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FREE Unlocking VPs of Sales Secrets to Pipeline Management and Forecast Accuracy
Very few teams have an easy time calling the number, let alone actually hitting it…or beating it. In fact, CSO Insights and Accenture report that nearly 60% of forecasted deals never close.
Many teams struggle to execute during the critical opportunity-to-close process, including forecasting, which is far more than just rolling up a number -- It’s an integrated effort that involves all sales team members and leaders effectively managing their pipeline and confidently projecting where they're going to land.
Listen in to a dynamic discussion among two top VPs of Sales of fast growing organizations, laying out their secrets to success and how they drive forecast accuracy and the sales process rigor required to scale and hit their revenue goals quarter after quarter. Spoiler: it's got everything to do with deal visibility and engagement data.
By watching, you’ll gain actionable insights, including:
- How to drive visibility into the true health of the pipeline
- How to change the conversation and drive accountability
- The fundamentals of accurate forecasting. (Aired on 12/12/17)
FREE 4 Smart Ways to Find and Win New Clients
Are you frustrated with your sales results, even though you have put a lot of time, money and effort, your heart and soul into growing your revenue? Looking to grow your sales, quickly and effectively, but also prevent buyer’s remorse and keep your clients loyal?
This webinar will help you identify new ways (that you can start using right away!) to find, engage, win and keep new clients.
Here's what you will discover:
1.FIND: How to find new clients who are in the market today
2.ENGAGE: How to connect with them instantly and engage into a dialogue
3.WIN: How to remove any resistance and win new clients
4.KEEP: How to prevent buyer’s remorse and keep your clients loyal (Aired on 12/13/17)
FREE How to Get Your Sales Reps to Think Like a CEO
According to Salesforce.com, 70% of sales opportunities are closed and lost. Improving productivity of sales teams requires consideration of a host of tactics: processes, talent management, and compensation are just a few. One of the most effective ways to bring these and other factors together is to encourage sales reps to think of themselves as the CEO of their territories.
In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from Matthew Kearney, Regional Vice President of Sales at DocuSign who will share his experience fostering a business owner mindset among his sales teams.
You’ll learn what it means to have a business owner mindset and the strategies sales leaders can use help encourage it including: • Developing block and tackle skills to analyze pipeline • Prioritization strategies • How to better leverage cross-functional team members • Connecting company goals to personal success (Aired on 1/30/18)
FREE Closing Time: The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation
Negotiation is a vital and often misunderstood area of sales. Many times, good sales efforts are crippled by poor negotiation strategy and tactics, resulting in lost opportunities or lost margins. This webinar will help your sales team demystify the negotiation process, reduce or eliminate discounting, improve close rates, create better agreements for both parties, and command price premiums against competitors.
Join us for this webinar and learn strategies that will help your sales team to: ..... Recognize and increase negotiating leverage to command price premiums ..... Refocus the conversation on value ..... Increase close rates and the number of deals sold without discounts ..... Create a consistent negotiating process and strategy ..... Satisfy clients and get your full asking price ..... Up sell and cross sell additional services ..... Close in a positive win-win stance at full asking price.
Ron Hubsher is author of the acclaimed and ground-breaking book “Closing Time: The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation” which is based on his research of world-class sales organizations. (Aired on 1/24/18)
FREE How to Get High-Paying Clients
Why work for low-paying clients when, for the same amount of work, you can have high-paying clients? In this lively and valuable webinar, USA TODAY’s small business columnist Steve Strauss will show you how and where to find bigger, better and higher-paying clients and customers.
Additionally, you will learn how to: ..... Pitch to high-paying clients ..... Convince them to say yes ..... Leverage them into even more high-paying clients.
Join for what is sure to be a great way to make more money in 2018! (Aired on 1/11/18)
FREE The Fundamentals of Selling B2B
Early and mid-stage businesses live or die on their ability to close deals consistently and predictably.
In this session, you'll learn a powerful framework and methodology for B2B selling from author, serial entrepreneur and investor Joe Abraham.
You'll discover: ..... How to "read" people using a behavioral framework and pre-determine buying tendencies and hot buttons ..... What to say - and what NOT to say - in networking and selling situations ..... The secret weapon to get more referrals quickly from trusted advisors and influencers. (Aired on 1/16/18)
FREE Digital Marketing Trends in 2018
Digital marketing is changing thanks to widespread ownership of smartphones, ever-increasing data and video streaming, combined with a cultural desire for digestible and personalized content. Do you know which trends will impact YOUR organization in 2018?
Join us as we explore the top trends that small businesses should be paying attention to and some simple ideas for incorporating them into your overall marketing strategy.
By the end of this session, you’ll have a cutting edge on: ..... Marketing Automation ..... Content Marketing ..... Video ..... Mobile. (Aired on 1/23/18)
FREE Uncover the Untapped Revenue in Your Business
What do Starbucks, Disney and Apple have in common with your small business? After attending this session, you will all use a similar method for taking your business to the next level.
During this webinar, Dr. Jeremy Weisz unveils a step-by-step blueprint of identifying the untapped revenue lying dormant within your business.
You will discover how to: ..... Use predictable methods of generating more revenue while creating a consistent flow of clients. ..... Quickly shift from one-client-at-a-time work, to serving many clients at once. ..... Ethically “borrow” from big name companies so your product offerings match theirs. ..... Effortlessly convert prospective clients into your higher-level offerings. ..... Position yourself as a top, trusted expert, and make it easy for customers to say “Yes.” (Aired on 1/25/18)
FREE Marketing Your Business with a Strategic One Page Marketing Plan
If you are looking to grow your business, then you’ll need to grow your sales. Sales result from more than a wish and a prayer, you need a plan. You know that marketing your products and services is incredibly important. Whether it’s building your brand, raising awareness for your product or service or educating your prospects, you need a specific marketing plan.
Take the time to really make the changes necessary to increase the effectiveness of your marketing as well as your sales. We’ve created a one-page template and we’ll show you how to use it to increase your sales. At the seminar, you’ll learn how to: ..... Identify your ideal target markets ..... Create a unique value proposition ..... Set marketing objectives ..... Learn to test the effectiveness of your marketing plan ..... Identify the ideal marketing tools to grow your business ..... Set a realistic marketing budget ..... Create marketing strategies that result in long term results.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. (Aired on 12/6/17)
FREE Low Cost and No Cost Marketing Tools You Can Use to Grow Your Business
Increase your sales with targeted, low cost/no cost marketing tools. You will learn how to develop simple and inexpensive marketing strategies for your business. We will discuss: .... Basic marketing rules you need to know; .... How to identify your ideal target market and ways to engage them; .... How to understand your market and know your customer; .... How to identify your key differentiators; .... How to develop a simple marketing plan; .... Effective online and offline marketing tools you can start using today. (Aired on 1/30/18)
FREE Sharing Your Business Story Through Video
The mission of online video platforms is to give everybody a voice and share that voice to the world.
In this session, Corissa Saint Laurent, a speaker for Google’s Get Your Business Online team, will explain how to get the most out of your small business' story and share it through video.
You will learn: ..... How to identify your audience ..... The golden rules of content creation ..... How to conceptualize, script and produce a video. (Aired on 12/5/17)
FREE 3 Proven Paths to Higher Performance
We are in an economy that has been termed VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and within this environment the potential exists for stress to build, pressure to burst and performance to be impacted! Discover how to build and increase your relevance, resilience and resourcefulness. Understand how your own brain, in an optimal state, impacts your behavior and therefore your results. (Aired on 11/14/17)
FREE Effective Presentation Strategies for 4 Different Customer Styles
Is your customer analytical, amiable, expressive or a driver? Personality styles influence how your customer processes information and makes decisions. Adapting your presentation to your customer’s style is critical to avoid buyer disconnect, prolonging the sales cycles, or losing the deal.
In this session you’ll learn some simple, yet effective presentation strategies for successfully communicating your ideas and recommendations to different types of customers. (Aired on 11/15/17)
FREE 4 Ways to Market Your Business Locally
Need tips on how to make your small business stand out in your neighborhood? Get insider marketing tips and inspiration from Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand Officer at Deluxe and creator and co-host of the acclaimed series, "Small Business Revolution – Main Street."
In this webinar, you’ll learn how small businesses like yours have reignited the spark that drives their success. Whether you own a brick and mortar business or operate out of your home, you’ll learn how to: ..... Create a website with purpose to generate more sales ..... Increase your odds of getting found online in local directories ..... Cost-effectively connect with your most valuable customers ..... Build an identity to match your unique story. (Aired on 11/21/17)
FREE 5 Marketing Moves You Can Make Now To Increase Your 2018 Revenues
2017 is nearly over, and smart business people are already looking ahead to the next year. They’re making investments, planning out their next moves, and creating strategies to grow both sales and profits in the months ahead. Hopefully, you’re doing the same.
In this webinar, national small business columnist Gene Marks will share the marketing moves you can do right now to profit next year, including: ..... Investing in customer relationship management: What apps they’re using and what pitfalls they’re avoiding ..... Creating more online content: The best practices for starting your own video or podcast series ..... Revisiting their website and social media: The latest SEO and advertising tools and how they’re working with consultants ..... Moving towards marketing automation: The latest marketing automation technologies and how they’re generating leads ..... Establishing metrics: How data is driving their decision making and what metrics are most useful ..... And, you’ll walk away with great ideas and concrete strategies for creating a 2018 marketing plan specifically for your business. (Aired on 11/30/17)
FREE How to Improve Your Sales Team's Prospecting Strategy with Video
For many companies, the constant chase of a more optimized sales process has led to selling with dry, uninspiring communications. But today's prospects can smell a generic, automated approach from a mile away.
Join Ellen Stafford, Business Development Manager at Vidyard, to hear how enabling her team to sell with video led to a 3x increase in their number of meetings booked. You will learn how modern sales teams are piquing interest, cultivating meaningful sales conversations, and closing bigger deals by using unique, personalized video outreach. (Aired on 11/14/17)
FREE Idea to Execution: How to Launch or Grow Your Small Business
Are you interested in starting a business? Do you own a business and have ideas to grow your revenue or to reach a new audience? If either of these describe you, then you don’t want to miss this webinar by SCORE mentor Simon Mahler as he shows you how to turn your ideas into a reality.
Last year alone, Simon was credited with helping over 140 new business start and helping his in-business clients create more than 1,700 total jobs. In this webinar, he’ll draw from his experience and share his secrets for: ..... Testing and validating your ideas with your audience ..... Developing business plans and strategies ..... Conducting market research to set yourself apart from your competitors ..... Finding the right team to help you achieve your goals ..... Reaching new customers online and in your local community
This is the ultimate must-see webinar for anyone starting a business or creating new plans for their business. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE Succeeding in a Micro-Moments World
Connecting with customers at the exact moment they need you creates new opportunities in a mobile-first world.
In this webinar, Matt Weber, a member of Google’s Get Your Business Online team, discusses the importance of your business being present from the moment someone finds you online to the moment they become a customer.
He will review how to: ..... Identify your potential customers’ micro-moments ..... Improve mobile experiences to engage your customers ..... Deliver mobile content tailored to your audience.
This webinar is part of our November 9th Small Business Success Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE 3 Steps To Building A Profitable Digital Brand
Do you have a business that needs a stronger digital presence? Do you want to quickly build an online following without all the confusion and frustration? Or are you looking to get more customers, build your client list, and close more deals?
In this presentation, you’re going to discover a PROCESS for creating a PROFITABLE digital brand. This is going to immediately help you grow your business or organization.
What you'll discover: ..... How to create more awareness about your offerings ..... Tools for managing social media accounts, collecting emails, and securing your brand name ..... “Order of operations” for building an audience around your offering and converting them into customers. ..... How to streamline your content creation for total efficiency without sacrificing quality ..... Options for when you're ready to monetize your digital brand and have it pay for itself
This webinar is a part of our November 9th Small Business Success Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE The Power of the Campaign
Campaigns aren’t just for elections! Well-crafted marketing campaigns help businesses maintain focus and momentum throughout the year, and they keep messaging on track in a consistent fashion that builds brands.
If you want to attract more business and see your regular customers more often, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn the proven techniques to keep customers excited and engaged. This includes both traditional and digital elements to extend your brand’s reach and raise your visibility in your marketplace.
You will learn: ..... What a marketing campaign is – the essential elements required for success ..... How campaigns fit within an overall marketing strategy ..... How long a campaign lasts, and how many you need each year ..... Powerful promotion techniques that generate genuine customer excitement for your campaigns.
This webinar is a part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference. (Aired on 11/9/17)
FREE Scaling a Mission-Driven Brand
“When we look at how change happens in the business world, it usually comes from two different kinds of business: Those, usually smaller, companies that take big risks and, when they succeed, inspire others to follow. Or the larger companies that gain inspiration from the smaller pioneering changemakers, and through their scale, make even more change happen.” Seth Goldman, Founder of Honest Tea.
In this webinar, Seth Goldman will share how to build a brand that is meaningful to consumers.
You will learn how to: ..... Develop a competitive brand that is different and unique from what’s already in the market ..... Scale for growth by expanding distribution and production ..... Develop strong support teams ..... Create cost-efficient strategies, especially in marketing, such as creating awareness without paid advertising (i.e. guerilla marketing) (Aired on 11/2/17)
FREE 7 Ways to Increase Engagement and ROI With a Mobile Event App
How do you measure the success of your live events? Pre-event buzz, attendance, engagement, and sponsorship revenue are all critical factors to getting the most from your event investment. And creative use of a mobile event app is one of the best ways to knock all those out of the park.
Join us for this free seminar to learn how to use live polling, Q&A, gamification, push notifications, beacon alerts, and more to create personalized and interactive experiences for attendees, all while capturing valuable lead data for your sponsors. (Aired on 11/7/17)
FREE Shorten the Sales Cycle: How to Generate More Sales in Less Time
How long is your company's typical sales cycle? What would your business look like if you could reduce sales cycles by 50 percent or even 25 percent? Think of how many more sales your sales reps could close by being able to accelerate the sales while, at the same time, bringing more value to every customer.
Join us for this new webinar and learn ways you can help your sales reps significantly improve their ability to close sales faster. You will also learn ways to help your sales team ..... Accelerate the prospect qualification process to ensure what they have are prospects and not just suspects. ..... Ask the tough questions that many sales reps are afraid to ask early in the process for fear of turning off a prospect. ..... Meet and conduct more online meetings and demos with highly qualified prospects. ..... Use micro commitments throughout the sales process to speed up the closing phase. (Aired on 11/1/17)
FREE Brand Advertising: Your Bottom Line Superpower
Brand advertising is digital marketing's best kept secret. Instead of fighting it out at the bottom of the funnel, more and more marketers are proving that getting in early is a saavy move. Learn how to execute and measure top-of-funnel campaigns that set your brand apart, from awareness all the way to purchase.
