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10:00 AM
Trends in Family-Focused Benefits
An in-depth look at solutions that support employees during leaves of absence and lapses in child and adult care. Over the last three decades, LifeCare has recognized that both employers and employees have been increasingly faced with disruptive challenges that affect productivity and, in turn, organizations’ bottom lines, including: ..... Employee absences due to breakdowns in care ..... Financial burdens of child and adult care ..... Managing work-life needs ..... Poor focus and increased presenteeism ..... Decreased loyalty and high turnover.
In this informative session, attendees will learn about the challenges facing employees and employers today and the growing need in the marketplace for enhanced benefits that support employees with two critical professional and personal needs: ..... How to give employees the personal support and tools they need to successfully transition to and from a leave of absence. Topics will include: ... Individual, personalized one-on-one coaching ... Support for employees facing any type of leave ... Support for managers as part of the leave process ... Education and tools including support of complementary benefits.
..... How to help employees find and secure reliable temporary care when their regular care plans are disrupted. Topics will include: ... The benefits of, and need for, flexible plan options ... Personalized assistance whenever employees need it ... Comprehensive solutions for the whole family ... Hassle-free access to achieve greater utilization.
Industry expert Chris Burki, with over 20 years of experience, will discuss how he’s seen the need for family focused benefits escalate dramatically over the past two decades. He will cover best practices being used by top organizations to keep employees loyal, engaged and productive and share examples and case studies of successful benefit programs.
10:00 AM
Are You Paying Your Employees Correctly?
Is your small business compliant with employee payment laws?
In this webinar, Jessica Hubbard-Davis and Julia Darcy of Paychex will cover the most critical aspects of paying your employees, including: ..... The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ..... Employee classification ..... Regular and overtime rates ..... Tax deposits & returns ..... And more.
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