us for this webinar where you will learn: ..... 5 numbers you need to track in your business ..... How to be a smart investor with your business money ..... How to develop pricing strategies to increase conversions and grow sales ..... 2 common financial mistakes business owners make. (Aired on 10/29/15)
FREE Year-End Tax Planning: 5 Clever Moves To Make Now To Reduce What You Owe in April   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
The key to saving money on your taxes is to think ahead and plan. And with the year-end fast approaching, this sage advice takes on added urgency.
During this SCORE LIVE Webinar, Micah Fraim, a CPA and author of the book, "The Big Little Small Business Book" will cover savvy moves the small business owner can make to reduce the amount of money owed to the IRS come tax time in April. (Aired on 11/17/15)
FREE Smart Financial Management   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Join us for Part 3 of our free webinar series, "Accelerating Your Business Growth": "Smart Financial Management", presented by AnyMeeting together with Comcast Business and SCORE. Financial discipline is an important foundation for business growth. Learn more about working with financial statements, financial ratios, cash flow forecasts, and trusted advisers to drive and fund your business's growth. (Aired on 12/2/15)
FREE Ask The CPA: Tax Advice for Small Businesses   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
You've got tax questions. We've got tax answers! With the fast-approaching April 15 deadline to pay federal taxes, please join us for this timely SCORE LIVE Webinar when we'll be answering your questions regarding tax preparations for small businesses!
Micah Fraim and SCORE webinar producer Steve Jarriel will take questions submitted by audience members in this lively "internet talk radio" webinar. Micah is a certified public accountant who presented the widely-praised SCORE workshop, Year-End Tax Planning: 5 Clever Moves To Make Now To Reduce What You Owe in April. This webinar is a natural spinoff from that event which was widely-praised by audience members who complimented Micah's insights and practical advice. (Aired on 2/18/16)
FREE Understanding Business Credit   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Accessing capital to fuel expansion or fund working capital needs is an important part of running a small business. As a result, business owners need to understand how their credit profile works—both their personal credit score and their business credit profile.
If you’ve ever wondered why lenders want to know your personal score, we’ll talk about that. We’ll also discuss the three questions most lenders have about you and your business; along with how your business credit profile fits into the equation. We’ll dive into the two drivers that influence your profile and the five things you can start doing today to build a strong business credit profile.
You might be surprised at how simple some of these tactics are and how relatively quickly you can build a profile that will help you access the borrowed capital you need. (Aired on 3/10/16)
FREE Keep Your Company's Name, Brands and Logos from Being Ripped Off!   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
In today’s hyper-competitive business world, establishing a strong brand and creative presence is important to ​any ​business success. Otherwise known as "intellectual property," brands, names, logos, artwork and designs can become the most important and valuable asset of a business.
Yet many business owners either fail to undertake this consideration or are unsure how to properly protect their IP. This webinar will help you understand: ..... The legal aspects of branding; ..... The risks ​in not undertaking proper ​IP ​clearances; ..... The steps to prepare for licensing of IP; and, ..... The benefits ​derived from registration of IP.
This is a great way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn the basics about intellectual property and the reasons they need to invest their time and effort into ensuring they have protected themselves and their brands. (Aired on 3/15/16)
FREE Access to Capital and Business Loans   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
National Small Business Week Webinar ..... Cash is the lifeblood of any business yet access to capital, managing business finances, and navigating sources of finance are some of the most challenging areas for business owners and can make or break any enterprise.
In conjunction with SBA's National Small Business Week, Sam’s Club has teamed up with Small Business Majority’s Rhea Aguinaldo and Accion's Jennie Motto Mesterharm to help entrepreneurs and small business owners bring finance into focus for long term success. Participants will learn background on the small business loan market and providers as well as how to identify the right type of financial product for the business need. (Aired on 5/4/16)
FREE Tips for Getting Your Business Financially Fit   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
National Small Business Week Webinar ..... Understanding the fiscal condition of your business is critical when managing daily duties, planning for the long-term and making consequential decisions. But that means more than simply knowing what’s in your bank account.
During this webinar, presented in conjunction with SBA's National Small Business Week, join Intuit QuickBooks in this interactive webinar, where you’ll learn practical, actionable tips for improving the financial fitness of your small business. (Aired on 5/5/16)
FREE Protect Your Business's Copyright From Copycats   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
SCORE is pleased to present “Protect Your Business’s Copyright from Copycats!” the second webinar in the two-part series presented by intellectual property expert and attorney Laurie Marshall.
During her first installment, Laurie focused on ways small business owners can increase the value of -- and protect -- their trademarks. Now Laurie’s back to apply the same principles to copyright which is geared toward digital media, literary and artistic works (such as books and videos.)
Produced in partnership with Staples QuickWins,, this webinar is for small business owners who want to learn how to establish a strong brand and creative presence while ensuring they protect their brands, logos, digital media and other valuable assets. (Aired on 5/10/16)
FREE Small Business Retirement Plans: Protect Your Money and Your Future   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Whether you are running a small business, or are self-employed, establishing a retirement savings plan is key to protecting your money and your future.
During this webinar, Geri Aglipay, with Small Business Majority, will help you navigate the retirement landscape and guide you through your options to secure your future. Topics include: ..... An overview of the U.S. retirement savings gap and how small business can be part of the solution ..... Common retirement options for small businesses ..... Tips to help determine the best option for your business ..... Questions you can ask prospective plan providers or brokers. (Aired on 7/14/16)
FREE 5 Ways to Maximize the Profit When Selling Your Business   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Whether you want to sell your business soon, or think this payoff is years away, there are steps you can take right now to maximize its value and price -- as well as your profit from years of hard work building your business.
Even if you are just starting out, these strategies are advantageous when used to manage the growth of your company, helping you attract potential investors as you seek to expand and create value for a future sale.
Watch this webinar to learn what prospective buyers look for when offering top-dollar for a business.
Get tips on what makes your business valuable to a buyer and how to maximize its value in the final 1-5 years before selling or transitioning to new owners.
In addition, we'll cover the strategies to limit the tax hit from the sale of your business. Taxes are a business owner’s most substantial selling expense, so effectively mitigating the tax bite is an important part of protecting the profitability of your sale. (Aired on 9/15/16)
FREE The Power Of Data: Why It’s Easier Than Ever To Get Funding   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
We all know how marketers use our individual data to better personalize our consumer behavior experience. Now, in a similar fashion, companies like Kabbage and OnDeck are using your small business data and behavior to help access the funding you need and deserve without the tedious and lengthy process of traditional lenders.
During this webinar, presented during SCORE's October 27 virtual conference, Power Up Your Small Biz: Technology Trends, you'll find out what data lenders are looking for, and how they use it in a completely automated, secure way to get you funding instantaneously. We’ll walk through the cases of businesses in addition to the pitfalls to avoid when doing your research and selecting a funding source. (Aired on 10/27/16)
FREE How and Why You Should Track Your Cash Flow Weekly   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Managing your cash flow can be a stressful endeavor for small business owners. But you don’t need an accounting degree to track this key metric.
In this webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of cash flow management, including how to: ..... Develop a cash flow budget on your own ..... Use the budget to make critical business decisions ..... Forecast the future of your business with more certainty. (Aired on 5/18/17)
FREE Planning for Taxes, Healthcare, and Payroll in a Period of Uncertainty   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
With a new landscape in Washington, many rules are unsettled. Nonetheless your business must make budgets, determine staffing, and take other actions now.
Presented by Barbara Weltman, author of "Big Ideas for Small Business," this program covers what we know and what needs clarification. It also suggests actions you can take now, despite the uncertainty. (Aired on 5/11/17)
FREE 5 Unexpected Places to Secure Alternative Funding   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Securing financing to establish, grow and manage a small business is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Fortunately, a wide array of funding sources can be found on the internet – if you know where to look and which are best for your funding needs.
Watch this webinar for an overview of the alternative funding landscape. We'll also share five places to look for financing that you may not have thought of before. (Aired on 2/2/17)
FREE Ask The CPA 2017: Tax Advice for Small Businesses   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
You have tax questions. We have tax answers! Certified CPA and small business tax expert Micah Fraim will field your tax-related questions. April 15th will be here sooner than you think.
In this webinar, Micah will only answer audience questions, so come prepared with your concerns. You can submit questions during registration and during the LIVE webinar. He will also offer tax advice you can implement throughout the year. (Aired on 3/16/17)
FREE Budgeting 101 - Planning for Profit and Success   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Of small businesses, 40% make a profit, 30% come out even and 30% lose money.* A lot of that comes down to budgeting. Join our small business experts for this free webinar, and learn how to create a plan that can help you achieve your goals.
Key takeaways: ..... A budget is a simple, yet important, tool that is vastly under-utilized by small businesses ..... Creating a budget doesn’t require accounting knowledge ..... Think of your “Budget” as more of a “Plan” for your future ..... Your revenue and expense plan should reflect your high-level business goals and strategies ..... By tracking your progress and adjusting your forecast, you will be better informed to manage your cash and achieve your goals. (Aired on 3/29/17)
FREE How The Angel Investment Process Really Works   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
You only get one chance to make a great first impression with angel investors. In this webinar, Martin Zwilling, founder of Startup Professionals and accredited angel investor, will provide his insights into the world of angel investing when he discusses: ..... Milestones entrepreneurs need to achieve before approaching angel investors ..... Recommended preparation and processes for meetings with investors ..... Timing, preparation and discussion topics for any investor meeting. (Aired on 4/20/17)
FREE How Health Savings Accounts Can Put Money Back in Your Pocket   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Is your business taking advantage of one of the least utilized and most misunderstood elements of the tax code? SCORE Mentor Dick VerEecke will discuss how a Health Savings Account can shelter some of your income and reduce your taxes.
You will learn: ..... Three ways HSA’s can benefit small business owners ..... Five misconceptions that lead many people to ignore this valuable financial resource ..... How you can start benefiting from HSAs immediately. (Aired on 6/22/17)
FREE Find the Hidden Money In America   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
As part of National Small Business Week, SCORE and the SBA invite you to attend this insightful webinar. .....
There are so many hidden opportunities available to entrepreneurs, but many don’t know where to look for them. If you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, in the form of grants, contracts, government programs, and private sector resources, you are leaving money on the table.
In this webinar, best-selling author, Nely Galán, gives advice on how and where to pursue the hidden money in America.
You will learn about: ..... The importance of having your own money ..... How entrepreneurship provides a path to empowerment ..... Taking advantage of hidden opportunities. (Aired on 5/4/17)
FREE Build a Strong Credit Profile to Increase Your Options When Applying for a Business Loan   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Building a strong business credit profile is an important part of demonstrating your business’ creditworthiness.
In this webinar, Ty Kiisel of OnDeck explains: ..... What’s the biggest misconception associated with your business profile? ..... What’s the difference between personal credit score and business credit profile? ..... What are 5 things you can start doing today to build or strengthen your business profile ..... Why does investing that time now will help you down the road by giving you loan options you wouldn’t have with a weak profile?
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Understanding the Key Clauses in Your Commercial Lease   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Signing a lease is a long-term and costly commitment – one that you should enter into armed with as much information as possible.
In this webinar, commercial real estate expert Gordon Ashby will tell you what you need to know before you sign, including: ..... Decoding lease language – what some common lease clauses mean for your business ..... Dangerous lease pitfalls to avoid ..... Tips for negotiating fair and favorable terms.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Knowing Your Key Numbers   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Whether your business is just starting out, fast growing, or well-established, its long-term viability requires diligent management of its finances.
Poor financial management and decision-making remain one of the strongest drivers of small business failure, impeding owners from reaching the crucial five-year milestone.
This webinar, sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks, will help you avoid that outcome. Internationally recognized Quickbooks expert Stacy Kildal will: ..... Help you identify the key numbers on which the success – or failure – of your business turns ..... How to use those numbers to guide your day-to-day activities and decision-making ..... Share her list of critical financial indicators ..... Explain how successful business owners stay on top of those indicators.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Budgeting 101 - Planning For Profit & Success   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Budgets are vital to the success of small businesses and yet vastly under-utilized. "Budgeting 101: Planning for Profit & Success" is an introductory look at budgeting through the lens of small business.
During this free, one-hour webinar, you'll learn: ..... Why having a budget is critical for long-term survival and essential to reaching your goals ..... How to ensure your plan supports your high-level business strategies ..... That creating a budget requires no accounting knowledge ..... Why outsourcing processes such as payroll can actually save you money. (Aired on 8/2/17)
FREE Easy Tax Planning and Organizing for Small Businesses   (Admin, Finance, Legal, etc.)
Tax season is upon us, and it’s not too late to learn new strategies for planning, organizing and filing with ease.
Martha O’Gorman, CMO of Liberty Tax, will talk about the simple tools and tricks that make filing your small business taxes a breeze.
This session will help you: ..... Analyze the past year, and see what tax related processes can be improved ..... Understand what you need and don’t need for filing ..... Learn new tips and tools to help you stay organized throughout the year. (Aired on 1/9/18)
FREE Customer Loyalty 3.0: How to Avoid Getting Customer Loyalty and Social Media Backwards   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
As you tackle communication and social media, you are in danger of falling prey to old-school customer loyalty mistakes in this new digital era. Recovering investment banker, media pundit and best-selling author Carol Roth will teach you how to: Think strategically about social media in a customer loyalty context to create and keep customers as raving fans. Understand why old -school loyalty efforts are not effective Learn why both “senders” and “spenders” are critical to your success. Understand how companies get communications and social media backwards so that you can avoid the same mistakes. Learning critical facets of effective customer loyalty and social media strategies for the best ROI for your business.
FREE Leveraging Today’s Word-Of-Mouth Advertising: Social Media   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
We all know word of mouth is the best advertising there is, but how do you get it in this e-age? The secret is to tap and utilize the power of social media. When your tweet is retweeted, that is word of mouth advertising today. When your newsletter is forwarded, that is word of mouth gold. In this webinar, join USA TODAY columnist and founder of TheSelfEmployed.com Steve Strauss to learn the best tips and tricks for getting word of mouth in today's world.
FREE Small Town Rules: How Small Business Can Prosper in a Connected World   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Businesses are now forced to play by a different set of rules. Great small town and rural entrepreneurs have been successfully overcoming these challenges for centuries. Their solutions have become invaluable to even the largest companies, most dominant brands, and most cosmopolitan businesses. Attend this webinar to learn those rules and the “small town” solutions you can apply to your business to succeed in today’s connected world.
FREE Leveraging Pinterest for Business: Insights from American Airlines   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Popular new social network Pinterest is not just for stay-at-home moms with a penchant for crafts and cooking. Many businesses are taking advantage of Pinterest’s highly visual and highly viral platform to build brand awareness, enhance reputation and drive e-commerce.
FREE Email Marketing Essentials: How to Get Your Email Opened and Extend its Reach   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing, or are looking for some new ways to improve your response rates, this webinar is for you! In under an hour, experts Azure Collier and Lisa Boles from Constant Contact will show you how to create an email that gets noticed and, more importantly, gets opened!
FREE Leveraging LinkedIn to Create New Sales Opportunities   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
If you’re not leveraging LinkedIn to attract, research and engage with prospects, you’re missing huge opportunities. In her recent 2013 Sales & LinkedIn Survey, sales expert Jill Konrath found out the secrets of individuals who are having extraordinary success with this online tool.
In this session, she’ll be sharing what it is that they’re doing – which is strikingly different from everyone else. Plus, you’ll hear how:
FREE Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Constant Contact and SCORE are kicking off Small Business Week an entire month early with this educational, information backed webinar. We know that many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies, tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, deals, and whatever new social network is rolling out that month—there’s a lot to keep up with. And there are only so many hours in each day. The number of possibilities can feel overwhelming.
FREE Building Word of Mouth Using Social Media - It's Word Of Mouth At The Speed Of Light!   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Are you still wondering what actually is social media and how to use it to build buzz for your company, products, and services? You're on Facebook and you've sent out a couple of tweets, but is it working for you? It's because social media is a lot more than Facebook and Twitter.
Are you blogging on Wordpress and getting all of the Google Juice and Link Love you need?
Are you following the right people on Twitter and know how to get your customers to follow you?
Are you utilizing Google+, MySpace, and YouTube to their fullest extent?
Do you know how and why a video goes viral?
Do you know why companies like McDonald's, Hewlett Packard, and Coca Cola advertising inside on line video games?
Were you aware that companies such as Coldwell Banker, Pizza Hut, and IBM all have a huge presents on Second Life the virtual world? Do you know what word of mouth was being said about you and your company this morning and how to find out?
Do know how to get "your" word of mouth out using email with a 35% conversion rate?
Are you aware that all of marketing is shifting to mobile and by using a simple QR Barcode you can quadruple your word of mouth with the click of a button?
Did you know that all successful marketing comes down to knowing all of the tools and developing a sound strategy?
FREE Social Media BS! Business Strategies That Work - Part I   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
In this 2-part webinar series, you’ll discover how to help your business win with Social Media! Attend this event to learn: How to increase leads up to 2,500% before you even start a social media campaign; How to generate more site conversions with a blog; 3 strategies to generate 60,000+ fans on Facebook; How to generate thousands of free views on YouTube; Get the EXACT formula the top Social Brands are using generate leads from Social Media.
FREE 5 Steps to Creating Business Video Without a Camera, Without the Overwhelm and Without Wasting Time   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Are you excited and intrigued by video marketing yet don’t know where or how to start? Are you overwhelmed by the perceived high costs of time, technology and money to create video? Join this webinar and discover how you can use the power of video to grow your business - and do it for less time, money and tech know-how than you may have thought possible.
FREE Social Media 101: Raise Awareness and Engage Customers   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Are you engaging your customers in the social media space? Social media marketing builds brand awareness and develops customer relationships. Discover this simple and cost-effective method for launching marketing campaigns. Don’t miss this 1-hour workshop to learn the keys to success in social media marketing.
FREE Social Media BS! Business Strategies That Work - Part II   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
In this 2-part webinar series, you’ll discover how to help your business win with Social Media! Attend this event to learn: How to increase leads up to 2,500% before you even start a social media campaign; How to generate more site conversions with a blog; 3 strategies to generate 60,000+ fans on Facebook; How to generate thousands of free views on YouTube; Get the EXACT formula the top Social Brands are using generate leads from Social Media.
FREE Be Remarkable: Creating Content for SEO Success   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Moving beyond the basics of search engine optimization, this hour-long workshop takes a deeper dive into improving your search engine rankings. GoDaddy Web Expert, Shawn Pfunder, will present tips for creating content that resonates with both search engines and customers.
FREE Social Media Demystified   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies, tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, and whatever new social network is rolling out that month—there’s a lot to keep up with. This webinar will help make sense of the noise.
In this webinar, you’ll discover 6 simple ideas for your small business or nonprofit that will help you better understand your marketing strategy using social media to grow your business via your existing customers.
FREE Mobile and Website Conversion: Building Your Business for Clients on the Go   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
The mobile revolution is in full swing, so it should be no surprise that approximately 28% of the visitors to your website are coming via a mobile device.
But can potential buyers find your site when searching via mobile? When they do arrive, is your website optimized to help them find what they want? Is it easy to place an order via a mobile device?
In our webinar, we'll examine ... Who is coming to your site via mobile ... How are those visitors interacting with your site ... What design and content strategies can you use to guide your visitors to conversion.
We’ll share practical tips and techniques that will boost your business by getting the most of mobile.
FREE Pay for Traffic or Get it Free? (The Difference Between SEM and SEO)   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
SEO, SEM, PPC, SERPs - WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Join this webinar and let SCORE mentor Edison Guzman explain these terms and show you how to make them work for your business. We'll share tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that you can use immediately to increase traffic to your website and attract new customers. In this webinar, you'll learn: ... How to get search engines to send all the traffic you need for your business ... 7 parts of your website that tell search engines how to rank you ... The only guaranteed way to rank on page one of search engines...in less than a day. ... What to do if no one currently finds your business online ... How social media plays a role in your search engine rankings.
FREE Actionable Data For Google Analytics Beginners   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Improve your understanding of the most important marketing and lead generation tool in today’s digital world. In this webinar, learn how to access four metrics within Google Analytics every marketer should know and how this data relates back to actionable goals.
