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 International Trade  (5)
FREE Starting Your International Business: What You Must Know and Where to Find It
Are you interested in international trade but unsure how to begin? Have you selected the product or service you want to import or export? Have you identified the area of the world where you are most likely to succeed? Market research is critical for a successful trade effort. Have you done any research for tentative products/services or identified foreign suppliers or partners? Import/export laws and regulations vary from country to country. Do you have an understanding of the laws in the country where you’d like to do business?
If you answered no to any of these questions, SCORE can help you get started.
In this session, we will briefly discuss these topics and spend some time on negotiating across cultures with potential partners. Join us to learn the basics of international business and discover the major aspects that differ when you try to bargain in another country.
FREE Going Global
In this fun and informative seminar, USA TODAY columnist and author of The Small Business Bible, Steve Strauss, and Amine Khechfe, general manager and co-founder of Endicia, show you how to take your business global. Topics to be discussed include ... Why this is the best — and easiest! - time ever to take your business global ... What you need to do to get your business ready ... What you need to do to get your website ready ... International shipping made easy ... Getting a handle on exporting regulations ... 5 rules for creating a successful global business. (Aired on 5/8/14)
FREE International Shipping 101: How to Take Your Business Global
Thanks to the Internet, online businesses have the opportunity to reach customers everywhere – even across the globe. But when it comes to actually fulfilling orders, international shipping can be overwhelming.
This webinar will outline everything businesses need to know about shipping internationally with ease. It will address: ..... International ShippingThe benefits of going global and best practices for expanding internationally ..... Customs forms and country bans ..... Different options for international shipping ..... Navigating taxes, duties and fees ..... Ways to lower international shipping costs. (Aired on 4/23/15)
FREE Going Global - Is It The Right Move for Your Company?
If you aspire to sell your products and services internationally, this webinar will help you turn ambition into action.
SCORE mentor Bharat Manghnini, the only Certified Export Trainer in Connecticut, will present a road map on how to successfully enter the international marketplace.
Join us to learn: ..... What opportunities does the global market present? ..... Is your company ready to go global? ..... Which foreign markets are most attractive for your products or services? ..... Do the expected benefits outweigh the costs? ..... How do you get started? (Aired on 1/17/17)
FREE Global Outlook Quarterly Update
We are delighted to invite you to join our forthcoming webcast at which our Head of Global Strategy, Andrew Milligan, will discuss our latest macro-economic and market views whilst considering the Outlook for the next quarter. There will be an opportunity to pose your questions directly to Andrew. Audience dial in numbers ..... Standard International Access: +44 (0) 20 3059 2627 ..... Password: 9975890#. (Aired on 3/17/17)
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