Join us for this free seminar featuring real-world results from HomeServe and see for yourself how leveraging brand advertising increases conversion rates and market share. (Aired on 9/19/17)
FREE Maximizing Return on Your Event Investment
When it comes to events, attendees will associate positively with your brand and solution based on their overall experience—and more importantly—your communication with them from a pre- and post-show basis.
Join us for this free seminar where you'll learn what to look for in selecting an event partner, as well as detailed best practices for preparing staff and setting up your outbound communications to maximize your investment. (Aired on 9/26/17)
FREE Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen: How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business
When it comes to talking about their businesses, many people are so close to their products or services they don’t know where to start. StoryBrand helps companies understand what customers are looking for so they can tell their story in such a way people listen.
We know how hard it is to communicate clearly and have helped hundreds of large and small businesses clarify their messaging. And when you clarify your message, your website starts working for you, your team members are converted into a sales force and your customers speak a viral message that spreads.
Don has studied story for decades and as such is versatile in a language human beings have been speaking for centuries. Combined, his 7 books have spent more than a year on the NYT Bestsellers list. He’s consulted with hundreds of companies to help them clarify their messaging. Don isn’t a professor in an ivory tower. He created SB7 framework to help him filter the messaging for his own company and the process resulted in him doubling revenue and profits for three consecutive years. Since then he’s gone on to consult with dozens of billion-dollar brands and hundreds of small businesses. Hundreds of Don’s clients have dramatically increased their revenue after learning the SB7 framework.
The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If customers are confused about what you offer, they’ll look past you for somebody who can say it clearly. Once you clarify your message, your company will begin to grow. Companies that clarify their messaging win in the marketplace. (Aired on 10/20/17)
FREE Increase Engagement and Sales with Effective Sales Contests
This webinar will help those in charge of conducting contests to inspire results and actions to increase sales. Learn how to create a successful SALES contest that can change behavior and your bottom line ... which can be FUN! Learn what to to reward, how to reward and types of rewards. (Aired on 10/17/17)
FREE 5 Ways to Turn Around Weak Sales Messaging
Sometimes the messaging delivered by Marketing doesn’t have enough punch when used in the field by sales people trying to get the attention of a prospect. Content creation and sales conversations are different!
Learn 5 ways to strengthen sales messaging and stay consistent with your offering’s core message and engage the buyer. (Aired on 10/24/17)
FREE Improve Your Online Presence to Attract More Customers
Can customers easily find your small business online? And is all the information on your website, business listings, reviews and social media correct? Inaccuracy can not only be costly but detrimental to your business and reputation.
Join this webinar led by DexYP’s Emil Gondos, and learn immediate steps to build an accurate online presence.
You’ll learn: ..... What is an online presence, and why is it important to manage? ..... How to check your online data across the web (website, listing, reviews, social media) ..... How incorrect data can have a negative impact on your business ..... How to correct online business data immediately. (Aired on 9/28/17)
FREE Video Marketing Made Easy
Videos are now a digital marketing must. Nearly 50% of consumers say they’ve made a purchase as a result of watching a video on social media, and video will account for over 80% of internet traffic by 2020.
But the thought of making videos can be overwhelming. Rest assured that ANYONE can create them. Expensive equipment and fancy studios are no longer a requirement.
In this session, Digital Marketing Expert Sherry Bonelli will discuss the importance of video marketing to your business. She will cover: ..... The types of videos you can create ..... How to create videos with your smartphone ..... The easy-to-use video platforms (like Belive.tv, Facebook Live and YouTube Live) you can use to engage your future customers ..... Software tools that can make your video production easy ..... Affordable gadgets that allow you to record and create videos like a pro. (Aired on 9/21/17)
FREE Sales Success - 4 Ways to Crush Your Quota and Fuel Your Pipeline
In Miller Heiman Group’s CSO Insights latest Sales Performance Optimization Study, on average, only 57% of reps make quota. If you could ask a few insightful questions proven to fill your pipeline with quality deals, would that be a good use of your time?
Join Janice Mars, Principal and Founder of SalesLatitude and Shawn Sandy, Chief Revenue Officer of The Selling Agency for a fun and action-packed 45 minutes on how to crush your quota and fuel your pipeline. (Aired on 9/18/17)
FREE Enable Your Team to Sell Better with Video
Ditch those cold email templates. Modern reps have switched to video for 3x the engagement!
The prospects you're targeting receive more than 100 emails a day, and they archive over half of them without a second glance. That's bad news for your sales team – especially if they're still using old-school cold-email tactics.
Join us for this new webinar and discover why video is such a powerful tool for getting your reps noticed in their prospects' inboxes and into more conversations.
Key takeaways will include ..... Why video is a key component for the future success of your sales team ..... How to easily add video to your reps' existing cadence ..... Best practices that will help your reps create prospecting videos that start conversations ..... How to track the success of your video outreach. (Aired on 9/12/17)
FREE The Future of Content Experience
Your content experience is the environment in which your content lives, but it's also much more than that. It's the place where all the user action takes place. It's where a visitor converts to a lead, and where you can measure your content's effectiveness across the entire buyer journey.
Join us for this free seminar to learn how to build a well-optimized, high-converting content experience. (Aired on 9/12/17)
FREE Mindful Selling
Mindfulness is the latest buzzword for improving workplace productivity. But it is rarely taught to the sales department. Can mindfulness be applied for improving salesperson performance?
Sales trainer and author Jeffrey Lipsius discovered a way that it can. Join him for a webinar introducing his method for applying mindfulness for selling success. (Aired on 9/11/17)
FREE How to Turn a Fail Into a Sale
Everyone loves a good comeback story. Learn how SDR Managers Alex and Jordan helped turn a fail into a sale by harnessing the power of account-based sales.
In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn: ..... How we were able to see growth in 220% growth in 3 months using intelligent prospecting techniques ..... How our SDR team learned to automate the mundane tasks and spend time personalizing where it matters ..... Best practices for implementing persona targeting at scale. (Aired on 9/7/17)
FREE This Will Change Your Approach to Sales Enablement: Defining Sales Enablement
Sales enablement is providing the sales organization with what they need to sell more effectively. How is your organization doing that and what do you need to know about the future of sales enablement?
Alice Heiman will lead a lively panel discussion on this topic. Please join her, Elinor Stutz, Inspirational Speaker and Educational Trainer at Smooth Sale, Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools, and Mike Kunkle, VP Sales Transformation Services at Fast Lane as they define sales enablement and discuss its future. (Aired on 9/5/17)
FREE Build an Authentic Brand to Increase Your Bottom Line
Branding isn’t a ‘nice-to-have,’ but a ‘must-have’ to be competitive in today’s market. Don’t get jaded by get-rich-quick-schemes and fly-by-night tactics that promise overnight results. True branding is strategic, authentic, and it impacts every facet of your business.
During this webinar with Senior Brand Advisor, Steven Picanza, you’ll learn about branding trends including: ..... How messaging and your brand’s story will impact your bottom line over bland creative ..... Why your sales funnel will either make or break your brand (and what you can do to make sure you’re not missing out) ..... How to make sure your brand and culture build equity and revenue even when you’re not in the room or in the conversation. (Aired on 9/7/17)
FREE Essential Elements of Every Small Business Website
You can no longer think about your website as a nice-looking brochure. Your website is the hub of your entire online presence, and it must function as a marketing asset.
In this webinar, Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch will cover the key features every small business website must have in the world of marketing-activated websites.
Participants will learn: ..... How to draw visitors in with a compelling promise ..... The key trust-building elements prospects look for ..... How to create a "Call to Action" that gets clicks ..... How to use content to attract search engines ..... How to build a homepage journey for your ideal client. (Aired on 8/17/17)
FREE Executing a LinkedIn Business Development Strategy
Many sales leaders struggle to get their salespeople to successfully use LinkedIn to grow their business. LinkedIn Expert Brynne Tillman and Sales Execution Expert Steven Rosen will share their formulas for success.
This webinar will cover two perspectives to a Crush your sales numbers using LinkedIn; ..... 1. The practical and tactical activities to leveraging LinkedIn and ..... 2. 3 Steps to effectively execute your LinkedIn strategy. (Aired on 8/17/17)
FREE New Techniques to Increase Your Channel Sales Performance
Disruption caused by digital transformation, changing buyer behavior, and a dynamic partner ecosystem are straining channel organizations trying to maximize resources and demonstrate channel program ROI. This makes building effective channel strategies even more mission-critical This webinar will highlight recent innovations in partner relationship management (PRM)– helping you stay current on what's possible and what works.
Strategies covered in this webinar will include: ..... Fully capitalizing on your partner network, enabling you to increase revenues through your indirect sales channel, improve customer satisfaction, secure partner loyalty, and decrease operating expenses ..... Delivering reliable and successful service across your customer value chain ..... Gaining greater visibility into the state of your business and drive better decision-making ..... How Lattice Semiconductor was able to sell more leveraging advanced PRM technology. (Aired on 8/10/17)
FREE Optimize Your Business - 12 Ways Automation Technology Can Improve Your Sales and Marketing
Are you taking advantage of the digital technologies available to help you save time and money?
Digital marketing expert Jaime Nacach will focus on how to automate complex marketing and sales tasks so you can always send the right message to the right person at the right time.
You will learn: ..... Benefits of automating your sales and marketing processes ..... Software tools to automate the repetitive manual daily tasks ..... The difference between automated and manual processes ..... Marketing techniques in today’s modern world ..... Sample marketing and sales automation workflows…and more. (Aired on 8/10/17)
FREE People before Paperwork: The New Imperative for Sales Managers
Buyer research tells us precisely what buyers want. Employee engagement studies clearly indicate what employees are looking for. The evidence is indisputable... But Sales Managers are mired in reports and forecasts and updates that force them to do just the opposite of what buyers and sales pros need from them. Join Deb Calvert, Executive Coach & President of People First Productivity Solutions, to get the business case for putting people before paperwork on the job. (Aired on 8/1/17)
FREE 10 Adds to Your Coaching Playbook
As a sales coach, you can make a big impact on your goal attainment by helping your team make small changes that will make a big impact on their productivity.
In this session, John will share 10 ways that you can improve your sales team’s productivity with easy changes to what they are doing each day. From helping them understand the “formation” needed to win to gamifying their day, you’ll learn actionable tips that your team can start using today.
Presenter, John Hulwick is Director of Corporate Sales at ClearSlide. He oversees corporate sales initiatives to drive efficiency from the team, including the pre-sale deal support and SDR efforts. John's background before technology was in running a team of financial analysts at Fisher Investments, driving him to be a fanatic about quantifying effectiveness and leading an efficient team. (Aired on 9/25/14)
FREE The Business of Knowing Your Customer's Business - The Key to Selling Value
As sales professionals in today's competitive market, our customers and prospects demand more from us than ever before. We are expected to be advisors, consultants, and collaborate with relevant solutions for their business. To become that advisor, not only do we need to have current knowledge on our company's products and services, we need to also have business acumen and knowledge to be credible and relevant.
Today's sales professional must be perceived as a business professional. In this webinar, Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, will discuss how to evolve from a selling professional in a business world to a business professional who happens to sell.
What you'll learn: ..... What is business acumen and why is it important ..... How to engage a prospect in a business issue conversation ..... The relationship between business issues and justifying the sale ..... How to become a better sales professional and provide more value to customers. (Aired on 11/5/15)
FREE Improving Close Ratios: Positioning the Sales Process Towards the Buyer
Most companies would agree that the sales closing ratio is the number of closed sales divided by the number of presentations. But to improve close ratios, you have to understand the unique aspects of each customer and how your product or service solves their business problem.
The focus must always be on the customer if you expect to improve the performance results of your team, because low or inconsistent close ratios are often a symptom of a bigger issue.
Join this webcast to learn how to: ..... Customize your approach to meet the needs of the buyer, not the seller ..... Ask the right questions throughout the buyers’ decision-making process ..... Clarify urgency to be sure that the buyer is truly ready to make a change and buy ..... Break through your biggest competitive challenge—buyer status quo ..... Use strategies for cultivating referrals rather than waste time cold-calling and cold-emailing. (Aired on 3/7/17)
FREE 3 Keys to Increasing Sales Effectiveness
Drive Sales by Creating Value for Your Customer ..... The essence of sales is creating success for your clients. The more passionately and skillfully you focus on their needs, the more successful you will be.
There are three main keys to effective sales: ..... Filling Your Pipeline: Teaches you to use an approach we call Value Calling and communicate with a targeted prospect with the intent to explore whether or not mutual value can be created. ..... Qualifying Your Opportunities: Allows you to better enable the decisions you make with the client. You are able to win fast or lose fast rather than holding your pipeline hostage for a long period of time. ..... Closing the Sale: Helps you understand your role and how you influence decisions to achieve win-win outcomes. You are better able to resolve objections and prepare the conditions for good decision making.
Each of these three keys must be followed to give the best possible opportunity for your clients to succeed with your solution. This webcast isn’t a quick-fix, but introduces you to a playbook that you can master over time to help your clients succeed. (Aired on 7/29/15)
FREE The Seven Secrets to Success in Selling
Selling is an art and a craft, based on practical proven methods and techniques used by the top 10% of sales professionals in every industry. Finding qualified prospects and helping them make buying decisions that are in their best interest is the key to success. To that end, top salespeople position themselves as friends, advisors, and teachers with the customer to gain trust and guide the sale each step of the way.
Brian Tracy has taught these proven strategies to more than two million salespeople in 65 countries – making him the top sales trainer in the world today. Join us as he walks you through the seven key skills for sales success: ... Prospecting: Finding qualified prospects that need and want your product or service. ... Building Rapport and Trust: Creating a friendly, trusting relationship with each prospect. ... Identifying Needs Accurately: Asking the right questions to uncover real customer needs. ... Presenting Persuasively: Showing your prospect how your product can help to improve his or her life and work. ... Answering Objections: Removing any obstacles to buying that might hold the customer back. ... Taking Action: How to close the sale by asking the customer to make a buying decision. ... Getting Re-sales and Referrals: Taking such good care of your customers that they buy again, and they tell their friends to buy as well.
Fortunately, all sales skills are learnable with practice. You can quickly learn how to become one of the best sales professionals in your business by practicing these seven techniques.
While attending this program is FREE, reservations are required. (Aired on 6/25/14)
FREE Growth Strategies for Blowing Out Your Number in 2017
In today's market, disruption is requiring salespeople to shift from "managing" accounts to leading accounts. If your sales team isn't making this shift, you are likely falling behind. Sales Executives must sell differently and smarter in order to create demand and drive growth in both existing and new clients. They must learn what customer's value more in the new marketplace that is developing.
You will learn ways to teach your sales reps how to: ..... Challenge your clients' thinking ..... Proactively bring new and innovative ideas to your clients ..... Provide your clients with thought leadership ..... Create demand and drive growth by uncovering possibilities unknown to your clients
LaVon Koerner, Chief Revenue Officer of Revenue Storm is passionate about making sales professionals indispensable partners when it comes to pursuits. Join him for this webinar and learn the tactics of creating demand through thought leadership to help drive sales growth. (Aired on 7/26/17)
FREE The 10 Most Effective, Least Expensive Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in the Next 90 Days
Too many businesses struggle to consistently generate leads and close sales. They are constantly scrambling to find their next customer and close their next sale. Now you can take control of your own business future by implementing one of ten systematic marketing strategies to quickly increase your sales.