Goal 1: Where is my traffic coming from?
Goal 2: Which of my pages are most popular?
Goal 3: Which pages are people seeing first?
Goal 4: What technology are people using to visit my site?
(Aired on 3/20/14)
FREE Getting Your Small Business Noticed on the Web – Part 1: Building a Strong Online Presence   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Businesses that actively engage customers online can expect to grow 40% faster than they would without an online presence. In today’s digital world, a strong web presence is critical to a small business’s success. In this two-part webinar series sponsored by Verisign, find out how to start, grow and optimize your web presence through websites, social media, SEO, SEM and more. We’ll not only give you the background you need, but essential how-to guidance as well. (Aired on 5/15/14) (Aired on 5/15/14)
FREE Social Media Secrets: Transforming Followers into Customers   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Do you know how to transform your social media followers into buying customers? Join the executives of LYFE Marketing and learn their secret strategies to generating more followers, leads, and sales for businesses using social media marketing.
To convert revenue-generating traffic from social media, you must first develop a social media plan. You will learn how an appealing design, content, engagement, and follower growth attribute to a strong social media presence.
It doesn’t stop there. You’ll learn how to actually convert social media traffic into real leads. LYFE Marketing will share their secret strategy along with real case studies demonstrating how they’ve used social media to generate tons of leads for businesses.
But what do you do with leads and how do you transform leads into sales? Attendees will learn how to nurture and follow-up with leads up until the point they actually buy from you.
Topics covered in this webinar: ..... How to grow your social media presence ..... How to convert social media traffic into leads ..... How to convert social media leads into customers
Attendees of the live event will also receive a free guide to help them in the process of social media marketing. (Aired on 2/12/15)
FREE 5 Simple And Affordable Social Media Tactics For Your Small Business   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Social media marketing is hard, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. In this dynamic one-hour session, Jim Tobin, CEO of Ignite Social Media will share practical tips for using social media to drive real business results, without a huge budget.
Ignite Social Media work with many of the nation’s best known brands including Nike, Verizon, Staples, and Walgreens. You’ll come away with techniques you can apply immediately to your business and be given a chance to ask questions of one of the leaders in the field. (Aired on 10/15/15)
FREE The Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
If your business is like most, it already has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. But does your business experience the maximum benefit from the time, energy and investment it makes in social media? Moreover, are you satisfied it's worth the effort?
If your answer to either of these questions is "Maybe!", "Probably not!", or "No way!", then this SCORE webinar will be both insightful and useful.
Presenter Brad Smith covers the 10 biggest benefits of social media marketing for small businesses, and then offers advice on how to make sure your company makes the most of the alluring -- yet often times perplexing -- world of social media! (Aired on 7/7/16)
FREE Maximize Your Social Media Presence with Minimal Time   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Think of this SCORE LIVE Webinar as "hands-on" social media primer for your business that answers your most pressing questions.
Christine Landry with Dex Media,breaks down where you should post, who you should target, what you should say - and most importantly - how to do it all as a busy small business owner.
Few topics elicit as many questions as this one, so come with yours because this webinar will feature extended time for audience Q&A. (Aired on 8/11/16)
FREE 5 Ways to Prioritize What Social Network Your Business Should Invest In   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
"What social media network is the best one to market my business and make money?" Small business owners frequently ask this question – and just as often – puzzle over how to get it right!
Get the answers for your business when Pam Moore, the CEO of TheMarketingNutz.com, (and one of the nation's leading online marketing experts) discusses how to use an audience-based approach to prioritize and maximize your investment in social media. (Aired on 8/30/16)
FREE Essential Tips for an Engaging Blog and for Generating Leads from Your Website   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Blogs are a great way as positioning yourself and your business as an expert in your field. But did you know that in addition to strengthening your company’s brand and positioning, your blog can also make you money?
Join us for this Power Up Your Small Biz: Technology Trends webinar when we’ll cover the “golden rules” of blogging and lead generation, and in the process show you how to maximize the revenue your blog generates.
Blog development expert Brett Napoli will share a blog development checklist that includes design tips, lead generation practices and other strategies which will help your blog serve its most important purpose: making money for your business! (Aired on 10/27/16)
FREE 10 Ways to Humanize Your Tweets to Grow Your Business in 2017   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Whether you are a beginning or advanced Twitter user, deciding how to use the social media channel effectively to grow your business can be challenging.
In this SCORE webinar, social media expert Pam Moore will show you how to humanize your tweets and make them more personal. In doing so, you will inspire people to connect with your small business, trust you and buy your products or services. (Aired on 12/13/16)
FREE How to Grow Your Business With Social Media   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Social media can be puzzling to many small businesses. What’s the best way to use social media to connect with customers and find new ones? Join us as we have a look at the various social platforms and how small businesses can steer the conversation.
Learn about ..... Social platforms and what they have to offer ..... Organic and paid efforts to engage and grow your audience ..... Should you expect sales from social media?
Get all your questions answered and start harnessing the power of social media to grow your business. (Aired on 2/22/17)
FREE 5 Pillars of a Facebook Business Page That Rocks   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Growing your business on Facebook isn’t as easy as it looks. In this webinar, we’ll dig into some of the top Facebook features including proper setup, design, layout, Facebook Instant Messenger and even Facebook boosted posts.
Facebook business Pages can help you grow your small business by ..... Connecting with your ideal customer ..... Generating leads ..... Increasing sales ..... Improving customer satisfaction and much more. (Aired on 4/27/17)
FREE Hit the Refresh Button on Your Social Media Presence   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Do you need help with your social media strategy? Christine Landry of DexYP guides you through a social media audit so you can reshape your approach and get what you need out of your business’s social media presence.
You’ll learn: ..... Where to spend your time and energy on social media ..... What you should stop worrying about right now (so you can devote more time to running your business) ..... How to keep your social media followers interested.
This webinar is part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE Buying Attention in a Distracted World - Online Advertising   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Join entrepreneur and founder of Smart Hustle Magazine Ramon Ray as he explains how to use online advertising to grow your small business.
In this webinar, you’ll learn: ..... How to buy attention online in a hyper-distracted market ..... Best practices with online advertising ..... The 360 degrees of marketing ..... And more!
This webinar is a part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE Simplifying Social Media for Solopreneurs   (Advert, Promo, Social Media)
Social media might be the last thing on the minds of time-strapped solopreneurs or freelancers. But with a well-planned strategy, even the self-employed can make the most of these powerful, and free, marketing tools.
In this webinar, Donna Amos, founder of Solopreneur Solutions, will share what she has learned while working with hundreds of clients. This webinar can help businesses of all sizes who need time-saving social media tips.
You will learn: ..... What social media platforms to use if you are crunched for time ..... How to get the most out of your social media activities ..... How to align your social goals to business goals. (Aired on 12/19/17)
FREE How to Start a Nonprofit   (Nonprofit / Community)
In this one-hour session, you will be guided through the beginning stages of forming a nonprofit. You will discover how to officially form a nonprofit corporation and register with states as a charity, as well as learn a great deal more about obtaining tax-exempt status and fundraising for your nonprofit organization. (Aired on 7/24/14)
FREE Yes, You Can Start a Non-Profit   (Nonprofit / Community)
If your mission is to “serve the greater good,” then you should consider establishing a non-profit organization. It's easier than you may realize and usually doesn't require hiring a CPA or an attorney.
This webinar will be presented by SCORE mentor Penny Pompei who has counseled non-profits for more than ten years. Penny will break down the following: ..... How to decide on your corporate structure, articles of incorporation and bylaws ..... How to s manage your Board of Directors ..... The differences between the alphabet soup of non-profit choices, such as 501c3, c4 and c6.
She will also cover which publications, websites and organizations can help you launch your non-profit. (Aired on 4/6/17)
FREE 5 Ways Customer Experience Can Increase (or Decrease) Your Revenue, Client Retention and Overall Brand Image   (Customer Experience)
Many companies claim to provide outstanding product and service. But the client’s perception is the ultimate truth. By 2020, Customer Experience (CX) is projected to become the #1 brand differentiator, over price and product, according to the Customers 2020 Report.
Consumers are more educated, savvy and vocal than ever. They want and deserve a positive experience, or they will leave. From corporate to retail, large to small business, creating a positive Customer Experience is essential to long term success.
In this webinar you will learn: ..... 3 components of a positive customer experience ..... Why CX affects all businesses (B2B, B2C, large and small) ..... What a poor CX can cost your business in revenue and client retention ..... Areas to evaluate in your business to improve CX. (Aired on 2/26/15)
FREE Hug Your Haters: How to Retain Customers by Embracing   (Customer Experience)
With smartphones providing the means – and social media providing the outlet – critics (“haters”) can now express their displeasure faster and more publicly than ever before.
However, haters aren’t your problem, ignoring them is!
In this eye-opening SCORE LIVE Webinar, Jay Baer, founder of the leading strategy consulting firm Convince & Convert, reveals brand-new, proprietary research into why and where your customers complain and why the rise of customer complaints is actually an enormous opportunity. This is the subject of Jay's new book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers.
So if you feel like there are more complaints than ever, and that you’re spending more time and money dealing with negativity and backlash, this webinar will help you embrace complaints, put haters to work for you, and turn bad news into good. (Aired on 1/21/16)
FREE Build An Online Reputation That Drives More Clicks, Calls and Sales   (Customer Experience)
A recent study indicates 91% of consumers read online reviews about local businesses before they make a purchase or visit a store. Reviews are social proof of how customers feel about a company’s products or services.
In this webinar, SCORE mentor Sherry Bonelli, a long-time digital marketing expert, will show the impact of customer reviews and discuss best practices for using them to market your business.
Learn the following, and more: ..... How to find out what customers are saying about your business ..... How consumers use online reviews to make decisions about whether to buy products and services ..... How to build your business's public (and very visible) reputation to drive more traffic, visits and sales ..... The do’s and don’ts for dealing with unhappy customers. (Aired on 4/13/17)
FREE Can Your Business Keep Up with Today's Customer?   (Customer Experience)
With social and mobile technologies changing, businesses and customers interact differently, too. Customers are more sophisticated and knowledgeable than ever, but many small businesses don’t know how to adapt and keep up.
Join Laurie McCabe, six-time Small Business Influencer Award winner and Cofounder at SMB Group, to learn: ..... How and why customer expectations are changing ..... Implications and challenges for small businesses ..... Ways to assess and tune up sales, marketing and service to keep pace with customers. (Aired on 5/30/17)
FREE Build a Relationship - A Guide to Effective Customer Communication Through Video, Text and Email   (Customer Experience)
Your customers are the most important part of your business, and effective communication is a key component to connecting and building relationships with them.
Michael Skigen will cover how to effectively use video, email and text to strengthen and grow your customer relationships, and better your business by doing so.
By attending this webinar, you will learn: ..... How to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition ..... How to make your current customers repeat customers ..... Three actions to improve your customer communications (Aired on 6/29/17)
FREE Winter Weather Preparedness   (Emergency Preparedness)
We have all witnessed the devastating effects Mother Nature can cause throughout the year. As we look ahead to the Winter Weather Season, now is the time to prepare for the threats posed by colder temperatures and frozen precipitation. Your organization is more than just a place of business to your customers, employees and stakeholders. Your organization is a key aspect of their lives, and one that must be protected. If your organization is affected by adverse weather conditions, how well will you be prepared to serve those who depend on you in their time of need?
Join Mark Norton, Director of Continuity Planning at Agility Recovery as he shares practical, applicable tips and best practices to mitigate the risks posed by winter weather. These low-to-no cost steps any organization can take to become better prepared could mean the difference between surviving a crisis, or giving in to one. (Aired on 11/6/14)
FREE Email Marketing & Social Media – Ways To Survive and Thrive in an Emergency   (Emergency Preparedness)
Disaster planning. Emergency preparedness. Business continuity. Whatever you choose to call it, the goal for any business is the same: To get back up and running in a safe, timely manner after a disaster or emergency situation takes place.
Did you know there are simple steps you can implement now to stay connected to, communicate with, and be of service to your employees, customers, suppliers, and community in the event of an emergency?
That’s just one focus of this SCORE workshop which will focus on ways to use automated email marketing tools to meet an emergency situation head-on: ..... Disaster PlanEasy, automated ways to build your lists of people with whom you'll want to communicate in an emergency ..... How to segment the groups that matter, and the communications that each should receive ..... Ways to create prescheduled communications (for more effective communications in a emergency!) ..... Mobile apps that give you the ability to communicate anywhere you have Internet access ..... Social + email - peanut butter and jelly! Reach to and through a broader network by linking your communication channels. ..... Essential, built-in data backup – how to use and customize it for your business.
Although the core of this workshop will be emergency planning, these same principles apply for everyday email marketing as well.
Gina Watkins, an educational marketing expert with Constant Contact, will use case studies of businesses which have thrived during emergencies, to convey practical advice on how to use online marketing tools to create engaged, vital communication networks that can respond well to any disaster. (Aired on 7/9/15)
FREE Defeating Downtime: Keep Your Business Weatherproof   (Emergency Preparedness)
During this 1-hour webinar you will learn first-hand from a successful business owner how you and your business can be well prepared for extreme weather or other emergencies that may temporarily make your place of business inaccessible.
Jennifer Shaheen, President of Technology Therapy, will shed insight on the following topics: ..... Surviving any StormYour physical space matters. Learn how to protect it from weather- no matter how sudden or severe. ..... Invest in your e-office. Discover technology that syncs on-site and remote work. ..... Make location a place, not a barrier. Create a plan for remote work and client obligations. ..... Always be social. Learn to use social media for customer communication and customer service. ..... Set expectations early & often. Establish (and then manage) customer expectations for response times. (Aired on 8/11/15)
FREE Get Your Business Ready for an Emergency   (Emergency Preparedness)
Would your employees know what to do if a disaster hit? What if there was a serious emergency that required them to shelter in place at work? Emergencies can hit without warning and the stakes are high for small businesses. Market surveys have repeatedly shown that virtually all small businesses believe a disaster could seriously disrupt their businesses, yet most do not have a comprehensive emergency plan to survive an emergency and reopen their doors faster.
Creating a preparedness plan doesn’t need to be difficult. SCORE is pleased to collaborate with the American Red Cross as it showcases for the first time its newly-enhanced Ready Rating program. Ready Rating assists businesses and other organizations prepare for, respond to – and successfully withstand – a disaster and other emergencies. It is designed with small businesses in mind – businesses that may not have the financial resources or the time to go through a complicated emergency planning process. Thanks to its generous sponsors, Ready Rating is free. And, it contains time-saving resources such as a tool for creating a customized “emergency action plan” for your organization. (Aired on 9/10/15)
FREE Don’t Let These Events Send Your Business into a Tailspin   (Emergency Preparedness)
Although "disaster preparedness" often triggers images of hurricanes, tornados and floods, there are dozens of "disasters" that have nothing to do with weather which can send your business into a tail spin. But If you have a plan for dealing with them, you can reduce their impact.
Think about it for a moment! Are you prepared to carry on if a key employee unexpectedly quits? Or inventory you need to fulfill orders is suddenly unavailable? Or your city block experiences a power outage or lengthy interruption to your internet service?
These kinds of events are more commonplace than most business owners realize, but with advance planning the repercussions on your operations, revenues and customers can be minimized. So please join us to make sure your business isn't sent into a tail spin if they happen to you! (Aired on 6/21/16)
FREE The Hidden Benefits of Going Green   (Energy / Environment)
You’re already aware that improving your company’s sustainability performance can help preserve scarce resources like water and energy, but did you know that these initiatives can also lower your costs and help you gain customers?
In this session, Will Teichman, Kimco Realty’s Director of Strategic Operations, will share tips for retailers looking to advance their sustainability efforts, including: ..... Identifying low- or no-cost “low hanging fruit” that will result in near-term savings ..... Special tips for food service establishments ..... How to share your efforts to appeal to your increasingly socially- and environmentally-conscious customers. (Aired on 8/31/17)
FREE How to Find the Best Idea for a Successful New Business   (Entrepreneurship)
Are you looking for an idea for a successful new business? If so, like many entrepreneurs, you are probably being advised to look for a market need and then create a product/service to fill that need. That’s because the “build a better mousetrap” philosophy, the Lean Startup movement, and most conventional thinking is that you should start first by thinking about what other people want. But instead, start first by thinking about what YOU want and what makes you happy. New scientific research shows that happiness is a business advantage – so shouldn’t you consider what you love to do as you plan your new venture?
FREE Best New Business Ideas You Can Start Now!   (Entrepreneurship)
You know you want to start a business, but perhaps you don’t yet know what business you want to launch. This webinar will look at some of today’s hottest trends and identify some businesses that promise to pay off big in the years to come.
FREE Your First 3 Steps: Turning Your Idea into a Business   (Entrepreneurship)
You've got a great idea and an itch to start a business. Your idea might be a little fuzzy, or it might be in total HD (at least to you). Either way, you might need a nudge. If you are like a lot of us, you could use a little direction to get things rolling. We can help.
Join us for a webinar to talk about naming your business, starting a business plan, and getting online fast. It might just be the boost you need to take that brilliant, crazy idea and make it a reality. (Aired on 7/17/14)
FREE The Balancing Act: Working a Full-Time Job While Starting Your Business   (Entrepreneurship)
Have a great idea and want to start your own company? Millions of Americans do it every year. But when does it make the most sense to leave your day job and jump into your new business full time?
This webinar will guide you through the steps you need to achieve before you quit your full time job and ensure a successful career and financial transition that will maximize your chances of success. (Aired on 3/26/15)
FREE Start Up 101: Internet Talk Radio with Simon Mahler!   (Entrepreneurship)
Following our wildly popular April webinar, "Start Up 101: Executing Your Idea," SCORE is excited to present "Start Up 101: Internet Talk Radio with Simon Mahler!" No scripts. No pitches. And no let up! Just a full-hour dedicated to taking viewer questions, LIVE on the Internet!
P. Simon Mahler is one of SCORE's most crowd-pleasing webinar guests, advising hundreds of entrepreneurs every year. He offers practical, insightful start-up advice that can be immediately applied toward the success of your business. (And he does so in a rollicking way, as those who participated in SCORE's April 6 webinar already know!)Startup
So make plans to join us, as you’re sure to take away key steps in starting—or growing—your business. (Aired on 5/7/15)
FREE The Shared Economy: How To Capitalize in The Uber Era   (Entrepreneurship)
As companies and organizations explore new ways to provide access to goods and services, the shared economy is a fast-emerging way in which business is conducted -- with major implications for businesses and communities.
Please join this SCORE LIVE Webinar presented in alliance with AARP’s Life Reimagined when we’ll focus on the shared economy and ways it is creating new, previously unavailable opportunities to profit from underutilized resources such as excess inventory, spare living space, idle automobiles, or the labor of underemployed individuals.
Presenter Jean Chatzky, a financial journalist, author and motivational speaker, will be joined by a partner driver from Uber to focus on the following topics: ..... Just what is the “shared economy” and the dynamics that drive it? ..... How it will impact the way consumers select products and services – and the way businesses sell them? ..... What opportunities and challenges will it create for businesses and independent workers? (Aired on 12/10/15)
FREE How to Identify and Select Your Ideal Business   (Entrepreneurship)
Statistics have shown that nearly 60% of Americans want to own their own business; however, only about 10% actually do. Many are unsure they have what it takes to be a business owner. Not everyone has the next great idea or wants to build a business from scratch. But what if you could be matched to the unique business that ideally fits you, your lifestyle and your budget?
Enter franchising.
People all over the country are putting their skillset and desire to own a business to work by opening a franchise business. Franchises provide the playbook for you to execute your business ownership dreams. Statistics show that franchised businesses succeed at a much higher rate than start-up businesses.
