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FREE How to Host Your Own Webinars to Educate and Generate Leads
Webinars are a great marketing and educational tool. At this webinar, we’ll share with you some best practices that you can use to host or improve your own webinars.
At this webinar, you’ll learn: ..... How to create the ideal topic; ..... What platform you should use; ..... How to determine the best day and time to run your webinars; ..... Low cost webinar marketing ideas; ..... How to interact with your audience; ..... How to follow-up after your event.
Host your own webinars and generate leads to grow your business in 2018. You will get an opportunity to have all your questions answered and learn how to grow your business. (Aired on 1/24/18)
FREE Deep Learning’s Next Frontier
Featuring Adi Ignatius, Harvard Business Review Editor in Chief, and Andrew Ng, Adjunct Professor at Stanford and Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera. (Aired on 7/25/17)
FREE The Talent Development Dilemma: Don’t Leave Learning to the Search Engine
The list of learning and development approaches and issues just keeps growing. From eLearning, online training, self-paced learning, executive coaching, developmental coaching, instructor-led training, performance support tools, to competencies, learning nuggets, job aids, skills, knowledge, behavior, retention, information overload … the list seems to go on and on.
The resulting quest for the magic bullet, the one-size-fits-all prescription for developing talent in the most time and cost effective way, is a difficult if not impossible task. For example, is it realistic to expect that the same, single learning medium will hit the mark for teaching someone how to master Excel Pivot Tables or Presentation Skills?
While there is most certainly room for a broad range of learning modalities, determining the "best fit" for any individual depends on the topic area, learning goals, and desired outcomes. In this insightful and thought-provoking program, a panel of diverse experts will look at how individuals do and don't learn, and some of the truths and myths about information gleaned from the internet.
What You Will Learn ..... The difference between information and knowledge and how an increase in someone's knowledge doesn't necessarily mean he/she can do something different or better ..... How to identify the best medium to use for the learning outcomes you desire ..... Why people fail to realize the gaps in their own knowledge and how to address them ..... Ways in which education, memory, and emotional investment might help answer some of the above questions. (Aired on 5/18/16)
FREE The Power of Personalization in Learning & Development
Join us for this captivating panel session exploring the successes, failures and new directions in forms of personalization being applied in adult learning and development.
You Will Learn ..... What is Personalization? ..... Why move towards Personalization? ..... Who is implementing Personalization? ..... How to Begin? (Aired on 11/10/16)
FREE Get Ready for Agile Learning and Development
With organizations using more part-time, project-based freelancers to supplement the work of permanent staff, learning and development (L&D) is going to have to be just as agile as the workforce — where speed, flexibility, and innovation are critical.
While global investment in learning and development continues to grow by double digits, the focus of that spending is shifting. What this means is that more learning will happen in teams, and on platforms where training can be delivered any time, any place, at the user’s convenience.
Join this webcast to explore how L&D is changing to meet the needs of today’s organizations and their increasingly agile workforce.
You’ll hear examples which illustrate new and different approaches to workplace learning, including: ..... How technology-supported peer learning is disrupting the old paradigm ..... Ways that L&D is being transformed and reinvented with: Focused micro-learning, Personalized learning via chapterships, Technology enabled expert/peer learning, Project-based action learning, Co-opetition: more partnership in shared learning, The rise of agile mentorships ..... How forward-facing companies are connecting L&D to strategy and driving business results ..... Ways analytics can be used to shape L&D priorities. (Aired on 2/8/17)
DISCLAIMER:   Chamber Strategies and its Chamber of Commerce partners display these webinars and on-line workshops as a good-faith educational resource for Chamber members.   This does not, in any way whatsoever, constitute an endorsement of these webinars, workshops and/or any associated websites, nor are we responsibile for their content, accuracy, legality, or any other matter so related.   Should you find that a webinar is unavailable, please let us know.   Thank you.
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