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Webinars & Workshops
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Webinars & Workshops           Business Resources
8:00 AM
Women in Leadership: How to Power Audacious Engagement and Accelerated Development
Developing women in leadership isn’t just about the optics of doing the right thing for equality; it is about doing the right thing for your business. Whether your current approach to developing women in leadership roles is on track, aspirational, or hasn’t percolated to the top of this year’s business plan, this webinar is designed to deliver inspiration, examples and compelling results that should help you better frame what is possible in your organization.
Genevieve Fortier, McKesson’s SVP of HR and Public Affairs is spearheading an initiative designed to find, develop and extend the number of women leaders in the organization and deliver short and long term impact to their careers, to their business and to the women that they, in turn, develop.
What you’ll learn: ..... Identifying and nurturing Women Leaders Strategy ..... Accelerating women’s development and promotability ..... Using behavioral science for selecting and developing unique leaders ..... Case Study highlights on early wins and audacious engagement.
Join Genevieve and Susan to learn more about the science behind the initiative and how the program is changing the trajectory of women’s lives at this industry powerhouse. Anyone joining the webcast will also receive a free copy of the Mission Imposter research paper that highlights the findings of male vs. female leaders.
10:00 AM
Funding Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs
Women now own nearly 10 million small businesses in America. Women-owned firms significantly contribute to our economy's vitality, supporting more than 23 million jobs. Unfortunately, women still face unique challenges in starting and running their businesses, such as accessing capital.
In celebration of National Women's Small Business Month, please join Small Business Majority for a webinar on financial capacity and funding options to help women entrepreneurs start and build a scalable business.
Topics of discussion include: ..... Overview of women's entrepreneurship in the United States ..... Access to capital and funding options ..... Community development financial institutions, reputable online lenders, crowdfunding ..... Five C’s of Credit ..... Helpful tools and resources.
9:00 AM
Personal Branding for Women Leaders
Define Your Brand to Achieve the Future You Desire ..... The key reason that many women shy away from personal branding is the fear that they will be perceived as bragging, and will end up turning people off.
Every single day, you are presented with opportunities to shape the way people view you, and the question is: Are you taking advantage of them?
In this webcast, Dorie Clark – a consultant, former presidential campaign spokesperson, and author of Reinventing You – will discuss the unique personal branding issues faced by women, and how female executives can cultivate their reputation as leaders.
Joins us as Dorie explains how to: ..... Identify the essence of your leadership brand ..... Overcome the “likeability conundrum” that researchers have identified ..... Enhance your executive presence ..... Communicate with authority and authenticity ..... Become known and respected in your field.
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