Don’t live under the false impression that franchising is just food and costs a million dollars to get into the game. Find out the real facts as we debunk the myths of franchising. You’ll walk away more enlightened about: ..... Facing the fears of business ownership ..... How much does it cost to buy a franchise? ..... Misperceptions about franchising ..... Finding the ideal franchise for you. (Aired on 10/11/16)
FREE Hot Businesses, Markets & Trends for 2017   (Entrepreneurship)
What businesses are likely to boom this year? Are there specific trends you should be aware of in order to position your small business for growth? Join us for this webinar and learn: ..... What types of businesses are going strong today ..... How to take advantage of consumer purchasing behaviors ..... Which demographic groups have extra purchasing power ..... What customers want from small businesses and much more. (Aired on 1/5/17)
FREE 7 Steps to Starting a Business   (Entrepreneurship)
In this informative, actionable webinar USA TODAY columnist, author of The Small Business Bible, and Small Business Connection editor-in-chief, Steve Strauss will walk you the steps to start your own business. Real-world and practical, these tips are the key to the success of any new startup venture:
1. Self-evaluation: Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?
2. Business Evaluation: How viable is your idea?
3. Legalities and Formalities: The nuts-and-bolts are critical
4. The Business Plan: It’s your roadmap for a successful journey
5. Get Funded: There are a lot more options than you may know about
6. Set Up Shop: This is the fun stuff!
7. Trial and Error: Learning from your mistakes, and successes, is important
Please join us to start living your dream! (Aired on 1/19/17)
FREE Top Misperceptions About Franchising   (Entrepreneurship)
Franchising has proven to be one of the safest, most successful business models out there, yet there are a lot of franchising misperceptions about this economic cog that are hindering positive economic impact in your community.
Hear John Blair, from industry-leader FranNet, talk about some of the biggest misperceptions to help you gain a true understanding of the franchise business model.
This webinar will help you understand: ..... Franchising’s economic output compared to the overall economy. ..... Who buys a franchise? ..... What’s available other than fast food? ..... Why it doesn't cost $1,000,000 for a franchise. ..... How to build a business model before the business is even thought of. (Aired on 7/27/17)
FREE Overcome the Fear of Business Planning by Using the Business Model Canvas   (Entrepreneurship)
Writing a business plan can be daunting, but the Business Model Canvas makes the process easier.
In this webinar, SCORE mentors Marc Goldberg and Mark Lowenstein will explain the Business Model Canvas (BMC), a one-page document that allows you to test and validate the key parts of your business in a manageable format.
They will also offer tips on how to use the Business Model Canvas to develop a full business plan should you need one in the future. (Aired on 3/30/17)
FREE 4 Steps to Starting a Successful Part-Time Business   (Entrepreneurship)
Are you thinking of starting a part-time business while keeping your full-time job?
In this webinar, Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com, will share how to successfully run a side business. She will guide you through these crucial steps to success: ..... Developing time management skills ..... Enlisting the support of family and friends ..... Incorporating the business and obtaining proper licenses and permits ..... Utilizing free resources...and more! (Aired on 8/3/17)
FREE Add More Revenue Streams to Your Service-Based Business   (Entrepreneurship)
Trading "hours for dollars" is an easy way for small business owners to make money, but not the smartest way to leverage your time. In this session, attorney John Corcoran will teach you how to “scale up,” including: ..... How to add $50-100K in new revenue streams with your existing clients and network ..... How to get off the “time for dollar” roller coaster ..... 10 income streams you can implement in your business today ..... How you can get paid in advance to create your first one-to-many group program or offering (so you can build a more scalable business you love) (Aired on 8/16/17)
FREE Ask SCORE: Business Plans   (Entrepreneurship)
Are you trying to write a business plan but have more questions than answers? Or does the idea of writing one overwhelm you? It’s worth the effort; studies show you are twice as likely to grow your business or get funding with a business plan.
In this LIVE Q & A session, SCORE mentor and business plan expert Hal Shelton will devote the entire hour to answering YOUR questions. You can submit questions in the registration form and during the LIVE webinar. (Aired on 10/17/17)
FREE Hot Businesses, Markets & Trends for 2018   (Entrepreneurship)
What businesses are likely to boom next year? Are there specific trends you should be aware of in order to position your small business for growth?
Join this webinar and learn: ..... What types of businesses are going strong today ..... How to take advantage of consumer buying behaviors ..... Which demographic groups have extra purchasing power ..... What customers want from small businesses ..... And much more.
This webinar is a part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE Key Steps to Develop and Evaluate Your Business Idea   (Entrepreneurship)
Do you want to start a business but not sure if your idea is feasible? Or do you need help gathering your thoughts into a viable business idea?
During this webinar, you will learn the essential steps of developing and evaluating your business idea, including how to: ..... Make your business idea into reality ..... Conduct preliminary research ..... Use a one-page tool to evaluate 8 aspects of your company, including customer, cost, pricing and marketing. (Aired on 11/28/17)
FREE Small Business Start-Up Steps: Selecting a Business Entity, Income and Payroll Tax Decisions   (Entrepreneurship)
Individuals who run a small business or are starting a new business may be fueled by passion and challenged with daunting decisions. One of the first decisions - selecting a business structure - impacts many areas of the business’ finances, including income taxes and payroll requirements.
The landscape for small business owners includes many twists and turns and changing tax laws. There are also many events that occur during the year that can affect a business’ financial and tax situation. Proper planning can help prevent negative consequences – but only so far as small businesses are familiar with business structure and tax benefits AND know how to use them effectively. This is where the expertise of small business services and tax professionals can help prevent mistakes and save money.
Participants will learn: ..... Pros and cons of business entity structures ..... How to avoid common problems faced by closely-held businesses ..... How to select a business structure that leverages tax breaks ..... How to manage payroll - one of the biggest expenses and risk areas of a small business.
This webinar is part of our November 9th Small Business Success Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE 20 Things No One Tells Millennials About Entrepreneurship   (Entrepreneurship)
With the successes of Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel, it’s easy for millennials to become enchanted by the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. Their dreams are becoming reality—according to recent studies, millennials are starting businesses at younger ages than previous generations.
However, millennials should know the harsh truths about entrepreneurship before starting a company.
In this webinar, Ashley Williams, CEO and founder of RIZZARR, will share eye-opening truths that she learned as a millennial entrepreneur in hopes to empower millennials looking to start a company.
You will learn how to: ..... Create a plan of action to move forward with your idea ..... Surround yourself with the best possible team ..... Test your idea in the market ..... Develop the perseverance needed for success. (Aired on 12/28/17)
FREE Top 10 HR Issues: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls   (Human Resources)
Managing a business keeps you busy enough. How can you also stay up to date with ever-changing labor laws and regulations? Start by attending this free webinar, presented by Paychex, where you will learn to assess your level of HR compliance within your organization.

Specifically, this event will cover:
Top 10 HR Issues - How to avoid common pitfalls. Employee Handbooks - Components of an effective po
licy manual.
Labor Law 101 - Employer compliance responsibilities.
HR Management - Your workplace personnel policies in action.
FREE Save Money and Time with Payroll Cards   (Human Resources)
An important part of your role as an employer is to ensure that you pay your workers promptly and accurately, and that you comply with federal and state payroll laws that apply to your business. As an employer and a business person, you want to manage your payroll system in the most efficient, cost effective and equitable way possible. Join this presentation by Visa to learn how you can save money, time and resources with payroll cards.
In this webinar, you’ll learn: ... What prepaid payroll cards are ... Ways employers and employees benefit from payroll cards ... How payroll cards can help employers in implementing an electronic pay program ... How you can achieve cost savings over other payroll methods. (Aired on 4/24/14)
FREE Hiring the Right Employee   (Human Resources)
Truly, your most valuable asset is your employees. To recruit and retain the best and the brightest in today’s competitive labor market, you must follow sound human-resource practices. You may be called upon to do everything from writing job descriptions to background checks. You may not feel confident that you have sufficient time, expertise, or resources to adequately manage this process. Presented by Paychex, this webinar takes you through some of the key parts of hiring the right employees. (Aired on 5/22/14) (Aired on 5/22/14)
FREE The 8 Rules for Hiring in the Health and Wellness Communities   (Human Resources)
Physicians, Chiropractic Offices, Dentists, Veterinarians, Holistic Practices, Spas and Laboratories, Physical Therapists and Assisted living facilities, plus any medical professional practice managers and owners of businesses related to the growing need for health and wellness care will benefit from the top issues affecting hiring in 2015.hiring in the health and wellness profession
Patty DeDominic former owner of a staffing firm, and staffing partner to Children’s Hospitals, governmental contractors serving health and human services and small business owners will share NEW tips, Tools for Recruiting, Bonuses, Referral systems and more with 8 Rules for Hiring in the Health and Wellness Communities. ..... You will learn how to attract top talent. ..... Keep your recruiting costs lower. ..... Speed up your hiring process. ..... Use Reference checks and behavior interviews as a way to gain market intelligence, salary data and stay current with best practices for employers in your field.
Plus a bonus: Counter offers and what to do when your best person walks! (Aired on 12/4/14)
FREE 8 Urgent HR Tips for Growing Businesses - Part I   (Human Resources)
As your small business grows, your team will become increasingly more critical to your success. You may rely on your staff to be the face of your company when interacting with customers or to manage daily operations. You may also depend on them to keep the business going in case of emergency or natural disaster.
Whether you have employees now or will need them in the future, human resource strategies are important for every small business owner. Join us for this 2-part webinar series by Patty Dedominic to learn the 8 most urgent tips for your team’s success. You will learn:
1. How to lead and create a stronger team
2. How to hire strong and attract the best talent
3. Tips for enhancing productivity and safety in the workplace
4. How to develop performance improvement plans & how to handle terminations.
All attendees of the live webinar sessions will receive a copy of the presentation and the Checklist for the Hire and Growth Rx handouts. (Aired on 3/17/15)
FREE 8 Urgent HR Tips for Growing Businesses - Part II   (Human Resources)
As your small business grows, your team will become increasingly more critical to your success. You may rely on your staff to be the face of your company when interacting with customers or to manage daily operations. You may also depend on them to keep the business going in case of emergency or natural disaster.
Whether you have employees now or will need them in the future, human resource strategies are important for every small business owner. Join us for this 2-part webinar series by Patty Dedominic to learn the 8 most urgent tips for your team’s success. You will learn:
1. The critical components of an employee emergency management plan
2. The essential elements of employee workplace kits
3. How to manage staffing needs in case of emergency
4. Ways to thwart Murphy’s Law in an emergency or prolonged crisis event.
All attendees of the live webinar sessions will receive a copy of the presentation and the Checklist for the Hire and Growth Rx handouts. (Aired on 3/19/15)
FREE Health Benefits Done Right: Health Insurance and the Role of Payroll   (Human Resources)
Finding the right health care for your small business doesn’t have to be hard or costly. This webinar contains the basics you’ll need to find the right plan for you and your employees, and how it relates to your payroll solution. (Aired on 1/26/16)
FREE Managing Time & Pay - Seven Lies Employees Will Tell You and the Truths That Can Protect Your Business   (Human Resources)
“You have to give me breaks.” ... “You owe me overtime for working late yesterday.” ... “You can’t make me work this weekend.”
Most employers have heard at least one of these claims from an employee – but are they true? This webinar will explore seven employee misconceptions about time and pay. You’ll discover the real truths surrounding these demands, as defined by current law. Just as important, you'll gain a better understanding of how to protect your rights as an employer while still doing right by your employees when it comes to time and pay issues.
Register now and learn: ..... When you do – and when you don’t – have to give an employee time off ..... What pay your employees are really entitled to ..... How to balance compliance with fairness. (Aired on 2/4/16)
FREE The Impact of Newly Passed Overtime Regulations on Small Businesses   (Human Resources)
Join this webinar to learn about recently approved U.S. Department of Labor rule to expand overtime protections, and how it may impact small businesses.
Sponsored by Paychex, we'll provide insights on: ..... The new rule to change the federal overtime regulations ..... Which employees may be impacted by the changes ..... What small businesses can do to comply. (Aired on 6/9/16)
FREE New Overtime Rules Start December 1! Is Your Business Ready?   (Human Resources)
New overtime rules for employees go into effect December 1, 2016. Under them, more than 4.2 million workers will be eligible for overtime pay. Please join us for this timely webinar to learn what the rules are, how they will affect your business, and what you can do to be prepared.
Presenter Tammy Tyler, with Paychex, is one of the nation's leading experts on this fast-emerging topic. Ms. Tyler will discuss how federal overtime regulations are changing, identify which employees may be impacted, and then offer tips for what small businesses can do to comply with the new rules. (Aired on 10/20/16)
FREE 5 Ways to Streamline HR Tasks and Cut Overhead Expense with Low-Cost Web Apps   (Human Resources)
The moment a small business owner hires employees -- whether it's just one or 10 or 100 -- he or she assumes a host of new responsibilities that can quickly become overwhelming. Training, coaching, tracking time worked and time off, managing payroll, maintaining accurate employee records, reporting employment taxes... all of these tasks create overhead expense and detract from revenue-generating activities.
Fortunately, certain low-cost cloud apps can help streamline essential HR processes and reduce overhead expense. The trick is in choosing the right apps for your business.
In this workshop, presented during SCORE's October 27 Virtual Conference, Power Up Your Small Biz: Technology Trends, you will learn: ..... The top HR functions that can easily be handled with inexpensive cloud apps ..... The "5 degrees of integration" that determine whether cloud apps will really save you time ..... The single biggest benefit you can gain from using cloud apps for HR ..... The four warning signs that a cloud vendor may not be a good choice. (Aired on 10/27/16)
FREE Hiring Your First Employee: A Guide To Getting It Right   (Human Resources)
Hiring your first employee. It's a major milestone, an investment and a risk all wrapped up in one! The key to a successful, snag-free hiring process requires understanding of the legalities, as well as a tried-and-true action plan.
In this webinar, ComplyRight's Jaime Lizotte will present step-by-step guidance on: ..... What to consider before you hire ..... How to develop an efficient hiring process ..... The do's and don’ts of recruiting ..... Tips on screening and interviewing ..... Mandatory record keeping and tax reporting with new hires.
Join us to gain the confidence and know-how to hire your first employee and be an effective boss. (Aired on 1/24/17)
FREE Are You Paying Your Employees Correctly?   (Human Resources)
Is your small business compliant with employee payment laws?
In this webinar, Jessica Hubbard-Davis and Julia Darcy of Paychex will cover the most critical aspects of paying your employees, including: ..... The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ..... Employee classification ..... Regular and overtime rates ..... Tax deposits & returns ..... And more. (Aired on 12/14/17)
FREE Hire with Confidence: How to Comply with “Ban the Box” and Other Trending Hiring Laws   (Human Resources)
Over the past few years, 24 states and more than 150 cities and counties have made it illegal to ask about a candidate’s criminal history on a job application – a trend often referred to as “ban the box” legislation. And more recently, Massachusetts was the first state to prohibit employers from asking applicants how much they were paid in previous positions, as a way to ensure pay equity.
This webinar will provide insight into these emerging trends in hiring-related legislation, as well as their impact on your hiring process. You’ll walk away with practical tips and solutions to help you comply while still making well-informed hiring decisions.
You will learn: ..... The growing list of states that have adopted “ban the box” legislation, and how the laws vary from state to state ..... Why ‘pay equity’ laws are expected to proliferate at the state level ..... What mandatory language must be included on job applications, depending on your state ..... What the EEOC advises employers to do, beyond state and local anti-discrimination laws ..... Best practices for fair hiring and reducing risk when making a hiring.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE How to Steer Clear of Accidental Discrimination When Hiring   (Human Resources)
With every new hire, your objective is to select the most qualified person for the job. Yet you’re also responsible for supporting a fair and diverse workforce – and for upholding anti-discrimination laws by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Whether intentional or not, hiring practices that discriminate against protected applicants could lead to serious legal trouble.
Are you aware of the various federal and state laws that prevent discrimination? Just as important, are you confident your hiring process treats every job seeker equally and fairly?
Attend this webinar for a discussion of the oversights that can hurt your hiring efforts – and what you can say, do and ask each step of the way to avoid accidental discrimination.
You will learn: ..... Major anti-discrimination laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ..... Language to avoid when advertising and recruiting ..... Checklist of right and wrong interview questions ..... Precautions with background/criminal checks ..... Dos and don’ts of accessing social media accounts. (Aired on 10/19/17)
FREE 7 Crucial Moves to Master Everyday Employee Management   (Human Resources)
There's a point when it becomes obvious that a business needs an HR professional on staff. Until then, managing the required recordkeeping tasks, handling questions from employees, and taking proper steps to protect your business from legal risk can seem like a never-ending burden that distracts from other critical business activities. And yet, you can’t afford to ignore these responsibilities.
Take a deep breath! This webinar will provide practical guidelines for getting HR activities under control, even without an HR specialist on staff. After the presentation, you’ll have solid information to help your business run more smoothly and, most importantly, protect you in the event of an employee lawsuit.
In this insightful webinar, you'll learn: ..... Common mistakes to avoid when hiring ..... How to create an organized recordkeeping system ..... Employee policies every business needs ..... The right way to document performance issues ..... Why accurate labor law postings are critical ..... Steps to prevent a costly harassment claim ..... How to use technology to reduce HR overhead.
This webinar is part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE 5 Biggest HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make (and How to Fix Them)   (Human Resources)
Understandably, as a small business owner, you are singularly focused on increasing sales and servicing customers. But with growth often comes the need to hire – and along with that, the burden of complying with complex federal, state and even local employment laws.
It’s a burden that can be tempting to ignore, until your business is faced with a government investigation or an employee lawsuit. And then it’s too late.
This workshop addresses five potentially crippling HR mistakes small-business employers make every day: ..... Treating independent contractors as if they are employees ..... Not properly verifying employees’ eligibility to work in the U.S. (I-9) ..... Not paying employees correctly ..... Practicing or allowing ‘accidental’ discrimination or harassment ..... Not displaying mandatory employee postings.
We’ll explain the related regulations in simple terms and provide practical tips to help you comply. (Aired on 2/1/18)
FREE Starting Your International Business: What You Must Know and Where to Find It   (International Trade)
Are you interested in international trade but unsure how to begin? Have you selected the product or service you want to import or export? Have you identified the area of the world where you are most likely to succeed? Market research is critical for a successful trade effort. Have you done any research for tentative products/services or identified foreign suppliers or partners? Import/export laws and regulations vary from country to country. Do you have an understanding of the laws in the country where you’d like to do business?
If you answered no to any of these questions, SCORE can help you get started.
In this session, we will briefly discuss these topics and spend some time on negotiating across cultures with potential partners. Join us to learn the basics of international business and discover the major aspects that differ when you try to bargain in another country.
FREE Going Global   (International Trade)
In this fun and informative seminar, USA TODAY columnist and author of The Small Business Bible, Steve Strauss, and Amine Khechfe, general manager and co-founder of Endicia, show you how to take your business global. Topics to be discussed include ... Why this is the best — and easiest! - time ever to take your business global ... What you need to do to get your business ready ... What you need to do to get your website ready ... International shipping made easy ... Getting a handle on exporting regulations ... 5 rules for creating a successful global business. (Aired on 5/8/14)
FREE International Shipping 101: How to Take Your Business Global   (International Trade)
Thanks to the Internet, online businesses have the opportunity to reach customers everywhere – even across the globe. But when it comes to actually fulfilling orders, international shipping can be overwhelming.
This webinar will outline everything businesses need to know about shipping internationally with ease. It will address: ..... International ShippingThe benefits of going global and best practices for expanding internationally ..... Customs forms and country bans ..... Different options for international shipping ..... Navigating taxes, duties and fees ..... Ways to lower international shipping costs. (Aired on 4/23/15)
FREE Going Global - Is It The Right Move for Your Company?   (International Trade)
If you aspire to sell your products and services internationally, this webinar will help you turn ambition into action.
SCORE mentor Bharat Manghnini, the only Certified Export Trainer in Connecticut, will present a road map on how to successfully enter the international marketplace.
Join us to learn: ..... What opportunities does the global market present? ..... Is your company ready to go global? ..... Which foreign markets are most attractive for your products or services? ..... Do the expected benefits outweigh the costs? ..... How do you get started? (Aired on 1/17/17)
FREE Advocate for your Business   (Government)
Small business owners must perform countless tasks, but many forget to advocate for their businesses. Government officials make decisions that impact your ability to conduct business, so shouldn’t you be involved in advocating for your company?
In this session, Joy Lutes, Vice President of External Affairs at NAWBO National (the first advocacy organization founded to represent all women business owners), will discuss how to engage in business to government advocacy efforts that will strengthen your business.