Learn from Wall Street Journal best-selling author David Finkel as he shares ten powerful strategies to reliably generate leads. He’ll also share how to do these strategies systematically so you can sustain them even when your business gets busy.
Here’s what you’ll learn: ..... A simple “reactivation campaign” to get 15% or more of your old customers to come back and repurchase from you. ..... 2 Formalized referral systems to grow your client base by 25% for less than $100. ..... A little-known strategy to turn your vendors into a free sales force for your products and services. ..... How to create your “Gateway Offer” so that your customer’s first purchase leads to the richest relationship for both of you. ..... How to leverage “Marque” customers, vendors, and strategic partners to radically increase conversion percentages. ..... And much more. (Aired on 9/11/14)
FREE What Does the Future of Sales and Service Look Like?
Examining the Impact of the Future on Three Key Areas — Training, Technology and Talent.
In the future, sales and service will look drastically different than they do today—if sales and service are your livelihood, you can't ignore the opportunity that exists within our industry. Join us for this forward-thinking webinar, featuring content from CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group®, to examine the future of sales and service through the lenses of training, technology and talent.
Discover how your training approach must shift, examine the new type of talent needed to give your organization a competitive advantage, and explore the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, which enable your organization to innovate for the future. Whether you're seeking to dial up your talent, drill down on technology or dig into individualized training, this webinar will prepare you for the future so you can invest in areas that will impact your business for the long-term.
Join us for this webinar, featuring Jim Dickie, Co-founder and Independent Research Fellow, CSO Insights, to learn about: ..... The future of the sales and service industry through three key areas—training, technology and talent. ..... The evolution of sales and service over the next decade, and the impact it will have on your business. ..... The influence of Artificial Intelligence on how we sell and who is successful at selling. ..... The critical steps sales and service leaders should take now to prepare for the future. (Aired on 7/13/17)
FREE Easy & Affordable DIY Infographics for Your Business
Infographics are powerful marketing tools as they are visually appealing, unique and shareable. They are an effective way to educate, inform and engage existing and potential customers.
Best of all, they can be surprisingly affordable and simple to make (even without design experience and expensive software.)
Not sure where to start? Join us, and you'll learn: ..... Simple ways to communicate visually with your customers ..... How to generate ideas for an infographic ..... The 7 most common types of infographics ..... Best practices for infographic design ..... How infographics can promote your business, while driving referral traffic and backlinks. (Aired on 7/11/17)
FREE Five game-changing eCommerce automations
Learn five top tips to improve your marketing using automation from Komal Helyer, Marketing Director, Pure360. (Aired on 7/12/17)
FREE Push notifications that work: 6 tips for building a devoted user base
A push notification is a tricky kind of social engagement: it can be a tap on the shoulder, a punch in the face, or water torture. In other words, it can be tremendously successful at driving commerce and engagement, or it could piss your customer off so badly they'll go rip you a new one on Twitter. And we've seen how well that works out for brands.
At the very least, every misstep reduces open rates, strikes a blow against retention and destroys engagement. You want to know how to not be the boor at a cocktail party, because push notifications, one of the most powerful and immediate engagement tools in your arsenal (when you do it right) can garner 2770% higher conversion rates.
Don't be part of the 63 percent of marketers who stumble on the messaging, timing, and frequency of your notification strategy—join this interactive VB Live event.
You'll: ..... Discover the one trick to never-fail push notifications everywhere, not just apps ..... Drive 2770% higher conversion rates through a specific kind of push notifications ..... Learn how to apply behavioral triggered push notifications in your own marketing strategy ..... Build better timing into your push notifications to increase conversions. (Aired on 7/13/17)
FREE How to Grow Organic Installs With App Store Optimization
So you've sunk a chunk of time and money into building your super-nifty app (or are planning to), but don't forget— Merchandising. Is. Everything. Without prime placement in the app store, very few people will find and install it ... no matter how nifty it is.
What's the secret to increasing organic installs for your app, without having to spend even more money?
Join us on June 27 for this free seminar to learn how to create a tailored app store optimization plan that will work for for your app (not those generic hints you find from any ol' Google search). ASO leads to higher visibility and more users for your app, for less money. Now that's nifty.
You will learn: ..... How to improve app store visibility ..... How to master the new Google Play layouts ..... How A/B testing drives conversion rates up ..... How organic installs help paid campaigns. (Aired on 6/27/17)
FREE Optimizing Your B2B Demand Generation Machine
How Experimentation Helps You Do More with Less -- Humans are born scientists: we start out by testing what happens when we jump out of the crib (conclusion: gravity). Our knowledge about the world grows by (flying) leaps and bounds with each experiment we undertake. When we're presented with the goal of walking, we work every angle until we're running.
When you're presented with the goal of generating more traffic and leads, hypothesizing and experimenting are just as impactful. Join us on June 20 for this free seminar to hear real stories, marketing campaign tactics, and optimized outcomes that will inspire you to use your own natural instinct to experiment.
You will learn: ..... How to get the most engagement from every interaction with a visitor along their journey ..... Ways to maximize the ROI of your marketing campaigns ..... How to deliver a best-in-class experience to your customers to turn them into advocates ..... Ways reduce the risk of developing digital campaigns that don't generate leads. (Aired on 6/20/17)
FREE Five Must-Haves for an Effective Email Campaign
The research shows it and the industry experts agree: A well-thought-out email marketing campaign can make or break your chance to get in front of a prospect. Competing for attention in a prospect's inbox, however, is no walk in the park. And creating an ongoing dialogue that builds lasting connections is critical.
Join us for this free seminar to learn how to build effective email campaigns that connect with your audience. (Aired on 7/11/17)
FREE Date Your Leads. Marry Your Customers with Lifecycle Marketing
Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers is all about how small business owners and entrepreneurs can ATTRACT, SELL and WOW. It's a three phase process which helps you attract more customers, educate them until they buy and wow them so that customers buy again and again and tell others.
Business owners, professionals and managers who want to acquire more customers, increase sales and build long lasting relationships with customers will benefit from attending Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers. (Aired on 6/5/14) (Aired on 6/5/14)
FREE Selling Merchandise on eBay and Amazon for Fun and Profit
Millions of Americans make a part-time or full-time living selling merchandise on eBay, Amazon, etsy.com and other online retail venues. Whether your goal is to become a professional “e-merchant” or merely to supplement your income by $20,000 to $30,000 a year, this program is for you.
In this fast-paced, humorous presentation you will learn the basics of selling merchandise on eBay and Amazon, the key differences between the two platforms, building a successful e-commerce “empire,” marketing strategies that will lead to online selling success, keeping track of your online sales and profits, consignment and “drop shipping” arrangements, and some of the legal and tax issues to consider when selling online.
FREE How to Use Paid Search, Local Search, and Social Media to Attract Customers
Digital marketing for small businesses is no longer a trend, it is a requirement in order for you to outperform your direct and secondary competitors. With paid search, local search (reputation management), and social media becoming the way businesses do business, it is critical for small business owners to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for their enterprise. Consider the following statistics:
Over 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google alone every day. 1 in 4 people will check online reviews before purchasing a product or service. There are over 1 billion people around the world using social media.
In this webinar, we will discuss three areas of digital marketing: paid search, local search (reputation management), and social media. We will consider tactical measures small businesses can take in order to create a strategy that attracts more customers to your businesses and lowers your overall customer acquisition costs. This webinar will be full of examples and we will provide plenty of tips you can implement immediately.
FREE The Secret to Getting Better Customers
A key to success in business is attracting the right customers for your business. Getting Better Customers is a roadmap for choosing, attracting and cultivating those right customers. In this session we'll give you practical tips and tools:
• Why More Is Not Necessarily Better
• Who Is Your Better Customer?
• How to Make Current Customers Better (Upsell, Cross-sell, Resell)
• How to “Fire” (nicely) Your Deadbeat Customers
• How to Get New Better Customers
The result? Even making a few changes can help you shift from the "squeaky wheels" that are slowing you down and help you focus on the customers who will fuel the growth you desire.
All presentation attendees will receive a free copy of the new eBook "The Secret of Getting Better Customers" as well as templates so you can start getting butter customers.
FREE Managing the Complexity of Sales Territories and Compensation
Many organizations are facing the increased complexities that come with growth, diversity in product offerings, and market segmentation. These rising complexities create challenges around territory management, crediting, and sales compensation. With the proliferation of roles, responsibilities, and overlapping assignments in the sales organization; who gets credited when a sale is made, is an increasing concern.
During this Webinar, you will learn the steps leading companies, large and small, have taken to improve how sales territories are designed, assigned, and managed. You will also benefit by learning ... the latest research from CSO Insights addressing territory management trends, ideas to improve the territory management /compensation process at your company, and the most crucial considerations to address when managing territories.
FREE Developing High-Performing Sales Managers
High performing sales managers have a profound impact on a company's bottom line sales results. But, too often training initiatives focus on salespeople and not a company's frontline sales management team. Maximize your sales revenue potential by developing great frontline sales managers.
FREE 3 Keys to Unlocking Sales Productivity with Social
Growing revenue shouldn't be so hard. But the reality is that it takes too long to onboard new reps, keep them enabled, and to win those critical sales opportunities. CRM, SFA, portals, and other legacy technologies promised sales efficiency, however the real driver of revenue growth is sales effectiveness.
In this webcast, Gartner Research Director Adam Sarner and Good Technology's Mike Mercado will discuss how high-performing sales organizations are leveraging cutting-edge social business platforms and processes to transform their sales teams and drive productivity.
FREE Sales Force Effectiveness Initiatives - Impact Worth the Investment
The sales force remains one of the largest single expense lines for companies, and sales leaders continually struggle with measuring the value and return on investment in sales force effectiveness initiatives.
To quantify and better understand the impact of sales force effectiveness (SFE) initiatives, ZS Associates launched the Explorer Study to answer the elusive question, "What is the impact of investing in SFE initiatives?" ZS mapped the potential benefits available to companies from SFE initiatives. Importantly, engaging programmatically across a series of SFE categories can yield impressive results – from 9 to 23 percent. Even focusing on just one SFE category can improve performance metrics, such as revenue, profitability or sales force activity.
The bottom line: Companies that don't invest in SFE are likely leaving money on the table.
Join us for this webinar and learn: ..... The impact sales force effectiveness initiatives can have on sales and profit growth ..... How to articulate the business case for SFE investments ..... Key factors that determine how big the benefits could be for your company. (Aired on 8/25/15)
FREE How to Predict Success in Sales
Why are some people successful in sales while others are not? This is a question that sales managers and executives ask themselves regularly. Perhaps a more perplexing question is why someone who is successful selling in one job is a complete failure in another, or vice versa. In this webinar we will discuss how you can increase your odds that the reps you hire will succeed in your sales organization. Specific takeaways will include how to:
Identify sales styles and drivers (ie: motivators)
Understand why salespeople are successful in some positions and not in others
Use a complete profile to select and develop your salespeople
Understand the core competencies that predict sales success.
FREE 5 Steps to Building a Successful e-Commerce Business
Are you looking to build a successful business online, promote an existing “brick and mortar” business on the Web, or just sell some stuff from your attic on eBay? If you are thinking about any sort of Web business, you will benefit from this fast-paced, entertaining program that is designed to teach you the keys to e-commerce success.
FREE New Solutions for Sales Leaders: Delivering Results While Managing Dual Roles
It's no secret that sales leaders wear multiple hats. In fact, a sales leader can play almost any role, from coach to motivator to sales expert, among others. There is no one specific thing sales managers do. Rather, they perform a complex, interwoven group of tasks all related to delivering results.
During this webinar, Kevin Higgins, President, Fusion Learning, and Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power will discuss:
Deal Manager vs. Sales Manager - Two common types of sales leaders
Sales Participation Rate - The secret to unlocking over-plan performance
Sales Funnel Types - Why it's critical to pay attention to all four
FREE New Insights on Helping Sales Reps Meet or Exceed Quota
Do your sales reps consistently hit their quota? New research from Xactly Corporation shows that on average, 40% of sales teams make less than 80% of quota.
For over eight years, Xactly has aggregated sales performance and transaction data from hundreds of sales organizations. In this webinar Erik Charles, Principle Incentives Strategist at Xactly, will share additional data from Xactly's findings and discuss how to apply the insights to improve sales results in your company. He will discuss strategies such as:
Quota timing and short and long measurement periods can deliver different results
What to look for when determining the true total cost of a sale
How you can hurt performance by measuring too much
FREE 5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand: How Small Business Can Do Big Things With Personal Brands
Personal Branding is all about how individual professionals can differentiate themselves in a market of look-a-likes. It’s about how you can get people to know, like and trust you. It’s about how in a sea of uncertainty, YOU can be chosen. It’s about INCREASING sales, INCREASING influence and so much more.
FREE Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again
Have you ever felt burned by a candidate who looked great in the interview, but did not perform up to your expectations? Underperforming salespeople cause frustration for sales managers and financial loss to a business. This webinar provides rigorous recommendations for weeding out the dozens of unqualified applicants who apply for sales positions, while helping you identify the much smaller percentage who have what it takes to succeed in sales.
FREE Transforming Sales: Accelerating Sales Growth and Streamlining Processes
Companies of all sizes are evaluating their business processes to streamline workflow and improve efficiencies to accelerate sales growth. Learn how SunGard's Ken Powell, VP of Global Sales Enablement, led his organization of more than 1,000 sales and marketing executives through a complete sales-transformation process. By aligning people, new processes, and technology, SunGard has dramatically increased its effectiveness and accelerated its growth.
FREE The Seven Deadly Sins of Incentive Compensation
Do you know the seven most costly mistakes that can damage profitability and put the future of your business at risk? Xactly, a leader in sales incentive compensation management software, has analyzed eight years worth of compensation data – literally billions of calculations – from hundreds of customers. This Big Data research has identified do's and don'ts for building effective sales incentive plans. In this 45-minute webinar, Michael DeLeonardis, Xactly's VP of Insights & Benchmarking, will share the results of this research and offer various insights.
FREE Pricing for Profit: Understanding Gross Profit, Margin & Markup
“Pricing For Profit” is a lot more than just a catchy phrase. Many small businesses establish their selling prices by simply copying what their competitors charge. While this might accidently work, this will often lead to losses or missed profits for any individual company. Another common technique is to calculate the costs to make a product and then add on a profit to arrive at a selling price with little or no regard to what the competition is charging. This will also often lead to serious problems.
FREE Email Marketing Automation
According to DMA Interactive, 54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts. Growing and converting your email is still one of the biggest missed opportunities I see with all my clients. Companies tend to give up once they send just a few email with no response. By simply implementing proven strategies, tactics and software, you can significantly and I mean significantly increase your bottom line.
