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FREE Easy Tax Planning and Organizing for Small Businesses
Tax season is upon us, and it’s not too late to learn new strategies for planning, organizing and filing with ease.
Martha O’Gorman, CMO of Liberty Tax, will talk about the simple tools and tricks that make filing your small business taxes a breeze.
This session will help you: ..... Analyze the past year, and see what tax related processes can be improved ..... Understand what you need and don’t need for filing ..... Learn new tips and tools to help you stay organized throughout the year. (Aired on 1/9/18)
FREE Updates to IRS Reporting & Penalties for Employers of All Sizes
This webinar will focus on IRS reporting requirements as imposed by the ACA. Whether an employer is a large employer, small employer or somewhere in-between we will cover topics around the methods, penalties and enforcement surrounding these requirements that pertain to any employer.
For the large employers or aggregated small employers required to report the offering and enrollment of their healthplan, we will cover the updates to forms 1094 & 1095 as well as their associated deadlines, penalties and the “late 2017” issuing of the pay-or-play penalties from 2015.
For the small employers, we will review the latest IRS guidance on QSEHRA reporting that were just updated in the last few weeks as well as a brief moment to cover the trends and pitfalls we are seeing with rapid growth of “Level Funded” plans for employers with as few as 5 employees. (Aired on 12/6/17)
FREE Cash Flow Management Strategies for Small Business
Running a profitable business is important to survival, but it's equally important to have a positive cash flow to pay your expenses and to finance your growth. At this webinar you'll learn proven cash management strategies and techniques including: ..... How to understand the sales cycle ..... The main causes of cash flow problems ..... Cash flow management tips that you can apply to your business ..... Strategies to keep cash flowing in your business ..... The importance of developing a cash flow forecast and, ..... Simple suggestions to ease cash crunches and improve your daily cash flow. (Aired on 10/12/17)
FREE Creating a Business Plan That Gets Results
A solid business plan doesn’t necessarily guarantee success—but it definitely helps put the odds in your favour. By attending this session, you’ll learn how to write a plan that will become a critical tool to grow your business and achieve your vision.
Material Covered: ..... Why a business plan is so important. ..... Developing a business plan. ..... How to conduct research for your business plan. ..... The right way to structure your business plan. ..... What to include in your business plan. ..... Presenting your business plan.
Create, refine and implement a business plan that will get you the results you are looking for. (Aired on 10/17/17)
FREE How can Section 179 help you save on your business taxes?
Tax rules can impact major business decisions like purchases and investments. Prioritize learning more about your small business taxes to help prevent unexpected expenses and more efficiently and effectively run your business year-round.
In this webinar Kabbage’s Head of Tax, Daniel Eidson, will cover pertinent information about the Section 179 tax benefit that can help you take advantage of the applicable deductions to improve your savings come tax season.
Key take-aways include: ..... History of the Section 179 tax benefit and its significance to small businesses ..... Overview of approved equipment and software purchases that qualify for the Section 179 tax benefit ..... ROI examples on approved purchases ..... How a Kabbage line of credit can help small businesses take advantage of the Section 179 tax benefit ..... Section 179 offers from NFIB providers. (Aired on 10/11/17)
FREE Budgeting 101 - Planning For Profit & Success
Budgets are vital to the success of small businesses and yet vastly under-utilized. "Budgeting 101: Planning for Profit & Success" is an introductory look at budgeting through the lens of small business.
During this free, one-hour webinar, you'll learn: ..... Why having a budget is critical for long-term survival and essential to reaching your goals ..... How to ensure your plan supports your high-level business strategies ..... That creating a budget requires no accounting knowledge ..... Why outsourcing processes such as payroll can actually save you money. (Aired on 8/2/17)
FREE Find Success With Succession Planning
It’s never too early to start planning, regardless of where you are in the succession planning process. Learn from an unbiased source who won’t try to sell you a service. Join Chris Whitcomb, NFIB Tax Counsel, for an interactive webinar that will answer the following critical questions surrounding the future of your small business: ... What do you want a succession plan to accomplish? ... When will the transition take place? ... How should the transition be accomplished? ... What steps should you take to ensure a smooth transition? ... What are the triggering events? ... How do you preserve finances? ... How do you minimize estate and gift taxes? (Aired on 6/18/14)
FREE Top 5 Ways to Master Card Payments for Your Business
Accepting credit and debit card payments has become an essential part of business success and growth. It’s also a significant cost of doing business. Small business owners need to make sure they get all the value available from electronic payments, at the lowest possible price for quality service. A former payment processor and a major payment card network are teaming up to provide an insider’s look at the top five ways to make sure you master your card payments with better service, controlling costs and reducing monthly card processing fees.
FREE Valuing a Business
This free online business workshop will: explain reasons to assess your company's fair market value, illustrate the 3 approaches to determining your company's fair market value, and interactive worksheets to help put it all together.
FREE Protect Your Business from Safety Violations & OSHA Penalties
A safe working environment is an important responsibility employers have to their employees. It is also a costly responsibility if not correctly managed. OSHA is constantly looking for employers who are violating safety standards. Learn how to protect your business from safety violations and OSHA penalties.
FREE The Dos and Don’ts of How to Obtain Small Business Loans
The webinar will cover current credit and lending obstacles faced by small business owners, how it has changed over time (especially over the last four years) and the differences between large and small banks in trying to obtain credit. The webinar will also cover which types of credit products are most used by small business owners and their success in obtaining those types of credit.
FREE MoodysBiz.com: Credit Insights for Small Businesses
Join us as MoodysBiz.com provides information on the latest trends in business credit. Hear from the Moody’s management team as they discuss what lenders look at when extending credit, trends in lending to small and medium sized businesses, and a free credit assessment tool you can use to understand your credit risk.
FREE Creating a Culture of Data Visualization
Most companies are on board with using data and analytics to make decisions. And increasingly, business leaders see the benefits of visualizing complex data to quickly grasp and better understand important information.
Yet many companies still struggle with democratizing visualization and making it a widespread organizational competency. Leaders like visuals, but many organizations remain fixated on having data scientists do them all. Instead of creating a broad capability, people are intimidated and visualization is being used on a limited basis by only a select few.
This doesn’t have to be the case. There’s a far better approach than having just one person who can handle data and visualization. Visualization can easily be learned and used broadly and effectively.