You’ll learn: ..... How decisions made at all levels of government can affect how you conduct business ..... How to assess advocacy opportunities that exist for your business and integrate them into your plans ..... How to communicate with your employees, customers and other stakeholders about the actions you take in the advocacy arena. (Aired on 12/7/17)
FREE Navigating Shipping Costs - Finding the Right Mix for Your Business   (Logistics / Distribution)
Whether you’re an online seller or a brick-and-mortar retailer, if you’re shipping goods to consumers and don’t know how and when to choose the most affordable shipping carriers for your business, you could be losing money.
This webinar will help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective mix of shipping carriers to help your business grow. It will discuss: ..... Strengths of FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service ..... Common shipping fees and how to avoid them ..... 2015 service changes — what UPS and FedEx’s dimensional weight pricing means for you. (Aired on 3/5/15)
FREE Quick Start Business Plan   (Management & Leadership)
Learn great tips and tools for your business plan in this webinar brought to you by TSBC and SCORE.
FREE Pricing Products and Services   (Management & Leadership)
This free online business workshop will help you ... develop your pricing strategy for your product or service, determine if your prices are working for you, and put it all together with provided worksheets.
FREE From Honor to Owner: Opportunities for Veterans in Franchising   (Management & Leadership)
Veterans have a proven track record of success in franchising. Franchises run on systems, relying upon traits and skills that military training and experience provide: leadership experience, dedication, attention to detail and implementing systems with an understanding of operational excellence.
Building on that foundation, franchises offer training and support. In franchising, you're in business "for" yourself, but not "by" yourself. There are 66,000 veteran-owned franchise establishments in the U.S. Learn how you can join this force of leaders of the national economy.
FREE Business Boot Camp: Putting Veterans in Business   (Management & Leadership)
FranNet understands the value of a veteran. We understand the value you brought to the battlefield, and the value you can bring to business. You were the backbone of America in the military, and we want to help you become the backbone of the American economy as a small business owner.
FREE Tips That Will Transform Your Small Business   (Management & Leadership)
Join us to learn tips for tackling common business issues including finding funding, creating and managing a team, building strong customer relationships, and more. You’ll walk away with easy and practical ideas on how to change the way you do things right away!
FREE Workplace Trends   (Management & Leadership)
Is your organization designed to adapt quickly to change? Are you where your clients are? Are you efficiently managing workspace costs?
The world is shifting more and more to flexible working, and away from fixed working spaces. Join us on this webinar as Regus presents information on current workplace trends that can impact and improve your business. Learn how to ensure your business is equipped to maximize worker productivity, expand to new markets, and effectively manage costs.
FREE The Four Cornerstones to Becoming a Great Leader   (Management & Leadership)
Great leadership is not a quality that springs up overnight. It takes time to lay the right foundation and solidify leadership qualities so that a person can make the correct decisions in tough situations without hesitation. Most people call these “gut decisions” as if someone flipped a coin before making a difficult choice. That would be incorrect. This webinar will teach you how to lay the proper foundation and solidify it with exceptional qualities so that you won’t waiver when faced with adversity. If being a great leader is important to you, then take one hour to make sure you are on the right path.
FREE 6 Tips to Help You Juggle the Stresses of a Busy Life   (Management & Leadership)
In a hectic world where we all try to balance personal lives and careers, see how one of the top female executives at a global company manages to juggle all aspects of a busy life. Learn how to ... Understand your priorities; Delegate tasks (personally and professionally); Track your time (both personal and work); Understand your options on flexible working; Manage technology; Surround yourself with support; Be the best you!
FREE Collaborative Consumption: How to Utilize Smart Sharing Solutions   (Management & Leadership)
Collaborative consumption is a trend that makes sense for smart businesses. Today’s sharing economy places great focus on convenient, cost-effective and flexible solutions to provide businesses with on-demand access to what they need, when they need it, while only paying for what they use.
Adopting a sharing model of doing business can positively impact your community, the environment, and your bottom line. This webinar will teach you ways that collaborative consumption can help your business save money, increase flexibility and use resources more efficiently.
FREE Steer Your Career: The Path of a Leader   (Management & Leadership)
Are you on the road to greatness? The first step is to know you want to be a leader! Now, see what it takes to be the boss. Learn how one of Zipcar’s youngest leaders got his start in corporate America as he describes the decisions that defined his career path, gives solid advice about mentors, and applies 360° leadership as defined by Maxwell.
FREE How to Price Your Products and Services   (Management & Leadership)
How do you set prices for your business or service? Are they working? When should you change them? Join us for this webinar that will address these topics as well as the role of pricing in the overall Marketing Mix. Register now for this SCORE LIVE Webinar, presented by SCORE mentor Marvin Brook, to learn how to price your products and services.
FREE It's A Brand, Brand, Brand World: How Franchising Can Give You a Head Start in Business   (Management & Leadership)
This informative presentation is conducted by a leader in the franchise world, Martha O’Gorman, Chief Marketing Officer at Liberty Tax Service. O’Gorman has grown the Liberty brand to over 4500 locations in the last 16 years through use of innovative marketing techniques. In this presentation she will discuss the value of a brand, why a brand is important to a business success and how franchising takes the guess work out of starting a new business.
FREE How to Create an Actionable RoadMap for your Company's Growth   (Management & Leadership)
You likely have many growth ideas and a clear long-term vision for your business. But how do you put that vision into practice on a daily basis? Without a roadmap you risk wasting time, money and never getting to your goals.
FREE How to Develop a Business Plan in Six Easy Steps   (Management & Leadership)
A business plan is an essential road map for business success, but few small businesses ever complete a plan due to over-complicated approaches that entail too much theory, writing and detail. This webinar will give you pragmatic, straightforward tools for setting goals, developing action plans for achieving them, measuring how you are doing on an ongoing basis and adjusting accordingly. Note: Duration 1.5 hours. (Aired on 8/28/14)
FREE How to Become Your Own Boss   (Management & Leadership)
Are you unhappy with your soul-sapping job? Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Don’t just quit! You need to create a plan to fire your boss--first. In today’s business environment, small business owners have even less time to hit it big with their target customer. The key to success is not only to create a sound business concept, but also taking the time to figure out the business of running a business. Let America’s #1 small business expert Melinda Emerson, “SmallBizLady”, teach you her proven step-by-step method to transition from employee to entrepreneur. (Aired on 9/4/14) (Aired on 12/17/15)
FREE How to Really Start Your Own Business   (Management & Leadership)
Starting a successful business requires more than a great idea, conviction and ceaseless energy to make it happen. A solid plan and the ability to act on it are equally important.
In this webinar, presented in partnership with Staples, the experts at SCORE will share startup success secrets, including ways to refine your business idea – and then turn your "concept" into a viable business. These same principles apply for early stage businesses which are ready to break out! (Aired on 6/7/16)
FREE Raising the Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs - Starting a Business at Any Life Stage   (Management & Leadership)
Join The UPS Store and MomBiz for a webinar providing guidance and encouragement for women who own or want to own a small business. They will show that no matter what life stage you are in, you are in the right stage for your small business. Additionally, they will discuss best practices for navigating the ups and downs that come with being a woman in small business and provide tips for finding balance. The last portion will be a Q&A, so come prepared! (Aired on 10/2/14)
FREE Writing a Winning Business Plan   (Management & Leadership)
Owning a business is one of the classic American dreams. If you are committed to taking your new or existing venture to the next level, then having a winning business plan is essential. This workshop will get you started on creating a plan tailored to your individual needs, and not one based on a generic template.
This step-by-step presentation will arm each participant with the fundamentals on how to write an effective and winning business plan. This is useful for anyone in the process of starting a new business or for someone who started a new business in the past few years.
We’ll discuss the importance of the business plan, how to tailor it to the audience it's being presented to, and how SCORE can help you develop your plan through free one-on-one mentoring.
This workshop will be interactive, and each participant will perform a number of exercises that will assist him or her to develop their own winning business plan.
Join us to learn: .... Why you need a business plan .... What must be included in your plan .... The importance of clearly understanding your target market(s) .... How to evaluate yourself against your competition .... How to develop financial projections & make them realistic.
Templates available to assist in preparation of your Business Plan.
NOTE: Duration: 2 Hours (Aired on 10/30/14)
FREE 5 Easy Things You Can Do In The New Year To Grow Your Business   (Management & Leadership)
Take a break from the holidays – and from shopping! - and spend an hour getting your business ready for next year. Join senior USA TODAY small business columnist Steve Strauss and Web.com as they share some simple, easy, and affordable things you can do to make more money and grow your business next year.
In this webinar, sponsored by Web.com, you'll learn new ways to improve your bottom line in the new year. (Aired on 12/16/14)
FREE Get Up, Startup, and Fire Up Your Business   (Management & Leadership)
Join the Publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine (Ramon Ray) and serial entrepreneur and the "queen of startups", Nellie Akalp (founder of CorpNet) for a fun, engaging and information rich hour of all things "start and grow your business".
During this discussion, Nellie and Ramon will discuss the best practices of successful startups and pit falls to avoid when starting your business. They'll also share the tools and systems existing business owners need to GROW.
StartupNellie and Ramon will share their personal stories of success and challenges (some might say failure).
Overall you'll learn how to START YOUR BUSINESS, GROW YOUR BUSINESS and GET FIRED UP for success! (Aired on 1/22/15)
FREE Building Your Business Webinar Series Part 2: How to Develop a Business Plan in 6 Easy Steps   (Management & Leadership)
A business plan is an essential road map for business success, but few small businesses ever complete a plan due to over-complicated approaches that entail too much theory, writing and detail.
This webinar will give you pragmatic, straightforward tools for setting goals, developing action plans for achieving them, measuring how you are doing on an ongoing basis and adjusting accordingly.
Business PlanDavid Albright is an active SCORE mentor with extensive experience in the consumer products industry including being President of Pepperidge Farm, Inc., Godiva Chocolatier Worldwide and Glacial Confections, a start-up venture. He currently consults with venture capital firms on the food and confectionery industries.
Register now for Part 2 of our FREE 3-part, "Building Your Business Webinar Series" presented by AnyMeeting, Comcast Business and SCORE. (Aired on 3/24/15)
FREE Building Your Business Webinar Series Part 3: The Many Ways SCORE Can Help You Succeed in Business   (Management & Leadership)
SCORE is here for the life of your business. With free mentoring, training and resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners, SCORE is committed to helping you succeed – whatever your business goal! With more than 10 million people served by SCORE since its inception in 1964, SCORE works with you to provide you with customized, unbiased assistance – no matter what business stage you are at. Join this webinar to learn about the ways that SCORE can help you today.
SuccessBridget Weston Pollack is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at the SCORE Association. In this role, Bridget is responsible for all branding, marketing, PR, and communication efforts. She focuses on implementing marketing plans and strategies for the organization to facilitate the growth of SCORE’s mentoring and training services. (Aired on 4/21/15)
FREE Startup 101: Executing Your Idea   (Management & Leadership)
You've got an idea for your business but what comes next? Do you write a business plan? Secure your domain and social media pages for your business? Do you trademark your business name? Do you need a business license?
There are so many questions that come with starting a business. Let SCORE help you avoid common mistakes and simplify your startup efforts.
Starting an IdeaJoin this webinar by SCORE mentor Simon Mahler to learn the basics of starting a business. We'll identify some crucial first steps and provide reliable resources you can use to help you along your journey. (Aired on 4/9/15)
FREE Owning a Franchise: Why You Should Consider It   (Management & Leadership)
Everyone has a dream of owning their own business and enjoying all that life has to offer. More time for yourself, more time for the family, more time to travel. But those business dreams can become a nightmare unless you’re fully prepared for what lies ahead. Not everyone has the next great idea or ready to build a business from scratch. Enter franchising.
People around the world are putting their skillset and desire to own a business to work by opening a franchise business. Franchises provide the playbook for you to execute your business ownership dreams. And statistics have shown that franchise businesses succeed at a considerably higher rate than do start-up businesses. Don’t live under the false impression that franchising is just fast food, retail and it costs a million dollars to get into the game. Find out the real facts from this informative webinar.
We’ll cover: ..... Why Own Your Own Business? ..... Facing the Fears of Business Ownership ..... Misconceptions about Franchising: Way More Than Fast Food & Retail ..... Finding the Ideal Franchise for You. (Aired on 4/16/15)
FREE Taking Smart Risks: What, Where, Which, When, How and Why   (Management & Leadership)
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says, "The biggest risk is not taking any risk in a world that is changing really quickly!" Yet many business owners struggle to identify -- and confidently take -- risks. Hesitancy is certainly spawned by money concerns -- but also by an underlying mentality that needs to be altered, as participants in this webinar will discover.
Presenter Justin Krane will share insights from his studies of financial psychology and show how "prosperity thinkers" tackle risk. Krane is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. He teaches entrepreneurs how to identify, clarify and meet goals for increasing their business revenue.
Topics covered will include: ..... How to be a prosperity thinker when it comes to taking risk ..... 4-questions to ask each time you take a risk ..... How to calculate risk and potential returns. ..... How to take small risks to prepare for taking larger ones. (Aired on 6/4/15)
FREE Setting Goals and Staying On Track - Run Your Business with More Focus, Alignment, and Success!   (Management & Leadership)
It’s easy for small business people to feel overwhelmed by day-to-day events and become frustrated by the inability to achieve consistent growth. By using a 3-step process, small business owners can shape these events to a far greater extent than most realize.
1. Define clear business goals – your sales and earnings targets.
2. Develop clear action plan priorities – the pathways to goal achievement.
3. Set clear measurement milestones – the feedback required to stay on track.
This webinar will give you pragmatic, straightforward tools for setting meaningful goals and increasing the odds of consistently achieving them. You will learn: ..... What is a goal and why goal setting is such a success driver. ..... How to set business goals utilizing market analysis, business trends, and the “SMART” approach. ..... How to cascade those goals through critical action plan priorities with clear outcomes, timing, accountabilities, and cost. ..... How to “measure what matters” and set up monthly guideposts – Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). ..... The key components of a Monthly Business Review. (Aired on 6/25/15)
FREE The Entrepreneur's Journey: Internet Talk Radio with Ramon Ray   (Management & Leadership)
SCORE Association is pleased to present our latest installment of "Internet Talk Radio", a call-in webinar where we will be taking questions from listeners LIVE during the broadcast!
Our guest will be Ramon Ray, the publisher of Smart Hustle magazine and one of SCORE's most popular, engaging, and inspirational speakers. Ramon and SCORE webinar host Steve Jarriel will focus on the exciting, yet daunting journey of the entrepreneur in the weeks and months when a company evolves from an "idea", to opening its doors, to becoming a stable, established business.
Any Questions?In addition to taking questions from listeners during the webinar, Ramon and Steve will draw from questions submitted during registration.
If you're thinking of starting a company or want to grow one that already exists, this is a "can't miss" webinar. You'll get advice and motivation from an entrepreneur who understands and respects the challenges ahead, as well as those who face them. (Aired on 9/3/15)
FREE Know Thyself: How To ID Your Behavioral Style and Flex It To Achieve Business Success   (Management & Leadership)
Whether it's successfully signing a new customer, persuading a colleague or co-worker to buy-in to your vision, or motivating your team to complete a project on time and on budget, much of the success or failure of your business hinges on getting the most out of your interpersonal relationships.
As participants in this webinar will discover, the starting point is understanding your own behavioral style & preferences, and then learning how to adapt to those of others so that they are agreeable, motivated and productive.
Atlantic Leadership Group CEO Edwards Holliday will show how to use the DISC Assessment (tm) to identify your personal tendencies and underlying motivators -- and use this newfound self-awareness to boost performance and productivity.
Holliday will break down the four DISC behavioral tendencies (Dominance. Influence. Steadiness and Conscientiousness) and show you ways each can be flexed to develop more effective relationships with customers, colleagues and co-workers. (Aired on 10/1/15)
FREE Grow Your Business with a SWOT Analysis   (Management & Leadership)
In this SCORE LIVE webinar, participants will learn how to properly conduct a SWOT analysis to develop growth strategies for their businesses. Generic SWOT templates (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) are easily found and downloaded from the internet. But without expert guidance in researching and completing a SWOT analysis, it may lead to dismal strategic decisions and planning.
This webinar will focus on how to do a SWOT analysis the right way. SCORE mentor John Harmon will draw from his prior work in strategic planning roles at Pitney Bowes, Gartner Group and Eastman-Kodak to introduce the SWOT analysis and its benefits.
Join us to get started on applying SWOT’s time-tested principles toward the success of your business. (Aired on 10/8/15)
FREE 10 Ways to Maximize Your Holiday Sales   (Management & Leadership)
Preparing your business for the all-important holiday season entails far more than putting out decorations and putting in long hours!
Join this workshop presented by SCORE mentor P. Simon Mahler, in partnership with Staples, to learn five steps you can take now to prepare your business for the holidays. From marketing to operations, we'll cover strategies that you can use to simplify your efforts, increase satisfaction, drive sales, and spread holiday cheer.
Regardless of your industry, you’re sure to discover tips that will help you engage customers and grow your business. (Aired on 11/3/15)
FREE The Only 7 Tools You Need to Grow Your Business   (Management & Leadership)
Small business owners are bombarded every day with marketing messages touting the "latest and greatest" tools they should use to market & grow their businesses. Filtering those messages to know what's real versus what's sales-speak & hype is burdensome; much more so, the process of selecting the right tools to connect with and engage customers.
This SCORE LIVE Webinar, sponsored by Dex Media, will focus on 7 questions that small business owners need to address in order to select the right tools to build and manage their customers.
How do I engage customers every week to increase sales? ..... How do I make sure my business is found when customers are looking to buy? ..... How do I attain a 99% chance that a customer will see my message? ..... How do I never miss a customer wanting to make an appointment? ..... How do I manage all my social media in less time? ..... Why do I have to have a mobile responsive website? ..... Why does my business listing on Google and Yahoo! need to be correct? (Aired on 12/3/15)
FREE Top 5 Ways SCORE Can Help You Launch & Grow Your Business   (Management & Leadership)
With in-person mentoring, LIVE webinars, and other free resources, SCORE Association is both proud and humbled to provide how-to advice to hundreds of businesses every day. Yet there are many small business owners who don't realize the full scope of what SCORE offers -- or take advantage of all of our FREE services.
That's the reason behind this webinar! SCORE's Bridget Weston Pollack will showcase the full breadth of SCORE, including where to find – and apply –our free resources to launch, grow, or more effectively manage your business.
Join us as we'll show you how to: ..... Find and request a local SCORE mentor who will work with you one-on-one ..... Select and register for in-person workshops taking place in your local community ..... Search for and take online workshops that are most meaningful for your business, including our wildly popular, Simple Steps for Starting Your Business modules ..... Download templates and interactive workbooks ..... Sign up for SCORE newsletters and notifications that keep you abreast of upcoming SCORE webinars, business trends, best practices, and SCORE events. (Aired on 2/9/16)
FREE The Power of Peers to Launch, Grow and Manage Your Business   (Management & Leadership)
The saying, "It's lonely at the top!" doesn't need to be true. In fact, as attendees of the webinar will learn, it shouldn't be!
The savvy entrepreneur, who develops a network of trusted peers not only gains an astute circle of advisors for help with the big decisions, but creates a competitive advantage for their business by identifying and tackling challenges before they become problems.
This webinar will show the way! Presented by Leo Bottary, co-author of the just released book, "The Power of Peers." you'll learn how to accelerate your business's growth through a more selective, strategic, and structured way to engage peers. (Aired on 6/2/16)
FREE Out on a Limb - Smart Ways To Reduce Your Risk in Business   (Management & Leadership)
It goes with the territory. As a small business owner you embrace and accept this fact: Running a small business necessarily involves taking risks. The key is to minimize the ones which would have the greatest negative consequences on your business.
During this lively and engaging webinar, USA TODAY senior small business columnist Steve Strauss will outline prevalent risks faced by many small business owners, and then offer savvy strategies that can be used to minimize them. (Aired on 7/28/16)
FREE How Savvy Business Owners Use Value Creation to Build Wildly Successful Companies   (Management & Leadership)
Achieving pre-determined milestones is key to increasing the value - and vitality - of your business. Setting goals related to revenue, income, cash flow and profit margin not only helps prioritize your on-going business activities, but may yield high returns when the time comes to exit, or sell, your business.