Email marketing is effective, it’s immediate, it’s targeted, it’s measurable, it’s inexpensive and it generates revenue…continuous revenue! I am able to reach tens of thousands of my subscribers directly. I don’t have to purchase new traffic, my list is not impacted by the latest Google algorithm change and I don’t have to worry about getting outbid by my competitors. Search engine traffic or paid advertising can stop all together and I can still generate income through my list.
FREE Unlock Sales Force Effectiveness to Improve Your Organization and Drive Growth
Drawing from practical experience and case studies, Mike Moorman, Managing Principal, Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation with ZS Associates, will discuss how you can identify your sales force's main growth opportunities, key pain points, and costly competitive disadvantages so that you can design your sales and marketing organization to drive significant organic growth.
FREE The Secret of Getting Better Customers
Looking to attract and cultivate the right customers – those who will help you grow, rather than drain your time, energy and creativity? Join Vistaprint and our partner SCORE for a free, one-hour webinar, The Secret of Getting Better Customers, with Jeanne Rossomme, founder of RoadMap Marketing.
In this webinar you’ll learn:
• Why More Is Not Necessarily Better
• Who Your Better Customer Is
• How To Make Current Customers Better (Upsell, Cross-sell, Resell)
• How To Get New, Qualified Customers
FREE Selling Online: 10 Tips to Fill Holiday Shopping Carts
The customer’s shopping experience influences when they purchase and how much they spend, both in person and online. Make sure your website provides holiday shoppers with elements that improve their online shopping experience.
Join GoDaddy Web Expert Shawn Pfunder as he discusses key strategies for online sales success during the holidays and every day.
FREE How to Get Entire Neighborhoods Aware of and Using Your Business
Learn About EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).... Whether direct mail is currently in your marketing mix, or you’ve never used it before, you won’t want to miss learning about Every Door Direct Mail®, a program USPS created just for small business.
Hear from EDDM2Go how you can take advantage of this reduced postage program to increase sales and awareness from the neighborhoods that matter to your business.
FREE Drive Strategic Change Initiatives with Sales Compensation Plans
Sales compensation plans are designed to drive the sales force to help achieve strategic business objectives. As those objectives change, it is important to ensure that your sales compensation plan remains aligned with your company goals. This webinar will provide a framework for evaluating the impact of strategic change on sales roles and sales compensation.
FREE Online Marketing: An Introduction to Using Online Tactics to Grow Your Business
Groupon has put together a panel of online marketing experts to share strategies that can help you meet your business goals. We'll share tips and tactical next-- or first-- steps for social media, SEM, display ads and SEO!
FREE StorySelling: Differentiate Yourself from the Competition
The best sales leaders and top performing salespeople are great storytellers. Do you know what the impact would be on your business if you could turn your entire sales team into great storytellers? Join us for this unforgettable webinar and find out. Craig Wortmann, Author of "What's Your Story", will captivate you and demonstrate the powerful impact stories have on the three most common performance challenges – sales leadership, strategic selling, and motivation.
FREE How to Enable Reps to Succeed
Sales "enablement" means 1000 different things to 1000 different people but at the end of the day there's only one goal – to ensure sales can sell. That's why it's ok for sales reps to be a little selfish – they rely on other people and departments to get their deals done. The tools, systems, people, and processes that are put in place need to work together in order to support sales reps. Reps need to be enabled from day one to start selling.
FREE Boost Sales and Profits with a CRM
You've probably heard that using customer relationship management (CRM) software can increase sales. But how?
In this webinar, nationally-recognized CRM expert Gene Marks draws from his experiences advising more than 600 companies who use CRM applications. He'll cover the following topics that will help boost sales - and profits - with a CRM:
..... The 3 moves that will transform your CRM system from a glorified Rolodex into a productive sales tool ..... The 3 CRM workflows that will increase your sales ..... "3 Laws of CRM Success" to which you must abide to succeed with your system ..... The 3 biggest CRM mistakes that companies and CRM users make that kill sales. (Aired on 3/7/17)
FREE How to Use Business Communications Capabilities to Look Bigger
Nobody likes to give the impression of a small, fledgling company, even if it’s true. But today, it’s possible to use inexpensive techniques to present the image of a large, professional company, even if you’re still small and growing.
Participants will see how they can ... Use automated receptionists and smart call forwarding to look bigger ... See who is available to take calls—even if they’re in another office, or several states away ... Use video meetings to tie your team together as one ... Use advanced forwarding capabilities and mobile applications to keep from missing calls, even when you’re on the go ... Create virtual numbers that look local—across the country or even internationally—to help in marketing and advertising.
Break the vicious cycle of remaining small just because your company is small TODAY. Sign up for this important webinar today, and unleash your own power to grow.
FREE Game The Plan: Review, Strategize, & Win in 2014
Leaders of successful sales organizations realize that the old rules for sales incentive compensation have changed. Erik Charles, Principal Incentive Strategist at Xactly Corp., will discuss the new challenges and how to meet them head on and win. Attend this free Webinar and learn the new rules for winning in 2014, plus ..... how to gain greater insight into the key compensation challenges that most sales leaders are struggling with today, ... the five things your data should tell you about your sales team's true potential, ... how to motivate a multigenerational sales force.
FREE Preparing to Sell: Defining Your Target Market and Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Message for Maximum Results
Do you think you know who your ideal client is, and how your product can help them? Many businesspeople have an unnecessarily long sales cycle because they don’t properly identify their ideal prospects and position themselves as a problem solver to their clients.
In this webinar, you will learn: ... The common mistakes sales and business people make when defining a target market and assessing their common problems. ... How to craft your sales message to best solve these challenges for clients. ... Why narrowing your focus can yield greater results. ... Why seeing yourself as a problem solver will set you apart from your competition. ... What the 4 key motivators are for any buyer, and how to appeal to them. ... 5 essential tips to shortening the sales cycle.   (Aired on 3/13/2014)
FREE Hot Markets! Hot Trends! Hot Businesses! Great Ideas For Small Business Owners
Spring is (finally) here and there’s no better time to embrace new concepts, ideas and markets to propel your small business. Find out what business trends you should incorporate into your company, what markets are driving sales and how you can give your business a spring cleaning. (Aired on 3/27/14)
FREE Motivating a Multi-generational Sales Force
As a sales manager, it is important that you understand what makes your sales team tick. This is not an easy task, because each sales team is comprised of unique individuals with different personal, professional, and educational backgrounds. Because they are at different stages in their lives, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y have different goals and don't respond to the same types of rewards and recognition. The good news is that it’s not impossible to get a multigenerational sales force on the same page.
Join us for this live, interactive webinar to learn how you can: ... Develop a culture of high motivation and performance ... Use retention and engagement strategies to ensure sales reps attain and exceed quota ... Effective ways of incenting any generation in your sales force (baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y). (Aired on 4/22/14)
FREE Top 7 Negotiation Blunders Certain to Kill Your Deal
Secrets That Only Top Negotiators Know ... Negotiation is a different form of influence. There is a time to influence and a time to negotiate. Have you ever LOST a negotiation? Most people have and don’t even know it! What underhanded tactics are other negotiators using on you? How can you counteract them?
The worst time to learn a negotiation skill is when you need it. Negotiation must be mastered before it is needed, or the opportunity is lost forever. For example, are you tired of ... ... Losing business deals ... Not closing sales ... People not listening ... Being told no ... Losing negotiations ... Not getting your way?
There are 7 negotiation blunders you are making right now that cause people to resist you and your offer. This webcast will get down in the trenches and reveal the secrets that only top negotiators know.
Each blunder is like driving around town with your emergency brake on. All the time, you are wondering why your car (or negotiation) never has much power.
These problems are simple to fix, but expensive to have. Negotiation has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. And ironically, some of these negotiation blunders are still being taught in expensive courses as the techniques to use! (Aired on 5/28/14)
FREE Lead-to-Money Best Practices & Benchmarks
Sales teams have the same initiative: to profitably grow revenue. There are three main objectives that companies try to meet in order to grow revenue .... [1] close more deals, [2] close larger deals, [3] close these deals faster.
This Webinar will show you which technology and processes best-in-class companies use to meet these objectives in the following ways:
... generating, managing, and responding to leads quicker; ... optimizing territories to ensure sales is set up for success; ... enabling sales with the knowledge and tools needed to sell more; ... enabling sales leaders to move their "B" players to "A" players; ... empowering sales to quote and contract faster when the customer is ready.
You will receive a simple checklist to help guide you in discovering opportunities for improving your current lead-to-money process. (Aired on 5/29/14)
FREE How to Become a More Creative Sales Leader
The Innovative Sale - Helping You Think Differently and Create Better Sales Solutions ..... As markets and products become more competitive and commoditized, buyers become more analytical about their purchases. As a result sales organizations must seek out new solutions to address these challenges. However, the sales team often regresses to the same old thinking patterns.
In this insightful webinar on sales innovation, Mark Donnolo of SalesGlobe and author of The Innovative Sale, and Erik Charles of Xactly show you how to break through this traditional mentality and discover new, visionary ways to use incentives and creative sales management to inspire performance. Learn about how The Innovative Sale combines right-brained creativity with left-brained sales disciplines so you can leverage a predictable creative process and principles to help you become a better thinker, solution developer, and leader. (Aired on 6/17/14)
FREE Hiring and Managing Marketing Contractors: Smart Tips
You know that you need marketing to increase sales and get the word out. But do you need to hire a professional? Maybe you have already sunk in time and effort with ideas that flopped. How can you be sure you are getting a good return for your business? Based on 20+ years experience in a variety of marketing roles and several years working with the lean budgets of entrepreneurs, Jeanne Rossomme will walk you through the complete process for maximizing your marketing.
Attendees of the live event will get the free guide “What Should You Pay for Marketing Contractors?".
This event is being offered on the 3 dates below, so choose the time that best suits your schedule. Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 4:30 PM Pacific; Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM Pacific; Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 7:30 AM Pacific. (Aired on 5/31/14) (Aired on 5/31/14)
FREE Moving The Middle: motivating middle performers and hitting your goals
"A five percent gain in the middle 60 percent of your sales performers can deliver over 91 percent greater sales than a five percent shift in your top 20 percent." ... Every sales organization can be broken down into top, middle, and bottom performers. Top performing sales reps can be counted on for hitting quota and making those deals happen that didn't look possible. But the majority of reps fall into that middle category. What if you could bump them up just 5%? In this live webinar, attendees will learn: The real truth about top performers ... The art and science of understanding your middle performers ... The full financial impact of motivating your middle performers. (Aired on 6/5/14)
FREE Google Analytics Beginners: How to measure your business blog performance
Measurement of a brand’s blog and what to do with that data is a difficult challenge for many new to content marketing. In this webinar, learn how to capture the following data and the actionable changes you can make to an established business blog ... ... Determine what types of posts are drawing the most page views ... Evaluate referral and social sources to measure distribution success ... Web TrafficMeasure distribution channels and fine tune social sharing. (Aired on 6/12/14) (Aired on 6/13/14)
FREE The Quota-Busting Tool for Salesforce
A Configure Price Quote solution added to your Salesforce CRM can streamline the lead-to-contract process and give reps the tools they need to make quota each quarter. See how CPQ can make selling easier, faster, smarter – and more successful.
... 19% higher lead conversion rate. ... 49% higher proposal volume. ... 105% larger average deal size. ... 71% improvement in achieving quota.
Is CPQ right for you? It's worth an hour of your time to find out. (Aired on 6/24/14)
FREE Marketing Q&A: Everything You Want to Know About Small Biz Marketing
Marketing is such a broad topic. It encompasses advertising, social media, search engine optimization, content development, email, public relations, and so much more! As a small business owner, you likely have many questions on creating or improving your marketing strategy. SCORE & Jeanne Rossomme are here to help.
Submit your questions and join this webinar to get the information you need for your business. We’ll address as many questions as possible in this one hour session. All attendees will receive the Small Business Marketing Plan Guide. (Aired on 7/10/14)
FREE The Niche Celebrity Entrepreneur
Learn five ways to establish your personal brand to become a celebrity in your niche market. A solid personal brand makes you the ONLY choice - not your competition. Ramon Ray, Small Business Evangelist, Infusionsoft & Smallbiztechnology.com will share the 5 steps he's used to build his personal brand to DOMINATE his niche market. (Aired on 8/7/14)
FREE The End of Sales as We Know It
In a recent study, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of interactions between businesses will be executed without human intervention. It is likely that of the 18 million salespeople in the United States, there will be only about 4 million left.
Salespeople are no longer the conduit of basic product and pricing data and organizations and salespeople who don't get this are becoming obsolete. But the role of a sales professional is NOT dead; it is simply being redefined.
Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn more about the future of sales (Aired on 8/5/14)
FREE You're Unique Just Like Everybody Else
How do you take your business online? For most of us, it’s not even a choice. It’s part of our business plans: get funding, get online, make stuff, sell stuff, spread the word. But does it really work? Is your website helping your business grow?
As the rest of the world, and your competition, gets better at this whole internet thing, how do you stand apart? How do you shine in a world full of countless choices and alternatives that are just a mouse click away? The answer is simpler than you think. It just takes a little focus.
You will learn about: ... The first steps to taking a business online ... Getting found online ... How to stand out online- differentiation ... Measuring your online success. (Aired on 11/5/14)
FREE The Uber Sales Rep - How technology is reshaping the profile of modern sales
Today's Sales Rep is plugged in and uses technology as a crucial part of their job. Organizations need to recognize how technology is reshaping their workforce in order to make the latest applications available to their teams. In this webinar we will discuss the impact that transitioning away from phone books and rolodexes towards mobile apps and social networks has had on the sales industry.
You will learn: ... The top sales applications for mobile devices ... How technology has changed the game for prospecting ... The benefits of being a technology early adopter. (Aired on 8/20/14)
FREE The New Rules of Selling
Selling is being radically redefined like never before. With buyers now in possession of unlimited information, online content is quickly becoming the dominant driver for commerce. Today anyone working in sales or customer service needs to possess entirely new skills. Unfortunately most organizations are still using traditional selling models developed for a different time. Join us for this webinar and David Meerman Scott will show you how agile and real-time sales will grow your business now!
Topics covered will include: ..... ..... Why the old rules of sales no longer work in an always-on world ..... The new sales cycle and how informative Web content drives the buying process ..... Providing agile, real-time sales 24/7 without letting it rule your life ..... How social media is transforming the role of salesperson into a valued consultant. (Aired on 10/15/14)
FREE Prepare Sales for the Year 2020
According to IDC, by 2020, 85 billion mobile apps will be downloaded; 450 billion business transactions will take place on the Internet daily. We have already seen the volume of mobile devices outpace PCs. Is your sales force keeping up with this pace of change?
Many businesses are making efforts to revamp how they interact with customers so they can increase productivity and revenue, streamline the contract negotiation process, and reduce risk.
