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10:00 AM
Death of the Performance Review
According to research conducted by CEB, 90% of managers are unhappy with the way annual reviews are conducted. Another 90% of HR leaders believe the process does not yield accurate information. Worse, annual reviews are incredibly time consuming, with managers spending an average of 210 hours a year and employees each taking 40 hours a year on these activities. While many businesses see a need for radical change in performance reviews, recent research shows most organizations have continued to use antiquated processes.
Organizations need to put their people strategy first and must identify and invest in top performers to do so. How can top performers be identified and nurtured using a traditional performance review process? Research shows the review processes are bogging down workers and managers in too-heavy time investments, inaccurate results and have overall negative impact.
It’s time businesses put the annual performance review to bed and replaced it with something more timely and effective.
In this webinar, we will discuss: ..... Issues with the traditional annual performance review ..... Global and industry trends such as the move to the rating-less appraisal and regular check-ins ..... How continuous feedback can help employees, managers and organizations.
Some of the industry leaders are moving to a people-centric approach that values in-the-moment feedback and coaching in place of high-stakes annual performance appraisals. In this webinar, you will learn what the benefits of this approach to performance reviews and what is the best way to engage, grow, and retain your best talent. Changes to annual performance reviews have far-reaching benefits that come from focusing on people in place of process.
12:00 PM
Are You Paying Your Employees Correctly?
Is your small business compliant with employee payment laws?
In this webinar, Jessica Hubbard-Davis and Julia Darcy of Paychex will cover the most critical aspects of paying your employees, including: ..... The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ..... Employee classification ..... Regular and overtime rates ..... Tax deposits & returns ..... And more.
12:00 PM
A Tour of Today's Best Performance Review Forms
Don’t let your performance reviews fall flat because of bad forms. Let’s discover what separates the best and worst forms. Organizations now more than ever are adopting new and more powerful performance strategies that include a revamp of their forms. This shift is essential, as they are the backbone of your performance review. Although making changes to any internal process can be scary, with the right tools and information, the transition can be seamless.
In this webinar, you’ll learn about the various elements that go into creating fantastic forms, by reviewing real-world examples. We will cover which elements are successful, and the why behind the success. The webinar will also touch on best practices for communication (including the SCARF model), asking the right questions, and tips for measuring success. With our recommendations, your employees will be more engaged, and your performance reviews will provide more essential data. Data that you can use to determine the success of your performance program.
This webcast is perfect for almost everyone. If you have any doubts, ask yourself the following questions to determine if it’s right for you.
- Do your forms reflect the core values of the company?
- Do they combine both HR and human needs?
- Do some of your questions allow for open-ended and un-weighted responses?
Did you answer no or maybe to any of these? If so, this webcast might be vital to the health of your performance review process. Join us on December 19th for an event you won’t want to miss.
2:00 PM
The Hard Truth About Soft Skills: What they are, why they matter, and how to hire for them
The workplace is more demanding, more complex, more collaborative, and more diverse than it has ever been before. And as a talent acquisition professional you know that in order to help your organization succeed, matching the right people to the right job is more critical than ever. But today, almost half of business executives say finding the talent they need to support long-term business strategy is a top challenge. Finding candidates who will excel in this environment means finding people with the right balance of hard skills and soft skills.
Depending on the job you’re hiring for, hard skills can be critically important. But across many business areas, executives are saying what they really need are candidates with strong soft skills. In fact, according to CareerBuilder, 77% of employers believe that soft skills are just as important as hard skills. And almost 20% said they are more important than hard skills.
However, assessing a candidate’s soft skills, those behavioral attributes that determine how a person interacts with other people, challenges, setbacks and opportunities, can be difficult to quantify and aren’t easily taught. Join us for a live webinar and learn how you can create a hiring strategy that identifies and rewards the right soft skills for the right job.
In addition, you’ll discover: ..... The difference between hard skills and soft skills and why soft skills matter ..... How soft skills differ across the generations ..... Ways to leverage soft skills for organizational and job fit, and ..... How behavioral-based interviewing and online reference checking can help you find the best candidates for every role.
Gain valuable tips and uncover strategies on ways to include soft skills as a part of your organizational culture and make finding top talent a cinch!
12:00 PM
2018 Global Workforce of the Future Insights Survey - Results
When it comes to planning for the workforce of the future, are you doing all you should be? Do you wonder how you are measuring up?
Established this year, the Global Workforce of the Future Insights Survey captures the preparation plans, readiness, and practices of participants all over the world. Launched for the first time, we are pleased to present the survey findings from Global Workforce of the Future Insights Survey 2018. Results of the study address organizations’ preparation and readiness to build a workforce capable of meeting business goals in year 2020 and beyond. Results cover vital topics such as drivers and barriers of workforce change, employee capabilities and expectations for getting tomorrow’s work done, next generation technology solutions essential for enabling workers of the future, organizational structure that facilitates or hinders how workers of the future work, talent practices that optimize worker productivity in the future, and how the contributions of workers of the future will be measured.
Join us as we share the major survey findings from our inaugural study and hear how the findings will impact your business, human capital, and learning strategies in the future. In this intriguing discussion, the survey results will be complimented with insights from industry thought leaders, the study’s sponsor and one of the data analysts. The discussion will include suggestions and recommendations on how listeners may wish to act on important survey findings among them including:
- Most organizations are not armed with a workforce capable of meeting “Year 2020+” business goals.
- Almost all organizations plan to shift to a networked organizational structure to support the workforce of the future.
- Almost three quarters of organizations acknowledge new third gen HR technology will guide critical changes in how Workforce 2020+ gets work done.
- More than 75 percent of organizations say “analytical thinking” is a requirement for workers of the future.
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