During this webinar, speaker Michael Mobley, with Impetus Solutions, will show why it's so important for entrepreneurs to lead and manage for "value creation," rather than merely profit or other singular criteria. Michael will then highlight the challenges an owner faces in obtaining the value of their business and how to overcome them. (Aired on 9/8/16)
FREE The Value of Time Management - A Business Asset   (Management & Leadership)
Time is money… and making money takes time! As a business owner, it’s imperative that you manage your time well. The success or failure of your business is predicated on how well you manage it.
Join this interactive webinar (presented in alliance with National Urban League) to learn effective time management skills that you can immediate incorporate into your business and day-to-day operations. (Aired on 9/22/16)
FREE Rules of Thumb with Fast Company’s Co-Founder Alan Webber   (Management & Leadership)
Brought to you by Fast Company magazine co-founder Alan Webber, this webinar offers practical advice for working smarter, growing and succeeding in a time of dramatic, unpredictable change.
When the old rules don’t apply, don’t work and don’t help, we need to write our own rules to make sense and offer guidance going forward.
Learn down-to-earth rules of thumb that you can use in work and in life—and how to write your own rules for yourself and your business.
Alan will discuss ideas from his book, "Rules of Thumb: 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self" for this webinar. (Aired on 10/6/16)
FREE 5 Habits of Prosperous Business Owners Put Into Practice   (Management & Leadership)
Starting a business is challenging, no doubt. And scaling up and growing a business can be even harder. But it takes more than a "nose to the grindstone " mentality to achieve your goals.
That will be the focus of this webinar. Presenter Nellie Akalp, who has helped tens of thousands of businesses get off the ground, will share her insights into the key lessons she's learned on how to grow your business and take it to the next level. (Aired on 11/10/16)
FREE Elements of a Nimble Business Plan   (Management & Leadership)
Whether you're just starting out, or are growing an established business, the success and profitability you are pursuing hinges on knowing your market, knowing your customer, then staying organized and on-track.
These are just some of the benefits of writing - or updating - your business plan. During this SCORE LIVE Webinar, we'll help you get started by outlining the essential elements of a business plan, then sharing tips and tools for you to follow through on creating a business plan that will help you achieve your goals. (Aired on 11/3/16)
FREE Attracting Today's Multicultural Audiences to Your Business   (Management & Leadership)
Today’s business world has a new look – multicultural, savvy, and often female. Please join Life Reimagined and Linda Spradley Dunn, founder and CEO of Odyssey Media, for this informative webinar and get her insights about how to best attract diverse audiences to your own business.
Formerly with IBM, Linda’s Odyssey Media is a marketing & communications company, focused on connecting and empowering influential and affluent multicultural women around the world. Learn how Linda has been engaging these audiences for more than 20 years. (Aired on 12/1/16)
FREE 4 Easy Steps to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back   (Management & Leadership)
As a business owner, it’s all too common to feel you have to choose between your personal life and the success of your business. But the surprising truth is that the only way to truly scale and grow your company is to reduce its reliance on you.
Join Wall Street Journal bestselling author and successful entrepreneur David Finkel to learn a proven formula to grow your business without sacrificing your life.
In addition to revealing THE biggest mistake small business owners make, David will cover: ..... 6 ways to immediately free up more time to grow your company quickly ..... 3 ways to build more depth into your company, systems, team and internal controls ..... How to build a one-page action plan to map out the upcoming quarter. (Aired on 3/23/17)
FREE How to Create a One-Page Plan of Action to Grow Your Company   (Management & Leadership)
Have you ever felt overwhelmed with too many details and urgent fires that pull you away from the highest value responsibilities needed to scale your business? Learn a winning formula to help you determine what your company should focus on over the next 90 days.
Join Wall Street Journal bestselling author and successful entrepreneur, David Finkel, as he walks you through these simple steps to create a one-page plan of action to grow your business.
You’ll learn: ..... How to design a rolling series of 90-day action plans to reach your business goals faster. ..... Why your plan must be one page. ..... How to avoid the 3 most common pitfalls that stop most companies from executing on their action plan…and much more. (Aired on 9/12/17)
FREE Creating an Effective Business Workflow   (Management & Leadership)
Understanding and managing your business processes is the key to longevity, and no process can truly be optimized without a well-managed workflow. Ultimately, workflow management can make the difference between the success and failure of the organization.
In this webinar, Stacy Kildal will discuss what workflow is, why it's important to your small business, and the steps you should take to evaluate and create an effective workflow.
You will learn how to: ..... Identify the steps to analyze and improve workflow ..... Define current tasks and strategy ..... Identify pain points, bottlenecks, and redundancies in your current tasks and strategy ..... Design your ideal future strategy ..... Analyze and implement workflow. (Aired on 8/24/17)
FREE Making Smart, Ethical Business Decisions   (Management & Leadership)
We often read of businesses that fail due to bad decisions, sometimes related to unethical choices. Even the most ethical business owner can make what seems to be a small mistake, but it ends up destroying a company.
During this session, Ed Perry will explain causes of bad decision-making and arm you with a simple-to-use framework to help you make smart decisions.
You will learn: ..... Why staying within the law is not enough to ensure your company’s success. ..... How entrepreneurial business leadership drives decision-making practices, that left unchecked can create problems. ..... How to change your decision-making to serve you and your business better. ..... How to teach your employees to make the right decisions on your behalf. (Aired on 10/12/17)
FREE Lean Business Planning for Better Management   (Management & Leadership)
Contrary to the popular myth, business planning is not just for startups, and it does not involve writing a long formal business plan full of carefully worded summaries and descriptions.
Lean business planning is easier and more useful for all companies. It includes using simple lists and tables to define strategy, tactics, milestones, metrics, and assumptions; plus, it projects sales, spending, and cash flow.
Join this webinar as Tim Berry, founder of bplans.com and Palo Alto Software, shares the simplicity and ease of lean business planning, including: ..... A simple, powerful approach to business planning for any business—existing, startup or in the planning stage. ..... Easy ways to stay focused, grow faster and adjust quickly to change. ..... How and why to review and revise regularly to simplify and watch the important milestones. ..... When to stick to the plan, when to change it, and how to tell the difference. ..... What business owners need to know about forecasting sales, expenses, and cash flow, and how to manage ongoing results. ..... Setting priorities for long term and managing steps in the short term. (Aired on 9/19/17)
FREE Why it Pays to Be Likeable   (Professional Development)
Today's consumers demand more from businesses everywhere, making principles like responsiveness, delivering valuable, authenticity, and adaptability no longer a choice. By meeting, even exceeding, these high expectations, companies will become more likeable and see greater business results. And in the digital age, with social media serving as the great equalizer, this truth has been even more evident.
In this webinar, Dave Kerpen, best-selling author & CEO of Likeable Local, will share stories and actionable advice for business owners to make their companies more likeable.
FREE 6 Time Tactics to Free Up 8+ Hours per Week to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back!   (Professional Development)
A Proven Time Mastery System for Business Owners ..... One of the most common complaints for business owners is that there's too much to do and not enough time in the day to get it all done. The surprising truth is that you’re already working enough hours, you just need to do more with the hours you’re already working.
Join Wall Street Journal bestselling author and serial entrepreneur, David Finkel, as he shares with you 6 concrete time tactics to create more value for your business in less time.
You’ll learn ..... Time Tactics A revolutionary new time mastery system designed for business owners to help you manage the conflicting demands and multiple hats you wear. ..... 4 Ways to cut out the low value tasks and preempt the recurring fires that steal your day. ..... A simple technique to help you identify precisely what you do that creates the most value for your business. ..... How to find, hire, and leverage a personal assistant (and 7 ways to best to leverage him or her to produce more in less time) ..... Why discipline and will power are doomed to fail (and the two elements that consistently work.) ..... And much more.
This system works. For example, you’ll see how a surgeon from St. Louis applied these concepts to increase his annual operating profit by $776,420. And how a contractor in San Diego not only grew his company by 42% but reduced his working hours from 70 hours a week down to 35 hours a week. (Aired on 8/21/14)
FREE It’s Not What You Say, but How You Say It   (Professional Development)
Effective communication is important no matter the size of your business. Great leaders know that good communication is the key to success—and everyone in your enterprise should know the difference between constructive and destructive communication methods and how to tell the difference.
Please join this SCORE Live Webinar presented in alliance with AARP’s Life Reimagined Institute where we’ll focus on effective communication in the workplace. Our presenter, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle, will lend her advice on the following topics: ..... Identifying your audience ..... Selecting the best communication channel ..... Leading hard conversations ..... Maintaining a receptive atmosphere. (Aired on 3/17/16)
FREE Save an Hour Per Day and Grow Your Business Through Better Email Habits   (Professional Development)
More than 116 billion business-related emails are sent every day, according to market research conducted by Radicati. That equates to an average of almost 120 emails sent/received daily by each business user.
This webinar, presented in partnership with Staples, will help you tackle all those emails by offering resources and tips to manage your inbox in less time so that you can close more deals and expand your business. Featuring two email experts from Boomerang, we'll discuss the latest data and research-backed email productivity tips for small business owners including: ..... Business owner sending emailWays to manage your email in 20% less time ..... How to use shortcuts to be more productive in your inbox ..... The best times that you should send emails to get more responses ..... What cognitive psychology can teach us about how to be more productive in email. (Aired on 3/22/16)
FREE 5 Fabulous Habits of Local Business Champions   (Professional Development)
As part of National Small Business Week, SCORE and the SBA invite you to attend this informative webinar. ..... Learn how to go from being a local business owner to a local business CHAMPION by having a: ..... Consistent and accurate online presence across all sites ..... Business profile full of rich content like videos, images and reviews ..... Well-designed, easy-to-navigate website ..... Business phone that’s answered! ..... Solid social media marketing strategy. (Aired on 5/3/17)
FREE The Changing Roles of Virtual Assistants   (Professional Development)
Are you overwhelmed by trying to do everything yourself in business? Have you ever considered a virtual assistant? Today, virtual professionals do much more than simple administrative tasks—from online business management, graphic design and more.
Join this webinar to learn the many ways virtual experts can free up your time, so that you can focus on what you do best—build your business!
You’ll learn: ..... What is a virtual assistant ..... What a virtual professional can do for your business ..... What you can expect to pay ..... Where to find experienced virtual assistants. (Aired on 10/24/17)
FREE Location, Location, Location! 14 Little-Known Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Location   (Real Estate)
For small business owners, your store location is often the number one factor influencing your ability to catapult your business to its full potential.
Commercial real estate expert Josh Weinkranz will fill you in on 14 little-known factors to consider when choosing the right location for your retail business, including: ..... How to determine the right amount of square footage for your store ..... How your neighboring tenants can make or break your business ..... Common location blunders to avoid.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Date Your Leads. Marry Your Customers with Lifecycle Marketing   (Sales & Marketing)
Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers is all about how small business owners and entrepreneurs can ATTRACT, SELL and WOW. It's a three phase process which helps you attract more customers, educate them until they buy and wow them so that customers buy again and again and tell others.
Business owners, professionals and managers who want to acquire more customers, increase sales and build long lasting relationships with customers will benefit from attending Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers. (Aired on 6/5/14) (Aired on 6/5/14)
FREE The Secret to Getting Better Customers   (Sales & Marketing)
A key to success in business is attracting the right customers for your business. Getting Better Customers is a roadmap for choosing, attracting and cultivating those right customers. In this session we'll give you practical tips and tools:
• Why More Is Not Necessarily Better
• Who Is Your Better Customer?
• How to Make Current Customers Better (Upsell, Cross-sell, Resell)
• How to “Fire” (nicely) Your Deadbeat Customers
• How to Get New Better Customers
The result? Even making a few changes can help you shift from the "squeaky wheels" that are slowing you down and help you focus on the customers who will fuel the growth you desire.
All presentation attendees will receive a free copy of the new eBook "The Secret of Getting Better Customers" as well as templates so you can start getting butter customers.
FREE Pricing for Profit: Understanding Gross Profit, Margin & Markup   (Sales & Marketing)
“Pricing For Profit” is a lot more than just a catchy phrase. Many small businesses establish their selling prices by simply copying what their competitors charge. While this might accidently work, this will often lead to losses or missed profits for any individual company. Another common technique is to calculate the costs to make a product and then add on a profit to arrive at a selling price with little or no regard to what the competition is charging. This will also often lead to serious problems.
FREE Email Marketing Automation   (Sales & Marketing)
According to DMA Interactive, 54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts. Growing and converting your email is still one of the biggest missed opportunities I see with all my clients. Companies tend to give up once they send just a few email with no response. By simply implementing proven strategies, tactics and software, you can significantly and I mean significantly increase your bottom line.
Email marketing is effective, it’s immediate, it’s targeted, it’s measurable, it’s inexpensive and it generates revenue…continuous revenue! I am able to reach tens of thousands of my subscribers directly. I don’t have to purchase new traffic, my list is not impacted by the latest Google algorithm change and I don’t have to worry about getting outbid by my competitors. Search engine traffic or paid advertising can stop all together and I can still generate income through my list.
FREE The Secret of Getting Better Customers   (Sales & Marketing)
Looking to attract and cultivate the right customers – those who will help you grow, rather than drain your time, energy and creativity? Join Vistaprint and our partner SCORE for a free, one-hour webinar, The Secret of Getting Better Customers, with Jeanne Rossomme, founder of RoadMap Marketing.
In this webinar you’ll learn:
• Why More Is Not Necessarily Better
• Who Your Better Customer Is
• How To Make Current Customers Better (Upsell, Cross-sell, Resell)
• How To Get New, Qualified Customers
FREE Selling Online: 10 Tips to Fill Holiday Shopping Carts   (Sales & Marketing)
The customer’s shopping experience influences when they purchase and how much they spend, both in person and online. Make sure your website provides holiday shoppers with elements that improve their online shopping experience.
Join GoDaddy Web Expert Shawn Pfunder as he discusses key strategies for online sales success during the holidays and every day.
FREE How to Get Entire Neighborhoods Aware of and Using Your Business   (Sales & Marketing)
Learn About EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).... Whether direct mail is currently in your marketing mix, or you’ve never used it before, you won’t want to miss learning about Every Door Direct Mail®, a program USPS created just for small business.
Hear from EDDM2Go how you can take advantage of this reduced postage program to increase sales and awareness from the neighborhoods that matter to your business.
FREE Online Marketing: An Introduction to Using Online Tactics to Grow Your Business   (Sales & Marketing)
Groupon has put together a panel of online marketing experts to share strategies that can help you meet your business goals. We'll share tips and tactical next-- or first-- steps for social media, SEM, display ads and SEO!
FREE Boost Sales and Profits with a CRM   (Sales & Marketing)
You've probably heard that using customer relationship management (CRM) software can increase sales. But how?
In this webinar, nationally-recognized CRM expert Gene Marks draws from his experiences advising more than 600 companies who use CRM applications. He'll cover the following topics that will help boost sales - and profits - with a CRM:
..... The 3 moves that will transform your CRM system from a glorified Rolodex into a productive sales tool ..... The 3 CRM workflows that will increase your sales ..... "3 Laws of CRM Success" to which you must abide to succeed with your system ..... The 3 biggest CRM mistakes that companies and CRM users make that kill sales. (Aired on 3/7/17)
FREE How to Use Business Communications Capabilities to Look Bigger   (Sales & Marketing)
Nobody likes to give the impression of a small, fledgling company, even if it’s true. But today, it’s possible to use inexpensive techniques to present the image of a large, professional company, even if you’re still small and growing.
Participants will see how they can ... Use automated receptionists and smart call forwarding to look bigger ... See who is available to take calls—even if they’re in another office, or several states away ... Use video meetings to tie your team together as one ... Use advanced forwarding capabilities and mobile applications to keep from missing calls, even when you’re on the go ... Create virtual numbers that look local—across the country or even internationally—to help in marketing and advertising.
Break the vicious cycle of remaining small just because your company is small TODAY. Sign up for this important webinar today, and unleash your own power to grow.
FREE Preparing to Sell: Defining Your Target Market and Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Message for Maximum Results   (Sales & Marketing)
Do you think you know who your ideal client is, and how your product can help them? Many businesspeople have an unnecessarily long sales cycle because they don’t properly identify their ideal prospects and position themselves as a problem solver to their clients.
In this webinar, you will learn: ... The common mistakes sales and business people make when defining a target market and assessing their common problems. ... How to craft your sales message to best solve these challenges for clients. ... Why narrowing your focus can yield greater results. ... Why seeing yourself as a problem solver will set you apart from your competition. ... What the 4 key motivators are for any buyer, and how to appeal to them. ... 5 essential tips to shortening the sales cycle.   (Aired on 3/13/2014)
FREE Hot Markets! Hot Trends! Hot Businesses! Great Ideas For Small Business Owners   (Sales & Marketing)
Spring is (finally) here and there’s no better time to embrace new concepts, ideas and markets to propel your small business. Find out what business trends you should incorporate into your company, what markets are driving sales and how you can give your business a spring cleaning. (Aired on 3/27/14)
FREE Hiring and Managing Marketing Contractors: Smart Tips   (Sales & Marketing)
You know that you need marketing to increase sales and get the word out. But do you need to hire a professional? Maybe you have already sunk in time and effort with ideas that flopped. How can you be sure you are getting a good return for your business? Based on 20+ years experience in a variety of marketing roles and several years working with the lean budgets of entrepreneurs, Jeanne Rossomme will walk you through the complete process for maximizing your marketing.
Attendees of the live event will get the free guide “What Should You Pay for Marketing Contractors?".
This event is being offered on the 3 dates below, so choose the time that best suits your schedule. Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 4:30 PM Pacific; Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM Pacific; Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 7:30 AM Pacific. (Aired on 5/31/14) (Aired on 5/31/14)
FREE Google Analytics Beginners: How to measure your business blog performance   (Sales & Marketing)
Measurement of a brand’s blog and what to do with that data is a difficult challenge for many new to content marketing. In this webinar, learn how to capture the following data and the actionable changes you can make to an established business blog ... ... Determine what types of posts are drawing the most page views ... Evaluate referral and social sources to measure distribution success ... Web TrafficMeasure distribution channels and fine tune social sharing. (Aired on 6/12/14) (Aired on 6/13/14)
FREE Marketing Q&A: Everything You Want to Know About Small Biz Marketing   (Sales & Marketing)
Marketing is such a broad topic. It encompasses advertising, social media, search engine optimization, content development, email, public relations, and so much more! As a small business owner, you likely have many questions on creating or improving your marketing strategy. SCORE & Jeanne Rossomme are here to help.
Submit your questions and join this webinar to get the information you need for your business. We’ll address as many questions as possible in this one hour session. All attendees will receive the Small Business Marketing Plan Guide. (Aired on 7/10/14)
FREE The Niche Celebrity Entrepreneur   (Sales & Marketing)
Learn five ways to establish your personal brand to become a celebrity in your niche market. A solid personal brand makes you the ONLY choice - not your competition. Ramon Ray, Small Business Evangelist, Infusionsoft & Smallbiztechnology.com will share the 5 steps he's used to build his personal brand to DOMINATE his niche market. (Aired on 8/7/14)
FREE The 10 Most Effective, Least Expensive Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in the Next 90 Days   (Sales & Marketing)
Too many businesses struggle to consistently generate leads and close sales. They are constantly scrambling to find their next customer and close their next sale. Now you can take control of your own business future by implementing one of ten systematic marketing strategies to quickly increase your sales.
Learn from Wall Street Journal best-selling author David Finkel as he shares ten powerful strategies to reliably generate leads. He’ll also share how to do these strategies systematically so you can sustain them even when your business gets busy.
Here’s what you’ll learn: ..... A simple “reactivation campaign” to get 15% or more of your old customers to come back and repurchase from you. ..... 2 Formalized referral systems to grow your client base by 25% for less than $100. ..... A little-known strategy to turn your vendors into a free sales force for your products and services. ..... How to create your “Gateway Offer” so that your customer’s first purchase leads to the richest relationship for both of you. ..... How to leverage “Marque” customers, vendors, and strategic partners to radically increase conversion percentages. ..... And much more. (Aired on 9/11/14)
FREE Campaigns That Drive Action: Newsletters & Announcements (Featuring Email and Social Engagement)   (Sales & Marketing)
This presentation will provide a deeper look into the importance and effectiveness of using email marketing with social media engagement to drive action.