Join us for this webinar where you'll learn best practices you can use to modernize your sales force and how to implement these changes in your organization. Specifically presenters will discuss how to improve the time-consuming functions of: ..... quote and proposal automation, ..... automated contract management, ..... removing manual processes to reduce risk. (Aired on 10/2/14)
FREE Generation Z: Understanding The Next Generation of Worker and Consumer
Get Up to Speed on Generation Z ..... Having grown up post 9/11, in the wake of the great recession and always connected online, Gen Z is an emerging group that your entire company needs to understand, from HR to marketing.
Gen Z represents 23 million Americans born between 1994 and 2010. They have a combined buying power of $43 billion and influence an additional $600 billion of family spending. They have already started to seize entry-level positions at companies worldwide and have different behaviors, needs and work styles than older generations.
Dan Schawbel has spent the past year learning about Gen Z through a global research study which spanned across the world, from America to China to South Africa. The first of its kind, the study sought to understand the implications of this generation from both a workplace and consumer perspective. (Aired on 11/5/14)
FREE Secrets to Success with Mobile Sales Enablement
Whether your organization is already in the midst of wide scale mobile deployments, or you are looking to join the mobile sales technology movement, we have identified 5 pillars of mobile sales enablement to ensure your team's selling success. It's time to ask yourself certain critical questions so you can best leverage mobile sales enablement and help your sales and marketing teams work better together. We will share our best practices to ensure that you get the maximum ROI from your mobile sales technology.
We'll cover: ..... How to match your mobile content with buyer needs ..... How to take advantage of mobile analytics to reduce content struggle between sales and marketing ..... How to best communicate with customers before, during, and after a meeting in the field ..... The importance of sales engagement metrics ..... Integrations you must have to ensure sales and marketing alignment. (Aired on 11/5/14)
FREE Getting to Yes with Procurement: Advice for Sales Professionals
For sales professionals, negotiating with procurement can be a daunting experience. With over 20 years of consulting experience to both sales and procurement organizations, Vantage Partners knows how difficult this process can be – especially given the continuous expansion of procurement's role in the buying and negotiation process. However, with the right tactics and preparation, getting to yes with procurement doesn't have to be such an ordeal.
In this interactive webinar, Vantage's Elizabeth Rayer, Ph.D., and David Chapnick will provide negotiation advice for dealing with the many challenges sales professionals face when negotiating with procurement.
Some common challenges the presenters will discuss: ..... ..... Procurement - the gate-keeper ..... Selling value when procurement seems to only care about price ..... Negotiating when it feels like procurement has all of the leverage ..... Out to bid – managing procurement's reliance on a RFx process ..... Dealing with threats, stalling, and other tough tactics. (Aired on 10/28/14)
FREE Campaigns That Drive Action: Newsletters & Announcements (Featuring Email and Social Engagement)
This presentation will provide a deeper look into the importance and effectiveness of using email marketing with social media engagement to drive action.
At the heart of small business marketing are the campaigns that drive action – collections of marketing activities that help a small business or organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Newsletters and announcements have become a core component of those campaign choices. Email is more important than ever – to the communication efforts of businesses and nonprofits everywhere; and to the customer, donor, client or supporter of those organizations. This session will reveal some simple but effective best practices and considerations for the small business or nonprofit seeking to make their email newsletters more effective.
Attendees of this presentation will learn: ..... ..... Campaigns in general: what is a campaign, types of newsletters ..... What to write about in your newsletter or announcement and how to consider using images ..... Subject line best practices, and when to send your newsletter ..... The importance of understanding how connected email and social media are…they have to be done together. ..... What types of additional tools might be useful ..... Join us and learn some great new strategies to help your email and social media efforts be more effective components of one of the core campaign types, newsletters and announcements. (Aired on 10/23/14)
FREE 5 Steps to Grow a Strong Online Presence
The steps you take once you take your business online can make or break your plan for success. This webinar, sponsored by Verisign, will help you to focus on what’s critical, and guide you on the most of effective methods in finding new customers.
Attendees will learn about: ..... Establishing your brand ..... Content marketing ..... Social outbound and e-mail marketing ..... When to market and monetize your online presence. (Aired on 11/11/14)
FREE Grow Your Business with Strategic Partnerships
The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child - well, it also takes a village to raise a business. Business growth accelerates when you find strategic partnerships to help you hit your goals.
During this webinar, you will learn: ..... What you need to do before you embark on a partnership ..... The various types of strategic partnerships ..... The benefits (and dangers) of partnerships ..... How to leverage partnerships to ensure business growth. (Aired on 11/13/14)
FREE Driving Revenue and Simplifying Sales Quotes
With thousands of products and millions of potential product combinations, quotes were difficult for Cleaver-Brooks – its sales reps spent an average of four hours on each one, and costly errors and gaps in reps' knowledge limited margins.
Now, after implementing a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution from CallidusCloud, quote times are down to 15 minutes, errors in quotes are greatly reduced and the sales team now generates a half-million quotes a year – and those are just some of the benefits CPQ brings.
In this webinar, you'll learn how CPQ ..... Shortens onboarding for new sales personnel ..... Delivers the right content to the right customer at the right time ..... Encourages reps to upsell automatically. (Aired on 12/3/14)
FREE The Value of Pricing Discipline: An Inside Look at the Impact of Pricing Exceptions
Salespeople often encounter difficult negotiations with customers due to a legacy of having made frequent discounts off their list or "standard" price. The cycle has played out thousands of times... if a supplier refuses the pricing exception, or tries to hold the line, the customer threatens to go to the competition – then the supplier caves and gives the price concession (and rewards their toughest, nastiest customers with the best pricing!).
Sales managers have (an understandable) fear of losing customers, especially those they have had for a long time and had to fight hard to win in the first place. The easier choice often seems to be to grant the exception and land the deal, keep the customer, and hope to hold the line the next time. But, do pricing exceptions only impact the negotiation at hand and short-term margins, or do the ramifications go much deeper?
Join us for this webinar and learn about: ..... Findings from a recent study by Vantage Partners to understand the depth and prevalence of pricing exceptions and how companies manage them ..... The impact that pricing exceptions have on Average Selling Price (ASP) ..... What drives companies to grant price discounts and the real implications of granting them ..... Strategies you can use to begin to reverse the course of a legacy of offering frequent price discounts. (Aired on 11/25/14)
FREE Selling Smarter and Faster: Increasing Revenue and Profit Velocity with Price-Optimized CPQ
While automated Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is becoming increasingly recognized as a pivotal driver in the sales cycle, much of the focus so far has been on process efficiencies, shorter quote turnaround times, and integration with downstream sell-side functions such as contracting and billing. The missing element to date has been the role price optimization should be playing in the CPQ story.
Join us for this webinar and you will: ..... Learn how siloing critical pricing and sales processes is leaving money on the table ..... Explore how employing a holistic, data-driven approach to pricing and sales execution will allow you to sell the right product at the right price, increasing customer satisfaction and your margins (Aired on 1/29/15)
FREE How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan
Marketing is the fuel that drives any small business. But most small businesses have two major challenges: limited time and limited resources. Which means you need to pick a target customer you can actually hit. To develop a killer marketing plan, you need to define your target customer, your niche, your differentiator and most importantly how you are going to tell the world you are open for business. You also need to know how much money you’ll need to conduct all your marketing efforts.
Let Melinda Emerson, “SmallBizLady” America’s #1 Small Business Expert, walk you through her system for developing a killer marketing plan for 2015.
Attendees will learn: ..... How to develop your #1 sales tool ..... How to identify your target market customer ..... How to figure out your niche ..... How to find your customers online ..... Build sales activities that achieve your marketing goals (Aired on 2/5/15)
FREE Pavement-Pounding Strategies to Generate More Sales
You can't ignore the importance of face-to-face marketing (or customers might start ignoring your business). Attend this webinar to get unique ideas and training tools from entrepreneur and SCORE mentor P. Simon Mahler. He'll show you back-to-basics strategies to get you and your salespeople actively engaged with your target market. (Aired on 2/19/15)
FREE Building Your Business Webinar Series Part 1: Marketing Without Money
Marketing is the fuel that drives any small business. But most small businesses have two major challenges: limited time and limited resources. Which means you need to pick a target customer you can actually hit.
To develop a killer marketing plan, you need to define your target customer, your niche, your differentiator and most importantly how you are going to tell the world you are open for business. You also need to know how much money you’ll need to conduct all your marketing efforts. (Aired on 2/24/15)
FREE How to Equip Your Sales Force to Have Smarter Business Conversations
Advances in technology have provided your customers with more information than ever before. This knowledge makes customers more sophisticated and savvy, often leading to increased expectations, which means your sales people now must find new ways to provide more value. Through research and work with Fortune 500 companies, Fusion Learning has created a process and tools that equip sales people to generate insight resulting in better business conversations.
In this webinar, Kevin Higgins, CEO of Fusion Learning Inc., will engage you in an interactive session and demonstrate how this new process and tools can improve the ability your sales reps have to proactively provide value to your clients. (Aired on 4/9/15)
FREE The Barefoot Spirit and Company Culture: Sales is King
Get the benefit of 30 years of successful business experience in one hour! You will learn: ..... How to use the Two-Division Company model to maximize sales, the life blood of your company ..... How to use performance-based compensation to increase sales, growth and profitability ..... How to find and hire people with entrepreneurial DNA ..... How to train new employees to focus on sales ..... How to foster innovation by getting out of your people’s way ..... How to prevent turnover (the #1 hidden cost of any business).
Bonnie Harvey and Michael HoulihanBarefoot is a top global brand, and founded by Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, the authors of the New York Times Bestselling Business book, The Barefoot Spirit and its companion, The Entrepreneurial Culture. From the start, with virtually no money and no wine industry experience, they employed innovative ideas to overcome obstacles, create new markets and strategic alliances, while pioneering Worthy Cause Marketing and performance-based compensation.
One of the keys to their success was implementing a positive company culture. If any business is to thrive in the global marketplace, its employees must be engaged and empowered. In other words, they must think like owners. Problem is, few employees know how. The job of company leaders is to train them to think this way. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey know how to create the conditions that draw out and nourish people’s inner entrepreneur. They take the principles that empowered their own tribe of productive, creative and loyal employees to beat the odds; and boil them down into poignant lessons business owners can put into practice right away to boost their bottom line.
They take everything they know about the spirit of entrepreneurship and help startups, leaders and corporations infuse that experience into their company cultures to engage and empower their people.
This webinar is for those that are both in the startup and growth phase stages of their business looking to boost the bottom line and increase profits and have (or want to have) a product delivered through a distribution system. (Aired on 4/2/15)
FREE 5 Steps to Build Your Sales System to Increase Your Conversion Rate and Grow Your Sales
Whether you are still the main sales engine for your business or you have a sales team of 14 people selling in the field, or your sales all happen online, attend this powerful 1 hour web training on exactly how to build and refine your sales system.
You’ll learn how to quantitatively pinpoint the precise leverage point to increase your conversion rate. What’s more, you’ll get concrete insights on how to systematize your sales conversion process so you can sustain the gains you make as you scale your company.
Join Wall Street Journal bestselling author and successful entrepreneur David Finkel and get a concrete road map to build and refine your lead conversion system. (Aired on 4/30/15)
FREE Best Practices for Turning Inbound Leads into Opportunities
It's no secret that buyers today are both more informed and harder to reach than ever before. And, despite the many innovative tools that are now available to sales reps to help them connect with buyers more easily, finding qualified opportunities still requires old-school outbound phone and email efforts.
In this webinar, we will explore key best practices for prospecting that can help your sales team uncover more qualified opportunities.
Our speakers will share insight on: ..... How to make outbound calling efforts by your sales team more efficient and effective ..... The common challenges with qualifying inbound leads ..... How to accurately qualify inbound leads ..... 5 best practices to convert leads into opportunities. (Aired on 5/5/15)
FREE Scalable Growth: How To Get New Hires To Presidents Club Faster
Are you looking for strategies to help your new hires ramp up faster?
Join us for this webinar to hear how, Splunk, a global leader in operational intelligence, is using sales playbooks to help new reps excel quickly in their rapidly-growing organization. Kym Wood, Director of Global Field Enablement at Splunk, will share how the company has been able to: ..... Leverage Sales Playbooks to get new reps ramped up more quickly ..... Get sales reps to make President's Club in their first year ..... Deliver a consistent and optimal buyer experience. (Aired on 5/20/15)
FREE 60 Ways to Grow Your Email List -- And Your Business, Too!
For every business, possessing an interested -- and qualified -- list of contacts who have your company "top of mind" when they make buying decision, is a vital marketing asset. But continuing to grow that list is just as important. Hence, we hope you'll join us for this free webinar, "60 Ways to Grow Your List."
Presented by Corissa St. Laurent with Constant Contact, this webinar will help your email list thrive, as Corissa will leave you with ideas and strategies to capture new contacts, grow your list and take action to help move your business forward, including:
..... Why someone should join your contact list and what’s in it for them ..... How to ask people to join your list "face-to-face" ..... How to use social media to grow your list ..... How to grow your list on your website or blog ..... How to use print material to get people to sign up ..... How to use events to help grow your list ..... How to use incentives and giveaways to grow your list. (Aired on 5/21/15)
FREE How to Accurately Qualify Opportunities
Do your sales reps ever chase the wrong opportunities, stay in them for too long, or misjudge their realness? Salespeople tend to think they can qualify effectively, but most follow their intuition instead of evaluating a deal's potential objectively.
Start spending your limited time and resources on the right opportunities by relying more on actual 'deal science' rather than gut feelings. This webinar shares insights and best practices on: ..... The two essential questions to determine which deals your reps should focus on ..... Ways to benchmark your team against other high-performing sales professionals ..... How to get bad deals out of your pipeline earlier to double your win rate. (Aired on 6/3/15)
FREE Sales Is Out! Content and Education Are In - How to Leverage the Power of Engaging Content to Boost Your Brand!
Selling is dead. Traditional selling does not work. Today's customers, be they millennials or baby boomers, are drowning in marketing and advertising noise. They're drowned in sales pitches. How can your small business compete?
Join entrepreneur and best selling author Ramon Ray as he shares why the power of social content marketing - selling with education is the best way to sell. You'll leave this presentation with a better appreciation of how to leverage the tools you already have to boost sales and build loyalty with your customers. (Aired on 7/16/15)
FREE How To Launch & Grow a Business Blog
Screw the quality vs. quantity debate and stop worrying about the number of slots on your publishing calendar! Launching and growing a business blog today is far more than filling a pipeline or perfecting your writing chops – it entails visualizing information, optimizing conversions, and fueling the virality of unique ideas.
In this session, Anum Hussain, growth marketer for Sidekick by Hubspot, will cover how to launch a blog with growth hacking, user experience, and content design in mind. You'll walk away knowing: ..... How to conduct audience research ..... Tips for optimizing your content ..... Ways to grow your blog subscribers. (Aired on 8/6/15)
FREE Why Just-in-Time Learning is Your Best New Sales Weapon
The Millennial wave is not coming–it's already here. According to a recent Pew study, Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and sales teams are often at the forefront of this shift.