On January 17, in a live, interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, visualization expert Scott Berinato, author of Good Charts and multiple Harvard Business Review articles on visualization, will describe how organizations can change their approach to visualization and the benefits of doing so. Berinato will discuss where companies are today in using visuals and how to approach visualization differently. Doing so will create a new organizational competency leading to making better, faster decisions. (Aired on 1/17/17)
FREE Coping with an Agressive NLRB
Over the last few months, the current National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) and its Acting General Counsel have become very aggressive and proactive in interpreting the National Labor Relations Act to cover employer policies, practices and actions that have not previously been the concern of the NLRB. Employers need to be aware of these developments, assess their potential risk, and take proactive steps to protect themselves.
FREE Identifying Independent Contractor Risks
Many federal and state governments are broke. So, among other things, they are looking at misclassified independent contractors as a new revenue source, and employers are once again the target.
This webinar will discuss the requirements for the proper classification of independent contractors, as well as the most common mistakes employers make when they fail to properly classify workers.
FREE Staying Informed on Payroll Regulations
The webinar, Staying Informed on Payroll Regulations, will provide an overall review of expected changes for 2013, with highlights of expiring regulations affecting the payroll. Emerging trends from the IRS and various states will be briefly discussed along with details on why constant monitoring is necessary for future planning, including the outlook for additional FUTA taxes for 2012 and beyond.
FREE Secure Commerce: Data Security Essentials Every Small Business Should Know
Small businesses help drive the U.S. economy, but because of their size they are also appealing cyber targets. The reality is that small businesses represent more than 90 percent of all the merchant data breach compromises that Visa investigates. As part of National Cyber Security Awareness month, Visa is hosting a webinar on small merchant data security to help arm merchants with the knowledge they need to better protect themselves from online and other threats.
In this webinar, we will cover data compromise trends and simple strategies small businesses can employ to help protect their data. Just like insurance, financing and a well-trained staff, data security is essential to helping your business grow and succeed.
FREE Dealing with Deadbeats: Getting the Money You Are Owed Fast and Legally
Sooner or later, it happens...and few things "eat at your insides" worse than when a client stops paying you. There are ways to avoid bad debts from the beginning. Ensuring contracts are in place to keep payments timely is just one way to ease the pain. But when debts arise and it falls upon you to collect, you need to be well-armed. Find out the four steps of collecting an overdue debt and what you can and can't do. Lastly, learn when you need to cut your losses and throw in the towel on a bad debt.
FREE How to Avoid 10 Payroll Mistakes That Cost Businesses Money
Each year, businesses pay millions of dollars in compliance penalties to government agencies. And those agencies are becoming ever more vigilant about enforcing regulations. This free webinar will help you take the necessary steps to ... Stay on top of changing payroll, employment, and benefits regulations ... Comply with federal and state legislation ... Avoid needless penalties and gain greater peace of mind.
FREE CrowdFunding: An Alternative Source of Financing
With crowdfunding, you can borrow as little as $500 or as much as $1,000,000. It is much easier than applying for a bank loan and the typical interest rate you pay is based on your credit worthiness or score. In this informative webinar, you’ll learn about:
•The crowdfunding marketplace
•The JOBS Act and its impact
•The crowdfunding landscape
•Crowdfunding success stories
FREE Disaster Planning & Recovery
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has been making disaster loans since 1953, and has approved more than $50 billion in disaster loans to more than 1.9 million homeowners, renters and businesses.
The webinar includes an overview of the SBA Disaster Loan Program and how SCORE mentors, business owners, homeowners and renters can be better prepared and have greater knowledge of the resources available following a disaster.
FREE Understanding Debt Alternatives in Today's Economy
If you've tried all your local banks and are still searching for financing for your business, don't lose hope. Sign up for this live webinar and let expert Ami Kassar of MultiFunding LLC show you what small business financing options are available. Join us to learn the ins and outs of different loan programs - including bank loans, SBA loans, factoring, asset based lending, equipment finance and cash advance lending.
FREE Building Disaster Resiliency: Advice on Disaster Planning & Recovery
When disaster strikes, the whole community is affected. Community organizations, individuals, local officials, and the private sector are all impacted and trying to recover as quickly as possible. For businesses, this isn’t just a matter of returning to normalcy, it’s a matter of profitability and in many cases, survival. 40% of businesses affected by disasters never reopen, so the stakes are high.
Having an emergency plan can help businesses survive a disaster and even reopen their doors faster. Representatives from FEMA will explain what an emergency plan is, how you can develop one for your small business, and what resources are available to help.
You’ll get valuable information to help increase your business’s disaster resiliency and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of FEMA staff.
FREE Getting Your Business Ready for Financing
Hear from Ami Kassar of MultiFunding LLC as he provides an explanation and description of the issues that small business owners have to think through and prepare for as your get your business ready for funding - at all stages.
FREE The Impact of Corporate Preparedness on the Bottom Line
Most corporations are operating on limited resources these days. Management may not feel that corporate preparedness is a vital activity, even despite the many recent events that prove otherwise. This could be in part due to the physical location of the business or just an “it will never happen to me” attitude. Regardless, this Webinar will review the far-reaching financial impact of corporate preparedness aside from the ability to recover following any interruption.
FREE Why New Businesses Should Incorporate or Form an LLC
After developing your idea of what product or service that your business will offer, a critical next step is to decide on how you will structure your business. Join SCORE and John Meyer from The Company Corporation to learn more about this critical next step.
Discussions topics will include:
• Benefits of incorporating?
• What is an LLC? Why has it become such a popular entity?
• Differences between forming a corporation (C-corp or S-Corp) and an LLC
• Preparation of Articles of Incorporation
• Tax implications of each business format
• Business structure for your company
• Compliance issues
FREE Top Legal Issues Facing Small Businesses: The Perspective from Your Lawyer
We will tackle common legal issues that face most small businesses by tracking the life-cycle of a fictional small business. We will start with a potential business owner’s idea and track the legal issues that arise as she sets her business up, begins to operate it, hires people to do some work for her, and eventually plans what to do with it as she prepares to retire, sell the business, or leave it to her heirs.
From how to choose the type of business you should establish to protecting your business from employment penalties, this webinar will walk you through the latest legal issues all employers face at some point in their small business. We'll also touch on the legal aspects of the latest healthcare mandates.
FREE Creating Capital Channels with Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is the greatest economic opportunity in our lifetime. Economists have predicted the crowdfunding marketplace to grow to $300 billion; some say it can even grow larger. The Jump Start Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, recent legislation dealing with regulations on investors using crowdfunding, was signed just over a year ago by President Obama and is a “game-changer,” as the president said, for investors nationwide. The JOBS Act limits the amounts individuals and businesses can invest through crowdfunding, but also deregulates the process, making it easier for small businesses to offer equity to investors and easier for people to become investors. Completion of this legislation is at the forefront of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agenda this year and a great impact, once the details of the act are finalized, can be expected.
