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1:00 PM
Ask SCORE: Business Plans
Are you trying to write a business plan but have more questions than answers? Or does the idea of writing one overwhelm you? It’s worth the effort; studies show you are twice as likely to grow your business or get funding with a business plan.
In this LIVE Q & A session, SCORE mentor and business plan expert Hal Shelton will devote the entire hour to answering YOUR questions. You can submit questions in the registration form and during the LIVE webinar.
1:45 PM
Small Business Start-Up Steps: Selecting a Business Entity, Income and Payroll Tax Decisions
Individuals who run a small business or are starting a new business may be fueled by passion and challenged with daunting decisions. One of the first decisions - selecting a business structure - impacts many areas of the business’ finances, including income taxes and payroll requirements.
The landscape for small business owners includes many twists and turns and changing tax laws. There are also many events that occur during the year that can affect a business’ financial and tax situation. Proper planning can help prevent negative consequences – but only so far as small businesses are familiar with business structure and tax benefits AND know how to use them effectively. This is where the expertise of small business services and tax professionals can help prevent mistakes and save money.
Participants will learn: ..... Pros and cons of business entity structures ..... How to avoid common problems faced by closely-held businesses ..... How to select a business structure that leverages tax breaks ..... How to manage payroll - one of the biggest expenses and risk areas of a small business.
This webinar is part of our November 9th Small Business Success Virtual Conference.
3:00 PM
Hot Businesses, Markets & Trends for 2018
What businesses are likely to boom next year? Are there specific trends you should be aware of in order to position your small business for growth?
Join this webinar and learn: ..... What types of businesses are going strong today ..... How to take advantage of consumer buying behaviors ..... Which demographic groups have extra purchasing power ..... What customers want from small businesses ..... And much more.
This webinar is a part of our November 9th Small Business Virtual Conference.
12:00 PM
Key Steps to Develop and Evaluate Your Business Idea
Do you want to start a business but not sure if your idea is feasible? Or do you need help gathering your thoughts into a viable business idea?
During this webinar, you will learn the essential steps of developing and evaluating your business idea, including how to: ..... Make your business idea into reality ..... Conduct preliminary research ..... Use a one-page tool to evaluate 8 aspects of your company, including customer, cost, pricing and marketing.
12:00 PM
SCORE ExpertAnswers- How to Write a Business Plan
A Google search for "write a business plan" yields more than 50 million results, each offering resources, advice, templates and more. If that leaves you overwhelmed and confused about how to tackle this important undertaking, please join us for this SCORE LIVE Webinar.
SCORE mentors will offer "ExpertAnswers" to audience questions submitted by phone, email and chat. You'll have a chance to speak with SCORE mentors about how to write your business plan - and to hear how other entrepreneurs are doing the same thing.
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