The smart sales leaders know that this is a good thing. Why? Because in a market where information changes quickly, iPhone-loving Millennials are primed to sell… so long as the right information is ready at their fingertips. In fact, with the right mobile tools and a "just-in-time learning" approach, your Millennials (and everyone else) will be more productive in less time than ever before. In this webinar you'll learn how to quickly implement just-in-time learning to increase sales productivity with less classroom time. (Aired on 8/12/15)
FREE How to Unclog Your Sales Pipeline
The capacity of your sales force isn't just feet on the street. What type of conversations are your reps having with customers? Are they strategic or are they product (read: price) driven? Now, more than ever, sales reps need knowledge about your company and products in order to better respond to your customers with the answers they need. This knowledge is critical in connecting your customers to your company.
Sales reps have an overwhelming amount of information coming to them at various stages of the sales cycle. Balancing mission-critical sales activities with both the tools and information that sales reps must leverage can be a difficult task. The result is slowed sales cycles and clogged pipelines.
This webinar will help you: ..... Identify obstacles that slow down the sales process. ..... Build a plan to give time back to your sales reps. ..... Unclog your sales pipelines. (Aired on 7/15/15)
FREE Find Your Audience and Build Your Brand Through Content Marketing
In today’s digital landscape, you’re fighting for your customers’ time and attention not only against other products, but also their friends, family, and favorite celebrities. How can a small business compete? Content marketing can be a way to cut through the noise —by providing materials that your customers truly want and seek out.
Content marketing can help you to build your reputation, establish your expertise, and strengthen your relationship with your customers. In this webinar, digital marketing strategist Zontee Hou will explore the ways in which you can develop blog posts, videos, ebooks, infographics, and other content pieces to support your business every day. She’ll also discuss how you can use social media and email marketing to get the most value out of these content pieces.
Bringing her experience working with businesses large (technology, finance, tourism) and small (independent boutiques, non-profits, start-ups), Zontee will take you through real-life examples of smart content marketing executions, as well as through constructs and exercises you can do for yourself. (Aired on 7/22/15)
FREE Content, Inc: How to Launch a Content-First Business
In the future, thousands of businesses from around the globe will leverage a "content first" go-to-market strategy.
"Content first" means that entrepreneurs in companies of all sizes are first developing content brands and building audiences, and then conceiving products to sell. This business model essentially inverts the traditional approach of initially focusing on product development & sales, as having a singular focus on audience (i.e. your prospective customer!) gives the entrepreneur the best understanding of what products ultimately make the most sense to offer.
In this workshop, Joe Pulizzi, author of the new book Content Inc., details how many of today's most successful businesses are using a "content first" strategy, and how they have become some of the fastest growing businesses on the planet. Joe will also break down what you can learn from these companies, and how you can replicate their approach to grow your business.
Discover how currently established companies can transition to a “content first” strategy.
Learn how to gather audience feedback and spawn this important market intelligence into new product or service offerings.
Learn the 7-step Content Inc. process which can be the basis for your business model (Aired on 7/30/15)
FREE Top 5 Tips to Get Better Results from Your Sales Training Efforts
Successful sales training should be more than a flashy, one-time event. It should be reinforced continuously throughout the year after the annual sales kickoff event. Expecting your sales team to retain an abundance of information in just a few days, and to put that new knowledge into action successfully months later, means you're missing valuable opportunities throughout the year to increase the success of your sales team.
Mobile sales training tools empower reps with just-in-time knowledge, so they have the right information at their fingertips whenever and wherever they need it. In addition, the ability for seamless collaboration between sales and marketing content creators and sales management makes content easily accessible and updated for sales reps.
In this webinar, you will learn the top five tips to improve your sales training efforts, and how you can implement a consistent training reinforcement strategy that will produce a more successful, profitable sales team. (Aired on 9/16/15)
FREE It's Alive! How Print Can Bring Your Business to Life
In this webinar, you will learn how printed materials can help grow your small business. This webinar will show you how to engage with new clients or customers by creating a visual translation on paper that builds credibility and a reputation that will help your business become more successful. We will also discuss the effectiveness of print in social media and how that can translate to more dollars in your pocket, as well as statistical analysis of why print needs to be in your budget.
PrintSCORE mentor Simon Mahler will include creative marketing methods and ideas to implement immediately in your business using quality print concepts that will get you moving, motivated, and excited to get your business to the next level. (Aired on 9/17/15)
FREE Sales Content: The New King
Content, content, content. Sales tactics and strategies aside, there's so much buzz with value-added messaging and…you guessed it, content. With all this noise, it's difficult to understand just how content benefits your sales organization. What's working? What's not?
Qvidian's new 'Content Automation Trends Report' can help you pinpoint how your sales content affects the successes and failures of your sales team.
Join this webinar and learn: ..... How to leverage sales content to improve sales force effectiveness ..... Why your sales content might be losing you deals ..... Why sales content portals are not the answer ..... How to improve the creation, delivery, and management of your sales content. (Aired on 9/29/15)
FREE Wolfe's Rules of Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Innovators
From high-visibility, high-impact initiatives such as improving your website, to everyday tasks such as how you answer the telephone or request customer feedback, marketing is interlaced into virtually every aspect of your business. Yet, in the rush to generate sales revenue, many entrepreneurs underestimate its importance, hoping to become the 1-in-a-1000 businesses that take off due to word-of-mouth referrals.
Wolfe's Rules of Marketing and Innovation will cover: ..... The difference between marketing and sales ..... Why marketing, not sales, is the starting point for businesses to make it ..... The risk of cutting back on marketing to preserve cash flow ..... The best ways to invest profits back into the marketing of your business ..... How to manage equity stakes to grow your business. (Aired on 1/7/16)
FREE How to Use 7 Simple Quota Practices to Skyrocket Sales
Balancing territories properly is critical for maximizing your sales force's success, and doing so correctly means using data to establish sales territories that will reach their full profit potential.
Gartner estimated that, on average, enterprises will miss the equivalent of 10 percent of total sales in lost revenue that could have been captured with improved processes for defining, assigning and managing territories, quotas and compensation plans. Without data, territory mapping and quota calculations become subjective, favor certain sales reps, and often do not maximize the company's overall revenue potential.
Join us for this webinar and learn how to: ..... Simplify and accelerate the territory and quota planning process ..... Reduce the risk of errors in the planning process ..... Use data to avoid the most common territory planning pitfalls ..... Give reps clarity on how quotas are calculated and improve sales rep retention. (Aired on 10/7/15)
FREE 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Business Online
When it comes to online marketing, are you wondering if there's something that you're missing? Wondering if there's something you could be doing better? No worries. You're not alone. From domain names to websites to social media, many small business owners worry that they're not getting it right. After all, there's an awful lot to think about.
Join us for our upcoming webinar where Internet experts Verisign and GoDaddy will walk through 7 common errors that small businesses make when setting up shop online. They'll reveal overlooked marketing tips to help you get more out of the Internet for your business. You know, so you can get back to doing what you do best: making something awesome happen. (Aired on 10/22/15)
FREE Multiple Channels, One Experience. Using CPQ-Powered eCommerce to Maximize Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
Reaching all of your customers how they want to buy is essential in promoting revenue growth in a competitive marketplace. Leading companies are now leveraging CPQ-powered Ecommerce to allow customers to start their buying journey online and finalize with sales or partners in a seamless purchasing experience.
Join this free webinar and learn how you can ..... Deliver a consistent customer experience across all sales channels ..... Make it easier for partners to sell your products ..... Enable online purchasing, even for bundles and products requiring complex configuration ..... Efficiently add new channels, all managed from a single repository. (Aired on 10/22/15)
FREE The Analytical Marketer
Analytics is driving big changes in marketing, not only in what marketing departments do but also in how they are organized, staffed, led, and run.
Marketing leaders are grappling with multiple issues, which include creating a unified view of the customer, building an analytically driven marketing organization, and determining the structure and talent needed to lead interactions with IT, finance, and sales
Adele Sweetwood, head of Global Marketing for SAS, the world’s largest independent analytics company, has thought deeply about this and has written about how analytics is transforming marketing. On November 16, Sweetwood will lead an interactive Harvard Business Review webinar focused on the analytical marketer.
Sweetwood will share critical insights on the changing marketing organization that is digital, agile, and analytical—and tools for reinventing it. Her insights are based on her own firsthand experience transforming a marketing organization from “art” to “art and science.” Challenged and inspired by SAS’s analytics products, the SAS marketing team was forced to rethink itself to take advantage of the new capabilities that those tools offer the modern marketer. (Aired on 11/16/16)
FREE How to Adopt Smart and Simple Best Practices for Growing Sales
Shifting buyer behaviors and the digitization of sales have dramatically changed the game for today's B2B sales organizations. Join this webinar featuring guest speakers from SAP and Accenture to get insight on how to adapt to today's modern selling environment and ensure your sales team is equipped for success.
The panel will share insights on: ..... Key trends affecting today's sales organization ..... Best practices on how to help B2B sales reps adapt to improve sales force effectiveness ..... Technologies that make the biggest impact on the success of your sales team ..... How leading companies, including AGL Utilities, are evolving to be more successful in improving sales performance, providing mobile access to customer data and delivering effective coaching with better customer insights to drive sales growth. (Aired on 11/12/15)
FREE Strategies to Boost Your Sales
Accelerating Your Business Growth Webinar Series: Part 2 ..... Learn how to accelerate sales by expanding your distribution channels, building and motivating your sales team, benchmarking, and using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage and retain customers.
Guest Speaker: Carleton Smith is the former Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Harris Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with worldwide operations. During his forty year business career, he managed turnarounds, acquisitions and mergers, and worldwide sales and marketing for companies and divisions in difficult markets with demanding customers and tough competitors. (Aired on 11/10/15)
FREE Top 25 Easy Ways to Update Your Marketing Materials & Digital Media for 2016
There are many creative ways small businesses can refresh and enhance their printed marketing materials in a cost-effective manner. During this webinar, you will learn simple tips and tricks you can do yourself to make your printed collateral more impactful.
There are many resources you can find online that offer free business templates that you can customize and print yourself such as brochures, business cards and flyers. Additionally, simple tweaks to your existing web and social presence can make all the difference in standing out from the crowd and in positioning yourself above the competition.
Prepare your business for the new year with actionable steps you can take to improve your brand and image through updated marketing materials. (Aired on 11/12/15)
FREE Five Key Steps for Building a Top Sales Team in 2016
While closing out 2015 you have to keep your eye on 2016. Now is the time to start looking at your team and see what you need to do to build a winning team for the coming year. Top sales teams don't rest on their laurels, they always seek to improve and push themselves to be better. How can your team improve in 2016? Join us for this webinar and hear our experts key insights and best practices on selecting, training and managing a top sales team.
You will learn the five key steps for building a top performing sales team including: ..... Hiring the right people ..... Coaching to success ..... Building a culture that never quits ..... Deploying tools your team will adopt (Aired on 12/16/15)
FREE Marketing on a Shoestring
In this engaging, informative webinar, USA TODAY columnist Steve Strauss shares a dozen ways to grow your business - without breaking the bank! Everything from new digital options like pay-per-click and content marketing to some old-school ideas like contests and co-op advertising and will be covered.
Discover some great, new, affordable ways to market your business in 2016 with the country's leading small business expert! (Aired on 1/14/16)
FREE Free Publicity - Get Buzz and Attention in the Media
How can your business can get the attention of local and national media? It's not hard! It just takes strategy and creativity.
Presenter Ramon Ray has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journey, Inc Magazine and beyond. In this webinar, he'll share his secret sauce for getting the media talking about YOU and your product or service.
Businesses who get media attention build credibility and quickly extend their brand reach faster than simple word of mouth marketing or other marketing. Attendees will leave this insightful, energized and practical presentation with specific tools and best practices to get the attention of local and national media. (Aired on 1/28/16)
FREE How to Win Your Biggest Sales Battles in 2016
In this webinar, you will learn how to lead your sales team to breakthrough success. Here are the major takeaways: ..... How to see the early warning signs of a miss so your reps can course-correct ..... How to get better sales intelligence so you can close more deals faster ..... How to instantly and accurately view your sales pipeline in real time. (Aired on 1/12/16)
FREE The $100 Million Problem You Don't Know You Have
Secrets to Sales Proposals that Close Deals ..... A great proposal won't win you the business on its own, but a poor proposal can undo a lot of the hard work up to that point, or even leave your reps trying to figure out why that forecasted slam-dunk opportunity is stuck in the pipeline.
Join us for this eye-opening webinar and learn: ..... How to help your reps ensure more qualified opportunities result in a signed contract ..... Why a great sales proposal is essential in today's buyer-centric marketplace ..... Proven strategies to better align your proposals with buyers' decision-making behaviors. (Aired on 2/9/16)
FREE A Sales Effectiveness Study: Best Practices for Managing Inbound Leads
Inbound leads are critical to the success of your sales team. While a flood of inbound leads from your online web forms, webinars, or trade shows is a great start, it doesn't mean all those leads will turn into closed deals. In fact, a recent study conducted by Conversica indicates that more than a third of companies ignore inbound leads.*
Join us for this webinar and you will learn how to better manage your inbound leads, including: ..... Insightful metrics on the 4 elements of successful lead engagement: Promptness, Persistence, Personalization and Performance ..... Which factors are strong predictors of success or failure with inbound leads, ..... Practical steps you can take to align your sales team with best practices, and ..... How to benchmark your company's lead engagement efforts against others in your industry.
*Registrants of this webinar will receive the full research report. The report will be sent via email after the live webinar. (Aired on 1/28/16)
FREE How To Increase Revenue and Close More Deals by Outsourcing Your Sales
Do you know what "outsourced selling" is? If you are an entrepreneur, or have a great idea to sell, you need to know!
Charles Cohon, CEO and President of the Manufacturers' Agents National Association is an expert on Outsourced Selling. In this webinar he will teach you how to best utilize this cost-effective and productive sales strategy.
Join us to learn about these valuable topics: ..... What exactly is "outsourced sales?" ..... Why do outsourced sales forces often earn more trust from customers than a direct salesperson? ..... How do I select an outsourced sales force?
Cohon will draw from examples of companies who have successfully outsourced their sales forces. At the end of this presentation you will have a fundamental understanding on how to build a lasting relationship with outsourced sales forces that that may be on your team for years, but will never be on your payroll. (Aired on 2/25/16)
FREE Powerful Leadership Presentations: Build Commitment and Action
What would it mean to you and your company if – every time you delivered a presentation – you were powerfully persuasive, clearly concise, and inspired your team to success? Impossible, you say? Not when you learn to implement Patricia Fripp's five power presentation techniques that guarantee you will be a rousing success.
You will discover how to: ..... Make an indelible connection with every member of your team. ..... Build action and commitment through your words. ..... Get buy-in for your point of view. ..... Open and close with impact. ..... Present to be memorable.