Crowdfunding is becoming a popular way for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses not only to raise capital, but generate online marketing programs, conduct product testing, connect with like-minded people and much more. People that don’t take advantage of these opportunities could be leaving money on the table, or worse, spending it unnecessarily.
In this presentation, Jason Graf will not only share the basics of crowdfunding -- what it is and how to get involved -- but the opportunities for ancillary service providers as well as the future of equity crowdfunding.
FREE Which Business Financing Is Right for You?
The ice-age of bank small business lending continues. The New York Fed’s recent survey found that while 58% of small businesses want credit, only 16% received the amount they wanted. Finding small business financing can be a challenge, but there's good news. You have many options!
In this webinar, sponsored by Lending Club, we'll discuss a range of credit options small businesses have. We’ll focus on newer sources of financing, including online credit marketplaces and other online funding, as well as traditional sources like bank lending, credit cards, nonprofit lenders, and more. (Aired on 9/25/14)
FREE Naming and Trademarking Your Brand
Naming is widely thought to be a purely creative process where people drink coffee and brainstorm. Anyone who has tried this methodology to develop a brand name has probably found it to be rather ineffective. During this webinar, you'll learn how to name your product/company - the right way. Hint: it doesn't start with naming.
Equally as important as establishing a name, is protecting its trademark. Many small businesses overlook these important steps in creating and securing their brand. This webinar is intended to demystify the name development and trademark process for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
FREE Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Insurance
As a small business owner, you know every dollar counts. You do everything you can to cut costs, but small business insurance is not something you should go without. Accidents happen, and you have to defend yourself if you’re sued, even if it isn’t your fault. Your small business insurance is there to protect you.
FREE Fashion Protection - Trademark Basics and Fashion Compliance
Do you have a retail or e-commerce store? Do you sell through sites like Etsy®? If so, do you know what laws your business should be following? Do you want to learn how to protect your brand? Are you concerned about preserving your brand’s reputation after trademark registration?
Join attorneys Laurie Marshall, Esq. and Deanna Clark, Esq. for a fashion law presentation on how to protect your brand’s identity through trademark registration. Learn ways to protect the life of your business through the implementation of a fashion compliance program.
This webinar is ideal for anyone who is interested in getting into the fashion business or needs a refresher on fashion compliance. It is recommended for both experienced and start up retailers, e-commerce sellers, and importers/exporters. (Aired on 4/3/14)
FREE Understanding Intellectual Property: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About IP
Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most important and valuable assets of a new and growing business. Startups who invest time and resources to understand their IP opportunities and risks, reach their business goals and excel more rapidly. This course will help entrepreneurs and small businesses better understand the different types of IP and steps to protect IP. We will cover the basics of patents, copyrights and trademarks and will identify common pitfalls and potential solutions. (Aired on 5/1/14) (Aired on 5/1/14)
FREE Intellectual Property for Today’s Small Business
If you think intellectual property rights are only for technology companies or large organizations with expansive resources, think again. There are cost conscious, reasonable steps that can and should be taken by independent companies to add value to their business and to protect their creations, particularly in this era of online counterfeits and scams. This webinar will provide an introduction to protections available through copyright, design and utility patents, and trademark / trade dress registration, as well as simple enforcement aids such as registration of rights with U.S. customs.
We will also cover the basics of guarding against inadvertent infringement of the IP of others, and what to do should you get into a situation where you are facing accusations of infringement. Finally, we will discuss some basics documents you should have in place to ensure proper ownership of the intellectual property created by your employees within the scope of their employment, and steps you can take to confidentially retain that property.
Attendees will learn:
The different types of intellectual property (“IP”) and how they differ in scope, cost, and remedies ... When and how to go about acquiring registered rights in your IP ... Tips on inexpensive ways to help protect your IP ... Mitigating risks of IP challenges from competitors ... Tips on managing employee issues related to IP. (Aired on 7/16/14)
FREE Understanding and Building Smart Business Credit
You may think that business credit has limited application for your business—that it matters only when you’re trying to secure financing. In reality, business credit is a powerful tool that can help you save money, establish valuable commercial relationships, and, ultimately, grow your business.
That said, business credit may not be easy to understand, and establishing it can be difficult. The goal of this webinar is to demystify the topic and provide clear, concise advice on how to develop business credit that works harder for your business over the long haul.
You will learn: ... How business credit can help grow your business ... Why separating business credit and personal credit can greatly mitigate your risk ... The 4 keys to building business credit. (Aired on 5/14/14)
FREE FAQs from Entrepreneurs
The Company Corporation talks to thousands of entrepreneurs a month. Over and over our Customer Service team is asked the same questions: ... Should I be a sole proprietor or form an LLC or corporation? ... Are there advantages to forming my business in Delaware? ... What is a Registered Agent? Join John Graham and Tom Edinger from The Company Corporation to learn the answers to these important questions. (Aired on 7/31/14)
FREE What You Need To Know About Negotiating Your First Commercial Lease
Are you starting a business and in the process of choosing a location? Are you in business and thinking about moving or opening a new location? Ideal for brick and mortar businesses, this workshop will explain the key terms of a commercial lease and advise entrepreneurs on what to look out for. During the workshop, we will discuss what to expect in a commercial lease and how to respond or negotiate on certain provisions. There will be an emphasis on the importance of the term sheet. (Aired on 8/14/14)
FREE Accounting for the Numberphobic
Grow Your Business by Overcoming Your Number Phobia:
In this webcast, you’ll learn the importance of conquering the fear of numbers in managing and turning around your small business with practical examples and tips you can easily implement in your own start-up or small business.
What You Will Learn:
This webcast focuses on the key challenges facing start-up founders and small business owners when it comes to the profitability and financial success of their company. The webcast will address the following questions: ..... Why is it important to understand the basic numbers in your business? ..... What is an income statement and why is it important? ..... What is a cash flow statement and why is it important? ..... How can the Balance sheet show your company’s worth? ..... What is the Financial Dashboard? ..... How can you use the financial dashboard to speak to your banker and accountant? ..... How can you use a Financial Dashboard to make profit?
Whether you are a seasoned small business owner still struggling to come up for air or a new start-up founder, this webcast offers you specific, practical, applicable tips to conquer the fear of numbers and make your company profitable. (Aired on 9/24/14)
FREE The Education of a Value Investor
A Story of Carving a Path to Financial Acumen and Personal Growth. -- Join us to hear Guy Spier discuss his unforgettable lunch with legendary icon Warren Buffet and his transformation from a young hedge fund manager and Gordon Gekko wannabe, driven by greed, to a sophisticated value investor who enjoys success without selling his soul to the highest bidder.