At the heart of small business marketing are the campaigns that drive action – collections of marketing activities that help a small business or organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Newsletters and announcements have become a core component of those campaign choices. Email is more important than ever – to the communication efforts of businesses and nonprofits everywhere; and to the customer, donor, client or supporter of those organizations. This session will reveal some simple but effective best practices and considerations for the small business or nonprofit seeking to make their email newsletters more effective.
Attendees of this presentation will learn: ..... ..... Campaigns in general: what is a campaign, types of newsletters ..... What to write about in your newsletter or announcement and how to consider using images ..... Subject line best practices, and when to send your newsletter ..... The importance of understanding how connected email and social media are…they have to be done together. ..... What types of additional tools might be useful ..... Join us and learn some great new strategies to help your email and social media efforts be more effective components of one of the core campaign types, newsletters and announcements. (Aired on 10/23/14)
FREE 5 Steps to Grow a Strong Online Presence   (Sales & Marketing)
The steps you take once you take your business online can make or break your plan for success. This webinar, sponsored by Verisign, will help you to focus on what’s critical, and guide you on the most of effective methods in finding new customers.
Attendees will learn about: ..... Establishing your brand ..... Content marketing ..... Social outbound and e-mail marketing ..... When to market and monetize your online presence. (Aired on 11/11/14)
FREE Grow Your Business with Strategic Partnerships   (Sales & Marketing)
The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child - well, it also takes a village to raise a business. Business growth accelerates when you find strategic partnerships to help you hit your goals.
During this webinar, you will learn: ..... What you need to do before you embark on a partnership ..... The various types of strategic partnerships ..... The benefits (and dangers) of partnerships ..... How to leverage partnerships to ensure business growth. (Aired on 11/13/14)
FREE Scaling a Mission-Driven Brand   (Sales & Marketing)
“When we look at how change happens in the business world, it usually comes from two different kinds of business: Those, usually smaller, companies that take big risks and, when they succeed, inspire others to follow. Or the larger companies that gain inspiration from the smaller pioneering changemakers, and through their scale, make even more change happen.” Seth Goldman, Founder of Honest Tea.
In this webinar, Seth Goldman will share how to build a brand that is meaningful to consumers.
You will learn how to: ..... Develop a competitive brand that is different and unique from what’s already in the market ..... Scale for growth by expanding distribution and production ..... Develop strong support teams ..... Create cost-efficient strategies, especially in marketing, such as creating awareness without paid advertising (i.e. guerilla marketing) (Aired on 11/2/17)
FREE How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan   (Sales & Marketing)
Marketing is the fuel that drives any small business. But most small businesses have two major challenges: limited time and limited resources. Which means you need to pick a target customer you can actually hit. To develop a killer marketing plan, you need to define your target customer, your niche, your differentiator and most importantly how you are going to tell the world you are open for business. You also need to know how much money you’ll need to conduct all your marketing efforts.
Let Melinda Emerson, “SmallBizLady” America’s #1 Small Business Expert, walk you through her system for developing a killer marketing plan for 2015.
Attendees will learn: ..... How to develop your #1 sales tool ..... How to identify your target market customer ..... How to figure out your niche ..... How to find your customers online ..... Build sales activities that achieve your marketing goals (Aired on 2/5/15)
FREE Pavement-Pounding Strategies to Generate More Sales   (Sales & Marketing)
You can't ignore the importance of face-to-face marketing (or customers might start ignoring your business). Attend this webinar to get unique ideas and training tools from entrepreneur and SCORE mentor P. Simon Mahler. He'll show you back-to-basics strategies to get you and your salespeople actively engaged with your target market. (Aired on 2/19/15)
FREE Building Your Business Webinar Series Part 1: Marketing Without Money   (Sales & Marketing)
Marketing is the fuel that drives any small business. But most small businesses have two major challenges: limited time and limited resources. Which means you need to pick a target customer you can actually hit.
To develop a killer marketing plan, you need to define your target customer, your niche, your differentiator and most importantly how you are going to tell the world you are open for business. You also need to know how much money you’ll need to conduct all your marketing efforts. (Aired on 2/24/15)
FREE The Barefoot Spirit and Company Culture: Sales is King   (Sales & Marketing)
Get the benefit of 30 years of successful business experience in one hour! You will learn: ..... How to use the Two-Division Company model to maximize sales, the life blood of your company ..... How to use performance-based compensation to increase sales, growth and profitability ..... How to find and hire people with entrepreneurial DNA ..... How to train new employees to focus on sales ..... How to foster innovation by getting out of your people’s way ..... How to prevent turnover (the #1 hidden cost of any business).
Bonnie Harvey and Michael HoulihanBarefoot is a top global brand, and founded by Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, the authors of the New York Times Bestselling Business book, The Barefoot Spirit and its companion, The Entrepreneurial Culture. From the start, with virtually no money and no wine industry experience, they employed innovative ideas to overcome obstacles, create new markets and strategic alliances, while pioneering Worthy Cause Marketing and performance-based compensation.
One of the keys to their success was implementing a positive company culture. If any business is to thrive in the global marketplace, its employees must be engaged and empowered. In other words, they must think like owners. Problem is, few employees know how. The job of company leaders is to train them to think this way. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey know how to create the conditions that draw out and nourish people’s inner entrepreneur. They take the principles that empowered their own tribe of productive, creative and loyal employees to beat the odds; and boil them down into poignant lessons business owners can put into practice right away to boost their bottom line.
They take everything they know about the spirit of entrepreneurship and help startups, leaders and corporations infuse that experience into their company cultures to engage and empower their people.
This webinar is for those that are both in the startup and growth phase stages of their business looking to boost the bottom line and increase profits and have (or want to have) a product delivered through a distribution system. (Aired on 4/2/15)
FREE 5 Steps to Build Your Sales System to Increase Your Conversion Rate and Grow Your Sales   (Sales & Marketing)
Whether you are still the main sales engine for your business or you have a sales team of 14 people selling in the field, or your sales all happen online, attend this powerful 1 hour web training on exactly how to build and refine your sales system.
You’ll learn how to quantitatively pinpoint the precise leverage point to increase your conversion rate. What’s more, you’ll get concrete insights on how to systematize your sales conversion process so you can sustain the gains you make as you scale your company.
Join Wall Street Journal bestselling author and successful entrepreneur David Finkel and get a concrete road map to build and refine your lead conversion system. (Aired on 4/30/15)
FREE 60 Ways to Grow Your Email List -- And Your Business, Too!   (Sales & Marketing)
For every business, possessing an interested -- and qualified -- list of contacts who have your company "top of mind" when they make buying decision, is a vital marketing asset. But continuing to grow that list is just as important. Hence, we hope you'll join us for this free webinar, "60 Ways to Grow Your List."
Presented by Corissa St. Laurent with Constant Contact, this webinar will help your email list thrive, as Corissa will leave you with ideas and strategies to capture new contacts, grow your list and take action to help move your business forward, including:
..... Why someone should join your contact list and what’s in it for them ..... How to ask people to join your list "face-to-face" ..... How to use social media to grow your list ..... How to grow your list on your website or blog ..... How to use print material to get people to sign up ..... How to use events to help grow your list ..... How to use incentives and giveaways to grow your list. (Aired on 5/21/15)
FREE Sales Is Out! Content and Education Are In - How to Leverage the Power of Engaging Content to Boost Your Brand!   (Sales & Marketing)
Selling is dead. Traditional selling does not work. Today's customers, be they millennials or baby boomers, are drowning in marketing and advertising noise. They're drowned in sales pitches. How can your small business compete?
Join entrepreneur and best selling author Ramon Ray as he shares why the power of social content marketing - selling with education is the best way to sell. You'll leave this presentation with a better appreciation of how to leverage the tools you already have to boost sales and build loyalty with your customers. (Aired on 7/16/15)
FREE How To Launch & Grow a Business Blog   (Sales & Marketing)
Screw the quality vs. quantity debate and stop worrying about the number of slots on your publishing calendar! Launching and growing a business blog today is far more than filling a pipeline or perfecting your writing chops – it entails visualizing information, optimizing conversions, and fueling the virality of unique ideas.
In this session, Anum Hussain, growth marketer for Sidekick by Hubspot, will cover how to launch a blog with growth hacking, user experience, and content design in mind. You'll walk away knowing: ..... How to conduct audience research ..... Tips for optimizing your content ..... Ways to grow your blog subscribers. (Aired on 8/6/15)
FREE Find Your Audience and Build Your Brand Through Content Marketing   (Sales & Marketing)
In today’s digital landscape, you’re fighting for your customers’ time and attention not only against other products, but also their friends, family, and favorite celebrities. How can a small business compete? Content marketing can be a way to cut through the noise —by providing materials that your customers truly want and seek out.
Content marketing can help you to build your reputation, establish your expertise, and strengthen your relationship with your customers. In this webinar, digital marketing strategist Zontee Hou will explore the ways in which you can develop blog posts, videos, ebooks, infographics, and other content pieces to support your business every day. She’ll also discuss how you can use social media and email marketing to get the most value out of these content pieces.
Bringing her experience working with businesses large (technology, finance, tourism) and small (independent boutiques, non-profits, start-ups), Zontee will take you through real-life examples of smart content marketing executions, as well as through constructs and exercises you can do for yourself. (Aired on 7/22/15)
FREE Content, Inc: How to Launch a Content-First Business   (Sales & Marketing)
In the future, thousands of businesses from around the globe will leverage a "content first" go-to-market strategy.
"Content first" means that entrepreneurs in companies of all sizes are first developing content brands and building audiences, and then conceiving products to sell. This business model essentially inverts the traditional approach of initially focusing on product development & sales, as having a singular focus on audience (i.e. your prospective customer!) gives the entrepreneur the best understanding of what products ultimately make the most sense to offer.
In this workshop, Joe Pulizzi, author of the new book Content Inc., details how many of today's most successful businesses are using a "content first" strategy, and how they have become some of the fastest growing businesses on the planet. Joe will also break down what you can learn from these companies, and how you can replicate their approach to grow your business.
Discover how currently established companies can transition to a “content first” strategy.
Learn how to gather audience feedback and spawn this important market intelligence into new product or service offerings.
Learn the 7-step Content Inc. process which can be the basis for your business model (Aired on 7/30/15)
FREE It's Alive! How Print Can Bring Your Business to Life   (Sales & Marketing)
In this webinar, you will learn how printed materials can help grow your small business. This webinar will show you how to engage with new clients or customers by creating a visual translation on paper that builds credibility and a reputation that will help your business become more successful. We will also discuss the effectiveness of print in social media and how that can translate to more dollars in your pocket, as well as statistical analysis of why print needs to be in your budget.
PrintSCORE mentor Simon Mahler will include creative marketing methods and ideas to implement immediately in your business using quality print concepts that will get you moving, motivated, and excited to get your business to the next level. (Aired on 9/17/15)
FREE Wolfe's Rules of Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Innovators   (Sales & Marketing)
From high-visibility, high-impact initiatives such as improving your website, to everyday tasks such as how you answer the telephone or request customer feedback, marketing is interlaced into virtually every aspect of your business. Yet, in the rush to generate sales revenue, many entrepreneurs underestimate its importance, hoping to become the 1-in-a-1000 businesses that take off due to word-of-mouth referrals.
Wolfe's Rules of Marketing and Innovation will cover: ..... The difference between marketing and sales ..... Why marketing, not sales, is the starting point for businesses to make it ..... The risk of cutting back on marketing to preserve cash flow ..... The best ways to invest profits back into the marketing of your business ..... How to manage equity stakes to grow your business. (Aired on 1/7/16)
FREE 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Business Online   (Sales & Marketing)
When it comes to online marketing, are you wondering if there's something that you're missing? Wondering if there's something you could be doing better? No worries. You're not alone. From domain names to websites to social media, many small business owners worry that they're not getting it right. After all, there's an awful lot to think about.
Join us for our upcoming webinar where Internet experts Verisign and GoDaddy will walk through 7 common errors that small businesses make when setting up shop online. They'll reveal overlooked marketing tips to help you get more out of the Internet for your business. You know, so you can get back to doing what you do best: making something awesome happen. (Aired on 10/22/15)
FREE Strategies to Boost Your Sales   (Sales & Marketing)
Accelerating Your Business Growth Webinar Series: Part 2 ..... Learn how to accelerate sales by expanding your distribution channels, building and motivating your sales team, benchmarking, and using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage and retain customers.
Guest Speaker: Carleton Smith is the former Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Harris Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with worldwide operations. During his forty year business career, he managed turnarounds, acquisitions and mergers, and worldwide sales and marketing for companies and divisions in difficult markets with demanding customers and tough competitors. (Aired on 11/10/15)
FREE Top 25 Easy Ways to Update Your Marketing Materials & Digital Media for 2016   (Sales & Marketing)
There are many creative ways small businesses can refresh and enhance their printed marketing materials in a cost-effective manner. During this webinar, you will learn simple tips and tricks you can do yourself to make your printed collateral more impactful.
There are many resources you can find online that offer free business templates that you can customize and print yourself such as brochures, business cards and flyers. Additionally, simple tweaks to your existing web and social presence can make all the difference in standing out from the crowd and in positioning yourself above the competition.
Prepare your business for the new year with actionable steps you can take to improve your brand and image through updated marketing materials. (Aired on 11/12/15)
FREE Marketing on a Shoestring   (Sales & Marketing)
In this engaging, informative webinar, USA TODAY columnist Steve Strauss shares a dozen ways to grow your business - without breaking the bank! Everything from new digital options like pay-per-click and content marketing to some old-school ideas like contests and co-op advertising and will be covered.
Discover some great, new, affordable ways to market your business in 2016 with the country's leading small business expert! (Aired on 1/14/16)
FREE Free Publicity - Get Buzz and Attention in the Media   (Sales & Marketing)
How can your business can get the attention of local and national media? It's not hard! It just takes strategy and creativity.
Presenter Ramon Ray has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journey, Inc Magazine and beyond. In this webinar, he'll share his secret sauce for getting the media talking about YOU and your product or service.
Businesses who get media attention build credibility and quickly extend their brand reach faster than simple word of mouth marketing or other marketing. Attendees will leave this insightful, energized and practical presentation with specific tools and best practices to get the attention of local and national media. (Aired on 1/28/16)
FREE How To Increase Revenue and Close More Deals by Outsourcing Your Sales   (Sales & Marketing)
Do you know what "outsourced selling" is? If you are an entrepreneur, or have a great idea to sell, you need to know!
Charles Cohon, CEO and President of the Manufacturers' Agents National Association is an expert on Outsourced Selling. In this webinar he will teach you how to best utilize this cost-effective and productive sales strategy.
Join us to learn about these valuable topics: ..... What exactly is "outsourced sales?" ..... Why do outsourced sales forces often earn more trust from customers than a direct salesperson? ..... How do I select an outsourced sales force?
Cohon will draw from examples of companies who have successfully outsourced their sales forces. At the end of this presentation you will have a fundamental understanding on how to build a lasting relationship with outsourced sales forces that that may be on your team for years, but will never be on your payroll. (Aired on 2/25/16)
FREE Power Networking to Generate Sales and Make Relevant Connections   (Sales & Marketing)
Networking, in person and one to one, is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of marketing & growing your business. A good networker is able to quickly share who they are while also listening and learning about who the other person is. Networking is a great way to build your in-person peer group, find your next hire, connect with your next client or engage a future partner. (Aired on 8/4/16)
FREE Help Your Business Say "Hola" to the $1.5 Trillion Hispanic Economy   (Sales & Marketing)
Already valued today at $1.5 trillion, the buying power of Hispanics and Latinos is projected to be the fastest growing economy in the United States during the next five years. Yet most small businesses fail to fully tap this opportunity. SCORE mentor Edison Guzman will showcase ways you can recast your marketing, so people of Hispanic origin know, like and trust your business. And in the process, they will become prized customers.
Guzman's principles apply regardless of your target market. All cultures and people with different ethnic backgrounds have slightly different psychographics, yet they all respond to similar psychological triggers. The webinar will focus on Hispanics as a cultural niche and address the many ways a business owner can appeal to them. (Aired on 4/26/16)
FREE Run Your Business Like a Bike Shop   (Sales & Marketing)
You did it. You took the leap. You've been working on your own. You have customers who aren’t related to you. You, my friend, are an Entrepreneur — Capital E!
Now, what's next? How do you find more customers? How do you market yourself and make sure you'll always have the skills you need to keep up? Well, here's how: Run your business like a bike shop! Create community. Hold group rides (so to speak). Establish yourself as an expert.man in a bike shop
There's some great stuff happening at bicycle shops all around the world. Tap into it during this webinar sponsored by Verisign and GoDaddy. Learn the importance of personal relationships in growing your business in a digital world. (Aired on 4/28/16)
FREE The Power of the Inbox - The Right Ways to Do Email Marketing   (Sales & Marketing)
Have you purchased a product after clicking on an enticing email? Then you've experienced what it's like when email marketing is done right!
Constant Contact's Stephen Robinson will present a primer on effective email marketing, including what it is (and isn't) and what it can do for your business. Robinson will offer expert tips and techniques to improve your open-rates, click-throughs and, ultimately, conversions and sales.
This is the first of a two-part webinar series presented by Constant Contact. In the second installment on January 10, 2017, Stephen will identify how to create compelling email content-- on an on-going basis.
Together these two webinars will help you unlock the "Power of the Inbox." (Aired on 12/8/16)
FREE Use Online Reviews to Attract New Customers - and Keep Existing Ones Happy   (Sales & Marketing)
As fast as they can press “submit,” your customers are telling the world about your business on highly-trafficked review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Google+ and dozens of others.
Positive reviews will drive new customers to your business while negative ones may send them looking elsewhere for your product or service.
This SCORE webinar tackles both topics. Presenter Daniel Lemin, one of the nation's most widely-respected experts on the online reviews and ratings industry, shows how to establish and promote your company’s presence on review sites, and then covers how to manage and monitor a positive reputation online. (Aired on 6/29/16)
FREE Retail Revelations: How Local Businesses Can Compete – and Win – in the Amazon Era   (Sales & Marketing)
With so many customers gravitating to lower prices offered on the internet, it’s paramount for local retailers and specialty stores to nurture customer loyalty with fabulous in-store shopping experiences and to prudently manage their markups, inventory and turnover.
In this webinar, Ritchie Sayner, a SCORE mentor and successful retail consultant, offers ways local retailers can increase in-store sales and run more profitable businesses despite competition from goliaths such as Amazon, Zappos, and other online markets. (Aired on 7/20/16)
FREE Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Blog Subscriber List   (Sales & Marketing)
The internet is cluttered with advice on how to grow your blog email list. Meanwhile, startups and small businesses are struggling to allot the time, resources and budget to a full blog strategy. How can we afford to write new content weekly? Wait, there's more to running a blog than just writing words?
In this webinar, presented in partnership with Staples, you'll learn how to optimize and automate your content marketing to save your team time while building a truly efficient and effective content engine.
During this session you’ll learn how to: ..... Apply the principles of top growth teams to your content funnel ..... Create an onboarding process that increases long-term subscriber retention ..... Run unsubscribe campaigns that yield a healthier, more engaged email list. (Aired on 7/26/16)
FREE 6 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Blogging   (Sales & Marketing)
Did you know that a blog can help increase your SEO, help you make connections with others within your industry, and act as a vehicle for customer satisfaction? Learn how a well-planned blog can help grow your business. Plus discover tools to help you plan your content calendar, optimize headlines, and promote your posts.
In this webinar, you'll learn: ..... Ways to position your blog and generate business from it ..... How to optimize content for SEO and social shares ..... Best practices for blogging ..... Content planning tools ..... Examples of successful small business blogs. (Aired on 8/23/16)
FREE Finding & Funneling Customers to Fuel Your Business Growth   (Sales & Marketing)
It seems simple enough. Convert prospects -- to leads -- to customers and your business will be on its way! But doing so on an on-going, sustained basis presents a challenge to new and established businesses alike.
