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9:00 AM
From Stereotype to Superpower: How Coaching Can Conquer Myths We Believe About Millennials
Millennials continue to create disruption in the workforce—their values, motivations, needs, and expectations differ so dramatically from previous generations, that today’s employers are struggling to attract, retain, and unleash the talent of this rising generation. Getting millennial workers right is key for two reasons: ..... They aren’t going anywhere. In fact, by 2020, 46% of the workforce will be comprised of millennial workers. By 2025, that number climbs to 75%, with masses of them in leadership roles. This isn’t a trend or a wave, it’s a cultural change and EVERYONE has to change with it. ..... Success depends on their full engagement. Companies who aren’t maximizing the potential of this group today are facing a significant competitive disadvantage tomorrow—it’s not just a question of turnover or even “getting the work done,” that’s at issue. It’s about leveraging an opportunity to work better and differently that’s at stake, and the “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset no longer works. For anyone. ..... So, why the struggle? At heart, Millennials get a bad rap. Stereotypes are the stuff of memes and we’ve got to peel the layers back to get at the truth. In fact, there are four popular limiting stereotypes that many leaders are hanging on to that may block their ability to get at the best Millennials have to offer. By identifying, owning, and seeing the flip side of these stereotypes—perhaps even seeing the “superpower” within each stereotype--leaders can coach their Millennial workers to deliver their best work. And love doing it. ..... In this webinar, explore four primary stereotypes about Millennial workers, including myths around motivation, commuication, groupthink, and entitlement. Learn why these stereotypes exist, as well as the underlying truth and strength in each, plus practical ways leaders of any generation can coach Millennial workers, tapping into their values to grow both the individual and the organization.
10:00 AM
Social Media and Employment: Potent Benefits, Easily Avoided Risks
In the world of employment, social media can feel like an unlimited resource of real time insight into a candidate and a cross section of legal landmines for violations of protected class information.
There are risks – both efficiency and legally speaking - to organizations performing a quick “Facebook search” in a sloppy or disorganized fashion. In moral sense, ethical correctness also applies to how a social media screening is done. Simply “Googling” an individual’s name could expose an organization and its employees to severe legal penalties, for example by uncovering information that could lead to discrimination claims.
An effective social media background check through a Consumer Reporting Agency, liable to and governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), can reveal a range of disconcerting behaviors that should be carefully considered when evaluating a candidate for employment. Compared to background screens primarily focused on historical data, no other background screening gives you the kind of real-time behavioral data that social media does—uncovering potentially dangerous and hostile workplace safety concerns such as violent threats or bullying, intolerant or derogatory statements against groups of people in a protected class, potentially illegal activity, and sexually explicit material. These types of online behavior are potential per se violations of an employee code of conduct policy and have huge implications for damaging brand reputation.
The risks are very real, but with a little care they can be easily managed, and the rewards can be huge for any hiring firm. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to comply with these regulations if you follow a few basic procedures.
What You Will Learn ..... Areas of concern online for HR: What is relevant to a hiring decision and how to avoid protected class violations ..... How social media background checks can help reduce your risk for negligent hiring ..... Real life “hot water” examples of social media causing consequences for both employees and companies ..... What a thorough social media and online background search should include ..... Compliance rules for conducting an online screening ..... What pitfalls to avoid when scouting a vendor ..... Best practices to include in your social media background screening policy and how it should be communicated.
10:00 AM
How to Steer Clear of Accidental Discrimination When Hiring
With every new hire, your objective is to select the most qualified person for the job. Yet you’re also responsible for supporting a fair and diverse workforce – and for upholding anti-discrimination laws by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Whether intentional or not, hiring practices that discriminate against protected applicants could lead to serious legal trouble.
Are you aware of the various federal and state laws that prevent discrimination? Just as important, are you confident your hiring process treats every job seeker equally and fairly?
Attend this webinar for a discussion of the oversights that can hurt your hiring efforts – and what you can say, do and ask each step of the way to avoid accidental discrimination.
You will learn: ..... Major anti-discrimination laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ..... Language to avoid when advertising and recruiting ..... Checklist of right and wrong interview questions ..... Precautions with background/criminal checks ..... Dos and don’ts of accessing social media accounts.
DISCLAIMER:   Chamber Strategies and its Chamber of Commerce partners display these webinars and on-line workshops as a good-faith educational resource for Chamber members.   This does not, in any way whatsoever, constitute an endorsement of these webinars, workshops and/or any associated websites, nor are we responsibile for their content, accuracy, legality, or any other matter so related.   Should you find that a webinar is unavailable, please let us know.   Thank you.
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