This program explores Guy Spier’s transformative quest for wealth, wisdom, and enlightenment in the world of finance, emanating from the $650,100 lunch with Warren Buffet. The webcast will be an insightful conversation exploring: ..... The journey of transformation and the lessons learned ..... Meeting Warren Buffet and the key takeaways from the legendary lunch ..... Investing tools – best practices for the value investor ..... Defining true value in business and in life.
Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional in finance, in business, or simply carving a path to your own personal transformation for growth and finding true value in business and in life, the webcast should be on your must-attend list! (Aired on 10/29/14)
FREE Get Your Business Funded
One thing all small businesses share is the need for money. But where do you find that capital? At this webinar!
Join Senior USA TODAY Small business columnist Steve Strauss (and author of The Small Business Bible) and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation to learn about the many different ways there are to get the funding you need for your business or startup, including: ..... Working the NumbersSBA Loans ..... Crowdfunding ..... Angel Investments ..... Microfinance ..... And many more! (Aired on 10/9/14)
FREE How the Right Registered Agent Can Protect Your Business
Who is your company’s registered agent? Are you currently your own registered agent? ..... Many entrepreneurs miss one of the most important steps in protecting their businesses: picking the right registered agent. Selecting the right registered agent will ensure your business is being handled with the expertise your business deserves.
This webinar reviews the ins and outs of registered agent, including the different services you should look for when selecting the right registered agent for your company. Is your business worth it? (Aired on 10/16/14)
FREE The Risk-Driven Business Model
Join Karan Girotra as he explores how new startups and large established companies alike are designing or redesigning their business models to better manage risk and outpace their competitors.
This program focuses on the growth achieved from business model innovation rather than product innovation and reveals how to harness risk to do so, with examples from Apple to Zipcar, Blockbuster to Netflix, Ford Motors to Tesla. The webcast will address the following questions ..... What key decisions need to be made in a business? ..... When are these decisions made? ..... Who is empowered to make the decisions? ..... Why do these individuals make the decisions they do?
Whether you are a start-up founder or a seasoned executive with P&L responsibility, this webcast will provide the key points on how you can harness risk to reinvent your business model, increase efficiency, outpace competitors, and improve your bottom line. (Aired on 12/3/14)
FREE IP Licensing in the Entertainment World and Beyond
Because the development of Intellectual Property (IP) is commonly one of the most important and valuable assets of a new and emerging businesses, it is important for startups to understand one of the most significant means of monetizing their IP assets -- licensing.
This course will help entrepreneurs and small businesses better understand the different types of IP and how best to exploit IP through licensing. We will cover the business and legal dynamics of IP licensing as it applies to the entertainment business.
While large multi-media and entertainment conglomerates may have been the first to successfully leverage IP assets, now even small businesses can find ways to utilize their trademarks and copyrights to drive their successful brand development. Through licensing deals, companies can maximize exposure of their brand, build brand equity, grow IP market value -- and even generate much-needed revenue.
The first part of the presentation will focus on IP rights, such as trademarks and copyrights, used to leverage a businesses value and worth. Find out what parts of your business are protectable IP. What are your most valuable IP assets? Do you need to protect your IP globally? How can you best protect your IP assets on a limited budget?
The second part of the presentation will focus on the anatomy of a typical IP license in the field of entertainment: what are the key elements of every IP license that are the most significant to both the licensor and licensee? How can the structure of IP licenses affect royalty revenue? What legal provisions are essential with respect to protecting licensors and licensees from infringement claims? And what pitfalls should new businesses be wary of when they contemplate a licensing relationship? (Aired on 11/20/14)
FREE The Ins and Outs of Capital Budgeting
This webcast examines the practical use of capital budgeting, also known as CAPEX, to make sound financial and capital expenditure decisions in today’s increasingly competitive and lucrative M&A market.
This program focuses on the importance of CAPEX, the tools and tactics to deploy it correctly, and how you can benefit in making sound capital expenditure decisions.
The webcast will address the following questions and more: ..... How can you build a better capital budget to justify to senior management? ..... How can you use CAPEX to select the best investment project? ..... How can you use risk/reward analysis? ..... What are the six tools of CAPEX decision making? ..... What is equity and debt capital? ..... What are the three types of leverage and when to use each?
Whether you are a seasoned line of business manager or new to capital budgeting, this webcast uncovers the ins and outs of capital budgeting, offering you tools, tips, and tactics to excel. (Aired on 1/28/15)
FREE Easy Accounting for Business Owners and Real Estate Investors
If you can't report your business finances correctly, you'll never get the information you need to run a successful business.
Join best-selling business author Dominique Molina, CPA to learn the accounting tricks and traps you need to know to keep more of what you make.
You will learn: ..... How to create your own process to easily account for business transactions ..... Three questions you must ask before you hire an accountant ..... How to prepare a financial statement for a lender, to get a loan you want on the best possible terms ..... The 3 most important warning signs detected by your financials. (Aired on 1/15/15)
FREE Four Financial Forecasting Secrets!
Critical Steps for More Accurate Business Forecasting ..... In this webcast, Chia-Li Chien will explain how business forecasts differ from budgets and why forecasting is critical in business — whether you are in a start-up or a mature global organization. This program focuses on the importance of accurate forecasting in business, the difference between budgeting and forecasting, and how to build a budget and a forecast to serve your organizational goals.
For a full hour, the webcast explores the following questions: ..... What is a forecast? ..... What are the differences between a budget and forecast? ..... How do you build a budget? ..... What are the various types of forecasts? ..... How do you build a forecast?
Whether you are a seasoned line of business manager or new to forecasting, this webcast offers you specific, practical, applicable tips to tackle the concepts and building blocks of value-adding, on-target forecasts. (Aired on 2/11/15)
FREE How to Read Financial Statements
This webcast explains and helps you understand financial statements, digging into the nitty-gritty of the Balance Sheet, P&L, and Cash Flow. For an hour, you’ll get practical examples and learn tips you can easily use to read financial statements in your organization, whether a large publicly-held company or a start-up.
You will identify the main parts of financial statements, distinguish the main functions of each statement, and interpret the numbers to make sound financial decisions.
This program focuses on the key challenges facing start-up founders, small business owners, and managers with P&L responsibility in reading financial statements and using them to make sound financial decisions. The webcast will address the following questions: ..... Why is it important to understand and interpret the financial statements in your business? ..... What is an income statement and why is it important? ..... What is a cash flow statement and why is it important? ..... How can the balance sheet show your company’s worth? ..... What is the financial statements dashboard? ..... How can you use the financial dashboard to speak to your banker and accountant? ..... How can you use a financial dashboard to make profit?