During this SCORE Webinar, Danielle Tate, founder of MissNowMrs.com & best-selling author of Elegant Entrepreneur, shares insights and examples to develop a successful marketing strategy to build your customer base and maximize profit.
Danielle will cover: ..... Understanding & creating your sales funnel ..... Driving sales through the funnel process ..... Leveraging the value of repeat customers ..... Maximizing revenue per customer. (Aired on 11/17/16)
FREE Which CRM System is Right for Your Business?   (Sales & Marketing)
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems aren't just for big businesses anymore. Smaller companies are reaping the rewards through better sales, service and marketing management. Dozens of CRM systems are available, so which one is best for your business?
During this webinar, CRM and small business expert Gene Marks will identify: ..... Ways a CRM system increases sales, productivity and profit ..... What to look for in a good CRM system ..... Major features and pricing of the leading mainstream systems available today ..... The "three laws" for CRM success. (Aired on 11/30/16)
FREE Sharing Your Business Story Through Video   (Sales & Marketing)
The mission of online video platforms is to give everybody a voice and share that voice to the world.
In this session, Corissa Saint Laurent, a speaker for Google’s Get Your Business Online team, will explain how to get the most out of your small business' story and share it through video.
You will learn: ..... How to identify your audience ..... The golden rules of content creation ..... How to conceptualize, script and produce a video. (Aired on 12/5/17)
FREE The Power of the Inbox - What to Say, and How to Say It   (Sales & Marketing)
"Location, location, location" is critical for marketing your brick and mortar store, but successful email marketing relies on "content, content, content." What you say and how you say it (tone, date & time, frequency) create the foundation for attracting and engaging your audience.
Constant Contact's Stephen Robinson will offer detailed tips for creating content, such as: ..... How many links create the most engagement ..... How to turn questions into high open-rate subject lines ..... Use of graphics, pictures and video to make your emails interesting and share-worthy ..... Re-purposing of content across multiple platforms and more.
This is the second part of the "Power of the Inbox" webinar series. In Part 1, The Right Ways to Do Email Marketing, Stephen covered the basics of effective email marketing. Together, these two webinars will give you the insights, structure and tools to make your email marketing fast, easy and effective. (Aired on 1/11/17)
FREE The How, Why and ROI of Social Selling   (Sales & Marketing)
Are you struggling to generate sales from your social media efforts? "Technology Therapist" Jennifer Shaheen can help. In this webinar, she will discuss the strategies that work — and the hype to avoid — so that the time and effort your company invests in social selling generates more leads, prospects and customers. Join us to learn: ..... Which social platforms are best for your business ..... How to extend social selling beyond social media ..... What tools you need to be successful ..... Why it's important to train your staff to sell in a social world ..... How to track the return on your time investment. (Aired on 1/26/17)
FREE Up Your Game with Social Selling   (Sales & Marketing)
Are you using social media for your small business but not seeing results? In this webinar, Martha O'Gorman, one of the founders of Liberty Tax Service and now its Chief Marketing Officer, details the "social selling" process.
She will teach you: ..... How to use your social networks to connect with prospects and provide value before, during and after the sales process ..... How to earn to leverage LinkedIn and Facebook to find potential customers ..... How to ncrease your sale pipeline at little or no cost. (Aired on 3/9/17)
FREE How to Grow and Manage Your Email List   (Sales & Marketing)
Growing your email list is one of the most important things to do for your business. In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into the most important elements of your email list: ..... List Creation: Get started with the basics of creating a list ..... List Building: Learn how to grow your list through traditional and more creative ways ..... List Management: Understand best practices when it comes to managing your list ..... List Segmentation: Have a look at segmentation, why you need it, and how to do it effectively.
It’s everything you need to know to make 2017 BIG for email list growth. (Aired on 1/25/17)
FREE 3 Essential Steps to Building a Powerhouse Online Brand   (Sales & Marketing)
Join this webinar to learn how to create a powerful and lasting online brand.
Presenter Brett Napoli, founder of the web development and media firm Ambition Insight, explains how to understand your customer and create valuable content and images to attract them.
Brett will also cover: ..... How to create an eye-catching logo and website ..... Ways to create and publish SEO-friendly content on an on-going basis ..... Other tips to make your brand, content, social media and online marketing efforts stand out. (Aired on 2/21/17)
FREE Take Your Ecommerce Business To The Next Level   (Sales & Marketing)
Many ecommerce businesses need a jolt to jumpstart massive growth. If yours is one of them, watch this webinar to help your online business grow, take more market share and sell more products and services.
Ecommerce expert John Lawson will guide you through roadmaps to four core growth strategies that will take your online business to the next level.
Sponsored by FedEx®, this webinar will cover: ..... New ways to broaden your customer base ..... How to maximize reach using "Influencer Marketing" ..... The latest tactics for effective conversion design ..... How to design Facebook ecommerce conversion funnels. (Aired on 3/1/17)
FREE Don’t Let Marketing Bite You: 4 Ways to Reach More Customers   (Sales & Marketing)
Finding new customers is a top priority for small business owners, but is often costly and time consuming.
In this session, you’ll learn how Deluxe helped Robert Herjavec’s Shark Tank investments solve their biggest marketing challenges, including: ..... How to reach new customers using Facebook ..... How to attract more web traffic and increase online sales ..... How to cost-effectively reach existing customers ..... How to use free online listings to get found locally. (Aired on 4/25/17)
FREE How to Generate Direct Revenue from Your Marketing Program   (Sales & Marketing)
Most global organizations develop their marketing departments to maximize reach and frequency and then describe the value of our products and services. This is a failed model.
What if your marketing could create such a value for your consumers that it begins to pay for itself?
In this entertaining presentation, Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi will detail how you can transform your marketing organization into a true profit center.
You'll learn how to: ..... Create valuable subscribers that opt-in to your content ..... Develop a content destination as an asset for the organization ..... Monetize the content asset and generate direct and indirect revenues ..... Take the steps necessary to start this change in your company. (Aired on 5/25/17)
FREE Improve Your Email Marketing with Automation   (Sales & Marketing)
While newsletters and one-off campaigns are an important part of your email marketing strategy, to get the most out of your email marketing you should be taking advantage of automated email campaigns. Automated emails that are triggered off of a user’s actions are timely, personalized, and relevant.
During this webinar we will look at: ..... When to use automated email campaigns ..... What kind of events should trigger an automated campaign ..... The types of content that work well for an automated campaign. (Aired on 6/14/17)
FREE How to Write Your Email Content in 15 Minutes or Less   (Sales & Marketing)
As part of National Small Business Week, SCORE and the SBA invite you to attend this time saving webinar. ..... Struggling to find the words, images and the right calls-to-action that make the biggest impact with your email marketing?
With just about 15 minutes and an easy-to-follow formula, you can kick writer’s block to the curb and be confident that you’ll know exactly what to say to create an effective email marketing message.
Join us for a free workshop where you will receive: ..... A worksheet to help you write your marketing email in 15 minutes or less and advice on how to use it ..... Guidance on keeping your email marketing focused on your business goals ..... A simple checklist to reference before you hit send ..... An opportunity to ask questions and interact with our workshop presenters. (Aired on 5/4/17)
FREE Digital Marketing Demystified (The Best Darn Digital Marketing Session Ever!)   (Sales & Marketing)
What do you really need for a strong marketing strategy for your small business?
In this session, digital marketing icon Ron Cates will cover the core elements of a successful marketing strategy, taking into consideration the budget and time constraints of running a small business. Low cost and no cost online marketing tools that are simple and effective will be emphasized, along with strategies to use them together to amplify each other and save time.
This webinar will be the keynote presentation at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE How To Grow Your Startup Sales Funnel in 7 Steps   (Sales & Marketing)
How can you grow your startup sales funnel without breaking the bank?
In this webinar, Tom Fanelli will share cutting edge tactics that drive a high return on investment. Attendees will learn how to find, engage and convert their audience into customers using: ..... Social media ..... Content creation ..... Content marketing tactics ..... Remarketing techniques. This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Omnichannel Marketing for Small Businesses   (Sales & Marketing)
What is Omnichannel, and why should you care? Omnichannel means creating an experience for your customers that is personalized, frictionless, and continuous across channels, formats, locations and devices. It means thinking about the total set of a customer's interactions with your business, so that you can provide contextually relevant content and functionality to meet users where they are.
In this webinar, we will cover: ..... The value of developing an omnichannel strategy for your business ..... How to get started with creating an omnichannel experience ..... Some examples of smaller business harnessing the power of omnichannel
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Online Marketing Tricks Sure to Get You More Customers   (Sales & Marketing)
If you want to attract new customers to your business, you need to go where they are, and increasingly these days, that means online.
In this lively webinar, USA TODAY columnist Steve Strauss shares the top 5 ways to digitally market your business, including: ..... Website tips and tricks ..... Paid and organic search ..... Content marketing magic ..... Social media do’s and don'ts.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Easy & Affordable DIY Infographics for Your Business   (Sales & Marketing)
Infographics are powerful marketing tools as they are visually appealing, unique and shareable. They are an effective way to educate, inform and engage existing and potential customers.
Best of all, they can be surprisingly affordable and simple to make (even without design experience and expensive software.)
Not sure where to start? Join us, and you'll learn: ..... Simple ways to communicate visually with your customers ..... How to generate ideas for an infographic ..... The 7 most common types of infographics ..... Best practices for infographic design ..... How infographics can promote your business, while driving referral traffic and backlinks. (Aired on 7/11/17)
FREE Optimize Your Business - 12 Ways Automation Technology Can Improve Your Sales and Marketing   (Sales & Marketing)
Are you taking advantage of the digital technologies available to help you save time and money?
Digital marketing expert Jaime Nacach will focus on how to automate complex marketing and sales tasks so you can always send the right message to the right person at the right time.
You will learn: ..... Benefits of automating your sales and marketing processes ..... Software tools to automate the repetitive manual daily tasks ..... The difference between automated and manual processes ..... Marketing techniques in today’s modern world ..... Sample marketing and sales automation workflows…and more. (Aired on 8/10/17)
FREE Video Marketing Made Easy   (Sales & Marketing)
Videos are now a digital marketing must. Nearly 50% of consumers say they’ve made a purchase as a result of watching a video on social media, and video will account for over 80% of internet traffic by 2020.
But the thought of making videos can be overwhelming. Rest assured that ANYONE can create them. Expensive equipment and fancy studios are no longer a requirement.
In this session, Digital Marketing Expert Sherry Bonelli will discuss the importance of video marketing to your business. She will cover: ..... The types of videos you can create ..... How to create videos with your smartphone ..... The easy-to-use video platforms (like Belive.tv, Facebook Live and YouTube Live) you can use to engage your future customers ..... Software tools that can make your video production easy ..... Affordable gadgets that allow you to record and create videos like a pro. (Aired on 9/21/17)
FREE Essential Elements of Every Small Business Website   (Sales & Marketing)
You can no longer think about your website as a nice-looking brochure. Your website is the hub of your entire online presence, and it must function as a marketing asset.
In this webinar, Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch will cover the key features every small business website must have in the world of marketing-activated websites.
Participants will learn: ..... How to draw visitors in with a compelling promise ..... The key trust-building elements prospects look for ..... How to create a "Call to Action" that gets clicks ..... How to use content to attract search engines ..... How to build a homepage journey for your ideal client. (Aired on 8/17/17)
FREE 5 Marketing Moves You Can Make Now To Increase Your 2018 Revenues   (Sales & Marketing)
2017 is nearly over, and smart business people are already looking ahead to the next year. They’re making investments, planning out their next moves, and creating strategies to grow both sales and profits in the months ahead. Hopefully, you’re doing the same.
In this webinar, national small business columnist Gene Marks will share the marketing moves you can do right now to profit next year, including: ..... Investing in customer relationship management: What apps they’re using and what pitfalls they’re avoiding ..... Creating more online content: The best practices for starting your own video or podcast series ..... Revisiting their website and social media: The latest SEO and advertising tools and how they’re working with consultants ..... Moving towards marketing automation: The latest marketing automation technologies and how they’re generating leads ..... Establishing metrics: How data is driving their decision making and what metrics are most useful ..... And, you’ll walk away with great ideas and concrete strategies for creating a 2018 marketing plan specifically for your business. (Aired on 11/30/17)
FREE Build an Authentic Brand to Increase Your Bottom Line   (Sales & Marketing)
Branding isn’t a ‘nice-to-have,’ but a ‘must-have’ to be competitive in today’s market. Don’t get jaded by get-rich-quick-schemes and fly-by-night tactics that promise overnight results. True branding is strategic, authentic, and it impacts every facet of your business.
During this webinar with Senior Brand Advisor, Steven Picanza, you’ll learn about branding trends including: ..... How messaging and your brand’s story will impact your bottom line over bland creative ..... Why your sales funnel will either make or break your brand (and what you can do to make sure you’re not missing out) ..... How to make sure your brand and culture build equity and revenue even when you’re not in the room or in the conversation. (Aired on 9/7/17)
FREE Improve Your Online Presence to Attract More Customers   (Sales & Marketing)
Can customers easily find your small business online? And is all the information on your website, business listings, reviews and social media correct? Inaccuracy can not only be costly but detrimental to your business and reputation.
Join this webinar led by DexYP’s Emil Gondos, and learn immediate steps to build an accurate online presence.
You’ll learn: ..... What is an online presence, and why is it important to manage? ..... How to check your online data across the web (website, listing, reviews, social media) ..... How incorrect data can have a negative impact on your business ..... How to correct online business data immediately. (Aired on 9/28/17)
FREE 4 Ways to Market Your Business Locally   (Sales & Marketing)
Need tips on how to make your small business stand out in your neighborhood? Get insider marketing tips and inspiration from Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand Officer at Deluxe and creator and co-host of the acclaimed series, "Small Business Revolution – Main Street."
In this webinar, you’ll learn how small businesses like yours have reignited the spark that drives their success. Whether you own a brick and mortar business or operate out of your home, you’ll learn how to: ..... Create a website with purpose to generate more sales ..... Increase your odds of getting found online in local directories ..... Cost-effectively connect with your most valuable customers ..... Build an identity to match your unique story. (Aired on 11/21/17)
FREE Idea to Execution: How to Launch or Grow Your Small Business   (Sales & Marketing)
Are you interested in starting a business? Do you own a business and have ideas to grow your revenue or to reach a new audience? If either of these describe you, then you don’t want to miss this webinar by SCORE mentor Simon Mahler as he shows you how to turn your ideas into a reality.
Last year alone, Simon was credited with helping over 140 new business start and helping his in-business clients create more than 1,700 total jobs. In this webinar, he’ll draw from his experience and share his secrets for: ..... Testing and validating your ideas with your audience ..... Developing business plans and strategies ..... Conducting market research to set yourself apart from your competitors ..... Finding the right team to help you achieve your goals ..... Reaching new customers online and in your local community
This is the ultimate must-see webinar for anyone starting a business or creating new plans for their business. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE The Power of the Campaign   (Sales & Marketing)
Campaigns aren’t just for elections! Well-crafted marketing campaigns help businesses maintain focus and momentum throughout the year, and they keep messaging on track in a consistent fashion that builds brands.
If you want to attract more business and see your regular customers more often, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn the proven techniques to keep customers excited and engaged. This includes both traditional and digital elements to extend your brand’s reach and raise your visibility in your marketplace.
You will learn: ..... What a marketing campaign is – the essential elements required for success ..... How campaigns fit within an overall marketing strategy ..... How long a campaign lasts, and how many you need each year ..... Powerful promotion techniques that generate genuine customer excitement for your campaigns.
This webinar is a part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE Succeeding in a Micro-Moments World   (Sales & Marketing)
Connecting with customers at the exact moment they need you creates new opportunities in a mobile-first world.
In this webinar, Matt Weber, a member of Google’s Get Your Business Online team, discusses the importance of your business being present from the moment someone finds you online to the moment they become a customer.
He will review how to: ..... Identify your potential customers’ micro-moments ..... Improve mobile experiences to engage your customers ..... Deliver mobile content tailored to your audience.
This webinar is part of our November 9th Small Business Success Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE 3 Steps To Building A Profitable Digital Brand   (Sales & Marketing)
Do you have a business that needs a stronger digital presence? Do you want to quickly build an online following without all the confusion and frustration? Or are you looking to get more customers, build your client list, and close more deals?
In this presentation, you’re going to discover a PROCESS for creating a PROFITABLE digital brand. This is going to immediately help you grow your business or organization.
What you'll discover: ..... How to create more awareness about your offerings ..... Tools for managing social media accounts, collecting emails, and securing your brand name ..... “Order of operations” for building an audience around your offering and converting them into customers. ..... How to streamline your content creation for total efficiency without sacrificing quality ..... Options for when you're ready to monetize your digital brand and have it pay for itself
This webinar is a part of our November 9th Small Business Success Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE How to Get High-Paying Clients   (Sales & Marketing)
Why work for low-paying clients when, for the same amount of work, you can have high-paying clients? In this lively and valuable webinar, USA TODAY’s small business columnist Steve Strauss will show you how and where to find bigger, better and higher-paying clients and customers.
Additionally, you will learn how to: ..... Pitch to high-paying clients ..... Convince them to say yes ..... Leverage them into even more high-paying clients.
Join for what is sure to be a great way to make more money in 2018! (Aired on 1/11/18)
FREE Digital Marketing Trends in 2018   (Sales & Marketing)
Digital marketing is changing thanks to widespread ownership of smartphones, ever-increasing data and video streaming, combined with a cultural desire for digestible and personalized content. Do you know which trends will impact YOUR organization in 2018?
Join us as we explore the top trends that small businesses should be paying attention to and some simple ideas for incorporating them into your overall marketing strategy.
By the end of this session, you’ll have a cutting edge on: ..... Marketing Automation ..... Content Marketing ..... Video ..... Mobile. (Aired on 1/23/18)
FREE Uncover the Untapped Revenue in Your Business   (Sales & Marketing)
What do Starbucks, Disney and Apple have in common with your small business? After attending this session, you will all use a similar method for taking your business to the next level.
During this webinar, Dr. Jeremy Weisz unveils a step-by-step blueprint of identifying the untapped revenue lying dormant within your business.
You will discover how to: ..... Use predictable methods of generating more revenue while creating a consistent flow of clients. ..... Quickly shift from one-client-at-a-time work, to serving many clients at once. ..... Ethically “borrow” from big name companies so your product offerings match theirs. ..... Effortlessly convert prospective clients into your higher-level offerings. ..... Position yourself as a top, trusted expert, and make it easy for customers to say “Yes.” (Aired on 1/25/18)
FREE The Fundamentals of Selling B2B   (Sales & Marketing)
Early and mid-stage businesses live or die on their ability to close deals consistently and predictably.
In this session, you'll learn a powerful framework and methodology for B2B selling from author, serial entrepreneur and investor Joe Abraham.
You'll discover: ..... How to "read" people using a behavioral framework and pre-determine buying tendencies and hot buttons ..... What to say - and what NOT to say - in networking and selling situations ..... The secret weapon to get more referrals quickly from trusted advisors and influencers. (Aired on 1/16/18)
FREE Safeguarding Yourself Against Identity Theft and Fraudulent Tax Filings   (Security / Safety)
Identity theft poses a threat to individuals, as most people are well aware. But it also presents challenges to businesses and organizations which may unwittingly be the victim of the theft of employee data.
In this SCORE LIVE Webinar, presenter Martha O'Gorman with Liberty Tax Service will look at past ID theft cases and provide tips that businesses and consumers can use to better protect their personal information. (Aired on 2/23/16)
FREE Is Your Workplace Safe?   (Security / Safety)
Safety and risk reduction are critical for organizations of all sizes. They can save lives and limbs—PLUS, add to your bottom line!
In this webinar, learn how to create and implement a safe workplace culture compliant with the Department of Labor and Occupational Safety Health (OSHA) standards.
You will learn: ..... OSHA requirements and how to meet them ..... How to set up a safety committee or appoint a safety coach ..... How to manage accident investigations ..... Available technology options ..... Where to find free resources. (Aired on 1/18/18)
FREE 9 Secrets for Retail Success   (Shopping & Retail)
It’s not enough to just know how to survive in today’s ever-changing retail environment, but how to thrive.