Get known as the rock star sales leader you were born to be! (Aired on 2/24/16)
FREE 6 Must-Haves for a Sales Training Program that Sticks
Research shows that companies spend $20 billion annually on sales training, but report a low return on their investment. That's not acceptable. There is a way to build a successful and sustainable training program.
Join us for this webinar and you'll gain a better understanding of the elements of a successful sales training program and tips to get the most out of your investment, including: ..... Strategy – How to plan for training that actually gets done and helps your reps and your business meet their goals. ..... Content and delivery – Identifying what reps need to be able to do as a result of their training and the best way to deliver that content and make it stick. ..... Measuring outcomes – Go beyond basic metrics like completion and rep feedback. ..... Invested leaders – Why leadership involvement throughout the training program improves sales-training results.
Registrants of this webinar will also receive The Periodic Table of Sales Training. This guide will be sent via email after the live webinar. (Aired on 3/8/16)
FREE How to Fast Track Sales and Increase Pipeline Visibility
Sales leaders are responsible for helping their team move pipeline, drive revenue and meet quota. Sales management is often left guessing when a contract will close, with no power to speed up the sale. As the saying goes, "time is money", and the ability to quickly close a deal can sometimes be the difference between hitting or missing quota.
Join us for this webinar to hear Andrea Wood, Senior Manager at Cox Communications, explain how implementing digital processes into the Cox sales cycle has helped accelerate revenue by allowing sales reps to focus more time on active selling. Molly Aiken, Sales AVP at Adobe, will discuss the importance of digitally transforming sales organizations – from increased visibility into rep activity, to enabling mobility across the sales cycle.
Attend this webinar to learn: ..... Digital transformation trends for sales organizations ..... Key considerations and benefits of implementing digital processes into the sales cycle ..... How CRM investment is extended by integrating an e-signature solution. (Aired on 7/14/16)
FREE Power Networking to Generate Sales and Make Relevant Connections
Networking, in person and one to one, is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of marketing & growing your business. A good networker is able to quickly share who they are while also listening and learning about who the other person is. Networking is a great way to build your in-person peer group, find your next hire, connect with your next client or engage a future partner. (Aired on 8/4/16)
FREE Help Your Business Say "Hola" to the $1.5 Trillion Hispanic Economy
Already valued today at $1.5 trillion, the buying power of Hispanics and Latinos is projected to be the fastest growing economy in the United States during the next five years. Yet most small businesses fail to fully tap this opportunity. SCORE mentor Edison Guzman will showcase ways you can recast your marketing, so people of Hispanic origin know, like and trust your business. And in the process, they will become prized customers.
Guzman's principles apply regardless of your target market. All cultures and people with different ethnic backgrounds have slightly different psychographics, yet they all respond to similar psychological triggers. The webinar will focus on Hispanics as a cultural niche and address the many ways a business owner can appeal to them. (Aired on 4/26/16)
FREE Run Your Business Like a Bike Shop
You did it. You took the leap. You've been working on your own. You have customers who aren’t related to you. You, my friend, are an Entrepreneur — Capital E!
Now, what's next? How do you find more customers? How do you market yourself and make sure you'll always have the skills you need to keep up? Well, here's how: Run your business like a bike shop! Create community. Hold group rides (so to speak). Establish yourself as an expert.man in a bike shop
There's some great stuff happening at bicycle shops all around the world. Tap into it during this webinar sponsored by Verisign and GoDaddy. Learn the importance of personal relationships in growing your business in a digital world. (Aired on 4/28/16)
FREE How to Create & Sustain Relationships of Value
The ability to create value is a key element to winning new business and keeping customers happy. Join Selling Power CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner and Anthony Iannarino, an international speaker, author, and sales leader, for this free webinar. You will learn how to teach your sales team to: ..... create more value throughout the entire sales process ..... create and win more opportunities – at a higher margin ..... increase revenues from within your existing client base. (Aired on 5/10/16)
FREE The Power of the Inbox - The Right Ways to Do Email Marketing
Have you purchased a product after clicking on an enticing email? Then you've experienced what it's like when email marketing is done right!
Constant Contact's Stephen Robinson will present a primer on effective email marketing, including what it is (and isn't) and what it can do for your business. Robinson will offer expert tips and techniques to improve your open-rates, click-throughs and, ultimately, conversions and sales.
This is the first of a two-part webinar series presented by Constant Contact. In the second installment on January 10, 2017, Stephen will identify how to create compelling email content-- on an on-going basis.
Together these two webinars will help you unlock the "Power of the Inbox." (Aired on 12/8/16)
FREE Use Online Reviews to Attract New Customers - and Keep Existing Ones Happy
As fast as they can press “submit,” your customers are telling the world about your business on highly-trafficked review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Google+ and dozens of others.
Positive reviews will drive new customers to your business while negative ones may send them looking elsewhere for your product or service.
This SCORE webinar tackles both topics. Presenter Daniel Lemin, one of the nation's most widely-respected experts on the online reviews and ratings industry, shows how to establish and promote your company’s presence on review sites, and then covers how to manage and monitor a positive reputation online. (Aired on 6/29/16)
FREE Retail Revelations: How Local Businesses Can Compete – and Win – in the Amazon Era
With so many customers gravitating to lower prices offered on the internet, it’s paramount for local retailers and specialty stores to nurture customer loyalty with fabulous in-store shopping experiences and to prudently manage their markups, inventory and turnover.
In this webinar, Ritchie Sayner, a SCORE mentor and successful retail consultant, offers ways local retailers can increase in-store sales and run more profitable businesses despite competition from goliaths such as Amazon, Zappos, and other online markets. (Aired on 7/20/16)
FREE Your New Revenue Engine: Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Sales
Google, Facebook, and Amazon are making great strides in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Which means that A.I. has already begun to alter the landscape for both B2B buyers and sellers. This webinar is for B2B sales leaders like you, and will help you to understand key trends affecting sales teams today, including how new A.I. sales technologies can help you grow revenues significantly.
The speakers will discuss: ..... Key trends that will influence how B2B sales teams sell effectively in 2017 ..... The impact of new technologies (such as A.I.) on how B2B sales teams identify and target new prospects ..... How to hone in on the 'perfect' buyer persona. (Aired on 7/20/16)
FREE Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Blog Subscriber List
The internet is cluttered with advice on how to grow your blog email list. Meanwhile, startups and small businesses are struggling to allot the time, resources and budget to a full blog strategy. How can we afford to write new content weekly? Wait, there's more to running a blog than just writing words?
In this webinar, presented in partnership with Staples, you'll learn how to optimize and automate your content marketing to save your team time while building a truly efficient and effective content engine.
During this session you’ll learn how to: ..... Apply the principles of top growth teams to your content funnel ..... Create an onboarding process that increases long-term subscriber retention ..... Run unsubscribe campaigns that yield a healthier, more engaged email list. (Aired on 7/26/16)
FREE Own Your Day: How Sales Leaders Master Time Management
Sales managers work under intense conditions unique to their roles that traditional time management strategies fail to address.
Many leaders believe it's impossible to develop an effective routine for themselves and their direct reports when their time is consumed with phone calls, emails, meetings, challenges, competing priorities, as well as selling and serving customers.
In his new book Own Your Day executive sales and management coach Keith Rosen offers a plan to change all that. In addition to learning time management strategies that will have an immediate, positive impact on your life, Rosen advises on how to coach your people to thrive and help them improve their daily productivity, performance, and personal accountability.
In this live, interactive HBR webinar, Rosen will share insights into managing your time and how to pass these insights along to your team to increase profitability and performance. (Aired on 7/26/16)
FREE 6 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Blogging
Did you know that a blog can help increase your SEO, help you make connections with others within your industry, and act as a vehicle for customer satisfaction? Learn how a well-planned blog can help grow your business. Plus discover tools to help you plan your content calendar, optimize headlines, and promote your posts.
In this webinar, you'll learn: ..... Ways to position your blog and generate business from it ..... How to optimize content for SEO and social shares ..... Best practices for blogging ..... Content planning tools ..... Examples of successful small business blogs. (Aired on 8/23/16)
FREE The Elements of Value: Measuring What Consumers Really Want
When potential customers evaluate a product or service, they weigh its perceived value against the price. For marketers, it is fairly easy to understand and analyze how consumers think about the price side of the equation. But understanding what consumers truly value is much more complex and psychologically complicated.
To better dissect and understand value through the eyes of the customer, Bain & Company's Eric Almquist and his colleagues have identified 30 “elements of value” in four categories—functional, emotional, life changing, and social impact. Using these elements of value it is possible to develop a rigorous model of consumer value and better understand consumer behavior in any area.
On August 9, 2016, in a live, interactive, Harvard Business Review webinar, Almquist will describe the elements of value and explain how marketers can use this concept to improve customer experience, value and spark growth. Insights from this work can affect customer segmentation, new product development, and customer loyalty. (Aired on 8/9/16)
FREE Finding & Funneling Customers to Fuel Your Business Growth
It seems simple enough. Convert prospects -- to leads -- to customers and your business will be on its way! But doing so on an on-going, sustained basis presents a challenge to new and established businesses alike.
During this SCORE Webinar, Danielle Tate, founder of MissNowMrs.com & best-selling author of Elegant Entrepreneur, shares insights and examples to develop a successful marketing strategy to build your customer base and maximize profit.
Danielle will cover: ..... Understanding & creating your sales funnel ..... Driving sales through the funnel process ..... Leveraging the value of repeat customers ..... Maximizing revenue per customer. (Aired on 11/17/16)
FREE 9 Common Sales Transformation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
According to MHI Global research, you have better odds playing craps than you do hitting your forecast. But there's hope. Sales transformation can change how you sell to create a sustainable competitive advantage in today's ever-changing sales ecosystem. It's a blend of people, process and technology. All three are important – they work together.
Join us for this engaging webinar as Byron Matthews, CEO of MHI Global, explores: ..... The evolution of – and risks associated with – sales transformation ..... 9 reasons sales transformation initiatives fail to fully deliver and how you can avoid them ..... Key research from CSO Insights, including sales forecast win rates, investment priorities, outcomes of sales effectiveness initiatives, and the increasing rate of change impacting sales teams. (Aired on 9/28/16)
FREE Separating Hype vs Reality: The Top 3 Sales Activities that (Really) Predict Revenue
When it comes to forecasts, sales leaders are often left scratching their heads trying to determine which opportunities are just 'hype' and which ones are 'reality'. This makes it difficult for sales leaders to know if their sales reps will actually deliver on revenue goals. And we all know that you can't manage what you don't measure. How much insight do you have on what your sales reps are doing each day, and if those activities will translate into closed deals?
Join us for this webinar to learn how to get accurate insight into what your reps are doing, and if their forecasts are 'hype' or 'reality'. You will also learn: ..... The top 3 sales activities that really predict revenue ..... New data and insight on best time of day for your reps to call prospects ..... How to measure the quality of call performance – and use it to predict sales outcomes. (Aired on 10/12/16)
FREE New Ways to Boost Sales Productivity in 2017
A new year, a new strategy, and new tools for winning sales! Join us for this webinar to get the inspiration and tips you need to set your intention to make 2017 the year of hustle, value creation, and digital transformation. Best-selling author and award-winning blogger, Anthony Iannarino, will share his top sales insights in this interactive webinar that welcomes audience participation and questions.
Key takeaways for this webinar will include ..... The year of hustle. Learn how to create the right mindset and skillset to stay a step ahead of your competition. ..... The year of value creation. Discover how top performers focus on value creation – Anthony will share his secret sauce for winning more sales. ..... The year of digital transformation. Learn how to avoid time-wasting technology and social media traps and instead leverage the best tools to work 100 percent smarter, not harder. (Aired on 1/5/17)
FREE Five Executive Decision-Making Styles You Can't Afford to Ignore
Only 38 percent of sales organizations gain access to top decision makers. But, just getting access isn't enough. It's not just about getting there, it's about what you do once you've arrived. And that's precisely why we're offering a webinar on Cracking the Executive Buying Code.
Join us for this webinar and learn: ..... The growing gap between how we sell and how executives buy ..... Five distinct decision making styles of executives ..... How to tailor communications, timing, depth, order and media according to decision–making style of your buyer.
Gaining an understanding of the most common types of executive buying personas greatly increases the odds of the decision being made in your favor—and isn't that just what you want?
The webinar is based on years of proprietary data from world-class organizations that provide invaluable insights into buying styles, characteristics, and key behaviors. We will help you crack the executive buying code and Be Ready to win more customers. (Aired on 11/1/16)
FREE How to Excel at Being a Sales Leader
Being a sales leader is not easy. You have to constantly monitor what's happening with your sales team, customers, and your team's sales pipeline – all while overseeing the other aspects of your sales organization, such as training, budgeting, sales technology, and more.
Join us for this webinar and learn how you can excel as a sales leader in today's competitive environment. Our speakers will share strategies and topics including: ..... How to set and attain your goals as a sales leader ..... The difference between being a boss and being a leader – and insight on how to lead ..... The importance of maintaining a peak performance mindset, so you can excel as a leader ..... How to make smart investments in sales technology that will actually make a positive impact on your sales teams' results. (Aired on 11/15/16)
FREE Which CRM System is Right for Your Business?
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems aren't just for big businesses anymore. Smaller companies are reaping the rewards through better sales, service and marketing management. Dozens of CRM systems are available, so which one is best for your business?
During this webinar, CRM and small business expert Gene Marks will identify: ..... Ways a CRM system increases sales, productivity and profit ..... What to look for in a good CRM system ..... Major features and pricing of the leading mainstream systems available today ..... The "three laws" for CRM success. (Aired on 11/30/16)
FREE The Power of the Inbox - What to Say, and How to Say It
"Location, location, location" is critical for marketing your brick and mortar store, but successful email marketing relies on "content, content, content." What you say and how you say it (tone, date & time, frequency) create the foundation for attracting and engaging your audience.
Constant Contact's Stephen Robinson will offer detailed tips for creating content, such as: ..... How many links create the most engagement ..... How to turn questions into high open-rate subject lines ..... Use of graphics, pictures and video to make your emails interesting and share-worthy ..... Re-purposing of content across multiple platforms and more.
This is the second part of the "Power of the Inbox" webinar series. In Part 1, The Right Ways to Do Email Marketing, Stephen covered the basics of effective email marketing. Together, these two webinars will give you the insights, structure and tools to make your email marketing fast, easy and effective. (Aired on 1/11/17)
FREE Sales Training: New Techniques to Drive Results Better, Faster, and Cheaper
Techniques to train and enable sales teams have undergone a dramatic shift, but keeping up with all of the change can be overwhelming. This webinar will highlight recent major innovations in sales training – helping you stay current on what's possible and what really works. We will digest five years of key developments so you leave ready, willing, and able to put the latest thinking into action.