Whether you are a seasoned small business owner still struggling to come up for air or a new start-up founder, this webcast offers you specific, practical, applicable tips to conquer financial statements before they conquer you! (Aired on 4/15/15)
FREE An Insider's View: Securing Capital to Grow Your Business
Accessing capital to fuel your business’ growth is a lot tougher today than it used to be—and because of all the different options available, it requires a more savvy borrower than ever before.
Join us for an insider’s view into the new world of online lending. This webinar will feature OnDeck Contributing Editor Ty Kiisel, author of: "Getting a Business Loan: Financing Your Main Street Business".
You’ll leave this webinar understanding: ..... How the different types of financing work and who provides them ..... Which financing options are right for different types of businesses – and how likely you are to get approved ..... How to apply for financing, and what to expect after the application is submitted.
Ty is the author of "Getting a Business Loan: Financing Your Main Street Business" as well as a contributing editor for OnDeck, an online platform where millions of small businesses can obtain affordable loans with a fraction of the time and effort that it takes through traditional channels. (Aired on 5/14/15)
FREE Top 6 Tools to Monitor Contract Performance
Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) are tasked with monitoring contract performance on behalf of the agency’s Contracting Officer (CO). This webcast will address the COR’s role and a number of tools that can be used during performance of the contract to ensure a successful post-award phase of the acquisition process.
The contract has been awarded and the Post Award Orientation has been scheduled. The Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) is the principle representative of the Contracting Officer (CO) for post-award management of the contract. There are a number of tools available to the COR to monitor contractor performance. These are six of the most effective tools to monitor contractor performance: ..... Contractor Progress Reports ..... Contractor Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) ..... Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) ..... Earned Value Management (EVM) ..... Performance Assessment ..... Product or Service Inspection & Acceptance.
The use of these six tools will vary based on the type and complexity of the contract, direction from the Contracting Officer (CO), and the experience and performance of the contractor. But effective contract management depends on how the COR performs his/her role and how effectively the COR uses the tools available to monitor contractor performance.
While attending this program is FREE, reservations are required. (Aired on 5/13/15)
FREE Choosing The Right Financing -- Where to Find Capital to Grow Your Business!
You’re ready to grow but where will you find the financing to make it happen? Moreover, where should you start your search?
Today business owners have more options than ever—and may need to explore every one of them. According to a recent Federal Reserve Bank study, more than 65% of business owners who applied for credit were declined or weren't able to get as much as they needed.
In this webinar, sponsored by Lending Club, small business owners will learn about the many sources of financing available to them. Presenter Louis Caditz-Peck will dig in to a range of financing sources from traditional bank loans, to non-profit microloans, online credit marketplaces, lease financing, and more.
Questions addressed will include: ..... What does it take to get traction with the banks? ..... Is crowdfunding right for your business? ..... What pitfalls should I watch out for? ..... What questions should you ask the lender before applying? ..... Where do I turn if my business has no operating history? ..... Bring your own questions and we’ll answer all that we can! (Aired on 6/18/15)
FREE Business Plan Express - Internet Talk Radio With David Albright!
In the wake of the enthusiastic audience participation in our inaugural event, the SCORE Association is pleased to present our 2nd installment of "Internet Talk Radio" -- a webinar format that gives you the chance to get advice -- and inspiration -- directly from some of the most accomplished and savvy business leaders in the nation.
This event will feature David Albright, the former president of Pepperidge Farm, Inc., and Godiva Chocolatier Worldwide. Throughout the hour, David will answer questions that audience members will call-in or submit by chat during by the LIVE webinar. Participants may also submit questions when registering for the webinar!
David is a highly active SCORE mentor whose "How to Develop a Business Plan in Six Easy Steps" is among SCORE's most popular workshops. He is also presenting "Setting Goals and Staying On Track - Run Your Business with More Focus, Alignment, and Success!" on June 25.
"Business Plan Express - Internet Talk Radio With David Albright" will complement these workshops, giving audience members an opportunity to ask David questions related to: ..... Creating a pragmatic business plan ..... Identifying market niches ..... Setting sales and earnings targets ..... Developing action plan priorities ..... How to monitor your monthly progress and stay on track. (Aired on 6/30/15)
FREE New EPA Regulations Over Your Land – Will You Be Affected?
Costly fines and penalties will soon be enforced by the EPA’s radically expanded regulatory jurisdiction over private land owners through the federal Clean Water Act. Participate in this free NFIB webinar with NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center to find out: ..... What is the Clean Water Act; ..... How might EPA’s new rules impact your land and business; ..... Whether your property will be affected; ..... Whether and when you will need to pursue a federal permit to use your land.
Guest Speakers: Karen Harned, Executive Director + Luke Wake, Senior Staff Attorney.
Learn how you can avoid legal problems under the new rule, and what you can do to help NFIB fight back! (Aired on 7/15/15)
FREE IP 101: Why Care About Intellectual Property
You have a great idea and turned it into a business, but if that intellectual property (IP) isn’t a part of your business strategy, you’re not only putting your ideas at risk, you’re also risking investment opportunities.
In this SCORE LIVE webinar, Mary Juetten, a JD and CPA, and the founder of Traklight.com, will break down what "intellectual property" is and why businesses must safeguard it.IP 101 ..... Startups need to care about their IP from the beginning! Not just for tech startups—100% of businesses have IP. ..... Shed your misconceptions about IP, and start understanding what it is and how it relates to you and the value of your startup. ..... Don’t risk the success of your business to ignorance. Educate yourself, and thrive! ..... Learn how putting your ideas and IP to work for you now will save you time and money in the long run. (Aired on 8/13/15)
FREE Finding the Best Financing Option for Your Small Business (Hint: It's Usually Not A Bank!)
Due to the growth of online lending, the quickest way to get money in the bank isn’t always by going to the bank!
During this webinar, Lendio's Brock Blake will review alternative sources of financing that may make better sense for your business and are easier to obtain than your traditional bank loan. Brock will present sought-after information and insights that are sure to help you identify the best source of financing for your company – and help you secure it!
Brock will cover: ..... What financing options are available ..... How to identify the best source of financing for your business ..... The documentation and reports that are required for each type of lender ..... What risks or hidden catches you should be aware of when applying for alternative financing ..... And much more! (Aired on 8/27/15)
FREE Business Financials: The Five Make-or-Break Numbers You Must Track
Your business numbers. You don't need to know every one. Just track these five to grow your business. That will be the focus of this webinar presented by Justin Krane, the founder of Krane Financial Solutions, who will bring his savvy, holistic approach to financial planning to this event.