Join this webinar, and retail expert Ritchie Sayner will walk you through the essential steps for retail success and more.
Topics covered will include: ..... How to build customer loyalty ..... The benefits of empowering your staff ..... How to better manage your inventory though the use of open-to-buy (OTB) ..... Ways to control markdowns ..... Why saying "NO" is OK. (Aired on 7/20/17)
FREE Small Business Internet Security: What are the threats and how do I protect my business?   (Technology)
With your reputation, profits and customer data at stake, make sure your start-up business is fully protected. Can your business afford to be just another cybercrime statistic?
Join AVG, the small business security specialist for just 30 minutes and they'll tell you how to ensure your startup is fully protected.
FREE Get Your Website Online in 5 Easy Steps   (Technology)
With all of the hats you wear managing your business, getting a website up and running can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s easier than you think. Join us for this 1 hour webinar that takes the mystery and complexity out of building and publishing your website. Go Daddy Web Experts will take the “tech” out of website building and help you understand the basics you need to get started; how to choose a good website name; cost-effective options for building your site; the key elements of a successful website.
FREE SEO for Small Businesses, What Google Wants   (Technology)
Your website is the most important marketing tool your business has, but without an effective SEO strategy no one is going to see it.
In this webinar, Deluxe product expert Brad Keys will walk you through the process of making sure that your website is easy to find online to boost website traffic and generate leads, while following Google's rules. (Aired on 2/28/17)
FREE 10 Things Every Website Must Have To Drive Sales   (Technology)
Whether you already have a website, or you’re looking to build one, hear from Shawn Pfunder on the top 10 things your website MUST HAVE to turn visitors into customers. Join us for this 45 minute workshop to learn .... What every home page should and shouldn’t have .... How to establish credibility (and trust) with your visitors, instantly .... How to turn your website into a lead generation machine.
FREE Online Presence Options for Today's Small Business   (Technology)
The advantages the Internet offers are exponential and can help a small business not only get off the ground, but thrive in a competitive marketplace. But what’s the best way for you to establish an online presence? Is a website right for your business? Or are there other ways that better fit your needs?
In this webinar, sponsored by Verisign, we’ll take you through three options you can leverage – professional email using a branded domain name, web forwarding to an alternative web presence such as social media, and creation of a business website. By the end you’ll understand the ins and outs for these three options, as well as their importance in helping you gain credibility and exposure to your prospective customers.
The goal is to equip you with the information you need to determine an online presence strategy that’s right for your business.
FREE 10 Tips For Building a Business-Class Website   (Technology)
Even with the dominance of social media in today’s marketplace, websites are still one of the most important communication tools a business can possess. It’s often the central hub through which you communicate with customers and let the world in general know about your business.
The challenge for many businesses – for those who have websites and for the few who do not – is creating a “Business Class Website”. This means a website that is not just an online business card, but a powerful asset used for business communication, sales, or some other strategic business purpose. There are many things you can do to optimize your website. You can add all sorts of fluff and fancy features, but if the core of your website is not good, the entire website will look bad. If you focus on 10 basics of website design, your website will succeed - helping you attract new business and retain existing customers.
Join us on this webinar to walk through the key concepts of having a great, business-class website.
FREE Getting Found Online: Website and SEO Strategies for Your Small Biz   (Technology)
Don’t let your small business get lost in the world wide web. Edison R. Guzman, SCORE Volunteer and owner of A&E Advertising and Web Design, will help you harness the power of the internet. You’re no longer competing with the businesses in your area, but around the world. Get found first on Google and other search engines. Become a trending topic on social media. Maximize your internet presence without stretching out your budget.
FREE SEO Unplugged: What is SEO and Smart Tips for Managing Yours   (Technology)
Search Engine Optimization doesn't have to be complicated and costly. There are several steps you can take to improve your search engine rankings that don't require experts and funds. Join us for this 1 hour workshop to learn what you can do today to help customers find you online.
FREE Computer Scams, Fraud and Espionage: How Cyber Crime Can Destroy Your Business   (Technology)
Hackers have become smarter and better organized, developing more complex ways to attack businesses and evade detection. Unlike large companies, with in-house technical expertise and sophisticated security infrastructure, small businesses may not be able to survive a cyber attack, with nearly 60% of businesses closing within six months of a hack. Understanding what these attacks look like, how they behave, the data they are after and how you can defend against them may be the key to keeping your business, employees and customers safe.
This webinar will provide you with guidance on the steps to take to ensure you are protected from all angles of cyber crime. You will also receive a handy, step-by-step checklist to help you focus on the most vulnerable areas of your digital business.
FREE How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Needs & Budget   (Technology)
Inkjet or laser? Single-function or multifunction? Color or black & white? ..... Printers are a necessity for almost every business. What may seem like a minor investment could cost you more in the long run if you don’t make the right selection. But how do you choose? With the incredible selection of printers available, this may seem like a daunting task.
But it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar sponsored by Brother International, we’ll make it easy for you to identify your needs and narrow down your choices. (Aired on 4/17/14)
FREE Google Analytics Beginners: How to Measure Your Homepage Design and Success   (Technology)
Before you tackle a website redesign, use Google Analytics to determine what components of your current website are a success and which need a makeover. In this webinar learn how to: Decipher In-Page Analytics data ... Analyze bounce rate on your homepage ... Measure visitor performance on mobile. (Aired on 6/3/14)
FREE Cyber Crime 101: What to Look For   (Technology)
Hackers have become smarter and better organized, developing more complex ways to attack businesses and evade detection. ..... Unlike large companies, with in-house technical expertise and sophisticated security infrastructure, small businesses may not be able to survive a cyber-attack, with nearly 60% of businesses closing within six months of a hack. Understanding what these attacks look like, how they behave, the data they are after and how you can defend against them may be the key to keeping your business, employees and customers safe.
This webinar will provide you with guidance on the steps to take to ensure you are protected from all angles of cybercrime. You will also receive a handy, step-by-step checklist to help you focus on the most vulnerable areas of your digital business. (Aired on 6/19/14)
FREE Content is King   (Technology)
Creating content for their websites has suddenly become a “must” for small business owners. This Webinar will explain ... Why creating content is critical for small business owners ... ContentHow creating content can help your search engine rankings ... Creating content: Should you DIY? ... Generating content ideas ... Where to find good content ... Content rules: How to write ... Best ways to promote your content. (Aired on 6/26/14)
FREE Google Analytics Beginners: How to Measure Social Media   (Technology)
Even the most established social accounts should be conducting regular social media audits to determine which channels are working and which aren’t. In this webinar, gain the following takeaways from Google Analytics: ... How to measure social referrals across multiple platforms ... Measure social performance by day to uncover best posting times ... Web TrafficDetermine most popular tweets to find ideal tweet type ... Create a social analytics dashboard. (Aired on 6/20/14) (Aired on 6/20/14)
FREE Google Analytics Beginners: How to Setup and Measure Conversion Goals   (Technology)
If you already understand how many user are on your site, what your most popular page are and what social networks are performing the best—good job! But do you know how many are completing the actions you want, like downloading resources, completing a contact us form or accessing special offers? In this webinar learn how to set up conversion goals such as: ... How many users downloaded a resource? ... How many users spent time browsing my site? ... How many users visited multiple pages on my website? (Aired on 6/27/14)
FREE Building a Website Made Easy   (Technology)
If you’ve been on the fence about building a website for your business, there’s no reason to wait any longer. In this webinar sponsored by Verisign, you’ll learn about the essentials of a website, how to approach the process, and get a live, hands-on demonstration building a website using a popular, free website building tool. With these tips, making your business Internet Official is within reach for any small business owner. (Aired on 9/18/14)
FREE Creating Content for Your Website in Stress- Free Chunks   (Technology)
In this webinar, GoDaddy's Shawn Pfunder will show you how to quickly create amazing content for your small business website without raising your blood pressure at the same time. You'll learn tips and tricks for writing compelling calls to actions, headlines, descriptions and more in manageable chunks of time. You don't want to miss this one! (Aired on 12/11/14)
FREE How to Build a Rockin' Web Presence on a Shoestring   (Technology)
Have you dreamed of having an impressive Web presence to attract more customers? Does your current online presence leave you wanting more - or maybe just overwhelmed - but you’re not sure how to sort it out? The good news is you don’t need to do everything - you just need to do the right things.
In this webinar sponsored by Verisign, small business guru, Anita Campbell will use the 80-20 rule to cut through the confusing hype and give you a step-by-step road map for organizing your thinking.
You’ll be able to get started immediately, no matter what size your company or budget, using these practical pointers that cover: ..... how to assess what you need for your Web presence ..... how to choose and use domain names to your benefit ..... the pros and cons of using website builder tools versus hiring a professional ..... how to get online in a few hours and a few dollars, and end up with a world-class website ..... how to easily maintain a website. (Aired on 3/12/15)
FREE Which Cloud Systems Does Your Small Business Really Need?   (Technology)
Yes, by now you know that the cloud is the "next big thing" and that you are supposed to migrate your business systems there. Easier "said" than "done" sometimes though, right? So the question really is, which cloud systems are actually essential for your small business?
In this webinar sponsored by Microsoft, USA TODAY Senior Small Business Columnist Steve Strauss shares actionable advice, top tips, and smart strategies that will help you understand which cloud systems are essential for your small business – and which are not. (Aired on 6/11/15)
FREE The 5 Bedrocks of Building an Effective Online Presence   (Technology)
What are the pieces that are needed to help your online business be an immense success? It begins, of course, with offering a product or services that customers need and want to buy. But without a well-developed web strategy, your online business may not achieve its full potential in terms of visitors and revenue.
Join this SCORE LIVE Webinar sponsored by AT&T Small Business to learn about the five factors which need to be integrated into a successful – and profitable – online presence. ..... Credible website design ..... Online directories and reviews ..... Search engine rankings ..... Social media ..... Mobile. (Aired on 11/19/15)
FREE How to Get Discovered Online With or Without a Website   (Technology)
Although a website is an anchor for many companies to conduct business online, it’s not the only way for prospective customers to discover your company and make a buying-decisions. In fact, in many cases, your website may be the last place where people first find your company.
Social networks, SEO/SEM, offline media, and your local presence all serve to introduce your company to interested-customers. And while an impressive, effective website is all-important, so too, is investing in other ways for customers to discover your company.
Participants in this SCORE LIVE Webinar (presented by partnership with Staples) will learn how-to: ..... Identify the best online networks to help people find your company faster and easier ..... Find the right social network for your business to attract customers ..... Develop a local presence that invites prospective customers to your business ..... Use offline and online media to position yourself as the expert in your field. (Aired on 12/8/15)
FREE 12 Great Mobile Apps That Will Grow Your Business In 2016   (Technology)
The term “smart phone” hardly begins to describe what can be done on a mobile device these days, especially for small business owners or entrepreneurs. Mobile devices, and the multitude of apps that can be run on them, are now vital tools in the fast-moving, "do-it-all-now" climate that exists in today’s business world.
During this SCORE LIVE Webinar presented in partnership with Staples, columnist, author and small business owner Gene Marks will showcase 12 great mobile apps that are must-haves for small businesses.
Please join us, as Gene will discuss: ..... The many ways mobile apps have changed the way business is done ..... How prospective customers search for and buy products via mobile apps ..... Ways companies are using mobile apps to reach new markets and facilitate sales ..... How companies may use mobile apps to improve the customer experience, and otherwise better manage & grow their businesses. (Aired on 1/12/16)
FREE Building, Bootstrapping, and Believing in Your Business Website   (Technology)
Please join us as Danielle Tate, the founder of MissNowMrs.com & author of the book, Elegant Entrepreneur, shares insights and real-life examples of how to build a successful web-based business or pivot your current website to attract more customers.
Danielle will focus on these vital topics that will help you launch, rebuild or grow your online business: ..... Basic components which are necessary for all business websites ..... Ways to set up your website so it speaks to the needs and interests of your visitors ..... How to deeply engage with your customer and convert your web traffic into more sales ..... Free or low-cost tools you can use to create or update your website (Aired on 4/7/16)
FREE Why Mobile Matters!   (Technology)
Please join this SCORE LIVE Webinar to learn what you need to know about mobile search and why mobile marketing is so important to small and medium sized businesses. It will be presented by Faith Murphy, Director of Channel Management and Small Business Sales, from Yahoo. (Aired on 3/31/16)
FREE The Decline of Magstripe Cards—and What That Means for Your Business   (Technology)
National Small Business Week Webinar ..... The payments landscape is changing. New security measures, a decline in the use of traditional magstripe cards, the switch to EMV chip cards and emerging technologies like contactless payments, are forcing a monumental shift in the way people pay. These changes have major implications for businesses of all sizes. Is your business prepared?
In conjunction with SBA's National Small Business Week webinar series, SCORE invites you to join Square’s Head of Business Intelligence Owen Britton Jennings and Head of Seller Education Erin Renzas for this can’t-miss webinar. They’ll break down all of the major changes in payments and what you need to do to ensure you’re ahead of the curve.
Get need-to-know information on all the major payment changes ..... Understand how consumer behavior is shifting and how to address their new needs ..... Learn how to ensure your business is prepared for upcoming trends. (Aired on 5/2/16)
FREE 11 Technology Rules for Small Business Success   (Technology)
There are many challenges facing your small business, all of which consume valuable time to understand and master. There's marketing, sales, finance, hiring and more. Figuring out how to put technology to work for your business doesn't need to be one of them!
That's what this SCORE webinar will address. Serial entrepreneur and best selling author Ramon Ray will share tips, secrets and insights on ways to properly leverage technology to run a more efficient (and more profitable) business. (Aired on 4/14/16)
FREE Cloud, Mobile, and Social: Great Apps and Services That Will Grow Your Business   (Technology)
National Small Business Week Webinar ..... Watch and learn from small business experts, Gene Marks and Ramon Ray, as they discuss the latest trends, tips, and services to help you grow, manage, and increase your profits. You’ll discover how to leverage cloud, mobile, and social technologies that will allow you to stand out from your competition.
This webinar, one in a series produced in conjunction with SBA's National Small Business Week, will also feature YP's Jeff Biesman, as all three speakers will trade off insights regarding how to use technology to achieve your business aims whatever they may be. (Aired on 5/3/16)
FREE Search Engine Marketing Tips from a Google Pro   (Technology)
The consumer journey continues to change in an unprecedented digital world. Learn how marketers, advertisers and business owners can continue to reach the right customers in the moments that matter: when they are actively shopping for your product or service or just gathering information for future buying decisions.
Dex Media has teamed up with Google for this vital webinar on the newest ways small businesses are using paid search to acquire new leads and customers. (Aired on 8/25/16)
FREE Domain Names: Use Them For Crying Out Loud!   (Technology)
It’s 2016, and over 60% of small businesses still don’t have a website. Yet 64% of consumers prefer to buy from businesses they can contact online. Shocking, we know!
In this webinar, one of six sessions during SCORE's October 27 virtual conference, Power Up Your Small Biz: Technology Trends, Mark Medina of DreamHost, will explain how something as simple as a domain name can be one of the most powerful tools a small business can have, and how it can be immediately put to use to make your business even stronger. (Aired on 10/27/16)
FREE Are You Missing the Mobile Revolution?   (Technology)
Mobile is not just about optimizing your website anymore—though that is vitally important. In addition, small businesses need to be concerned about mobile sales, marketing, email and payment. For instance, did you know the overwhelming majority of emails are opened on mobile devices, yet only a small percentage of emails are optimized for mobile viewing. Or that next year will be a “benchmark year for m-commerce sales”?
This webinar, presented during SCORE's October 27 virtual conference, Power Up Your Small Biz: Technology Trends, will convince small business owners who haven’t signed on yet to join the mobile revolution! Speaker Rieva Lesonsky will explain the importance of mobile to being found online, show them how to convince consumers to buy more from their phones and how to market their businesses for mobile consumption. (Aired on 10/27/16)
FREE The State of Search 2017   (Technology)
Google is constantly changing, so what can you expect in the new year? Find out the new trends in Google search and how business owners and marketers can optimize their PPC strategies to reach their prospective customers.
Top Takeaways: ..... 90% of all media interactions today are screen-based. Learn effective, integrated, multi-screen campaign management tips. ..... Understand the two distinct ways people move among screens to get stuff done, simultaneously and sequentially. ..... Learn which devices people are using at various stages of these interactions. (Aired on 3/22/17)
FREE Small Business Cyber Security Preparedness 101   (Technology)
How ready is your business when it comes to cyber security threats? Hiscox’s 2017 Cyber Readiness Report reveals that small businesses face unique threats when it comes to cyber security.
Join us as Hiscox’s Dan Burke provides an overview of the report’s findings and offers practical recommendations for those businesses that still have work to do when it comes to preparing for cyber risk. (Aired on 2/9/17)
FREE Increase Revenue and Profits with Electronic Payment Technology   (Technology)
Increased revenue, more customers, cost savings and strengthened security are just some of the benefits of accepting electronic payments.
Learn how to get the most value from your system when Pat Moran, of Master Your Card, a community empowerment program sponsored by Mastercard®, covers: ..... Utilizing backend accounting capabilities ..... Taking advantage of the latest electronic payment technology. (Aired on 5/9/17)
FREE SEO in 2017: Facts, Fiction and Fundamentals   (Technology)
It's often said that SEO is "always changing," but is it really? Haven't Google and the other engines always wanted to serve up the most relevant and authoritative results?
In this webinar, SEO and content marketing veteran John Bertino will examine: ..... The fundamentals of how search engines find your business ..... How business owners can discern between the facts and fiction related to search engine optimization ..... How to protect yourself from the pervasive sales speak disseminated by alleged SEO gurus ..... Actionable strategies that that can be implemented right away. (Aired on 6/1/17)
FREE Harnessing the Power of the Internet to Make Your Small Business Shine   (Technology)
You know that your business must be found online, but how do you decide what's important?
In this webinar, Allison Chowdhury of Name.com, will identify the steps to make your business online presence stand out from your peers. She will cover: ..... How do you choose a great domain name? ..... Which social media platforms should your particular business be using? ..... How can you create a website when you know absolutely nothing about coding?
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Apps Unleashed: Grow Your Business Using Just Your Phone   (Technology)
With a smartphone or tablet you’ve got an incredibly powerful computer, communication device and online marketing tool... in your pocket! There are hundreds of free (or very inexpensive) apps at your disposal that can drive sales, improve communication with your customers, and market your business.
Join Ron Cates, digital marketing icon and renowned app expert, as he highlights and discusses the following: ..... Must-have apps (including both the newest and the obscure gems you’ve never heard of) ..... How to use apps for maximum impact ..... How to utilize apps in conjunction with your other marketing efforts to magnify results
Note: This session is designed for EVERYONE. “Beginners” will not feel lost, but “power-users” will still learn something new. (Aired on 11/16/17)
FREE Overcoming the Four Barriers Blocking Women Entrepreneurs   (Women)
Women are starting businesses five times faster than the national average, so this webinar targets the needs of this growing group of entrepreneurs.
Danielle Tate, founder of the website MissNowMrs.com and best-selling author of Elegant Entrepreneur, shares strategies, insights and real-life examples of how to overcome the biggest barriers facing women business owners.
Danielle focuses on four topics geared for women entrepreneurs: ..... Why women should think bigger and avoid the micro niche market trap ..... Successful funding strategies for female founders ..... How to conquer risk adversity and time poverty ..... Sourcing role models and defeating self-imposed isolation. (Aired on 2/16/17)
FREE Funding Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs   (Women)
Women now own nearly 10 million small businesses in America. Women-owned firms significantly contribute to our economy's vitality, supporting more than 23 million jobs. Unfortunately, women still face unique challenges in starting and running their businesses, such as accessing capital.
In celebration of National Women's Small Business Month, please join Small Business Majority for a webinar on financial capacity and funding options to help women entrepreneurs start and build a scalable business.
Topics of discussion include: ..... Overview of women's entrepreneurship in the United States ..... Access to capital and funding options ..... Community development financial institutions, reputable online lenders, crowdfunding ..... Five C’s of Credit ..... Helpful tools and resources. (Aired on 10/5/17)
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