Strategies covered in this webinar will include how to: ..... Save time by identifying the highest priority training needs through role-based competency models and assessments ..... Improve training relevance through individualizing development plans ..... Enhance effectiveness beyond merely watching videos to enhance sales skills ..... Enhance coaching effectiveness and focus through artificial intelligence ..... Accelerate time to performance through tools and smart apps ..... Improve sales-effectiveness tracking through advanced metrics and analytics.
All participants will receive an opportunity to benchmark sales team competencies. (Aired on 4/19/17)
FREE The How, Why and ROI of Social Selling
Are you struggling to generate sales from your social media efforts? "Technology Therapist" Jennifer Shaheen can help. In this webinar, she will discuss the strategies that work — and the hype to avoid — so that the time and effort your company invests in social selling generates more leads, prospects and customers. Join us to learn: ..... Which social platforms are best for your business ..... How to extend social selling beyond social media ..... What tools you need to be successful ..... Why it's important to train your staff to sell in a social world ..... How to track the return on your time investment. (Aired on 1/26/17)
FREE The Lies Salespeople Believe That Prevent Sales Growth
Why do the majority of salespeople struggle to have conversations with buyers that build trust and add value? Learn what science has found are the hidden, but most common, mindsets and beliefs that the majority of salespeople struggle with and discover how they impact sales performance and growth. (Aired on 2/16/17)
FREE Up Your Game with Social Selling
Are you using social media for your small business but not seeing results? In this webinar, Martha O'Gorman, one of the founders of Liberty Tax Service and now its Chief Marketing Officer, details the "social selling" process.
She will teach you: ..... How to use your social networks to connect with prospects and provide value before, during and after the sales process ..... How to earn to leverage LinkedIn and Facebook to find potential customers ..... How to ncrease your sale pipeline at little or no cost. (Aired on 3/9/17)
FREE The Making of a Sales Expert: How Deliberate Practice Will Give Your Team The Edge In 2017
We are all familiar with the old adage, 'practice makes perfect', and the more a person practices in their discipline, the faster they will become an expert in their field. That's why leading companies have incorporated 'deliberate practice' as a key component of their sales training and development efforts – to ensure their reps consistently perform at expert levels.
Join us for this new webinar; our speakers will discuss 'deliberate practice' – what it is and how it can best be leveraged to improve sales performance.
You will also learn: ..... Why deliberate practice is the missing piece in your sales training program ..... How to ensure your reps go into every client meeting with both the confidence & competence to advance the sale ..... How leading companies have leveraged deliberate practice to improve sales performance ..... How to enable sales managers to be better coaches. (Aired on 1/24/17)
FREE How to Nudge Your Customers Without Pushing Them Away
Behavioral science is yielding important new insights about how consumers make decisions. Extensive research has shown that defaults are an effective way to nudge—but not force—consumers to act in a certain way. Defaults work because of people’s well-established bias for choosing default options. For example, defaults can nudge people to save for retirement by automatically enrolling them in a designated option unless they make an active decision to opt out.
On January 31, in an interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Northeastern University marketing professor Mary Steffel will share insights from her research on the power of defaults and how marketers and policymakers can leverage defaults to improve consumer well-being. She will also discuss the ethics of defaults and the roles and impact of disclosure and transparency. (Aired on 1/31/17)
FREE Purpose Driven Sales
What makes top sellers better? Lisa McLeod’s global study revealed: salespeople who sell with Noble Purpose, who want to improve customer’s lives, outsell salespeople focused on targets and quotas. Lisa shows how to find your Noble Purpose and use it to increase competitive differentiation, ignite emotional engagement, and drive revenue. (Aired on 1/9/17)
FREE Can Checklists Stop Deals from Dying and Help Consistently Achieve Quota?
Welcome to The Sales Experts Channel! We are a community of 63 sales authors, trainers, researchers and thought leaders collaborating here to answer your questions about how to sell more effectively. (Aired on 1/17/17)
FREE Getting Intelligence from Dumb Data
As marketing people, we gather a wealth of data on anything from traffic, enquiries and purchases to population, weather and market trends. This poses two key challenges.
1. No matter how much data you gather, it is dumb data. Just knowing numbers in isolation does not provide an answer to the question, “Why?”
2. No marketing human can analyse so much data to such a degree that all possible opportunities and threats can be identified.

In this webinar, aimed at marketing managers who are looking to widen their knowledge of marketing intelligence, I will cover the following areas. ..... Finding truth in analytics data. Things to consider that can skew your assumption. For example, one graph may suggest an incorrect insight because there’s something else you aren’t looking at. ..... Examples of how to use linear regression on existing data to forecast future behaviour. ..... Ideas for using algorithms to look for correlations between multiple pieces of data from multiple sources. ..... Examples of how some companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create deep learning capability – marketing intelligence at scale. (Aired on 4/4/17)
FREE How to Grow and Manage Your Email List
Growing your email list is one of the most important things to do for your business. In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into the most important elements of your email list: ..... List Creation: Get started with the basics of creating a list ..... List Building: Learn how to grow your list through traditional and more creative ways ..... List Management: Understand best practices when it comes to managing your list ..... List Segmentation: Have a look at segmentation, why you need it, and how to do it effectively.
It’s everything you need to know to make 2017 BIG for email list growth. (Aired on 1/25/17)
FREE 3 Essential Steps to Building a Powerhouse Online Brand
Join this webinar to learn how to create a powerful and lasting online brand.
Presenter Brett Napoli, founder of the web development and media firm Ambition Insight, explains how to understand your customer and create valuable content and images to attract them.
Brett will also cover: ..... How to create an eye-catching logo and website ..... Ways to create and publish SEO-friendly content on an on-going basis ..... Other tips to make your brand, content, social media and online marketing efforts stand out. (Aired on 2/21/17)
FREE Resolutions to Achieve Peak Sales Performance in 2017
In this interactive webinar, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power, will discuss how you can ignite your New Year's resolutions to win more sales. By combining leading neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and peak performance psychology theories into practical tips employed by top salespeople and peak performers in sports and business.
Discover the tools and techniques that have helped thousands of sales executives achieve quota-busting results: ..... Create your foundation for peak sales performance. ..... Identify and let go of self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from winning. ..... Become a no-limit thinker and a more successful salesperson. ..... Learn complementary technologies and tools to turbo-charge your success. (Aired on 2/8/17)
FREE AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z
A new AdReaction study from Kantar Millward Brown, reveals Gen Z has its own distinct behaviours, attitudes and responses to advertising. The study, AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z is the first-ever comprehensive global study of Gen Z, and provides guidance on how marketers can engage more effectively with this increasingly important group. (Aired on 2/7/17)
FREE Using Analytics to Drive Sales Behavior and Hit Quota
Are analytics a silver bullet for your sales team? Data is only useful in context, so you can use analytics to help guide your sales team only if you understand its relationships to people and business processes. In this webinar you'll discover how to spot patterns in your sales practices to play up strengths and address weaknesses in your pipeline.
Join us for this new webinar, to explore best practices for using analytics to drive sales behavior and hit quota, including how to: ..... Use analytics to drive the sales behaviors that really matter to revenue ..... Analyze your programs and their performance ..... Spot early indicators of unnatural sales acts, like draining pipeline to make quarter ..... Drive the pipeline reporting your executive team wants – and what tools will make it easier. (Aired on 3/21/17)
FREE Take Your Ecommerce Business To The Next Level
Many ecommerce businesses need a jolt to jumpstart massive growth. If yours is one of them, watch this webinar to help your online business grow, take more market share and sell more products and services.
Ecommerce expert John Lawson will guide you through roadmaps to four core growth strategies that will take your online business to the next level.
Sponsored by FedEx®, this webinar will cover: ..... New ways to broaden your customer base ..... How to maximize reach using "Influencer Marketing" ..... The latest tactics for effective conversion design ..... How to design Facebook ecommerce conversion funnels. (Aired on 3/1/17)
FREE Effective Territory Management
As a sales rep or sales manager, are you effectively managing territory? Are you focused, systematic, productive, and thorough in your approach while still being nuanced and flexible? Are you working the right deals, at the right level, at the right time, in the right way? Let's nail this down. (Aired on 5/25/17)
FREE Don’t Let Marketing Bite You: 4 Ways to Reach More Customers
Finding new customers is a top priority for small business owners, but is often costly and time consuming.
In this session, you’ll learn how Deluxe helped Robert Herjavec’s Shark Tank investments solve their biggest marketing challenges, including: ..... How to reach new customers using Facebook ..... How to attract more web traffic and increase online sales ..... How to cost-effectively reach existing customers ..... How to use free online listings to get found locally. (Aired on 4/25/17)
FREE How to Take Control and Improve the Performance of Your Sales Team
Managing a sales organization today is challenging. Many sales leaders don't trust the sales data available to them, and still have to rely on instincts or spreadsheets to make territory, quota, and incentive compensation decisions.
That's why modern sales leaders are rethinking ways of incentivizing and training reps and using sales performance management (SPM) technology as the bridge that links their go-to-market strategy with sales performance.
The value SPM brings is so great that Gartner predicts it will be a $1.54 billion market by 2019.
Join us for this webinar and learn how to gain control of your sales performance management efforts. Discussion topics will include ..... Trends that are disrupting the sales process and sales rep performance ..... How to evolve rapidly to customers' demands by aligning sales and operations ..... How managers can take control, eliminate surprises, and make strategic choices ..... The transformational benefits of a complete end-to-end SPM solution. (Aired on 4/5/17)
FREE Sales Success
Welcome to The Sales Experts Channel! We are a community of 63 sales authors, trainers, researchers and thought leaders collaborating here to answer your questions about how to sell more effectively. (Aired on 4/13/17)
FREE How to Generate Direct Revenue from Your Marketing Program
Most global organizations develop their marketing departments to maximize reach and frequency and then describe the value of our products and services. This is a failed model.
What if your marketing could create such a value for your consumers that it begins to pay for itself?
In this entertaining presentation, Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi will detail how you can transform your marketing organization into a true profit center.
You'll learn how to: ..... Create valuable subscribers that opt-in to your content ..... Develop a content destination as an asset for the organization ..... Monetize the content asset and generate direct and indirect revenues ..... Take the steps necessary to start this change in your company. (Aired on 5/25/17)
FREE Improve Your Email Marketing with Automation
While newsletters and one-off campaigns are an important part of your email marketing strategy, to get the most out of your email marketing you should be taking advantage of automated email campaigns. Automated emails that are triggered off of a user’s actions are timely, personalized, and relevant.
During this webinar we will look at: ..... When to use automated email campaigns ..... What kind of events should trigger an automated campaign ..... The types of content that work well for an automated campaign. (Aired on 6/14/17)
FREE How to Write Your Email Content in 15 Minutes or Less
As part of National Small Business Week, SCORE and the SBA invite you to attend this time saving webinar. ..... Struggling to find the words, images and the right calls-to-action that make the biggest impact with your email marketing?
With just about 15 minutes and an easy-to-follow formula, you can kick writer’s block to the curb and be confident that you’ll know exactly what to say to create an effective email marketing message.
Join us for a free workshop where you will receive: ..... A worksheet to help you write your marketing email in 15 minutes or less and advice on how to use it ..... Guidance on keeping your email marketing focused on your business goals ..... A simple checklist to reference before you hit send ..... An opportunity to ask questions and interact with our workshop presenters. (Aired on 5/4/17)
FREE Seven Keys to Solving Your Client's Problems (and your own)
Just as athletes can improve athletic performance, all of us can improve our problem-solving skills. These seven skills will help you help your clients identify their challenges more clearly and co-create profitable solutions. No matter what your starting point, you will perform better by applying these skills. (Aired on 6/1/17)
FREE Objective Based Selling: Sell More to More People
Most sales people spend a disproportionate time selling to narrow segment of their market, while ignoring or struggling to engage with over 50% of potential buyers. Objective Based Selling presents a different way to look, engage and sell to often ignored segments, leaving money and success on the table. (Aired on 6/22/17)
FREE Digital Marketing Demystified (The Best Darn Digital Marketing Session Ever!)
What do you really need for a strong marketing strategy for your small business?
In this session, digital marketing icon Ron Cates will cover the core elements of a successful marketing strategy, taking into consideration the budget and time constraints of running a small business. Low cost and no cost online marketing tools that are simple and effective will be emphasized, along with strategies to use them together to amplify each other and save time.
This webinar will be the keynote presentation at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Drive Sales Productivity and Increase Field Sales Success
In a recent study by Selling Power and MapAnything, 85% of sales executives surveyed indicated they wanted their reps to spend more time in the field face-to-face with customers. There's no doubt that field sales and service professionals are challenged with high demands on their time and prioritizing time with customers.
Join us for a new Webinar to learn how to help your field sales reps reach increased levels of productivity and interaction with customers. You'll get insight on how to eliminate wasted time, help reps hit their number, and simplify CRM input for field sales professionals.
You'll also learn how geo productivity apps are helping leading field sales teams to: ..... Increase revenue, ..... Drive productivity, ..... Gain better territory control and visibility, and ..... Drive customer loyalty. (Aired on 6/15/17)
FREE Top Pitfalls that Keep Your Sales Team from Selling - and How to Fix Them
Salespeople spend a lot of their time doing things other than selling. While this is a widely known and oft-repeated fact, the reality is still shocking: 64 percent of a salesperson's time – more than five hours out of an eight-hour work day – is spent NOT selling.
Join this Webinar to learn about the major pitfalls almost every sales rep falls into that cause them to spend less time selling and generating revenue. Find out the major challenges and walk away with actionable ideas to get your sales organization to sell more, faster. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Beyond the Hype: What It Takes For Inside Sales Success
Whether you are a startup, small business, or enterprise, no one can afford to get inside sales wrong. What should the strategy include? How will you track progress and measure success? How do you develop the team? Hear what’s working direct from the front lines on this interactive panel discussion. (Aired on 6/6/17)
FREE How To Grow Your Startup Sales Funnel in 7 Steps
How can you grow your startup sales funnel without breaking the bank?
In this webinar, Tom Fanelli will share cutting edge tactics that drive a high return on investment. Attendees will learn how to find, engage and convert their audience into customers using: ..... Social media ..... Content creation ..... Content marketing tactics ..... Remarketing techniques. This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Omnichannel Marketing for Small Businesses
What is Omnichannel, and why should you care? Omnichannel means creating an experience for your customers that is personalized, frictionless, and continuous across channels, formats, locations and devices. It means thinking about the total set of a customer's interactions with your business, so that you can provide contextually relevant content and functionality to meet users where they are.
In this webinar, we will cover: ..... The value of developing an omnichannel strategy for your business ..... How to get started with creating an omnichannel experience ..... Some examples of smaller business harnessing the power of omnichannel
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Online Marketing Tricks Sure to Get You More Customers
If you want to attract new customers to your business, you need to go where they are, and increasingly these days, that means online.
In this lively webinar, USA TODAY columnist Steve Strauss shares the top 5 ways to digitally market your business, including: ..... Website tips and tricks ..... Paid and organic search ..... Content marketing magic ..... Social media do’s and don'ts.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
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