As you'll learn, it’s difficult to grow your business if you don’t keep an eye on a few key indicators of the financial health of your business. Your numbers don’t have to be obstacles. They can be opportunities if you learn which to track, how to do so, and how to use what you see to grow your business.
Join us for this webinar where you will learn: ..... 5 numbers you need to track in your business ..... How to be a smart investor with your business money ..... How to develop pricing strategies to increase conversions and grow sales ..... 2 common financial mistakes business owners make. (Aired on 10/29/15)
FREE Year-End Tax Planning: 5 Clever Moves To Make Now To Reduce What You Owe in April
The key to saving money on your taxes is to think ahead and plan. And with the year-end fast approaching, this sage advice takes on added urgency.
During this SCORE LIVE Webinar, Micah Fraim, a CPA and author of the book, "The Big Little Small Business Book" will cover savvy moves the small business owner can make to reduce the amount of money owed to the IRS come tax time in April. (Aired on 11/17/15)
FREE Smart Financial Management
Join us for Part 3 of our free webinar series, "Accelerating Your Business Growth": "Smart Financial Management", presented by AnyMeeting together with Comcast Business and SCORE. Financial discipline is an important foundation for business growth. Learn more about working with financial statements, financial ratios, cash flow forecasts, and trusted advisers to drive and fund your business's growth. (Aired on 12/2/15)
FREE 7 Powerful Excel Features Every Government User Needs to Know
Take Your Spreadsheet Skills to the Next Level ... Many government employees use Microsoft Excel® only occasionally for updating figures on a monthly report, creating a budget, or preparing mailing lists. Being comfortable using Excel is a great skill to have, but becoming a more knowledgeable user is even better.
When you master some power-user tricks, you'll be more productive and valuable at work.
While it is important to play around with Excel and try different functions, having an expert walk you through the process is so much better.
During this webcast, you’ll get a step-by-step demonstration of some key Excel features that can truly advance your skills and boost your productivity.
This training course is particularly useful if you are a new or intermediate Excel user. For 60 minutes, you’ll learn about: ..... Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar ..... Data sets vs. tables – which to use and why ..... Conditional formatting ..... Sorting and filtering data ..... Using AutoSum to total data quickly ..... Steps to grouping and subtotaling data ..... Building charts and using Sparklines to create visuals. (Aired on 1/27/16)
FREE OSHA Changes That Could Impact You
We recognize that you, business owners and managers, are extremely busy people, and keeping up with the ever changing OSHA requirements can be difficult. This webinar will cover recent revisions to OSHA’s Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements as well as tips on completing the Annual Summary Log, OSHA 300A, and more. Many industries were recently added to the list of those required to maintain these logs and failure to do so can result in large fines. Thank you for taking the time to view our webinar.
During this presentation you will: ..... Understand OSHA’s penalty thresholds effective in 2016 ..... Gain knowledge of the updated OSHA reporting requirements for injuries ..... Learn about proposed future electronic reporting requirements ..... Obtain valuable resources to help you navigate OSHA reporting and recording requirements. (Aired on 1/27/16)
FREE Tax Filing Season Legislative Update: What Small Businesses Need to Know
As the 2016 tax season gets underway, it is important to review some of the significant changes in federal tax law affecting your business that took place in 2015. While the majority of the year was plagued by gridlock, Congress was able to pass a significant tax relief bill that made many expiring tax deductions permanent and extended others for multiple years. However, Congress also made changes to business and employee filing dates and increased some tax penalties.
Join NFIB’s national office, for a discussion on how these significant tax law updates will impact your small business. We will cover the new deductions available to your business, new tax compliance deadlines and penalties, and look at your employer health care responsibilities.
During this presentation you will learn: ..... New modifications to Sec. 179 small business expensing limits and qualifying property ..... Updates on Expiring tax deductions that were extended or made permanent ..... Changes to business filing dates, compliance deadlines and penalties ..... 2016 Obligations under the Affordable Care Act Law ..... Tax Outlook for Congress this year. (Aired on 2/10/16)
FREE Ask The CPA: Tax Advice for Small Businesses
You've got tax questions. We've got tax answers! With the fast-approaching April 15 deadline to pay federal taxes, please join us for this timely SCORE LIVE Webinar when we'll be answering your questions regarding tax preparations for small businesses!
Micah Fraim and SCORE webinar producer Steve Jarriel will take questions submitted by audience members in this lively "internet talk radio" webinar. Micah is a certified public accountant who presented the widely-praised SCORE workshop, Year-End Tax Planning: 5 Clever Moves To Make Now To Reduce What You Owe in April. This webinar is a natural spinoff from that event which was widely-praised by audience members who complimented Micah's insights and practical advice. (Aired on 2/18/16)
FREE Understanding Business Credit
Accessing capital to fuel expansion or fund working capital needs is an important part of running a small business. As a result, business owners need to understand how their credit profile works—both their personal credit score and their business credit profile.
If you’ve ever wondered why lenders want to know your personal score, we’ll talk about that. We’ll also discuss the three questions most lenders have about you and your business; along with how your business credit profile fits into the equation. We’ll dive into the two drivers that influence your profile and the five things you can start doing today to build a strong business credit profile.
You might be surprised at how simple some of these tactics are and how relatively quickly you can build a profile that will help you access the borrowed capital you need. (Aired on 3/10/16)
FREE Keep Your Company's Name, Brands and Logos from Being Ripped Off!
In today’s hyper-competitive business world, establishing a strong brand and creative presence is important to ​any ​business success. Otherwise known as "intellectual property," brands, names, logos, artwork and designs can become the most important and valuable asset of a business.
Yet many business owners either fail to undertake this consideration or are unsure how to properly protect their IP. This webinar will help you understand: ..... The legal aspects of branding; ..... The risks ​in not undertaking proper ​IP ​clearances; ..... The steps to prepare for licensing of IP; and, ..... The benefits ​derived from registration of IP.
This is a great way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn the basics about intellectual property and the reasons they need to invest their time and effort into ensuring they have protected themselves and their brands. (Aired on 3/15/16)
FREE Government Contracting 101
Elvis Oxley will shed some light on the mysterious world of government contracting through a quantitative analysis of two industries represented by NFIB members. The Federal government spent $550,000,000,000.00 on goods and services last year alone. If you make it or service it, chances are your competitor(s) are selling something similar to government agencies already. Why not your company?
This webinar is meant to be quantitative and informative – don’t think you’re in a Time Share sales pitch. 40% of the businesses that call Oxley for business development help are turned away – the market is saturated; products are made in China; management isn’t ready to embrace the longer sales cycle. However, Federal agencies hit their small business goals two years in a row. Cumulatively those goals add up to over 50% of the aforementioned $550B – perhaps the government market is worth your exploration.
During this presentation you will learn: ..... Your qualifications to perform work are most important; then follow up with your small business designations (Woman-owned, Veteran-owned, Minority-owned, etc.). ..... Most companies new to this sector have no business priming a federal contract in their first two years – subcontract and team first. ..... The federal government is hitting their small business goals with quality contractors. ..... “The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010” mandates that small businesses get paid by the US Treasury in 15 days. (Aired on 6/22/16)
FREE Is Online Lending Safe?
Before applying for any type of financing, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the options available to you.
Join us as Sam Taussig, Head of Policy and Community Banking for online lender Kabbage, explains the online lending options available, best practices to find safe online lenders, and tools to understand the total cost of borrowing funds when comparing valid lending options.
FREE Access to Capital and Business Loans
National Small Business Week Webinar ..... Cash is the lifeblood of any business yet access to capital, managing business finances, and navigating sources of finance are some of the most challenging areas for business owners and can make or break any enterprise.
In conjunction with SBA's National Small Business Week, Sam’s Club has teamed up with Small Business Majority’s Rhea Aguinaldo and Accion's Jennie Motto Mesterharm to help entrepreneurs and small business owners bring finance into focus for long term success. Participants will learn background on the small business loan market and providers as well as how to identify the right type of financial product for the business need. (Aired on 5/4/16)
FREE Tips for Getting Your Business Financially Fit
National Small Business Week Webinar ..... Understanding the fiscal condition of your business is critical when managing daily duties, planning for the long-term and making consequential decisions. But that means more than simply knowing what’s in your bank account.
During this webinar, presented in conjunction with SBA's National Small Business Week, join Intuit QuickBooks in this interactive webinar, where you’ll learn practical, actionable tips for improving the financial fitness of your small business. (Aired on 5/5/16)
FREE Protect Your Business's Copyright From Copycats
SCORE is pleased to present “Protect Your Business’s Copyright from Copycats!” the second webinar in the two-part series presented by intellectual property expert and attorney Laurie Marshall.
During her first installment, Laurie focused on ways small business owners can increase the value of -- and protect -- their trademarks. Now Laurie’s back to apply the same principles to copyright which is geared toward digital media, literary and artistic works (such as books and videos.)
Produced in partnership with Staples QuickWins,, this webinar is for small business owners who want to learn how to establish a strong brand and creative presence while ensuring they protect their brands, logos, digital media and other valuable assets. (Aired on 5/10/16)
FREE Small Business Retirement Plans: Protect Your Money and Your Future
Whether you are running a small business, or are self-employed, establishing a retirement savings plan is key to protecting your money and your future.
During this webinar, Geri Aglipay, with Small Business Majority, will help you navigate the retirement landscape and guide you through your options to secure your future. Topics include: ..... An overview of the U.S. retirement savings gap and how small business can be part of the solution ..... Common retirement options for small businesses ..... Tips to help determine the best option for your business ..... Questions you can ask prospective plan providers or brokers. (Aired on 7/14/16)
FREE How Online Lending Can Work for Your Business
Running a business is hard work, but getting funding shouldn’t be. Access to working capital is crucial for you to fill cash flow gaps, hire employees, buy inventory or invest in equipment.
With so many lending options available, it can be confusing to determine the right lender – and right time – for funding. Join us as Kathryn Petralia, COO of Kabbage Inc., sheds light on how small businesses can get the funding they need quickly and securely.
During the webinar, we’ll cover: ..... The ins and outs of today’s lending options ..... How to determine the right time to pursue funding ..... How online funding differs from traditional lenders. (Aired on 5/18/16)
FREE 5 Ways to Maximize the Profit When Selling Your Business
Whether you want to sell your business soon, or think this payoff is years away, there are steps you can take right now to maximize its value and price -- as well as your profit from years of hard work building your business.
Even if you are just starting out, these strategies are advantageous when used to manage the growth of your company, helping you attract potential investors as you seek to expand and create value for a future sale.
Watch this webinar to learn what prospective buyers look for when offering top-dollar for a business.
Get tips on what makes your business valuable to a buyer and how to maximize its value in the final 1-5 years before selling or transitioning to new owners.
In addition, we'll cover the strategies to limit the tax hit from the sale of your business. Taxes are a business owner’s most substantial selling expense, so effectively mitigating the tax bite is an important part of protecting the profitability of your sale. (Aired on 9/15/16)
FREE Dataviz: The New Must-Have Skill for Managers
Creating Charts That Tell Stories ..... Visual communication and data visualization are our most effective tools to help organizations and customers understand the ideas found in the increasingly massive volumes of data that govern our lives. The ability to create diagrams that tell stories and move people will help you better communicate ideas as well as impress and persuade your audience.
This program will lay out the case for dataviz as a core management discipline and then answer the seemingly simple question, “What is a good chart?”
We’ll then walk through a simple process to help you turn your ordinary charts into more effective ones that far surpass what you would normally create with your spreadsheet program.
If you need to understand what makes a good chart and how you can do it, this webcast is a great place to start. Join us and ..... Learn why dataviz is a must-have skill for managers and organizations ..... Understand what makes a good chart ..... Learn a simple process for improving your charting skills ..... Learn how to think critically about charts you use ..... Understand the landscape of tools and techniques that will improve your dataviz.
While attending this program is FREE, reservations are required. (Aired on 11/2/16)
FREE Small Business Expensing: Learn how your business can benefit from Section 179
During this webinar you will learn: ..... How businesses can now immediately expense purchases of business assets up to $500,000. ..... How the new Sec. 179 expanded to include certain real property including restaurant and retail improvements. ..... Other Valuable Tax Deduction Opportunities. (Aired on 9/28/16)
FREE The Power Of Data: Why It’s Easier Than Ever To Get Funding
We all know how marketers use our individual data to better personalize our consumer behavior experience. Now, in a similar fashion, companies like Kabbage and OnDeck are using your small business data and behavior to help access the funding you need and deserve without the tedious and lengthy process of traditional lenders.
During this webinar, presented during SCORE's October 27 virtual conference, Power Up Your Small Biz: Technology Trends, you'll find out what data lenders are looking for, and how they use it in a completely automated, secure way to get you funding instantaneously. We’ll walk through the cases of businesses in addition to the pitfalls to avoid when doing your research and selecting a funding source. (Aired on 10/27/16)
FREE How and Why You Should Track Your Cash Flow Weekly
Managing your cash flow can be a stressful endeavor for small business owners. But you don’t need an accounting degree to track this key metric.
In this webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of cash flow management, including how to: ..... Develop a cash flow budget on your own ..... Use the budget to make critical business decisions ..... Forecast the future of your business with more certainty. (Aired on 5/18/17)
FREE Planning for Taxes, Healthcare, and Payroll in a Period of Uncertainty
With a new landscape in Washington, many rules are unsettled. Nonetheless your business must make budgets, determine staffing, and take other actions now.
Presented by Barbara Weltman, author of "Big Ideas for Small Business," this program covers what we know and what needs clarification. It also suggests actions you can take now, despite the uncertainty. (Aired on 5/11/17)
FREE 5 Unexpected Places to Secure Alternative Funding
Securing financing to establish, grow and manage a small business is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Fortunately, a wide array of funding sources can be found on the internet – if you know where to look and which are best for your funding needs.
Watch this webinar for an overview of the alternative funding landscape. We'll also share five places to look for financing that you may not have thought of before. (Aired on 2/2/17)
FREE Ask The CPA 2017: Tax Advice for Small Businesses
You have tax questions. We have tax answers! Certified CPA and small business tax expert Micah Fraim will field your tax-related questions. April 15th will be here sooner than you think.
In this webinar, Micah will only answer audience questions, so come prepared with your concerns. You can submit questions during registration and during the LIVE webinar. He will also offer tax advice you can implement throughout the year. (Aired on 3/16/17)
FREE Budgeting 101 - Planning for Profit and Success
Of small businesses, 40% make a profit, 30% come out even and 30% lose money.* A lot of that comes down to budgeting. Join our small business experts for this free webinar, and learn how to create a plan that can help you achieve your goals.
Key takeaways: ..... A budget is a simple, yet important, tool that is vastly under-utilized by small businesses ..... Creating a budget doesn’t require accounting knowledge ..... Think of your “Budget” as more of a “Plan” for your future ..... Your revenue and expense plan should reflect your high-level business goals and strategies ..... By tracking your progress and adjusting your forecast, you will be better informed to manage your cash and achieve your goals. (Aired on 3/29/17)
FREE How The Angel Investment Process Really Works
You only get one chance to make a great first impression with angel investors. In this webinar, Martin Zwilling, founder of Startup Professionals and accredited angel investor, will provide his insights into the world of angel investing when he discusses: ..... Milestones entrepreneurs need to achieve before approaching angel investors ..... Recommended preparation and processes for meetings with investors ..... Timing, preparation and discussion topics for any investor meeting. (Aired on 4/20/17)
FREE Staying Compliant with the New Dept. Of Labor Financial and Fiduciary Disclosure
In April 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its final rule regarding financial and fiduciary disclosures. This rule significantly expands the definition of fiduciary, spanning financial advisors as well as plan sponsors, funds, and producers who provide incentives to advisors.
The rule has far-reaching impacts on business, compliance, and operations/technology and the April 2017 compliance deadline is coming up quickly. For companies not already working on their response strategy, time is rapidly running out.
View this webinar to learn how DocuSign can help you: - Satisfy the final rule requirements by automating disclosures with a tamper-proof audit trail - Delight clients and brokers by providing a greatly improved customer experience - Meet critical DOL deadlines with rapid implementation (Aired on 4/11/17)
FREE Opportunities that exist as a result of market volatility
Panacea Adviser has teamed up with BrightTalk and Brooks Macdonald for a free webcast to support and educate Financial Advisers.
This 45 minute webcast will cover: ..... the recent market and economic environment ..... potential issues of the current volatility in world markets ..... opportunities that can exist as a result.
It will then detail some of the vehicles that can be used to dampen the impact of volatile markets.
The webcast will be led by Edward Park. Edward is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and manages bespoke discretionary portfolios on behalf of a number of Brooks Macdonald clients. He also assists in the formulation of the Brooks Macdonald investment process as a member of both their Asset Allocation and Investment Committees.
This in-depth, thought provoking session will be of real value to you and your firm and not one to be missed! (Aired on 4/13/17)
FREE How Health Savings Accounts Can Put Money Back in Your Pocket
Is your business taking advantage of one of the least utilized and most misunderstood elements of the tax code? SCORE Mentor Dick VerEecke will discuss how a Health Savings Account can shelter some of your income and reduce your taxes.
You will learn: ..... Three ways HSA’s can benefit small business owners ..... Five misconceptions that lead many people to ignore this valuable financial resource ..... How you can start benefiting from HSAs immediately. (Aired on 6/22/17)
FREE Find the Hidden Money In America
As part of National Small Business Week, SCORE and the SBA invite you to attend this insightful webinar. .....
There are so many hidden opportunities available to entrepreneurs, but many don’t know where to look for them. If you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, in the form of grants, contracts, government programs, and private sector resources, you are leaving money on the table.
In this webinar, best-selling author, Nely Galán, gives advice on how and where to pursue the hidden money in America.
You will learn about: ..... The importance of having your own money ..... How entrepreneurship provides a path to empowerment ..... Taking advantage of hidden opportunities. (Aired on 5/4/17)
FREE Build a Strong Credit Profile to Increase Your Options When Applying for a Business Loan
Building a strong business credit profile is an important part of demonstrating your business’ creditworthiness.
In this webinar, Ty Kiisel of OnDeck explains: ..... What’s the biggest misconception associated with your business profile? ..... What’s the difference between personal credit score and business credit profile? ..... What are 5 things you can start doing today to build or strengthen your business profile ..... Why does investing that time now will help you down the road by giving you loan options you wouldn’t have with a weak profile?
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Understanding the Key Clauses in Your Commercial Lease
Signing a lease is a long-term and costly commitment – one that you should enter into armed with as much information as possible.
In this webinar, commercial real estate expert Gordon Ashby will tell you what you need to know before you sign, including: ..... Decoding lease language – what some common lease clauses mean for your business ..... Dangerous lease pitfalls to avoid ..... Tips for negotiating fair and favorable terms.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
FREE Knowing Your Key Numbers
Whether your business is just starting out, fast growing, or well-established, its long-term viability requires diligent management of its finances.
Poor financial management and decision-making remain one of the strongest drivers of small business failure, impeding owners from reaching the crucial five-year milestone.
This webinar, sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks, will help you avoid that outcome. Internationally recognized Quickbooks expert Stacy Kildal will: ..... Help you identify the key numbers on which the success – or failure – of your business turns ..... How to use those numbers to guide your day-to-day activities and decision-making ..... Share her list of critical financial indicators ..... Explain how successful business owners stay on top of those indicators.
This webinar will be presented at our Small Business Success Virtual Conference on June 8th. This half-day event offers educational webinars, exhibitor booths and networking chat rooms to give you the information you need to succeed as a small business owner. (Aired on 6/8/17)
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